The club was packed but it was hard not to notice her while he was sitting at the bar scouting for a girl that he thought would be perfect for him. Don’t get him wrong, he wasn’t looking for a girlfriend. He just wanted a memorable one night stand. One night that he could remember how hot this girl he did it with was, and how she wanted him so bad and begged him to give it to her. His crotch began to heat up from just the thought about it.

He took a sip of his beer as he looked her up from head to toe. She was just his type. Petite with fair skin, and her red hair bouncing off her shoulders. Her chest wasnt bad. She appeared to be about a C-cup pushing D. But he wouldnt mind just grabbing a handful of her tits and squeezing the hell out of them. He knew shed enjoy it too. Especially from the way she dressed. It was like she was ready to be fucked by some random guy. She was wearing a tight red strapless mini dress. And when he thought of mini, it was really mini! If she had just simply slouch over, hed probably be able to see what was under that dress since it barely covered her ass. And a nice ass that was. It wasnt every day you saw a petite girl who had boobs and ass. That was definitely a plus in his book.

He sipped his beer thinking about how to approach her. How to give it to her. Would he want to do it in private? Or should he just pull it out on the dance floor. The thought of that was such a turn on but at the same time it was nerve wrecking to him. His hands began to sweat at the thought of him just bending her over, fucking the hell out of her pussy right there on the dance floor. Going at it alone made him nervous. Maybe he needed a wing man. But he came alone, knowing his plans. He didnt know if he could share a girl with three other guys. Damn right he was selfish, he wanted her to himself but at this rate, he wouldnt mind sharing with one other guy just to calm his nerves.

He took another sip, deciding to wait and see what happens. He was growing hot with anticipation as he watched other guys danced with her. It seemed she had a new partner every time a new song came on. It was like they were all hoping to get lucky. He watched as the other guys would rub their crotch against her butt. Her hips moving back and forth against theirs. He smiled to himself knowing hell be doing so much more than dry humping her ass by the end of the night.

After what seem to have felt like forever, he looked at his watch and notice that it was almost midnight. He considered devising a plan but he couldnt wait anymore. Maybe it was better to move in now and have a few dances with her first, so she could feel that he was harmless. Besides, everyone knew that once it passes 1 a.m. at the Red Stray Club, everyone would be too drunk to even notice what hell be doing to her precious little body.

He took a last gulp of his beer as he left the comfort of the bar and made his way towards the floor. The thought finally occurred to him about how lucky he was that she was here at the club alone, since women usually travel in packs. Maybe she wanted some too, thats why she ditched her friends.

His legs felt heavy but he forced himself to walk with confidence. Besides, what’s the chance of her even remember his face. Let alone, she won’t even know his name. He came from behind her. Pressing his crotch against her ass like every other guy in the club has been doing. The friction of her ass felt even better from this view than from what he saw sitting at the bar. His hand grasp around her waist so he could hump her ass better. His arms wrapped around her so easily, making her appear so frail.

She rested the back of her head against his chest. She could feel how strong it was. He put his hand against her back pushing her forward a little as he continued to grind against her. His hands exploring the side of her soft creamy thighs. She was feeling vulnerable since her panties were so thin. She could feel his cock rubbing up against her through his jeans. She didn’t want to admit it but she was turned on, feeling so vulnerable but she didn’t want him to stop either.

He looked around to see people looking as if they could barely walk. Maybe now would be okay. What’s the worse that can happen? She could say no and no one would give a damn because they’re too drunk to even come to their senses. Plus, no one would even hear her over the music. No one except him.

But being shot down didn’t sound so good either. He decided to wait until someone else came to join them. He wondered how long it would take but with a girl like that he doubt someone could stay away for so long, especially with him hogging her up. Finally, after about 3 songs, a guy came and began dancing in front of her. She was sandwiched between the two of them. Not that she minded the attention.

The guy was as big as him. Toned, lean arms, tanned, with dark hair. Now was his chance, since the guy seemed like he was already buzzing. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it back. She tried to turn her head from be startled by not knowing what he was suddenly trying to do, but his hold was strong. He smelled her, taking in the sweet scent of her perfume mixed with the sweat from the hotness of the room from dancing for so long. As he then kissed her shoulders to her neck, sucking on her white skin as if he was a vampire hungry for her blood. He then caressed her body from behind, grabbing her breast through her skin tight dress. He could feel her nipples fully erect since she wasn’t wearing a bra. He slowly moved his hand downstairs, rubbing her pussy over her panties. He could feel her pussy lips through the panties. It was such a turn on for him.

She put her hand over his trying to push it away but his grip was strong and she was sure his animalistic instincts have already kicked in. Her eyes scanned the room trying to find a sane person to stop this from happening; Or maybe it was an excuse so she would feel shame and be able to deny her body what it really wanted. No one seemed to care. It was as if they were all off in their own little world. She resisted a little more, not wanting to accept how turned on she was, but her legs began to quiver from his touch.
The other guy who was still dancing in front of her notice that she stopped fighting; he didn’t want to pass by this chance of fucking a hot girl on the dance floor with people around. He got the hint and quickly moved in to join. He held her jaw so that she was looking at him with those eyes. The eyes of having someone tease the hell out of you. He then moved in and kissed her lips. His kiss was rough and hard. But she liked it. It did suit the situation because she wanted him, or anyone to just fuck her. She didn’t know how much longer she could handle the teasing. She wanted him to just rip her panties off and feel his fingers against her clit and inside her little hole.

He finally stopped rubbing her pussy over her panties. She hated herself because all she could think of at the moment was "Please don’t leave me wanting more". She wanted him to finish it. His hands moved up her waist and firmly grabbed and squeezed her breasts, pulling her firmly against him as he kissed her shoulder blades.

The man in the front wanted some action too so he reached down and easily pushed her panties to the side as his fingers dived in. He could feel how wet she was.

She could feel his cock reacting to this because it was pressing against her hip, growing harder. He rubbed his cock against her body as the other guy played with her nipples, pinching them hard. She felt so good but so vulnerable at the same time because her nipples seemed to send a wave of pleasure straight to her clitoris, which was soon cured by the front man rubbing her clit. Her body soon felt as if it was no longer hers to control. Her hips began grinding against his hand covered in her juice. He knew she was now ready for a big fat cock inside her pussy. He took out his fingers and brought it to her mouth, her horniness overcoming her, making her mouth open willingly to taste her own juice.

As she licked his fingers he took a few steps back to meet the wall that wasn’t far behind him. He unzipped his pants and took out his cock. She glanced at it. It was circumcised and an average size but it was thick. The guy behind her pulled her butt against him as he bent her over so she could suck the guy’s throbbing cock. Her mouth felt so warm and good wrapped tightly around his cock. He couldn’t help it but to dive his hip into her mouth; fucking it like she was a little slut that would do anything he wanted. He pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth until he could feel the tip pressing against the back of her throat.
She tried to push him away but he had a hold on the back of her head, and he was much stronger than her. When he finally let her go, she found herself breaking away and gasping for air. Plus, thrilled that she didn’t eat anything for dinner or it would be all over the floor.

He continued thrusting into her mouth, his cock hard and wet with a mixture of his precum and her saliva. Her mind was so focused on trying to breathe at the right time that she didn’t even notice the guy behind her had already unzipped his pants and was now rubbing the tip of his cock against the lips of her pussy. Easing between and caressing her clit. He wanted her to remember how good his cock was going to feel so without warning he thrust into her.

She moaned from being startled by the unexpected entering of his cock. Not to mention, she could feel how he was stretching out her pussy. As he moved his cock in and out, her wetness was lubricating his cock making it feel nice and good but he couldn’t get over the fact about how good it felt to be inside her. Her little pussy hole, feeling so nice and tight. The thought of her pussy sucking up his cock make him want to fuck her harder. He wanted to fuck her like a whore, especially because she had another cock in her mouth. She literally had no say in telling them to stop and he knew her body had already reached the point where she would want it all.

Her eyes tear from the roughness but she didn’t want them to stop. She loved it even more. The guy took his cock out of her mouth as he pulled her to a slight standing position. He leaned into her ear as he said, "You want all your little holes to be fucked, don’t you? You little slut."

As she was being pounded in her pussy, she knew she wouldn’t be able to stop her mouth from saying dirty things. She was just too turned on. She simply replied, "Yes, fuck me like a dirty little slut" as she moaned breathlessly into his ear.

"You heard that she wants all her little holes fucked" he said to the other guy.

The guy behind her grinned as he said, "well, I did want to fuck her nice ass"

He then took out his cock from her pussy as they lifted her up a little. Her legs wrapped around the man in the front as he stuck his cock into her pussy while the other in her ass. She let out a cry but it couldn’t be heard over the music. She put her arms around his neck holding him tightly to brace herself as they thrust into her hard and deep. She was on the edge of cumming as she started moaning and panting, "more, more, more"

The guys groaned as they put forth all their energy pounding into her deeper and deeper until her moans became high pitch, screaming from feeling his cock against her cervix and deep inside her ass. She couldn’t take it anymore her juices exploded, dripping against their cocks, turning them on even more. They then made a last thrust and shot their load of cum into her. They set her down as they zipped their pants up. She could feel the wetness between her legs, her juices sliding down her inner thigh and smelling like sex. The three strangers than decided it was time to call it a night. But they knew they would be trying this again soon even if it’s not with each other.

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