I enjoy cooking for friends and these two like their food and wine.

We first meet Steve and Nicky at a wine tasting held by an old work colleague of my wife’s, and got on straight away. That was 5 years ago now and we had got to know each other well.

Dinner was a long affair with champers and nibbles to start, two bottles of bubbly to be precise, the a soup course, main of beef wellington and rich chocolate mouse to finish along with wine on each course. All of us were merry by the end of dinner, so went to the living room to relax.

Nicky sat on the sofa next to me while Steve and Carol my wife sat on the other sofa,
Carol is into computers and face book etc, and so is Steve so they got the laptop out and were surfing the net on god knows what, Nicky said how about another drink, I had got some homemade sloe gin and vodka and poured us both a drink. When I returned to the sofa Nicky had laid out an lifted her feet to let me sit back down, then put them on my lap once I had sat, Steve looked up and said ‘she wants her feet stroked now mate’
Do you I said and joked anything else, ‘we will see’ said Nicky. Nicky was wearing a dress so her legs were uncovered to her knees so I started stroking her feet and up her legs to her knees. You have a good touch Luke and then pulled her dress up her long thighs; I replied that years of practice on the wife have left me a master. My wife looked up and said he has good hands Nicky but they do roam, so be careful.

That sounds tempting said Nicky and smiled at me, was I reading this right, so shuffled further along the sofa and began to stroke her thighs and letting my hand run under her dress along her inner thigh, she then parted her legs, and breathing had quickened. Do I with my wife and her husband in the room, so I looked over at the both of them, and my wife hand is on his thigh and I can see that he is aroused looking at the bulge in his trousers ‘what are you two looking at on the net then’
‘Porn’ they both giggled, ‘you two carry on, were are fine said Carol’

So I turned my attention back to Nicky’s thighs and slide my hand up her inner thigh to her pussy to my surprise she was wear no knickers and her pussy was shaven.
Nicky let out soft moan as my fingers slowly played with her clit and slid into moist cunt, I then heard a moan from the other sofa to see my wife slowly stroking Steve’s cock.

How’s the porn I said, not as good as the real thing said Carol, with that she got up and announced ‘I am going to bed, are you all coming up as well?’ Steve looked at me and his wife, ‘come on said Nicky you have always lusted after Carol I am game if you are. Steve looked at me ‘you ok with it mate? I am fine was my reply I wasn’t going turn this down Nicky had a great body, so we followed Carol up stairs.

Now me and the wife have large bedroom with a big bed, carol was laid out on the bed with her favourite vibrator in hand, a double headed toy, as she loved the feeling of both holes full she says. I am going to need this tonight or do you think you boys can fill me up. Steve then got between her legs and began licking her pussy while sliding his fingers in her wet pussy, I watched as he pushed four fingers into her cunt and then out, then slide one up her arse and three in her cunt ‘ oh yes that’s it Steve.
Nicky meanwhile had undressed and found our other sex toys and was just toying with a strap on we had, does Carol use this on you sometimes, yes I replied, Steve likes it up his arse as well she said.

My cock was now straining to get out and join in the fun, Nicky came over to me and undid my trousers and got on her knees and pulled my cock into her mouth ‘god she could give good head’ she started to deep throat me while caressing my balls, meanwhile Steve was now on his back with carol bouncing up and down on his cock,
Nicky release my cock from her mouth ‘Carol do you want a cock up that nice arse of yours’ ‘oh yes’ said carol, Nicky looked at me and pointed to the strap on she was now wearing so I got the lube put some on Carols arse and slide two fingers in hole to get good and ready ‘ok Carol here’s that second cock’ and Nicky pushed the strap on right up her arse in one smooth movement carol gasped ‘my god’. I then went round the other side of the bed and got my cock in her mouth, ‘3 cocks carol you lucky bitch’ said Nicky, but Carol could only mumble as I fucked her mouth. After only few minutes carol came in shudder, enough she said ‘what about poor Nicky no cock for her, boys’ Nicky slide the strap-on out, and pulled Steve’s cock into her mouth ‘lets taste Carols cum on your cock’.
As she sucked on his cock I got behind her and pushed my cock into her wet pussy, ‘ah cock at last’ Nicky said then carried on deep throating Steve’s cock, Nicky was obviously horny as within a few thrusts of my cock she was coming her tight pussy squeezing my cock in quick contractions.

Nicky stood up and got on the bed ‘Carol come and sit on my face let me lick that pussy of yours, I had a taste off of Steve’s prick now I want you,’ no I’ve got a better idea’ said Carol and got on the bed laid down on her back ‘you lick my cunt Nicky’, then Steve or Luke can fuck your cunt or arse’ Nicky then got on her knees buried her face in my wife’s pussy and began licking away, me and Steve looked with a look of how lucky are we on our faces. ‘What about that cock I want a cock in my pussy now cooed Nicky, Steve moved behind her and slide his 8’’ cock up to his balls into her cunt. ‘Better’ said Nicky. Nicky looked over at me ‘I tell you what Steve would love a real cock up his arse’ that’s if you want to Luke? ‘Ok’ I said, you sure Steve, ‘oh god yes that’s a fantasy of mine’ said Steve, so I lubed my cock and his arse and eased my cock in slowly, its ok you can go fast my arse is used to Nicky with her strap on, ok I thought and shoved my cock all the way in one quick hard thrust, and started to pump away with all my might, oh god that’s good its going to make me cum Steve almost screamed and with a shudder shot his load into Nicky, carol do want lick steves cum out of my pussy ‘oh yes’ carol replied and got between Nicky’s legs and spread pussy lips apart and slide two fingers in then licked the cum off, then slide back in and licked Nicky’s clit, she slide her fingers out again stuck them in her pussy moved round and sat Nicky’s face now we both have cum to lick out. Both girls began slurping away at each others pussy until they both came, Carol climbed off and looked over at me ‘Luke still has not cum Nicky’.
‘Ok as Steve is not hard again yet’ as Nicky put the strap on back on. Carol come sit this then Luke can fuck your arse, so Carol hunched over with her pussy full of strap on, Steve came over and spread carols arse cheeks to expose her hole and fingered lube into her arse, and then on my cock and directed my cock into her arse,
Carol loves her arse fucked hard, so I started to push my 7 inches of rock hard cock as hard and fast as I could up her tight hole, I looked over at Steve and could see him wanking his cock back to stiffness, ok I thought you had you fantasy now mine, ‘stand on the bed Steve so I can suck that cock of yours’ I said, Steve climbed up and stood over Carol so I could get his cock in my mouth

I could feel carols pussy and arse contracting as she was coming don’t stop she screamed I want the cum up my arse, so I carried on banging away in her arse I could feel my self coming ‘here it comes’ as pulled steves cock from my mouth, Steve put his cock back in my mouth and said here I come and shot hot salty spunk in my mouth I sucked his pulsing cock drinking all his spunk and I in turn shot my load deep in my wife’s arse. Steve climbed off the bed his cock now limp with a grin on his face, my cock also now limp slid out of my wife’s arse, I could see my cum trickling out of hole. Carol knelt up turned round and sat on Nicky’s face ‘now lick that cum out of my arse’. I and Steve looked on as Nicky’s tongue slid in and out of Carols arse.
Carol then found her double headed vibro on the bed, right lets fill both your holes now Nicky. Carol then fucked both her holes till Nicky came in a long series body stiffing waves.

Steve looked at the clock next to the bed, 4am ‘quick sleep, then breakfast’

The end till morning

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