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Also, Snoot and Wani spoilers below, so beware. I advise you to skip the Fang table (because I'm looking at it half a year later and I was clearly smoking some bad zaza while writing them) if you plan on playing Snoot Game in the future.
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Recent Updates:
16.06.24: Took me two months to understand that I forgot to add two cards. Whatever.
10.04.24: Guess who finished working on the Wani cards and lorebook. Also updated both Schizo-chan cards. Get your updated snoot lorebook through those two, I don't care.
20.02.24: Updated Iadakan and Ben because they were the most out of character ones I've made excluding Liz.
22.01.24: Updated the lorebooks. Shoutout to crimson for expanding mine.
18.01.24: Added the Disco Elysium Skills JB addon and updated the formatting on some of my older ones. Updated Nick's and Trish's images.
15.11.23: Updated the snoot lorebook entries and added the catbox links. Updated Naser's description. Wrote another greeting for Judee.

Table of Contents

Bot List


Image Name Description Link
The one and only Reed The One and Only, Free Spirit, Fang's and Trish's friend, VVURM DRAMA's drummer, lyricist, technician, and resident stoner bro. Might or might not be carrying an entire drug cartel's stash in his backpack at all times.
Trigger Trish The Racist. Fang's best friend who doesn't want to do anything with (you). VVURM DRAMA's bassist. Has a passion for graphic design. Thanks to shoob for the original card.
Yes, I'm uploading him of all characters first, even before Reed. Naser Fang's younger brother who tries his best. Real bro. Might be boring. First greeting is canon to Anon arriving to school, second greeting is just hanging out after school.
Weeb Stella A bit stupid, but charming weeb who is greatly interested in the astrology, tarot and naive romcom anime.
Mamacita Bonita Rosa Large, powerful Hispanic dino with a heart of gold and love for gardening. First greeting is canon with Anon's first meeting of her, second greeting is Hispanic family dinner.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you - Femboy! Sage (male) My Sage is a femboy who gets bullied for being fruity. Deal with it.
Fellow tard Schizo-chan A sticker-era OC I wanted to recreate for the mental illness week. A NEET with hand puppets and (possible) schizophrenia.
Fellow tard - fa/g/uette flavor Schizo-chan (male) Schizo-chan, but an actual unhinged bro.
Judee! Judee Another sticker-era OC. A shy and quiet autistic girl who likes hand puppets and sewing. Schizo-chan's friend.
Chad Anon (Ending 3) He's not (you) anymore, he's someone who you should strive to be. Could tell you a few stories from his unit. Has a sick sense of humor.


Image Name Description Link
Almost female Reed Reeve A GVH background character who was repurposed in the threads. A chill stoner girl, likes rock, exploring abandoned buildings and getting into trouble with the police.
Colgate Nick The lead singer of SWAMP BABIES, VVURM DRAMA's rival band. She is a smug, egocentric bitch, and she knows it.


Different versions of the OG Fang should work with the lorebook.
Most of them are Anon oriented.

Image Version Description Link
It's the city of snoots, and I'm a big snooter Fang (Normal) The OG Goth Ptero Gee F. Thanks to Tibicen and kastugokku. Greetings include spending time on the roof or meeting her on your first day at VH


Version Description Link
Ending 1.5 (Yes, someone asked for this) You fucked up big time. Last night was a disaster, and today you woke up to a goodbye message from her. Maybe it's not too late to stop her?
Ending 2 You fucked up. A few years later, you meet your ex playing music at the ghetto pizzeria. Have fun.
Ending 3 From a goth GF to a trad wife. You've won... but at what cost? Anon PoV, I'm not sure what other scenarios I could cook up for her.
Ending 4 Too Good to be True. Canon scenario, Anon returns for a reunion party and meets Fang again, everyone's good and stuff.


Image Name Description Link
Gator Olivia That Gator (you) Wani Hug. Paralyzed Predator, Reclusive and Artistic. Loves gaming, metal, shitposting and old anime. Will drift tackle her wheelchair into your shins if you make fun of her.
Tumblr Inco The oblivious photographer who thinks watching video essays is proper content consumption. Also a complete social retard.
Bitch Mia Parasaurolophus. The Queen Bee, the school's resident bully and the bane of anyone who dares to cross her path (or so much as look at her wrong). Rude, Crude, Has a love for the theatrics and fixing cars (tell anybody and she'll pike (you) on her tail spikes)
A Real Hero Iadakan An eccentric and easily the best art and photography teacher at St. Hammond High.
I Wani Hug That Retard Damien A real bro with truly unending enthusiasm, charisma, friendliness and below average intelligence.
Ben Dover Ben A photography nerd and the head of the student council at St. Hammond High. Looks like he listens to Talking Heads. Whoops, I dropped the pill bottle.
Neck Liz The smart student council treasurer with big plans for the future and a very long neck.
BHC enjoyer Lunara The raptor girl who is really into humans and their culture. Also works part-time at Taco Shell. Kiara's bestie.
California Kiara You can already tell who she is. Lunara's bestie.
Tired MILF Principal Scaler St. Hammond High School's principal. A tired oviraptor in her thirties.
Pauling Ms. Prockling History and Culture teacher at St. Hammond. Dino Miss Pauling.
Good job, Soldier Coach Solly St. Hammond High School's PE teacher/drill sergeant. Loves hats.


Thanks to the updated ST, the majority of the cards already have lorebooks embedded into them.
Remember to "Right click > Save as..."

Name Description Link
Snoot Game My Snoot Game lorebook with just the main characters and basic location entries. Might work on it more in the future.
I Wani Hug That Gator! My wani lorebook based on the demo.
Snoot Game Lorebook Deluxe An insanely detailed Snoot Game lorebook based off mine. Crimson, you are insane.
Disco Elysium Skills An experiment. Works with the addons and the card.


feel free to send logs, reviews and requests. Also feel free to send me a message if you want to talk or something.

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