He didn't need to embarrass them anymore than they already were. Jake could only shake his head he'd gotten lost in the moment with them and had totally forgotten. Now he had to go through another few hundred before he could even start to formulate more on his plan.

Not a moment too soon as both doctors and the council showed up at the door. "I guess you were right after all Master Jake," Trully said with a smile then a giggle. "It seems you can't do much without the Jinn world taking notice. This especially includes sex!"

Jake stared at Trully and the Doctor, both of whom had very large smiles on their faces. Jake knew that Trully was thinking about the times she herself had been with him.

"Yes Trully, it does appear that way; at least when I am with my Jinns or ones who are special to me. It appears
that I have brought another few hundred back though this time I thought of clothing them before all of you arrived."

"That was very kind of you Master Jake. You do realize that most of our lives we Jinns are about three quarters undressed anyway, so you see that the embarrassment isn't as bad as you might think." Trully told Jake.

"Yes, that may be so but I am still human and in our world I have always tried to be fair and kind. Though I have to tell you a fat lot of good it got me most of the time. I am sure you realize the circumstances of Gen's release, and the condition that I was," Jake asked of Trully.

"Of course Master Jake, I did have to know almost everything about that. Though I must confess that the time I have spent with you, you seemed like no near virgin. You were a tiger with me, a tiger I would like to meet again some time." A slyly smiling Trully said as she grasped Jake's crotch for a moment before she and the Doctor started to examine the newly arrived Jinns.

Jake was shocked that Trully had done that. He was even more when he saw that the Doctor was smiling even larger when she took hold of his crotch! 

Suddenly Jake heard giggling in his head as he looked over at Gen who was watching his every move. Rashala was next to her holding her close. Inger was snuggled up next to a still out of it Akeesha. Sheeka, Nyrae, and Rosalinda were also watching Jake. Jake could feel the love all of them had for him; he could almost swear that all of them were glowing!

A moment later Amira appeared beside the others. Sinking to the bed again Jake was a little overwhelmed. He knew that they all loved him but what he was feeling seemed to go far beyond that.

Still deep in his thoughts Jake didn't hear the Doctor and Trully as they approached. "Master Jake?" Trully asked. "Master Jake, are you still with us?"

Shaking his head Jake looked at her a moment almost lost after having been so deep in thought. "I'm sorry Trully I was thinking, got a lot on my mind."

Trully and the Doctor both nodded their understanding then informed him. "We made a count though not as many as last time there are still a significant number here."

Jake nodded also, "I just hope I don't over tax myself again like I did the last time."

"We will remain here to make sure that does not happen again. I am sorry that I wasn't able to respond faster Master Jake." Trully said as she hung her head. "You almost died, and had you I would never have been able to forgive myself."

"Trully," Jake started. "I forgave you. I know that you did the best that you could. As I am sure you did also Doctor. So how many are we dealing with this time?"

"It appears that it is only a mere five hundred." The Doctor said with a grin. "See? Nowhere near as many as last time!"

Jake smiled at the Doctor and Jokingly told him, "I'm glad you think it is only a MERE five hundred Doctor. You really do think I am a miracle worker don't you? Geez!"

The Doctor and Trully were smiling larger as Jake sighed and started to move about the room. An hour later, Jake had restored another one hundred twenty five of the royal army. Another two hundred were the other city miles away. He restored a hundred of the royal city, five more council guards, and twenty more servants and guards of the king.

Jake looked at the fifty that were left. Thinking a moment he concentrated and called the one who had changed his mind and heart.

"I am thinking that you believe that I will destroy you. This is far from the truth, as I think that you should have a chance to change if you want. I have here one of all that I spared. I will let him talk to you as there is nothing I can really say that will convince you. If after he has had his say you still do not wish to change I will banish you to a community that I have made for all of you with just two powers. If you do wish change then you will see." Jake said as he stepped back wishing that all of the fifty were healthy.

Jake listened as the Jinn that he had restored told his story. Telling all that he felt, how what Jake had done for him had changed him. Finished the Male Jinn thanked Jake then left returning to his family.

Jake could only smile even now he could feel several of those there were starting to have doubt. Many were wondering if what Jake had said was true.

A young, female Jinn stepped forward and asked, "I will have all my powers that I had before? No tricks?"

"Yes, I will see to it. Oh, I should tell you I will know if you truly desire to change." Jake said then stepped back to watch as many of those left started to have heated arguments. Another hour passed then the same young female Jinn walked to Jake. A little over half of those left joined her. Smiling Jake nodded to each as he started to restore them.

He'd done twelve of the twenty six that were before him when he stopped, looking at the male Jinn in front of him. "I told you I would know if you truly wished to change. I can see that your heart is still dark with hatred of my kind. Be gone 'til you have changed, live with those that desire nothing good!" The male started to curse and reach for Jake but found he was already half faded.

"So you are like all humans, full of tricks and deception!" The male Jinn spit.

"No, no deception, you will have two powers to allow you to survive but beyond that it is up to you." Jake replied.

"You lie just as you have to them. You will kill them as soon as they leave." The male continued to rage.

Sighing Jake could only shake his head as he said. "I gave you a chance, the same chance I gave all of the others before you. Now, be gone enjoy your simple life with the others. May you come to your senses one day." With that the male Jinn faded out the rest of the way. Finally finished with the last five Jake wished them well as the all surprised Jinn vanished back to their families.

There was a gasp from behind him as he turned to face those that were left. "I truly wish you all the best remember when you are ready I will know. Though if you continue to cling to this anger and hatred then you are only harming yourself and your families that I am sure are missing you." With a sad nod Jake watched as those left winked out one by one.

King Al-Mazhab walked to Jake and patted him on the shoulder. "You should rejoice Master Jake. The simple fact that you got half of them to turn is a very encouraging sign. When you started this I hadn't any hope that you would even get one let alone twenty five!"

"Yes King Al-Mazhab I am happy but there are still so many that have such a deep hatred of my kind. Were the humans really so bad to the Jinn kind to spark such hatred?" Sighing Jake continued, "at times it feels as if nothing I do is enough." 

The King nodded he felt for Master Jake, even with so many saved now there were still quite a few missing. 

Jake was deep in thought when Juno walked in a worried look on his face.

"Juno, are you ok?" Jake asked him when he quickly came to Jake.

"I... we need to return to our world for a bit. I'm afraid something has come up that may require the both of us and our Jinns. Juno reported to him.

Now it was Jake's turn to be worried what could be so bad that Juno was worried. "Juno? What has happened? Talk to me friend."

A even more worried look came over Juno's face. "All the women of my family that are pregnant with your children are missing." Here a few tears escaped Juno's eyes. "Mary is missing also, I... if anything happens to her I don't think I could go on. She's my baby girl, my last; we have to find all of them Jake we have to!"

Shock spread across Jake's face, Mary? Inger was here why hadn't Mary called for her to rescue her unless... "Gen, get everyone together we are going back." Looking at Inger Gen Jake thought to her. <Gen, tell Inger that her mistress is missing.>

Gen's eyes got huge as she nodded and made her way over to Inger. A moment later they all heard a gasp then Inger disappeared. Gen nodded as did the rest of the Jinns.

"I'm sorry King Al-Mazhab; we have an emergency back in the human world. We will return soon, I just hope that the storm holds them off long enough for us to finish." Jake told the king and his children.

"Father, I am going with Master Jake. Though he is not my master I feel very close to him." Amira told her father.

"My daughter Amira, I would not dare try to stop you from following the one you love. Go with my blessing and be careful. You carry my grandchild, stay safe." The king told his daughter.

With a huge smile Amira threw her arms around her father's neck kissing him on the cheek. "I will remember father, thank you."

Jake watched all of this with astonishment, Amira wanted to go to the human world? Then suddenly Amira was talking in his mind. <Of course I want to. I do not want to be far from you ever Master Jake. Do not deny me this, I feel I would die if we are separated for long.>

Jake wide eyed turned to Amira and nodded yes as she squealed out her joy.

All of them winked out appearing a moment later in Juno's office. Juno went out to his daughter's desk looking for any clue as to where she might be. A few minutes later a mail employee delivered a package. With shaking hands Juno opened it to reveal a CD. 

Putting it in a player they all listened grim faced as an obviously disguised voice started. "Hello Juno, you bastard. I know about you and this crazy mission that you are involved in. I know that your daughter is in on it also. At first I thought it was a farce. That was 'til I saw you draw money out of mid air. You are going to pay and pay big!" 

There was an evil laugh as Juno went ashen faced. "I think I know who it is, my god! Not now!"

"It seems that your family is full of pregnant women, for now. I know you have a Jinn. I want that Jinn, I already think you know who this is so move your ass! As for Mary well, considering she is pregnant also, I think I'll start with her, The little bitch is as big a failure as you are a success."

Juno was on his knees a sob escaping his throat as he held his head in his hands. "After all these years," He was whispering.

Jake and all of his Jinns were looking on confused, what in the hell was going on? Who the hell was threatening Juno and Mary. Plus there was the fact that Inger still hadn't returned with Mary as of yet.

"So that's it give me your Jinn then you can have what's left of Mary. Don't take too long or she may not survive." Another evil laugh sounded right before the CD ended.

Juno was still on the floor a distraught look on his face. Jake looked at Nyrae for a moment then he and the others went to the other room. "Can you feel Inger, Akeesha?" Jake asked.

Akeesha started to nod a disturbed look on her face. "I can feel her searching, she is almost frantic. I can hear her calling to Mary though there is no response. She's on her way to us now."

A moment later Inger appeared beside Akeesha. "I can't find her! I can't even feel her. By the great Jinn I have always been able to feel her!" Inger fell to her knees as huge racking sobs escaped her lips. Turning she stared at Jake. "Please help me Master Jake, Please help me find her. I feel so lost without my Mistress!" Hiding her face in Akeesha's shoulder more racking sobs could be heard.

Jake looked at all of his Jinns as he thought about it for a moment. "If I make a wish and you can't fulfill it. Through no fault of your own, would you be punished or hurt?"

All of Jake's Jinns turned to stare at Amira. "As far as I know the only one that could punish a Jinn for not fulfilling a wish is that Jinn's master. Inger? You got no feeling of your Mistress at all?"

Trying to calm Inger looked at Amira. "At first then she just faded, almost as if she was no more."

"When you followed the first feeling did you feel you were close?" Amira asked.

"Only a very short time then as I said it was just gone." Inger replied.

"Hmmm," Amira said. "It almost sounds like a blanket spell. Very powerful, it will take all of us to locate Inger's Mistress. I fear that we may be in for a fight to get her back. This sounds much like the work of an elite Jinn."

Rashala's eyes went wide, "an elite? We are forbidden from taking humans prisoner. It would take a very dark Master to make an elite break their sacred word! Even then other elites would know, I...." Suddenly Rashala's eyes got bigger. "Kasha! By the great Jinn! I can feel Kasha! A terrible pain, I feel like Kasha is dying!"

Amira nodded her head, "the master of Kasha is a dark, evil presence if they have gotten this far. Come sisters! We must concentrate and find Inger's Mistress!"

Sudden there was a voice from the air, "We will also add to you. Inger's Mistress carries our brother. We cannot allow him to come to harm!"

All of Jake's Jinns made a circle then started to concentrate on Mary. As all of them started to glow Nyrae came in and joined with them. 

A few minutes later an orb appeared then there was an unearthly scream. <So we have been found! It is of no conscience we cannot be... Rashala! I wondered how we were found so quickly, still it doesn't matter.>

<Kasha! I know you cannot disobey your master. We will free you soon we...> Rashala was saying.

<No! I cannot be saved not now, nor can I be forgiven; if you free the human woman I only ask that you end me. The evil is eating away at me, soon there may be nothing left hurry Kasha said then was gone.

"We need to go as soon as possible." Jake said as they all made ready.

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