" he smiled but I could still see fear in his eyes.  I put the gun in my front waistband and sat down at the computer. Scrolling threw the photos my dick just got harder and harder; there were pics of Brittany naked, sucking Jake's dick, his dick in her pussy, his dick up her ass, her jacking him off, him licking her little cunt. Then I got to the videos, hundreds of them, oh my god it was hot! "so, how did all this start?" I asked. He was still uneasy but he answered, "after my wife died, I hadn't had pussy in so long; I couldn't do much dating with having to watch the kids, so one night I was looking up porn and found my self on a kiddy site. So I ended up having my daughter sleep in my bed that night. The next day I decided I liked it so much that I was going to have to home school the both of them to keep my secret; they havnt left the house since." I was rubbing my dick, "so you just do this with the girl?" I asked. "yea, I'm not gay" he said kind of matter of factly then asked "so what do you want to forget about all this?".  I turned in the chair and said with a smile, "forget about it? I want in! I have been beating off to this for years; this is my wettest dream cum true". He looked at me, scared to refuse but said with a pleading voice, "man I really don't want to share her, I'm a jealous son of a bitch. I don't know how I would be able to handle that". I smiled again, " I understand man" I said, " I'd be happy with the boy".

"you've never done anything with him?" I asked. "no" he said. "does he know about you and your daughter?" I asked. " iv never let him watch, so I don't think so" he said.  I was happy with that answer; " so... You can have the girl, and I'm allowed over here anytime I want to play with the boy, deal?" I stood up and stuck out my hand, he shook it and agreed. "one more thing" I added, " no video taping me" he nodded in agreement. It was about 8:00 by now, I called my boss and told him I was done for the day. "ok... How do you want to do this?" he asked, once I got off the phone, I replied after a moment of thought  "call the kids in here and introduce me to them, tell Ryan that I'm going to be staying in his room and he is to do what ever I say. Then take your girl to bed". After following my request, he and Brittany retired to their room. "ok Ryan, I guess it's just me and you buddy. Have you taken a bath yet?" I could tell he was shy and it made my mouth water. "yes" he responded. "really? Are you telling the truth? Or am I going to have to ask your dad?" he looked scared at the thought of his dad knowing he had lied, so he quickly admitted his dishonesty. "ok" I said, "I guess I can't trust you to be honest with me, and since your dad is trusting me to watch you, I guess I'll have to wash you my self like a baby. Come on, get in the bath room and take your clothes off." he quickly obeyed, "oh my god!" I thought to my self, I'm actually about to do this with a 7 year old boy!" my heart was beating a mile a minute and my cock; pushed against my stomach held my my waistband, was so hard it hurt. I walked in the bathroom and closed the door, I looked at my watch, "damn" I said, " it's almost your bed time, Well have to bath together so we can get you in bed by 9:00." i ran the bath water to a good temperature and turned on the shower. He got in and after I undressed and followed him.
"alright" I told him, "close your eyes so you don't get soap in them so I can wash your hair" 

I didnt want him to see my hard cock yet and scare him; he closed his eyes like he was told and I put the shampoo in his hair. While lathering the shampoo into his blond hair, I looked him up and down; his small little hairless body glistening from the water. His cut little penis; not even two inches long, didn't even hang rather than just stuck out at a 45 degree angle, his smooth tight sack looking like a ball of flesh didn't even droop at all, just curved from the base of his prick around to his taint. I kept the shampoo in his hair so he wouldn't open his eyes as I took the bar of soap and started lathering up his chest. I moved slow up to his shoulders, under his hairless armpit, down his hairless arms, and down his stomach. I told him to lift his leg and put it on the side of the tub so I could wash his leg; as my hands were washing his inner thigh, I blew air softly on his wet package. I almost came when his little prick twitched at the feeling of the cool air being blown on it, I moved my hands down his leg as I washed it. After I finished washing the other one it was time to wash what I had my eyes on since I got in; I soaped up my hands as I told him I was almost done. I put the soap down and moved my right hand from the base of his soft cock and the other cupped his balls. I moved them together then took his dick in my right hand and his balls in my left; I let his soft little prick squirm in my soapy hand while massaged his sack with my left. Then moved my left hand down to his taint and up between his ass cheeks. I felt his dick flex in my right hand so I squeezed it tight and tugged
slightly on it. 

I got up and moved the shower head onto him and began washing him off; when the shampoo was washed out of his hair he wiped the water out of his eyes and opened them. They were green, and they took my breath away; they looked into mine and he smiled. He broke our stare when he looked down and noticed my cock; he stopped smiling and replaced it with a look of shock. " why is your thingy so big?" he asked me in the sweetest voice I had ever heard. "sometimes boy's thingy's get like that when they're    
happy." I told him, "then it feels really good when you play with it, but only big boys are allowed to get happy like this". He lowered his brow and poked his bottom lip out, " I'm a big boy" he said, "I can do it". I looked at him and smiled, " oh really? Well maybe if your good I can make you happy; but we have to finish our bath first". I was on my knees, I handed him the shampoo and told him to wash my hair for me. After he was done, I told him to wash the rest of me with the bar of soap. My eyes were closed, I felt his little hands on my chest, my shoulders, my arms, then my stomach. I stood up and without saying a word to him he started washing my legs; I loved it when I realized he was rushing through waning my legs and then I felt it. His little soapy hand on my 6 inch cock, then the other on my balls; he moved his hand back and forth on my cock. "make sure you clean in really good Ryan," I told him, squeeze it tight and wash it fast". He did what he was told, he squeezed and moved his hand up and down on my ragging cock, innocent to what he was doing to me. It hit me like an explosion, I clenched my ass and thrusted my pelvis forward, I put one hand on this soft wet blond hair and the other on his hand. I squeezed it around my shaft and moved it faster; involuntarily, I stood up on my tip toes and threw my head back. With one final thrust of my hand on his hand on my cock, I came harder than I had ever came before; I held off clenching my cock as long as I could. Finally my cock tightened and clenched like a car battery had just jumped it; once, twice, three times, I was still coming, four, five streams of cum shot out of me like super soaker after a hundred pumps. I was coming down off the greatest high I had ever felt in my life. My heals landed, I leaned forward and my knees unlocked, his hand slipped off my cock as I hit my knees. I opened my eyes and looked at my little angle; my cum was covering his face, dripping off his nose, chin, and forehead. His eyes were closed and his face was clenched. I wiped his eyes and told him it was ok. "that's what big boys do when they get happy like that," I told him as I took a wet wash rag and cleaned the both of us off. He started crying, I turned off the shower, " big boys don't cry" I told him, " I thought u were a big boy"

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