As the office door closes behind me I walk through the maze of cubicles over to my desk. With each footstep images of the night before flash through my mind. The feel of her soft skin pressing on mine, her soft full lips pressed on mine, the eagerness of her tongue exploring my mouth, the feel of her stiff brown nipples against my warm palms as I feel her small hand reach down to rub my cock through my thin slacks. I nearly walk into one of our college interns as my mind wanders to the feeling of release when Danielle and I climaxed together.

"Sorry Andrea" I said, quickly moving to the side to avoid collision.

Andrea smiles and says "Daydreaming again, Matt?" as she continues walking back to her desk.

Andrea is 19, from a big polish family in New Jersey. She is about 5’4", with bright blue eyes, straight dirty blonde hair down to her shoulders, and a perpetual smile on her face. She also happens to have some of the largest breasts I have ever seen on a woman her size. Overall she is fairly thin, so her breasts seem to take up about half of her torso. On warmer days when she is wearing a strappy tank top, you can see her bra straps are very thick which, a tantalizing reminder of just what kind of support structure is required to cradle her huge boobs all day long. She is very warm and friendly to everyone in the office and I often daydream of college dorm encounters with her.

As I drop my briefcase off at my desk, I round the corner to see if Danielle is in the office yet. I can smell her perfume and I immediately feel a bulge growing in my pants. When I reach her cubicle, I see she is at her standing desk, which faces the window. I look up and down - she’s wearing a clingy cotton dress which has thick black and grey diagonal bands. The dress is sleeveless, and she’s wearing a black shawl to cover her shoulders. The hem of the dress ends just above her ankles and today she is wearing black patent leather pumps. My eyes move from her heels up her outline of her strong smooth calves, and up to her ass where I can see her panty lines faintly through the cotton fabric. She’s wearing regular bikini cut today despite wearing a dress. At the sight of her panty line I have grown to a full blown erection. From the sound of my footsteps I can tell from her body language that she knows it’s me, but she only moves her head slightly to the side. I walk up behind her slowly, my hard cock leading the way. As I get closer and lean over her shoulder the tip of my cock presses through my pants and into her firm round ass cheek. She breathes in quickly, being careful not to make a sound, and meets my advance by pushing back gently with her ass. My cock slips into the valley between her ass cheeks near her lower back.

"Good morning" I say softly, almost under my breath. I can only see the side of her face but her cheeks move into a smile as she says, "Good morning, Matthew".

She continues to work, pretending with her body language that she doesn't have my cock squeezed between the cheeks of her perfect bubble butt, just in case someone comes by. I hear soft footsteps approaching and move back just a few inches as Andrea walks around the corner.

"Hey Danielle," she starts before noticing we are in the cubicle together. I turn around and face Andrea as she comes into full view. Her eyes glance down briefly resting on my obvious erection. She stutters pauses bit and and says "Oh, hi Matt". The color in her full cheeks turning pink. Seemingly having lost her train of thought, she simply says, "Just wanted to say good morning".

We three are often the only ones in the office this early, and it’s surprising that Andrea, being a college student, is such an early bird. As Andrea turns to continue walking by, I thirstily drink in the sight of her young body and voluminous breasts gently bouncing with each footstep. Today, Andrea is wearing a mint green cotton tank top with thin straps. As her arms swing I can see the side of her bra cups peeking out. A black satin bra holding her gorgeous breasts in place. My eye catches the subtle ripple of her footstep impact as it travels through her bosom. I turn back to Danielle and she whispers, "Get a long enough look?" with a slightly accusatory tone. I give her a wry smile and look upwards innocently. "Get some work done, would you?" she says pushing me back gently with her hips.

I return to my desk and begin to unpack my briefcase while sitting down, my fully engorged penis still throbbing in my lap. I take a deep breath and try to clear my mind. My phone rings and I see it’s my boss calling. ‘Looks like I’ve got some work to do’, I think to myself as I pick up the phone.

Late in the afternoon, Andrea comes by my desk.

"Hey Matt," she says and I look up. ‘I wanted to check in with you about travel accommodations for the trip we are going to take to that jobsite in California?" I look up my eyes focusing as her words just start to register in my brain. "Oh, right", I say, "Want to take a look at itineraries together?" I suggest.

"Sure!" she says as I bring up the airline website.

Andrea leans in to take a look at the flight options (her eyesight is very poor and absolutely needs contacts to see). As she leans over her cleavage comes into my peripheral view. My gaze lingers at the vast space between the stretched fabric of her mint green strappy tank top, her milky white breasts and her black satin bra. I feel my erection return immediately to full strength and I blink.

Andrea’s cheeks flush quickly now and she distracts me by saying, "What do you think of this flight?",as she points to the screen. In pointing to the screen she has to lean in further and I can feel her breath from her words pass over my ears. The hair on the back of my neck stands up as her breast grazes my shoulder. I feel my nipples stiffen under my starched dress shirt.

"Oh, that looks perfect" I say distractedly. Andrea smiles and says "I’ll book that one, too, then." She straightens up and in leaving takes her hand off the back of the chair and gently pats my shoulder.

At the end of the day it’s just the three of us in the office again. I overhear Danielle inviting Andrea to the evening yoga class that we both attend. I hear Andrea respond, "I don’t know, I don’t have the right clothes for it,".

"It’s alright," Danielle replies, "It will just be the three of us in class anyway, all of the other students are away on vacation this week."

Andrea hesitates for a moment and says, "Alright, I guess that will be okay." and then "I’ve been thinking of coming for a while now, so this will be a good time to try it out."

Danielle walks back over and says "We need to leave in a few minutes if we’re going to be on time"

At the gym I change quickly into my shorts and t-shirt. I’m wearing pair of loose-fitting gym shorts and boxer briefs and a plain white t shirt.

I’m first into the studio and I greet the yoga instructor as I roll out my mat. I lower myself down onto the yoga mat and begin to meditate while lying down stretched out on my mat. A few minutes later I hear the door open and the sound of bare footsteps on the warm wooden floor padding towards me. As my eyes slowly open I see the figures of Andrea and Danielle above me. Danielle is wearing one of her yoga outfits; tight stretchy yoga pants and a tight spandex halter top. With each step I can see the fabric flex around her strong thighs and ass.

As Andrea walks up I can see she is still wearing her strappy tank top and all she has borrowed a pair of Danielle's compression shorts. Her thick legs extending out of them and the tight black fabric gripping her full thighs and ass cheeks. She stops just above me and my gaze falls directly onto her crotch where I can see the shorts have already worked themselves in between her labia. A full camel toe with her plump lips protruding out from the workout shorts is smiling down at me.

"Hey you two, long time no see," I say, lamely. I get a couple of soft chuckles in reply as they walk past me to unfurl their mats and set down in front of me. The entire class I can’t help but be distracted by bodies of these two beautiful women stretched out in front of me. Occasionally my eyes getting a full view of their hips and asses (Andrea’s camel toe on view from behind as well). Other times my eyes getting a peek at their cleavage while they lean over. I can’t help but be hard during the entire class. At the end of class the instructor wishes us a ‘Good night’ and leaves the studio.

Danielle says "We’re going to stay a bit longer and practice some poses".

As the door closes behind the instructor, the three of us are alone again. Danielle being the expert among us, she begins to instruct me and Andrea. We bring our mats closer together and Danielle turns around on hers to be in front of us.

"First, I noticed Andrea that your high plank pose needs some work. It should look like you are about to do a pushup. Go ahead and give it a try."

Andrea gets on her knees and then extends her legs behind her supporting herself with her arms. Danielle walks over to her and gently places her hands on Andrea’s shoulders.

"I’m just going to adjust you a little. Make sure your shoulders are directly over your hands," Danielle says as she pushes Andrea back slightly.

I watch Andrea’s body move and shamelessly stare down her tank top at the peaks of her sweaty heaving breasts. More of her flesh is visible as gravity pulls her boobs downwards, and since she isn’t wearing a sports bra, they sway gently when Danielle moves her.

Danielle looks over and smiles as she sees me stare, which excites me even more. She looks down at my crotch and smiles; my gaze follows hers, noticing a wet spot where the head of my cock has pressed against by shorts and leaked precum for the last hour.

She then instructs me to try it and I roll over and push myself up into a high plank pose. My erection bulging out of my shorts at this point and I can feel Andrea’s eyes surveying the shape in my shorts. Danielle moves up to me to adjust me and I feel the heat from her crotch as it gets close to the top of my head.

"Your butt is sticking up too high, Matthew" and she leans over me to press my hips down and as she does her crotch presses against my forehead. I lift my head ever so slightly so my nose is pressed gently against her clit through her yoga pants. I feel a slight quiver in her legs as my nose rubs against her.

"See Andrea," Danielle says as she keeps pressure on my hips, "your butt should be right in line with your torso."

"I can see, yeah," says Andrea.

In my peripheral vision I can see Andrea is sitting cross-legged facing us and that her hand is down the shorts lent to her by Danielle. At first I think she might be adjusting them so she no longer has a camel toe, but I notice her hand moving ever so slightly and staying inside the shorts.

"I want you to come here and keep some pressure on his hips while I adjust his legs," says Danielle.

"Okay, sure" says Andrea, as she withdraws her hand from her shorts and discretely wipes it on her tank top. She takes Danielle’s place, and I lift my head before Andrea moves over and her crotch bumps hard against my nose and mouth. When her hips meet my face she lets out a little gasp and pushes them harder as she leans over. Her hands extend out and rather than press down on my hips she squeezes my ass cheeks and moans a bit louder.

"That’s good," says Danielle, "keep the pressure on him," as she gets down next to me.

"Now, you’re thighs should have just a bit of space between them," says Danielle, still in a professional tone, as she slips a hand between my upper thighs. She holds it there for a minute before moving slowly up to cup my balls. I moan into Andrea’s sweaty crotch and I feel her legs twitch with pleasure at the vibration. Danielle begins to slowly massage my balls, squeezing them gently. The feeling of Danielle’s small and gentle but firm hands massaging my balls and the base of my cock makes me breathe heavier directly into Andrea’s crotch. Not able to move my hands because I am in plank position, I extend my tongue and begin to lick the cleft between Andrea’s pussy lips over Danielle’s tight black compression shorts. I can just barely taste Andrea’s sweet 19-yo pussy juices which are slowly soaking through her panties and into the shorts, encouraged by my tongue strokes.

My arms are beginning to quiver both from the excitement and blood flowing to my crotch, but also since I’ve been supporting my body primarily from arms for several minutes now. Danielle’s hand moves from the base of my cock and feels its way along my shaft until she reaches the head. She surrounds my cock tip with her fingers and gently massages it.

Before I know it, Danielle has laid down on her back and pushed herself underneath me, with her legs sticking out from under the left side of my torso. I feel the pressure from the elastic bands of my shorts and boxer shorts relieved as Danielle’s hands lift the waistband and slowly slides them down my shaft and over my balls, freeing me completely. The next sensation I have is that of Danielle’s warm wet lips and tongue surrounding my cock head and licking the precum right out of my urethra.

"Ohhh, Danielle," I moan, muffled by Andrea’s warm wet crotch.

I feel her mouth work deeper down until she has me fully lubricated with her saliva. Her head begins to pick up speed, and I can hear her ponytail brushing on the yoga mat beneath us in a steady rhythm. My groans continue, intermittently, as Danielle milks my throbbing cock.

I tilt my head a bit so I can apply pressure on Andrea’s clit area with my lips over her shorts. She’s eagerly pressing and grinding her crotch against my face. Andrea slips her hands inside the waistband of both of her shorts and panties and pulls them down over her thighs, exposing her wet, beautifully fragrant vulva before me. She has a nicely trimmed but full bush covering her. As she pushes her hips back against my face, I notice how soft her pubic hair is and as her lips part I am treated to the taste of her pussy juices as they begin to coat my nose and mouth. I extend my tongue to probe the outside of her vagina and I experience the tangy taste of her vagina right at the source. The warmth, viscous wetness, taste and sweetly musky scent overwhelm my senses. I groan into Andrea’s bare crotch again as my cock begins to erupt, spurting cum into Danielle’s mouth. Rather than panic at the surprise ejaculation, Danielle fixes her lips tightly and slows her mouth down, focusing on keeping all of my cum in her mouth.

Danielle slides out from underneath me and just as she does I drop to my knees and elbows, breathing heavily, arm muscles aching, and my cock softening. I look up to see Danielle still has my cum in her mouth. She opens up so Andrea and I can both see my load, and she swallows it down with a slight smile. The sight of Danielle’s little pouty lips and her pink tongue cradling my cum sent a surge of pleasure through my body and into my cock.

Andrea, shorts and panties still around her thighs, is gently rubbing her lips. Her pussy juices in her full bush make the hair shine in the light of the yoga studio. Sitting back on my heels, I look up at these two beautiful women and smile, wondering just how lucky one guy could get. I step out of my shorts and boxers as I stand up to meet Danielle and Andrea.

"What pose are you going to teach us next, Danielle?" I say smiling as I peer down at her top, her hard nipples poking through the fabric.

"I think for this next one we’re going to need to dispense with the clothes," Danielle says as she walks over to the studio door and quietly locks it. I’m watching those hips and ass move in her yoga pants and I feel my erection returning already. As Danielle returns to us, she notices my cock stiffening and smiles as I take in the sight of her 32C breasts jiggling slightly in her top.

Danielle walks over to Andrea and without saying a word lifts the sweaty mint green tank top up over Andrea’s head. Andreas arms to the sky, I see the stretchy fabric of the top snap over the mountains of her breasts. With her top off, all that’s left is the black full-coverage satin bra with thick straps. Danielle moves behind Andrea and unclasps the bra while my hand starts slowly stroking my cock in anticipation. Andrea shrugs the thick straps off her shoulders as Danielle holds the bra. Once the straps clear her elbows, Andrea’s milky white breasts drop and bounce slightly (the image of her large, pendulous breasts being freed from her bra stays with me to this day). Her large brown areolas, still smooth in the warmth of the yoga studio, focus my attention immediately. Her thick nipples point down slightly, their color slightly deeper than the areolas, flushed with blood from her excitement. As Danielle removes Andrea’s bra completely, she tosses it over to me. I remove my hand from my cock and catch it. I begin to inspect it, noticing the tag on the back indicating its size: 38F. I turn it over, cover my face with one of the cups, and breathe in deeply. I feel a bit of dampness from Andrea’s sweat on my nose as I enjoy the pleasant combination of scents. I can detect perhaps a bit of her body wash, some of her deodorant, and the subtle exciting aroma of her skin and sweat. The women giggle as they watch me perving out with Andrea’s humongous bra which looks comically large on my face and head. When I uncover my face I can see the ladies staring down at my now fully erect penis, Danielle still standing behind Andrea is peeking around her side.

Danielle moves her hands to Andrea’s breasts and her hands look childishly small, just covering Andrea’s areolae. As she gently squeezes them, I see Andrea’s eyes close and she moans softly. I stare at the large, firm, young breasts being gently massaged by a beautiful woman and start to masturbate.

Still masturbating, I slowly step over to Andrea and lean in to give her a kiss. There’s a still a bit of sweat on her upper lip and her breath is quick and unsteady from excitement. As our lips meet she presses hers to mine and wraps an arm around my back, pulling me closer. As she does my hips push in and I bend my knees so my cock slips down between her labia and between her legs. Andrea pulls her head back and lets a quick loud moan out and smiles, a bit embarrassed at the outburst. Danielle moves her hands from Andrea’s breasts and I feel her now stiff nipples press into my chest as our bodies draw closer together with each kiss.

Our kissing increases in intensity, tongues now meeting, seeking, twirling with each other. Danielle moves a hand underneath where my cock is lodged between Andrea’s wet pussy lips and gives my balls a gentle tug.

"I need you to be inside me," Danielle says with the depth and evenness in her tone indicating that this is not really a wish but a firm request. I open my eyes and unlock lips from Andrea’s. I pull my chest back a bit and peer down at Andrea’s 38F breasts gently cradled between our two torsos. Danielle removes her hand from my balls and steps around to the side of Andrea a few feet away. She begins to slowly pull her tight spandex top up over her torso and breasts. Her white freckled perky 32C breasts don’t even move when she frees them from the sports bra. Danielle’s little pink nipples look to be as hard as stone, perched atop her firm pale mounds. She then pulls her yoga pants down, wiggling her butt from side to side as she peels them off. When Danielle stands back up, I can see her clean-shaven pubic mound, slightly flushed pink. She steps back over to me and Andrea, putting her arms around us both, our three naked bodies pressed together. She turns towards Andrea and gently kisses her lips; I see just a flash of tongue as Danielle pulls back and turns over to me.

With a sly smile turns around and walks over to her yoga mat, kneels to the floor, and gets on all fours. Needing no invitation, I walk over behind her and get down on my knees; Danielle's lower legs on either side of me. Danielle’s hips from behind look incredible, her buttocks accentuating her naturally curvy hips when positioned on all fours. I place my hands on her ass, one on each cheek and spread them ever so slightly, getting a peek at the treasures between her legs. I push my face in between in her ass cheeks and extend my tongue. I feel it part her lips easily as I begin to taste her juicy warm pussy. I lick her from clit to the entrance of her vagina. She leans down a bit more, onto her forearms rather than her hands which further opens her up to me.

Andrea kneels beside me now, unable to hold back her excitement or curiosity any longer. I remove my face from between Danielle’s full but firm ass cheeks, and Andrea bends down to get a taste of Danielle. I begin stroking my cock again as I watch this busty teen girl eagerly plunge her tongue into her boss’s shaved wet pussy. Andrea pulls her mouth off of Danielle’s sweet lips and looks up at me smiling and moves to the side. I get back between Danielle’s legs and raise my cock head to her wet open hole and gently press into her. Inch by inch I make my way inside until I am buried up to her cervix. When our hips meet I hold myself deep inside her, trying to not to cum from the sheer exhilaration of being inside this gorgeous petite woman. Danielle lets out a soft moan when she feels the pressure of my cock head against her cervix. Getting a firm grip on her hips I draw my hard cock slowly out of her vagina until my cock head just pops out of her tight hole. I tease her opening a bit with my cock head, pressing against it, pushing my head down between her labia and rubbing against the hard bump her clit.

Andrea dips her head down and wraps her lips around my cock head, sucking Danielle’s pussy juices off of me. She straightens back up and leans in to kiss me as I press my cock back into Danielle’s waiting pussy. Andrea kisses me hard with a young frenetic energy, tongue probing my mouth, desperately seeking; her moans of pleasure resonate through both of our mouths. I push myself forward into Danielle, slowly picking up speed but being sure to hold it deep inside her every few thrusts. Andrea now puts her hand around the back of my neck, wanting more of me, more than she can even fit in her mouth. The pressure of our mouths together growing as she searches deeper. When Andrea pushed in to kiss me, I had to remove one of my hands from Danielle’s hips. Now I raise that hand along Andrea’s side, feeling her soft supple young skin along the curve of her hips, stomach and up to her left breast. Turning my hand so the weight of her massive 38F breast rests in my palm, then moving my palm around to cover her large areolas, I squeeze her breast gently and marvel at how much Andrea there is here; one of my hands only able to encompass a small portion of her massive teen breast. She groans into my mouth loudly, enjoying the pressure on her breast and the feeling of her nipple pressed against my palm. She begins rubbing her hairy wet pussy; I can hear the sound of her fingers pushing in and out of her. Andrea breaks the suction of our lip lock ever so slightly. I can hear her breathing is heavy and she draws in a deep breath quickly.

"I’m going to cum," Andrea whispers in my ear. Her hot breath washes over me. I begin fucking Danielle quickly now, feeling her vagina gripping me as my thrusts pick up speed. Andrea begins a long low moan as her orgasm begins, fingers pushing in and out of her so vigorously that it makes a little slapping sound each time her palm meets her pubic mound. Andrea feels the warm rush as she lets her body take control of the moment, vaginal muscles pulsing around her fingers.

"Oh my god, Matt, fuck me," says Danielle, the sound of Andrea’s orgasmic moan pushing her to the brink of orgasm herself. I turn my torso away from Andrea and bend over Danielle’s eager ass and fuck it harder. Our hips slap together wetly. Her hips push back to greet mine with every thrust.

"Fuck my pussy," encourages Danielle. Andrea moves around as Danielle props herself back up on her arms so she can push back even harder.

" feel so fucking good," I say.

"You like my tight fucking pussy, don’t you?" demands Danielle.

"Yes baby I love your tight fucking pussy," I reply.

When Andrea gets in front of Danielle, Danielle throws her arms around Andrea’s torso and buries her face into the giant breasts in front of her. Her hands slip down to Andrea’s ass, squeezing her hard.

Danielle lets out a loud cry and begins to growl and grunt as her knees almost lift off the ground. I feel the pulses of her pussy around my cock as she buries her face in Andrea’s tits again. I give a few more quick thrusts and then slow down, burying my cock inside her and letting go. I can feel my cum course through my cock and into Danielle's body. Her vagina taking my cum deep.

After catching my breath for a minute, I pull out and my ears delight to hear the wet sound of Danielle’s pussy releasing me.

We hear a knock at the door.

"Hello? Is someone in there?"

We look at each other and panic. Did someone lock the door? We hear them try to open it, and much to our relief it stays closed, the deadbolt holding back this mystery individual.

We all scramble to get dressed again. As I pull on my boxers and shorts I see Andrea bend over to gather her clothes, the massive breasts swinging forward with her torso. "My god that’s a beautiful sight," I say under my breath.

I peer over at Danielle as I pull my t-shirt on and see my cum dripping down her smooth strong thigh as she pulls her yoga pants and panties up over it.

Danielle rushes over to the door to unlock it.

"Sorry we were just finishing up!" she says cheerfully at the small group that had gathered outside.

This is greeted with some skeptical looks. Andrea and I finish rolling up our yoga mats and join Danielle.

"Okay, that was great lesson Danielle," I say loud enough for all to hear.

Andrea responds, "Yeah, thanks for teaching me, and uh, I’ll get your things back to you tomorrow."

The three of us make our way through the small throng of spandex-clad people waiting to begin the next class.

We all wish each other a good night in the parking lot. Sweaty, flushed, smiling faces exchanging satisfied looks. Settling into the seat of my car my mind begins to wander, replaying the moments in my head and wondering what tomorrow will bring.

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