Mick cleared his throat and shifted in the lounge chair.
For the next thirty minutes he told Lisa everything when he finally finished he took a long drink of his now warm beer.
Lisa just sat staring at her father as everything sunk into her head.
'I have lived with you for fifteen years and your like a complete stranger to me right now." Lisa said and got to her feet she started to pace then stopped a few minutes later and faced her father.
"You just sat there and told me your Bi you brought a house with two friends that you have turned into basically a sex club from what i can make out and have sixty members who go there to fuck their brains out. You want to end your marriage and for me to stay here with you and you wont change what your doing
do i have that right dad.?' Lisa asked.

Mick sighed and nodded his head" Yes that's right Lisa" He said quietly a sick feeling waved over him that Lisa was going to leave and live with her mother.
Lisa walked the few steps to stand in front of her father then lent down and looked into his eyes.
"I have a one request dad before i will give my answer and that is if i stay with you that never will you share your bed here another person without me in there too."
She asked.
Mick grinned" That i can promise baby.' He said totally relieved.
"Alright then iam staying with you and dad that private club house can i go there one day too.?" She asked.
"Yes Lisa you can that’s a fantasy of mine to see another man fuck you and i plan on seeing it come true very soon." He said with a smile and drank the last of this beer.
"Lisa tell me a sexual fantasy you have" He asked and put his hand on his cock and started stroke it.
Lisa smiled and lent down again.
"I want a threesome with two guys and then a gang bang with four or more guys if you have not realized yet my sexual desires are as bad as your's Daddy" Lisa said and
dropped to her knee’s and took her father's cock in her mouth.
"I can make both of those come true Lisa and i will be in on both" He said as a moan escaped from his lips.

The next morning Lisa stood near the front door and kissed her father bye.
"Remember how you have to be when i get home Lisa naked and bent over ready for me to fuck just be somewhere different make me have to find you." He said and kissed
her again and left to go to work.
Lisa nodded and locked the door and raced back upstairs to her room to get ready for school.
Once the end of school siren went off Lisa walked most of the way home with Bree they stopped and spoke for a few minutes before both girls went their separate ways.
At home Lisa did her homework and then took a long hot bubble bath dressing in a robe dried her hair once done she walked to his bedroom and sat on the edge of the
bed her father should be home anytime now.
About five minutes later she heard the front door open standing Lisa took off the robe and bent over the bed her legs spread waiting.

"Lisa iam home and i have a surprise close your eyes."..He called out and started undressing as he walked into the lounge room looking for Lisa.
By the time he was upstairs he was completely naked and looking in each room as he walked along until he came to his room he smiled when he seen her.
"Found you now keep your eyes closed and open your mouth."He said.
Lisa nodded and did as she was told a few seconds later her eyes snapped open wide suddenly she felt a cock in her mouth and one being rammed into her pussy.
"Surprise meet Gary your threesome is about to come true."..He said with a laugh.
Lisa took all of Gary into her mouth and began sucking he was not quite as big as her father.
"Fuck Mick you were not lying about her beginning able to deep throat come on baby suck me." He said and pushed into her mouth harder.

Mick laid on the bed and looked at Lisa."We are both going to fuck you at the same time now sit above my cock facing my legs.Gary help her sit right she never done this before."
Mick asked Gary nodded and postioned Lisa's feet.
'Lisa now lower your ass down on your father's cock once he is in lean back and hold yourself up with your hands by his chest once your comfort i will get on top and and get in your cunt."
He said he stroke his cock as Lisa bit her lip and sat down on her father's cock and lent back she wriggled a bit then looked at Gary.
'Iam ready ohh fuck iam so ready for this."..She grinned.
Gary laughed and got in postion and pushed his cock inside Lisa pussy and moments later both men where fucking her together Lisa yelled out.
"Ohh god this feels so good ohh please fuck me dont stop..oh god please dont stop.'..She yelled
Gary felt Lisa explode over his cock and grinned..'Someone really likes this"..He said and started going harder Lisa nearly screamed her body was pumping with some much excitement.
'Ohh shit iam going to cum.'..Gary said.
"Fill her cunt"..Mick said through gritted teeth and gripped Lisa's waist tighter.
It took Mick another five minutes before he came as soon as he did Lisa collapse onto him exhausted but smiling Mick wrapped his arms around her.
'So how did you like your surprise.?'..Her father asked.
'Ohh fuck i loved it dad and i want to do it again."..She said.
Gary smiled..'Ohhh sweetheart we are going fuck you a few more times to-night now spread your legs so i can eat you." He said.

A few minutes later her father told her to get on her knee's and spread them apart Gary got on one side of her and her father the other side both men lent down and started sucking a tit each
then Lisa felt finger's in her pussy and finger's in her ass Lisa threw her head back and let out the longest groan.
"Ohh my god.. i feel like aim going to explode.'She said through pants both men sucked harder and moved their fingers faster and harder..
"Ohh iam cumming oh fuck iam cumming.".She cried out and went limp as she came her cum running down her father's hand.
Mick lifted her head and kissed Lisa hard then pulled back and looked at her.

"Now iam going to have my fantasy and that's to watch Gary fuck you and as soon as he is done iam going to fuck you.'.He said and got off the bed and sat in the chair.
Gary stood on the bed and told Lisa to suck his cock opening her mouth Lisa took him all the way down her throat and began sucking pulling her mouth back and forwards Gary moaned and held her head tightly.
"God your a fucking natural at this."He said and started pushing in deeper after a few minutes Gary took his cock out and told her to get on top and ride him as Lisa started riding him She heard her father moan Lisa smiled a little.
'Fuck you feel so good Gary play with my tits."She said and heard her father again and a few seconds later she heard his mobile ringing.
"What" Mick said his eyes never leaving Lisa.
"Yeah i have quite a few times." He said then went quiet.
'Iam ready to explode iam watching Lisa riding Gary come over and bring her too make a excuse the bed is big enough for us all see ya in a few."Mick said and hung up.

Mick started pacing watching Lisa and Gary really getting into it now Lisa was on her hands and knee's and Gary telling Lisa how good she felt on his cock.Mick heard the doorbell and growled as he grabbed his robe and raced from the room down stairs and opened the front door.
'Hurry i dont want to miss any more then i have too.' He said and locked the front door and took the stairs two at time and walked quickly back to his room as he entered he heard Lisa.
"Ohh god your making me cum again fuck me harder me with that cock harder." She said and glanced at her father and smirked.
Bree and and her father entered the room Bree stopped and gasped at what she was seeing..
"Ohh my god." She said and looked at her father.

Dave smiled."Get undressed its time for some fun." He said and all but ripped his clothes off and walked to the other side of the bed Bree undressed quickly and joined her father.
Dave pushed her to bend over the bed and pushed her legs apart and pushed two fingers into her pussy then looked at Mick.
"I want Bree all to myself i dont get to do this that often." He said and pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his cock Bree moaned.
"God i have missed your cock" She said and then looked at Lisa and grinned.
"Didnt i tell you its great getting fucked by your daddy." She said and cried out she was cumming.
"Yeah wish i had started alot soon." Lisa said then felt Gary pull out and push into her ass..
'Ohh god yes fuck my ass Gary" Lisa said then looked at her father and smiled.
'Daddy he feels so good inside me." She said her father walked to the bed and looked at his daughter.
'Your fucking teasing me and loving every damn second of it just wait my cock is so fucking hard for you.".He said.
It was killing Mick to watch but he let Gary finish what he had started once Gary came and pulled out Mick was on the bed and rammed straight into his daughter.
Lisa screamed out and fell forward onto her chest but her father didnt stop.
"Fucking tease me will ya." He said and threw back his head.
"Ohh fuck" he yelled out never had a female got him so worked up as Lisa had him now.

It took all off ten minutes for Mick to release his load his chest was heaving and his breathing was so rapid as he rolled Lisa over and looked down at her.
"Never has anyone ever made me feel like i just did Lisa never." He said and rolled onto his back on the bed beside Lisa.
Lisa smiled and cuddled up to her father then looked at Bree and her father as he was fucking her ass and telling her he was about to cum.
'How about once Dave has filled Bree's ass her and i eat each other out until you three are ready to go again and daddy i want you and Gary to both fuck me again." She said then looked at Bree to see if she wanted too.
Bree nodded" Been awhile since you and i have done that Lisa but yeah iam cool with it." She said.
'Ok fuck yeah to see my daughter eat out another cunt fuck yeah.' Dave said and a few minutes later he yelled out he was cumming.

All three men got of the bed and stood beside it as Bree lowered her cunt over Lisa's mouth then put her head between Lisa"s legs and started licking up the cum that was still dripping from her.
'How does my daddy taste Bree".Lisa asked
"Yummy"..She said with a giggle.
Lisa looked at her father and licked her lips slowly.
'Maybe one day can swap daddies." Lisa said and went back to eating out Bree.Mick growled and stroked his cock faster.
"Dave get your daughter i want to get in my daughters cunt."..He said and got back on the bed he looked at Gary.
'Your got her ass...and fuck her hard i want to hear her yelling since she like to tease me.'..he said then grinned.
He laid down and told Lisa to get on his cock then pulled her forward he nodded at Gary who moved closer and pushed his cock into Lisa's ass Mick looked at his daughter.
'Your a tease"..He said and lent his head up and kissed her a few seconds later both men where pounding into both her holes Lisa yelled out for them to fuck her hard that she wanted to feel them both deep inside her.
Bree turned and looked at what was happening to Lisa then looked at her father..
"Can i have that done to me one day?" She asked as she let out a groan.
"Yes" was all he said.

The night ended about two hours later Lisa was exhausted and sore but had loved every moment of it.Gary dressed then stood in front of Lisa and bent down and kissed her the looked at Mick.
"I want to be in on her gang bang when it happens.'..He asked.
Mick nodded then grinned...'No problem your in i thought you would be once you seen how much she likes to fuck" he said with a grin.
Mick and Lisa walked the three to the door and said their good-byes then locked the door.
'I need a shower badly" Lisa said.
'Yes me too then bed i want to fuck you one more time nice and slow" He said and walked up the stairs to the shower.
In the shower Mick washed Lisa then turned her around to face him.
"This Friday night iam taking you to the club house for all the cock and pussy you can handle" He said.
Lisa smiled" Looking forward to it dad and i am looking forward to seeing you being fucked up the ass by a man" She said with a sweet smile..

To be continued.......

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