My heart began to beat faster as she climbed on top of me gently kissing me on the lips and around my face kneck and ears slowly working her way down to my nipples softly biting on them.

As she kissed me my hands worked under her lingerie and found her nipples already rock hard. I played with them teasing them by making circular motions around the areole and occassionally pinching the perky tips and gliding my fingers over the sensetive ends.

She softly took hold of my left wrist and pulling a silk scarf out from under the pillow tied it in a knot around my wrist and then pushing my arm above my head tied it in another knot securing my wrist to the headborad. Continuing to caress my upper body with her soft sensual lips she grabbed my right wrist and again pulling a silk scarf out from under the pillow tied it in a knot around my wrist and then pushing that arm above my head secured that arm to the headboard as well.

Then she said as she grinned, now that I have you where I want you and you cant escape I am going to have my way with you, and of course at this point I was in no position to argue. She got up and went back into the bathroom and after a few minutes returned back to the bed wearing a spaghetti strapped red teddy, a red crotchless thong, garter belt and red stockings with the seam running up the back of her beautiful long legs. Covering the teddy she had on a pretty lace cover and had a red choker around her kneck and fingerless red lace gloves that went all the way up to her elbows. And she had a handful of lingerie with her, we enjoyed playing with lingerie in the bed.

As she climbed back into the bed and up on top me she asked if I liked how she looked and of course I said she was absolutely stunning. She asked so you like the lingerie do ya and of course I said yes. She then said with a big grin on her face well that’s good because I brought some more. As she laid the handful of lingerie next to me she pulled out a black blindfold and waved it in front of my face and said well I want it to be a surprise so I am going to cover your eyes and laughed as she slipped the blindfold over my eyes securing it behind the back of my head.

Again she climbed off the bed I could hear her in the room but of course I couldn’t see due to the blindfold, after a few minutes she reached across the bed and pulled down the blindfold and now she was wearing a long gown of black material covered with silver and gold glitter type stuff that shimmered in the candlelight. The gown was cut low revealing her gorgeous cleavage and had straps going over her soft bare shoulders and slits all the way up each side showing her long legs and a cutout in the center revealing her pierced belly button and had a low cut back that stopped just at the top of her ass and It also had a matching G-string. I told her WOW you really look awesome in that as well. Without a word she laughed and pulled the blindfold backk over my eyes.

Again I could hear her in the room rustling around with some more lingerie, my mind wondering what could possibly be the next surprise. After a few minutes she said so you like the little red outfit don’t ya, and once again I said oh yeah I sure do and I heard her laugh and say that’s good. I felt her begin to massage my body with a piece of lingerie that felt like lace she started around my face and kneck and then down to my nipples down my stomach and around my dick and balls where she spent a little extra time tickling me there and then down my legs to my feet where knowing how ticklish I am she played with the arch of my feet and my toes.

Then much to my surprise I could feel her one foot at a time sliding something onto my feet and I asked her what she was doing and she laughed and didn’t say anything. I could feel her slide the item all the way up my legs and up under my ass and across my fully erect dick. While this little escapade was somewhat mysterious not being able to see it was also somewhat exciting and different. I asked her again what she was doing and once again she just laughed and again started rubbing my body with yet another piece of material and with just 1 leg began working the softer mesh feeling material up 1 leg and then the other. Then she Slid something around both legs that felt more like elastic and lace and up to my waist, by this time I reailsed what was going on and asked her again what she was doing and again she just laughed.

Then telling me she wasn’t finished made me promise if she untied my wrist from the headboard that I would allow her to finish, of course once again I was in no position to argue and she knowing that I am a man of my word untied my wrist as i allowed her to finsih she slipped the red lace teddy over my still blindfolded head and slipped the fingerless gloves onto my hands and up my forearms and attached the choker around my kneck as well and then resecured my wrist to the headboard.

Then she said in a devilish little voice with a hint of a laugh well you sure do loook pretty all dressed up in that little red outfit would you like to see what you loook like? Curiousity getting the best of me at this point said sure why not. She slipped the blindfold off my eyes and as I looked down my body sure enough I was completely dressed in the little red outfit she had been wearing complete with crotchless thong,garter belt hose and the red teddy and accessories. I asked her to untie my hands and she again laughed and said she wasn’t done. I said what more could you possibly do? She said well you look so good you just need a little lipstick and maybe we should get some pictures. And of course I wasn’t very keen on that idea but knew the more I argued the longer I was going to be there.

She left the room for a few minutes and came back not armed with just a camera but a video camera and a tube of bright shiney lipstick and she carefully outlined my lips into a vivid red color and then she began to make herself a little video to capture the moment so to speak. She walked around the bed getting a birdseye view of me being tied to the bed and all dressed up in her lingerie with my fully erect cock sticking up out of the crotchless thong. After completing the video she said I am going to put this in a nice safe place and you are going to spend the rest of the weekend doing everything I tell you to do to which I said oh really and she said oh really or maybe I will have to show your friends your new clothes and she laughed as she climbed back on the bed on top of me.

My dick was still completely erect at this time, I have to admit it was kind of exciting being dressed in drag by my beautiful lover. As she climbed on top of me she said now watch this as she turned around placing her ass on my chest and began to give me the most amazing blow job telling me how sexy I look in a thong and rubbed up and down my stocking covered legs ocassionaly popping the garter stap againt my thighs. Then she slid her ass further up my chest and stuck her completely dripping pussy right up to my face and in a commmanding voice told me to get busy eating her pussy. We dined on each others love nectar till she went into a leg shaking orgasm her pussy juices flowing down my face, and I was just about to come in her mouth and she said no you cant come till I say you can and then she slid down my stomach and onto my cock cowgirl style and again said watch this as I saw her hungry snatch swallow my long hard cock working it in and out stopping towards the top and working her hips side to side and back and forth.

After quite some time of that she turned and around and said well now I guess I have to take this stuff off of you as she began to sensuallly remove each piece of lingerie she had put on me telling me how amazing i looked in her lingerie and she said remember your still mine for the weekend or your friends will get to see the video to which she made me agree before releasing my wrist. The rest of the weekend is a whole other story…………

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