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Millenia old interstellar civilization crash landed several thousands of years ago
Super high tech version of humanity that figured out machine sentience in a way that doesn't lead to 1984, technology to mechanize humans etc
Robosa don't reproduce but function similarly to the people in The City and the Stars, but more android-y. [1]
Roboco is a prototype model of a black project that survived the impact. Looks a bit more high-spec than the rest of the population.
She is in charge because she isn't programmed to have a lifespan and is cute.
Robosa are aware of their situation but are ok with it.
Nation is close to or even a little behind the curve because despite being gifted with seemingly space-age tech right out the gate, there's no real means or desire to apply it yet.
Despite the CatS reincarnation gimmick the country functions as as normal society would

[1] All sentience is computerized. etc. Just read the fucking book it's by far my favourite Arthur C. Clarke book.

Old Lore Scrap



On Golems

Golems could be part of the weird ancient technology that we don't have the means to actually do much with right now, kind of a "Ah fuck I lost my phone charger and I can't go buy another from Kmart because there's been some global ice age." situation.

"Director Commentary"

I will make a second lore proposal or some shit later, if I feel generous I might include some weird fanatic transhumanism in it but I will reiterate that does not fit well in my opinion.

Running with the idea of Robosa being mostly humanlike for now because it's a bit easier to write lore for mechanized humans than it is for sentient D Batteries.

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