DO NOT push random buttons / keys in Blender. Blender WILL fuck you if you give it the slightest excuse.

  1. Download and install Blender
  2. Download (original on - can give $0 and a fake email)
  3. Unzip somewhere and open Blender
  4. Install the Rig Tools Add-on in Blender (this step is not required, you only need this if you know what IK/FK switching is, and you want to be able to do that)
    1. Edit > Preference > Add-ons
    2. Install...
    3. Select
    4. Once installed, click the box next to the add-on to activate it
  5. Open the Openpose_bone_01.blend file in Blender
  6. Add a camera: Add > Camera
  7. Change right-hand viewport to show the rendered preview
    what you should see
  8. Update the camera and render preview to orthographic (optional, don't fuck with this on first try)
    1. Click the orthographic button or hit num5 while hovering over render preview
    2. In right-hand properties, change to select Camera
      what you should see
    3. In Camera properties, click small green "Object Data Properties" icon (little 📽 icon)
    4. Change Type from "Perspective" to "Orthographic"
    5. Change "Orthographic Scale" to zoom in and out (there is no depth in orthographic projection)
Pub: 19 Feb 2023 13:39 UTC
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