It has been one month since the guardian of nature Ceres Fauna took you into her woods.
For the simpler life you are living, you are in bliss. She dotes upon you, motherly yet firm. Sweet yet sensual.
You're accompanying her today as she inspects her woods. You trail behind her, watching her wide round ass sway as she walks.
She raises a hand to a tree occasionally, tracing her fingertips across the bark, whispering things you don't understand.
She also occasionally lifts a hand to her stomach, shifting and releasing a deep rippling spurt from her butt.
You're hit by the stench almost immediately. The foul stink is unmistakably hers and you don't hesitate for a moment to breathe deeply.
Fauna glances back to you with a sly smile. This perversion was one of the biggest prompts for her to take you in.
Supposedly her excessive stench marks the territory of her woods, driving away living things to ensure sanctuary for her trees.
Your "immunity" is apparently a first for her. She is taking to you rather well as a result.
You break from your stench-induced stupor as you realize Fauna has tracked back to you, still smiling.
'Poor boy... you really can't get enough of this, can you..'
She slides her fingertips down the front of your pants, gripping your erect cock. She pushes you back against a nearby tree, pulling down your pants.
Fauna moans with delight. 'I still can't believe it. So hard, so often, just from my smell.. and I'm no better..'
She sniffs along your unwashed shaft before extending her tongue to run her wet tongue from your balls up to the tip of your cock.
Burying her nose and face between your leg and groin, she begins to sniff and lap up the sweat and filth from your crotch as she jerks your cock.
You quickly found out during these regular milkings that this woman is just about as perverse as you are. You hear wet noises as you notice she has parted her dress to finger her sopping cunt.
She pulls her face free, flush and drooling. Panting. 'Your taste.. musk.. it's just so.. I just can't..'
Fauna leans back to take the length of your cock into her throat, determined to clean the filth from you with near-painful suction.
Her free hands tweak her clit and dripping pussy as she dips her head back and forth on your cock.
The intense stimulation of her deepthroating is already driving you over the edge before she gives you a slutty wink and begins ripping ass, the fumes from her dirty bassy farts quickly filling your sinuses as you stand over her.
Huffing her erotic womanly stench whilst receiving her lustful oral quickly brings you to climax. You groan desperately as you empty yourself into her throat.
She swallows down your load as she begins to shudder herself, having thrown herself into a frenzy on your own stink. She leans into your legs and you sit down next to her.
You share a moment as she lays kisses on your softening cock. You run your fingers through her hair, the only part of her that somehow stays clean and beautiful despite her indifference to cleaning. You really don't mind. She raises her wet fingers to your mouth, allowing you to suck on her juices.
Fauna stands after a while and you follow her. She takes your hand and smiles.
'It has been about a month, right? Not long in the grand scheme of things, but I guess I'm not scaring you off.'
You tell her you don't want to be anywhere else.
She nods at you. 'We're done for today. Let's go home. I was gonna wait longer, but..'
Fauna leans in to whisper in your ear.
'It's about time I gave you my cunt, don't you think? Maybe my shithole? Hmm?'
You embrace her. You hadn't dared to breach the topic, but so far you had only engaged in many acts of particularly filthy oral. You feel yourself getting hard against her belly.
She grins at you. 'You can save that for later, my darling.' She turns and walks off towards home.

You arrive at her lodge after a short while. A befuddling structure which is formed from several trees that appear to have grown up and around in a spiral, forming a wrapped enclosure.
She is upon you as soon as you step through the doorway, kissing you deeply and rubbing at your crotch.
Breaking the kiss, she reaches for the clasp on her dress and she begins to derobe.
In this enclosed space the scents pouring from her body are unabated. As she reveals her naked curves you are blasted by her womanly odour and pheromones.
The sight and smell of her perfect body are driving you mad with lust, but you keep yourself restrained.
She senses your overflowing need, helping you remove your top and raising a hand to your chest to feel your pounding heart.
Fauna smiles. 'You really are a good boy.'
She turns and strolls towards the bed, taking extra care to sway her bare fat ass for you.
She spreads her cheeks with both hands as she goes, letting out a wet droning fart for you.
Her addictive shitstink hits your nostrils once again and you are driven even further into lust.
You dutifully stand there, erect and dripping pre-cum, waiting for her cue.
She lies back on the dark green silks of her bed, parting her legs and spreading her glistening wet cunt for you.
'Come on, sweet boy. Taste what you mean to claim.'
You kneel down to her and the smell of her unwashed pussy hits your nostrils.
A mixture of her feminine musk, urine and sweat. You can't get enough.
'You've been cravings mommy's dripping yummy cunt all day, right?'
You bury your nose in her sweaty green pubes and begin to lap away at her filthy cunt, licking it clean.
Fauna is quickly giving you high pitched moans and squeals as you alternate between giving her clit attention and sampling the tastes of her reeking pussy.
She looks you in the eyes. 'That's enough. I can't wait anymore.'
Fauna notions to you to come hither and you crawl over her. She reaches out her hand and guides your face to hers, planting a kiss on your lips. Her golden eyes are glistening.
'I wanted to test you for longer. To see if this dirty body would drive you away, or you'd just get bored as humans so often do..'
She pulls you in to whisper in your ear. 'But I just can't wait any longer. My body is yearning for yours.'
You shift yourself into position as she speaks.
'I told you, you'd be mine forever. So you better not try to leave. You-'
Fauna wails as you enter her, slowly giving her your entire length.
The slickness and heat of her insides is absurd. You stay still for a moment while Fauna gains her composure.
Her eyes meet yours and she pouts.
'You always waited for my instructions before. Are you a bad boy after all?'
You've no idea how such a lustful woman with a body craving for sex has stayed sane.. for the most part, it seems.. living alone for so long, but you're quite determined to make up for lost time.
You begin to pound her, balls slapping against her below her dribbling pussy. Strands of her juices are quickly dangling between your nuts and her cunt.
You enjoy the sight of her perfect breasts bouncing, grabbing one of her tiny pink nipples to pinch and tweak.
She squeals and lunges for your armpit, greedily trying to sniff at your sweat. You lean into her to oblige.
She quickly devolves to lapping away at your armpit, clearly in a lusted frenzy.
The stench of sex alongside the aroma of her sweaty body is likewise driving you to insanity, but you are fully determined to get her off.
Her licking, sniffing and grunting pick up as you smash your hips into her.
Fauna's head falls back, tongue lolling.
'Can't.. gonn-'
She falls silent and her back arcs as she begins to climax, her cunt squeezing you like a vice.
You're quickly overwhelmed yourself as Fauna begins to fart uncontrollably in her orgasm, the fumes swiftly filling the room with her pungent aroma.
You cum harder than you ever have in your life, shooting rope after rope of your seed inside her.
You collapse onto her, but you manage to roll both of you over.
She lies on top of you, still shuddering as she continues to let out the occasional spurt from her ass.
You feel a warmth around your lower body and realise she's pissing herself too. You chuckle and plant a kiss on top of her head.
After a short while she raises herself up, dropping kisses all over your face before giving you tongue.
She pulls away, sitting up on you. She starts to grind on your crotch, juices and piss mixing together as she rubs her soaked slit against your dick.
You're already getting hard again.
Fauna crawls back and scoots herself around, spreading her fat white ass for you.
'Well? Isn't there something you forgot to claim?'
She spreads wide and lets out a disgusting gutteral fart, her shithole visibly twitching as she erupts.
The fetid stench of this one tests even the limits of your perversion as your eyes begin to water, but you're undeterred.
She reaches down beside the bed to a wooden bowl, bringing her hand back up covered with a gel with a slight green tinge.
'I made this just for us.'
She lubes up her asshole with her fingers, driving them in deep.
You ask her if she was planning this after all. She pouts.
'Oi. Don't you go making me embarrassed.'
A vine coils down from the roof and gives you a light slap on the face.
Yes ma'am, you respond. You shuffle over on your knees, bringing your member to her lubed and waiting shithole.
The head of your cock pressed to her rim, Fauna lets out a long, wet splurting fart right upon it.
She really knows what you like. You sink your cock straight into her slick hole, balls deep in a moment.
Fauna's ass has no problems quickly accommodating you. She is clearly built very different.
'Aah.. this was it, wasn't it? This was your real prize. You're so obsessed with mommy's shithole. Sniffing her dirty filthy farts all the time. Was this what you really wanted?'
She isn't wrong. You can't muster more than a bestial grunt as you begin to ravage her ass, savouring the tightness, the rim of her hole visibly gripping your dick.
You're shaking her whole body with your vigorous pounding.
'W-well, why don't you g-go ahead and.. and f-fucking make it yours. Fill this disgusting hole to the b-brim. I know exactly what you like.'
Fauna begins to squeeze out tight farts as you thrusting into her. Her erotic feminine stink and the sensation of her ripping ass send you primal.
You lose yourself to the lust, smashing yourself into Fauna repeatedly. Her fat ass jiggles as she continues to rip ass for you.
Fauna can scarcely stammer to you as she looks back.
'This.. is your t-treat, big boy.. don't worry about m-mommy.. just fucking fill me to the brim.'
You groan loudly and see white as you empty yourself into Fauna, the pleasure utterly overwhelming. You pump into her through the orgasm until you can move no longer, collapsing backwards.
Fauna collapses onto the sodden bed facefirst herself, rubbing at her clit as she leaks jizz from both holes, occasionally farting out splurts of your seed.
That was a little more exertion than you're used to. You're utterly exhausted and a little pained.
You feel Fauna grip your ankle and a wave of relief spreads from your leg to the rest of your body, easing the exhaustion and pain. You thank her.
She crawls over to you to lie on your chest again, eyelids dipping.
'I hope that was convincing.. sweet boy.. you were made for me..'
She passes out on your chest. You can't help but wear a sad smile. You still can't believe that she thinks you might ever leave.
You drift off to sleep yourself.

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