Anon gets wrangled into a humie convention

Your name is Anon.
Less than twelve hours ago you were all but kidnapped by your cougar friend.
It was decided that she and, by extension, you were going to "HumaCon 20XX", the top Anthroverse humie convention.
She already had your ticket with her, and your bags were packed while you were at work.
The last thing you recalled, before getting shoved into the back of a van with two other anthros, were the words "...a bit revealing, but you'll look great!"
From then on you spent most of the ride getting eye-fucked by a plump platypus sitting next to you.
Although you could hardly tell by the way her mouth (bill?) flapped in a lispy rant about some human-centric cartoon from the anthroverse.
She kept mentioning some group cosplay, one you'd been apparently wrangled into.
So, naturally, you asked her exactly WHAT this mystery show was supposed to be, which she gladly showed you.
It was some perverted harem anime with a human MC in a school full of magical anthro girls.
You watched an episode on her laptop; which she had the full season saved to.
By the end, you could already identify each of the seven girls by what panties they wore with how often they were flashed.
At some point your head had been shoved against her frankly terrifyingly large chest to get you closer.
Her bill lowered to the side of your head not muffled by boob to whisper "I've got the same pair as noko on right now".
Oh god...
You attempted to telepathically call your friend for help, but she couldn't hear you over the J-Pop.
You called God, but he couldn't find you in the abyss...
Three long hours later, your motley crew had FINALLY made it to the hotel room.
However, there's four of you, and only two beds...
You looked your companions over: your cougar friend Mel, the platypus molester, and a beanpole of a weasel who was passed out the entire trip and was all but carried into the room.
You then shot a glare at the cougar, knowing full well what she did.
She explained that "it was cheaper this way".
You told her she makes more than enough to afford an extra-
"It's CHEAPER this way!" she repeated, this time with teeth barred.
...point taken...
You claimed the shower before the others could mess it up with their fur.
This proved to be a mistake, as the beds were already claimed when you emerged a bit after.
To no one's surprise, you had been paired with the platypus girl.
Once again you called out to G-man for some help, and once again your prayers were left unanswered.
At least the beds were made for big anthros, so there was be plenty of space.
All the same, you opted for a couch...that wasn't there.
So you took an awkward seat on the opposite side of the bed, only to be dragged platypus-ward to watch another episode.
This show, you quickly realized, was borderline pornography.
How the MC wasn't walking around with at half-mast was amazing.
Especially with how often his face found its way into someone's crotch.
ESPECIALLY with the nosebleeds. So many nosebleeds...
The humaboo next to you seemed to have forgotten that she had you in a gentle headlock as she got lost in the show.
Your cougar friend, continued to ignore you as she claimed the shower next.
As an afterthought, she shouts at your captor to put some pants on.
At which point you suddenly realizee she wasn't wearing pants!
Just a pair of panties that seemed to just barely hang on around those massive hips.
You gazed into Elysium for longer than you'd want to admit.
The rest of the episode was a blur, but it seemed there was some kind of transformation sequence.
Oh FUCK no, you weren't going to wear that!
A loincloth barbarian was modest by comparison!
Just as you were getting ready to object and find a ride across the country, the bathroom door opened and a cleaner cougar emerged.
She tells...Cheryl, apparently, to let you go and wash her ass.
She complied, and you're released into the space her ass used to be.
So much of it, hidden by that tail, sashayed into the bathroom.
You were finally free! heard moaning...
You heard Cheryl moaning!
The weasel was snickering.
Mel banged on the door, telling her to "keep it down, you creep!"
"Cheryl" yelped, but no more moaning could be heard.
Just the steady thudding against the part of the wall where the shower was...
An hour later she emerged from a wall of steam and lavender.
Her eyes locked onto yours and you barely got to register the white shirt clinging to her body as she re-captured you.
You, at least, TRIED to dodge, but your blood wasn't in your legs at the moment.
Still chuckling at your situation, the weasel took her cue to take her shower.
Apparently her name was Alyx?
She looked to you and mouthed "good luck, homie" before the door closed.
God damn it, she did that thing with her hand below her waist!
Cheryl's nipples were diamond hard.
If you thought she was into the anime before, then she was absolutely LOCKED on then.
You could all but see the fog of her breath as the action ramped up.
Turned out the MC's outfit gets destroyed in some way during most fights.
As the BDSM-flavored villainess monologued, he was bare-chested and blushing heavily.
Strangely enough, much to your surprise, the fights were pretty good!
By the time the scene ended in a cross-counter, you didn't even NEED to be headlocked!
You were about to ask how many episodes this were, when the weasel emerged.
Alyx wore a nightgown that, thanks to her long and lanky form, looked like a windsock with arm-holes.
She gave a faint "'night' before tipping over into the bed.
Out in seconds, you envied her on some level.
Mel suggested everyone gets some shut-eye so that they could hit up the merch hall ASAP. realized
THAT'S why she went cheap on the room.
Before you could object, the lights were out and you were freed from your latest lock to stumble into your side of the bed.
You were hesitant about having your back to the platypus but you decided to risk it.
If you had to stare at all of that, you might do something stupid.
You woke up from a strange dream.
Something about being tied up in the panty-quest anime's dungeon.
You were in protag-kun's outfit, on a wall, ranting about the power of friendship
But suddenly a whip lashed out, pulling you from your slumb-what the FUCK?
Your head was wedged between Mel's massive mammaries, her bill laid on your head.
At some point she yanked you back over to her side of the bed, where she proceeded to spoon you.
Her breathing was, at least, a gentle snore: she was actually asleep.
However, massive platytits weren't your main focus at the moment...
It was whatever was currently latched onto your groin, sucking like its only source of nutrients were in there.
You groaned, turning to muffle your voice into a pillow a second before remembering that Mel's tits were currently your pillow.
Oh god she smelled good...
That didn't exactly help your situation as new life was given to your junk thanks to your unintentional olfactory induction.
A pleased sound came from beyond the sheets, and you recognized that sleepy groan from before.
"Alyx?!" you shout-whispered
The sucking stopped, and there was a rustling under the sheets.
A white-furred head poked out to look you in the eye.
"Kept ya waitin' huh?"
You stage-whispered, asking what the hell was she doing here. She was asleep before everyone else and-
"Exactly. I slept the longest and I was bored. I was going to steal Cheryl's laptop but noticed that she had a new cuddle buddy. And also that YOU..."
She said, jerking you off while smirking, "Were enjoying the company. Have a nice dream, Anon? Think about anything warm and wet?"
Tiny weasel claws played over your groin.
"Cheryl was really looking forward to this year's HC, you know."
Her paw moved a little faster, and her grin got a little sharper.
"She really likes that show you two were watching, you know..."
Her attention to your tip got a little tighter, and she leaned in a little closer.
"It'd mean a lot to her if you went through with that know?"
You weren't sure what to think, or whether you COULD think properly.
Not enough blood in essential parts to form sentences...Not enough sleep to think straight.
"I'm just saying. If you need some more convincing, I have some ideas...I'll be dressing up as Lady Lash, and Cheryl will be dressed as the female lead Noko. You two will get a lot of time together..."
She leaned over, and you had to stifle a yelp as she nipped at your ear.
"But....I wouldn't be much of a bad guy if I didn't do something shady, right? Make a deal with the hero like...ah. Spoilers~"
She chuckled, before scrabbling back under the sheets
If you thought she was serious before, you were mistaken.
That mouth went to work in making a new argument towards wearing that battle bikini.
One that involved lots of tongue, and the deceptively shallow muzzle of hers.
Another pause and the sheets lifted enough so that you could catch the faint gleam of her eyes.
"This goes without mention, but since you don't really have a choice anyways, you might as well enjoy it. Cheryl will definitely thank you in her own way later."
You tried and fail to stifle a groan as Alyx went back to work on her bargaining with that silver tongue of hers.
Every once in a while, she'd bring her teeth into the mix.
Never enough to actually do damage, but definitely enough to be felt.
Either she was a sadist or you were a masochist. Maybe both...
Either way she gained an understanding of your weak spots at an alarming rate.
Moving from a slow lick on the underside, to nursing at the tip just long enough to pull a fresh bead of pre..
To letting you scrub the back of her mouth as her lips lavished attention to your base.
All the while, her own pleased little hums were their own stimulation adding to it.
You'd only met this woman half a day ago, and she knew your most intimate parts so well.
You were getting close, and tried to babble something to Alyx, but she seemed to get the memo on her own.
She sped up, swirling that demonic oral appendage around you until...
She stopped dead in her tracks and pulled off entirely.
Your breath caught in your throat as you were dragged down right before your peak.
You wanted to scream, but you would alert everyone to what was going on.
The covers lifted, revealing Alyx nuzzling the side of your dick.
Her grin was shit-eating at the bare-minimum.
"So, Anon. I can expect you to show up in costume tomorrow, right?"
You asked God for divine vengeance, and when none came you instead struck a deal with the devil.
You nodded.
She didn't lower the cover, nor break eye-contact, as she facefucked herself on your cock.
You were deflating before, out of shock and what you thought was a ruined orgasm.
Instead you realizee exactly the depth to her cunning as you were brought back to your peak again.
And this time, you're slowed, but not stopped.
She took your length again, swallowing at the tip while the tongue massaged the underside.
You unloaded, grabbing the weasel's head like she wasn't back to being superglued to your groin.
You turned and groaned into platytit as she coaxed everything out of you with lazy efficiency.
Every twitch met with an appreciative buzz of her own humming.
Until, finally, you were able to take a breath in that wasn't ragged or reeking of breast-sweat and fur and finally come down.
You looked down to your partner in crime.
Aside from a tongue licking a few stray strands from her muzzle, she looked like she hadn't tried to drain your soul out of your groin.
Without much ceremony, she slid up and pecked you on the forehead
She definitely kissed your own cum back onto your forehead there
"A'ight, bro. I'll see you tomorrow morning with a couple of red-bulls and your bikini armor."
She approached the laptop, and smacked Cheryl on the arse along the way.
The yelp wasn't from someone who had been woken up, but from someone who was surprised.
"And next time, don't just sit back and watch, you weirdo. If he weren't distracted, he'd definitely have heard you schlicking behind him."
Cheryl's sheepish voice whispered from above you, notably breathy "T-thanks, Anon."
An absolutely soaked hand curled over your torso and shoved a few fingers into your mouth.
Any question on what was going on is answered immediately.
Your member surged back from the dead, looking for round two.
However her moment of fingering your face is over as soon as it started.
"Let's get some sleep. Mel will be upset if we slow her down..."
There's basically no way you were getting any sleep that night.
SOMEONE owed you an energy drink when six-o-clock rolled around!.
"What the hell?"
Mel looked over the three of you, in various states of sleeplessness, as 7am rolled around.
Two hours. You got two hours of sleep last night.
Cheryl fell asleep after molesting your face, and Alyx was already overslept before her "negotiations"...
You were so revved up on platypussy that you couldn't think of anything else.
Eventually you blinked and it was daylight so you had to have sleep, right?
Cheryl spoke up first.
"Sorry. I had a stomach ache and couldn't get to sleep right away..."
"I was doing ninja shit in the halls." Alyx provided
You asked what WAS sleep, anyways.
Mel faceplamed, before grabbing her badge and tossing yours to you.
She even had your screenname added to it...
"Anyways, let's go. If we're lucky we can still make the opening rush if we jog there!"
You looked from Mel's athletic body, to Cheryl's girth and Alyx's lack of horizontal mass.
Mel seemed to get the same idea.
"I'll drive, but you're all paying for parking!"
The drive there wasn't supposed to be long, but traffic made it longer.
This time Cheryl sat in the front seat and the backseat was shared by you and Alyx.
You didn't notice how much she had to hunch over in Mel's car.
"So," the weasel said to nobody in particular, "Anything you guys are looking forward to?"
Cheryl chimed in, saying how she wanted a new shirt and something called a "daki"
When you shot a confused glance in the rear-view window, Mel explained "Hug pillow with an anime character on it."
"You you?" Alyx snarked.
Your face burned with the reminder of last night, and you felt tighter in the waist.
Mel shot a raised brow at you, but said nothing more of it, "I'm looking for the rare stuff. Comics, games, and such, that someone doesn't realize they have. Also...there's a doujin I want."
Alyx added "I'm just here for cosplays and photos. But If I can find something cool I'll spend my meager funds on it."
You supposed, if you had to, you wanted something functional. Like a shirt or hoodie...
"Don't worry about spending your own cash, Anon. I basically disappeared you, so if you see something you like that's not TOO expensive, let me know." Mel says as the traffic slows again
Huh, that's was actually kind of considerate of her considering you had to basically beg your boss to let you use a few sick days to even come here.
Suddenly missing a shift is no laughing matter, even if your roommate handles most of the bills anyways.
Cheryl looked over her shoulder, flashing something on her phone.
Too small to read, but it looked like a schedule.
"I have some events I think you'd enjoy. I can show you around!"
"Yeah of course Anon would like to go. But we've got that photoshoot first..." Alyx said.
The weasel and the platypus exchanged a conspiratorial glance and a smile in your direction.
You weren't sure what they had planned, but it probably had to do with the duffel bags the two of them crammed in the back of the car when they thought you weren't looking.
It DEFINITELY involved some sort of rapid texting between the two shortly after.
...maybe you could still take a bathroom bre-
"We're here! Finally!" Mel whooped, pulling several illegal maneuvers that left your head spinning and her van neatly parked in a structure.
After bullying the three of you for a third of the parking fee each, the four of you marched towards the convention proper., Alyx, and Cheryl marched. Mel transitioned from a power-walk to a full-on sprint when she noticed the time.
And before you could process what she said, she vaulted over the edge of a fence and disappeared from sight.
Leaving you alone with the others.
"So..." Alyx began with a head-tilt that made your neck hurt to look at, "Got any plans? Anything you might've promised within the last twenty four hours?"
You were kind of hoping she had forgotten that.
You tell her you can't think of anything in particular...
Wrong answer.
"Oh good!" she said, clearly hearing exactly what she wanted, "because Cheryl and I were thinking of taking some cosplay photos. You know...of that show you two were watching yesterday."
Cheryl hefted both duffel bags on her shoulders for emphasis. "We brought your costume, too..."
Alyx flashed a camera that looked more expensive than everything you owned combined, and a grin to match "And It'd be a shame to waste this premium device, right?"
Cheryl nodded, agreeing a bit too eagerly. You noticed that she was starting to poke through her shirt again...
A white arm settled on your shoulder as the weasel leaned down to look you eye to eye.
A large toothy grin settled into place as she asked, "Anon, you want to help us, right? It wouldn't be a very good shoot with just the two of us, you know..."
Cheryl leaned in from the other side, making you feel very claustrophobic all of a sudden. Her hot and heavy breaths ACTUALLY visible in the cool morning air. "I'd really like for you to join us, too..."
You were thinking of a way to politely excuse yourself on reasoning of "my dick was speaking for me", when they both hooked their arms around yours.
You found yourself being lifted, feet dangling uselessly beneath you.
They nodded to each other and began to march back towards the parking structure.
"Trust me, Anon: you are absolutely not going to regret it."
Memories of prettyboys in bikini armor under the heels of leather-clad femme fatales and cotton-covered crotches came to mind.
You weren't sure whether you were or not, just that you were well past the point of no return before you knew it.
The pair of them escorted you to an empty corner near the top of the structure.
Alyx was fine, but poor Cheryl was reduced to a gasping mess by the time the three of you reached there.
You barely had time to get back onto your feet before she set the duffel bags down immediately after and started to practically tear her shirt and shorts off.
Alyx followed suit, unzipping her tracksuit lazily in comparison to cheryl's self-imposed clothing exodus.
Meanwhile you stood there, dumbfounded as the pair of them stripped with no regard to your being there.
The stairs weren't even a meter away from them and they were already down to their underwear!
Your jeans WERE getting kind of uncomfortable...
Cheryl collapsed against a fence, fanning herself off and desperately trying to cool down.
That tail of hers trying to help, but really just succeeded in smacking the ground a few times.
You could faintly see steam rising off of her...
Alyx was busy folding her clothes into a pile before shoving the pile into a backpack haphazardly.
She turned to the fuller of the two duffel bags, extracting many bits of leather and a handful of props.
Looking over her shoulder, she smirked and wiggled her hips a bit.
You didn't realize you were staring, since you had made an effort NOT to stare at the hot and sweaty platypus and her massive rack.
Which was just behind you, radiating heat and a familiar sweaty scent that did nothing to diminish the growing tightness in your jeans.
"You haven't seen THIS outfit yet, but it's the one you'll probably see the most fanart of." she paused, before the weasel added, "And also the most smut."
You managed to get enough blood pumping back to your brain to ask what this photoshoot was meant to be, anyways.
Seeming cool enough to think straight again, Cheryl answered with a scene you weren't familiar with. She asked if you were okay with spoilers.
You said you would probably forget them by the time you got to that point...
Alyx sniggered "If you forget this, I'll be insulted..."
Ignoring her, Cheryl continued to explain that the scene involved the hero's defeat at the hand of Lash.
A scene where she tempts the hero into trying to join her...
And, to your surprise, he accepts and ends up becoming the main threat for the next season!
You actually regret hearing that, now. But Alyx's comments last night made more sense.
A bundle hit your face while you were thinking.
Unraveling it from itself, you see...very little of anything.
Black and silky, and kind of stretch to it, the cloth looked intentionally tattered in several spots.
It wasn't until you saw the burnt-looking bow-tie that you realized this was a battle-damaged version of MC-kun's outfit.
You look back to Alyx to voice your thoughts, but she was already slipping the last bits of her costume on.
A tight-fitting leather getup that looked like the unholy fusion of a rose garden, a gothic lolita's dress, and a dominatrix getup covered most of Alyx's body.
And yet left absolutely nothing to the imagination as it hugged her curves and bloomed out in other places.
You DEFINITELY didn't remember that outfit.
"It's Lash's 'Springtime Goddess' form. It's basically when she goes berserk and starts trying to capture the hero to use as seed for her dark army. Cool stuff. Tons of art made from it and lots of...'what if' comics made. Cheryl's probably got a few stashed away under her pillow or something."
You looked back to the platypus in question, who was fastening an armored skirt and corset on.
Like your outfit, hers was missing chunks in places and looked scratched up as if she were in a fight.
More importantly, her already formidable chest was given a significant power-up!
God might not have answered your pleas, but he sent a blessing in seeing those so close!
You weren't sure how long you were staring but when you came to again, they were staring back.
"You're gonna get changed, too, right?"
What did they...oh. Oh yeah...
You still had to put on that bath towel pretending to be an outfit...
You slinked off to the stairwell to have some semblance of privacy, before Alyx moved to stop you.
That she could move at all, much less so well, in that outfit caught you off guard.
"No way, bro! You got a show, so now we get one too!"
They played you like a fiddle!
You tried to negotiate, but Cheryl displayed some surprisingly quiet moves.
She managed to get behind you and yank your shirt up!
In your blind panic, you felt your pants being pulled down at the same time, exposing a lot of you to the air
Your shoes and socks went next, being slipped off along with your pants and tossed somewhere behind you
Your shirt finally came off, just in time to see Alyx eyeing your raging semi.
She looked to you.
You looked to her.
She kissed your dick before maneuvering your legs into the leg-holes of the battle-kini.
You were about to say something when another bundle of cloth was pressed down over your head!
Your arms were forced through some sleeves, and then your head through another one and the light of day greeted you again.
You looked down to see Cheryl's bust in your face as she fastened something to the bits Alyx pulled up your waist.
Several metallic-sounding clicks and a very worryingly heavy click later and they back off.
You eyed yourself.
More skin than you'd like was being exposed no matter how you held yourself. Both legs were fine, even if your groin appeared to be partially torn open.
Also the material was so tight on your legs, it felt like you were exposed everywhere else as well.
Your chest was fully exposed, sans spandex, save for a pair of star-shaped pasties covering your nipples.
You weren't even sure when those got there, but...
This outfit...
"What? And we don't?" Alyx asked, posing alongside Cheryl.
The former was a masochist's wet dream, while the latter looked like someone who liked dark fantasy and high-school drama put both into a blender and mixed vigorously then added an equal amount of cleavage on top of it.
You...Jesus Christ there wasn't a safe spot to look!
EVERYTHING was sexual!
You felt a familiar stiffness returning to your kind-of leggings, but without the blessing of denim your arousal was clear and obvious.
Alyx looked down to it...
You looked to Alyx...
Cheryl looked at it, then to you...
"You've got..."
"Yeah we can't exactly go out with him like this... Cheryl, go ahead and take care of this!"
For once, you and the platypus were on the same page and looked to Alyx in disbelief
"What?" she asked, "Look at me, I can barely move in this thing!"
That's bullshit, and she knows it!
"After all, you're in a skirt. It'd be easy for you to just pull it up a bit and let him have a go."
Wait a second!
"Might even be more realistic, right?"
She's seriously not trying to...
"The protag and Noko really hit off during the show, so it's just roleplaying..."
What is this feeling of dread?
"After all a humie like you must be creaming herself at the sight anyways, right?"
You looked to Cheryl.
You expected a meek embarrassed look.
Instead you saw the deranged smile of an addict finally getting a hit after a year of sobriety.
Her breath was even heavier than when she hauled you up here.
Her beak was curled up in as much of a smile as it could be and her shoulders were trembling.
Her voice, despite that, was frighteningly calm when she said "Hold him still."
Oh shit!
"You got it, boss~!" cooed the dom-dressed weasel as she moved with WAY more grace than she implied earlier!
Alyx slipped behind you like a trained assassin, hooking her arms under your and hoisting you up off the ground.
Your feet dangled as you tried to form an excuse.
But you weren't thinking clearly and neither was think.
The way she confidently circled around you, it was like a switch was flipped!
Right until she hooked a finger around a clasp you weren't aware of
Your groin was exposed in seconds, hard and eager for whatever was coming up next.
You silently cursed at your traitorous brother, weren't exactly objecting to things, you supposed.
Until, at least, that beak burrowed under your ballsack and took several uncomfortably long sniffs.
Each one ended in a shuddering gasp and a twitch of her hips.
You could practically hear her juicing herself over your scent.
"Cheryl..." Alyx said somewhere above you, "Mind hurrying this up? Even Mel will notice something is up if we're gone for too long."
Cheryl sighed "Yeah..."
She stood up and turned around, and once again you found yourself staring into Elysium.
A vast expanse of ass, covered in a thin layer of cloth and cotton that did absolutely nothing to diminish the sheer size of it, approached your groin.
And the absolute dominance of it made all the more clear as she bent over.
"Alyx" Cheryl asked, "If you don't mind..."
A chuckle was followed by a leather-covered hand gripping your member.
A dollop of spit fell from in front of your face to land on top...
That quick, but targeted handjob that had you achingly stiff and lubed up in seconds.
The feeling of that same hand as it held your member level with the dripping heat in front of it.
You felt Alyx's hips press forward, pressing yours in turn and shoving you into the platypus in one slow but steady thrust.
Your hands braced against that massive tail, groaning into it as you were pressed from both sides.
Leather behind, and lace in front.
All you could see was the darkness of that tail, forcing your to focus on your other senses.
Your hands moved to that ass, gripping as much as you could as it pulled away, only to sink back down onto you harder than before.
You moaned, mouth working on its own as Cheryl worked up to a steady pace.
Alyx helped from behind, making sure to push your hips forward with her own so that you met Cheryl's rhythm.
All you could do, as these two force-fucked you as a team, was to hang on for dear life.
While you tried to keep quiet, Cheryl did no such thing, moans echoing into the distance along with the sounds of flesh meeting fur.
You could only hope nobody knew what was going on.
You were practically a dildo for the platypus's pleasure and weasel's amusement.
And, as you found your own hips trying to move to meet hers faster, you were fine with that.
Some part of you even dared to revel in the sensation of being used like that.
At some point Alyx's grip moved to one arm looping around your torso while the other busied itself down below.
You could feel her wrist bumping against your ass as she tended to herself.
"Hey rudderbutt..." Alyx gasped during her own self-inflicted pleasure, "This is hot and all but the first event is in fifteen...."
Cheryl looked back, and the unfocused, lust-glazed look regained a bit of sharpness.
And her hips slammed back into yours even harder than before.
"Come on, Hero." Alyx groaned, nipping at your shoulders, "Don't you want to make your childhood friend happy?"
Her hips moved to fuck you harder into Cheryl's.
The hand that had been busy flicking her bean came up to finger-fuck your mouth.
Another, different, dose of secondhand lust greeted your tongue.
"Maybe you want to fall? To truly give into the darkness and taste true power? I can give you that, as well..."
You were forced to grab onto the mass of tail again as it started to slam into you.
"Stop holding back. Just give in and let your desires rule you."
She leaned in, and Cheryl looked back over her shoulder.
By some unspoken signal, they both commanded "Come, Hero!"
The situation was too much, and you couldn't control your voice any longer. You pulled her back, to press your loins together as hard as you could
You swore you could see stars as you pumped yourself deep inside the platypus's muff.
You would have collapsed onto her if you weren't being held up at the moment, but your hips made their own weak attempts to get even deeper into her.
Which Alyx helped, pushing you to the point where you felt the impressions of buckles against your back.
A shuddering breath of Alyx joining you two in climax gave you one last bit of life and sent a jolt down your back.
The three of you stayed like that, catching your breath and coming down from your highs at your own speeds.
You...definitely needed to...
You passed out.
Your dream was short and sweet, thrusting your sword into the heart of a dragon and rescuing a princess.
But suddenly the princess was the dragon.
A clawed hand found your throat.
A long tongue CLAIMED your throat.
"...the dubs were redone to match the intention of the original mangaka..."
You awoke in a chair in the middle of a large room.
Cheryl sat on one side of you.
While Alyx sat on the other.
In front of you, behind a podium and in front of a screen, someone discussed a show you've never seen before.
You wondered out loud where the hell were you.
"Oh good. You're finally awake."
The weasel sniggered as she passed you a booklet with something highlighted.
"This is a panel about the way dubs are handled in shows. Cool shit, actually. Cheryl's got some taste in technical dealings."
You meant what happened afte-
"We got cleaned up," Cheryl interrupts, a blush under her fur, "And then made our way here."
"We also took some pictures along the way. If you see a photo of me standing over your KO'd body while dabbing, then that's why."
You asked if she was joking.
She flashed you a gang-sign.
You asked her if your dick was at least put away...
"Of course! We can't let randos see the goods, right?"
Somehow that only made you worry more.
After a moment, you asked about your clothes.
"We packed them in the duffel bag. Mel packed them back with her goods on her way back to the car..." Cheryl whispered
Then that meant...
"Yup! Sorry, buddy, but you're going to be a combat stripper all day!"
....she planned this, didn't she?
Her silence said volumes.
"By the way..." Cheryl said, "We...might have..."
"Mel did that cat thing where she cleans stuff with her tongue..."
Wait so that meant
"Yeah, Mel cleaned your cock when she got to you."
Apparently that was a bit too loud, as the people sitting in front of you turned back to stare bug-eyed at what they heard.
You tried to hide your shame.
Alyx gave them double finger-guns and a wink.
You asked how long this had left, and apparently just over an hour.
So you settled back and...your phone was buzzing...
How did this outfit even HAVE pockets?
You fished it out, and saw several posts to some new group chat you were added to.
You and the girls were members of "Questionable Panty Quest"
And a handful of pictures were already uploaded.
All of them taken during your impromptu rutting session from earlier!
You balk at the screen, face red and hot. When did she even take these?!
The last message read "Took care of the Hero's Holy Weapon >:D. Come grab his junk and put it next to your swag bags!"
You sighed and put your phone away.
It's going to be a long day

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