Read them first.

In the 8 months since that memorable night when Mary first got fucked by Fred and next morning by Brad, Mary and David have been frequent visitors at our place. Mary was now very "big with child"; my theory was that she got pregnant that first night here, but it is equally possible that she was impregnated on any of the six successive nights when she came to our place to get fucked, not just by Fred and Brad, but also by Kevin, my boss, and Peter Frank, whose contract I was working on, and who liked to come to Sydney often to check on our progress on his contract and to fuck me, or anyone else that I set him up with.

Phil and his wife, Susan, and George and his wife, Fran, had not joined our group until after we knew that Mary was pregnant, so neither Phil nor George could have been the father of Mary's child. Nevertheless they both took great pleasure in fucking her, especially as her belly swelled to reveal her condition.

Susan had eventually found the courage to confront Phil about the fact that they were cheating on each other. He had been angry at first, but she managed to get through to him the details of my marriage to Fred; she didn't want to clip his wings or divorce him, she just wanted to share the sharing with him. When finally Phil understood her message, they became regular visitors at our place too. I'm not quite sure why everyone came to our place rather than rotating through various people's homes; perhaps it had something to do with with Fred's insistence that everyone must be naked in our pool area. Who knows?

Susan, who originally had been cheating on Phil with her workmate, George, told George about Phil's and her frequent visits to our place and about all the wild sex they were now sharing, rather than cheating on each other. He came alone a few times but felt awkward because everyone else came as couples, except Peter Frank who only came occasionally when he was in Sydney, (although Mary and her son, David, were not strictly a couple; she still refused to have any sort of sex with David, but was totally uninhibited in front of him.). We told George that it was OK to come alone, as an extra cock was always welcome, but he did not seem comfortable.

Then one night George turned up with Fran. It seems that he caught Fran coming home very late one night when he was supposed to be away on a business trip. He accused her of cheating, she said that his business trips were really fuck fests. They fought all night, then in the morning he told her that he still loved her and, if she still loved him, he had a suggestion for her to consider. He told her about our group and all the swapping and group sex that went on at our place. Fran agreed to try a visit and they have been regulars ever since.

"Mary," I asked, "you're due to give birth soon. How are you going to survive financially?"

"We'll be OK, thank you, Sally. I got the house as part of my divorce settlement. I have a modest inheritance from when my parents died just after I got rid of David's father, and David has offered to help with the money he gets from delivering take-away dinners and cleaning your pool. As long as you don't sack him we'll be OK."

"For a teenager that's surprisingly generous. You have a wonderful son, Mary."

"Well. My theory is that I have you to thank for that. Thanks to you he's been getting frequent sex for the last 8 months. That means that he doesn't have the usual problem that plagues teenagers. Either go without or go behind your parents' back."

"He's not the only one who benefits from our sexual freedom. Fred and I are happier now than at any time since we married. And tell me," I asked again, "how does David feel about having a baby brother or sister?"

"He's stoked. I think that that's why he volunteered to help out with the money that he earns while I'm off work. And he wants to be a surrogate father to him or her too."

"One more question, if I may. Don't you ever wonder who is the father of you baby? Would you consider having a DNA test to find out?"

"No way. I like not knowing who the father is. And having David to help bring him or her up means the child will have a father figure in its life."

At breakfast one morning Fred and I were discussing the previous evening's couplings.

"You know, Fred, I really like the way that we have gathered a group of friends to fuck with, and I'll never get tired of them, but I still remember the thrill of the first time I fucked Peter and Kevin together, or the first time with Kevin and Alicia, after I'd been fucking Kevin every lunch time for the previous week. I miss the adventure of fucking someone new. Do I shock you?"

"No. You don't shock me because I feel a bit the same way. But I also worry that finding someone new means risking some nasty diseases."

"I don't care, Fred, I've just got to feel that thrill of the chase, again. I hope that I'll be sharing that thrill with you, this time."

"So? How do we go about finding this new adventure?"

"Well, I was looking on the web the other day and I found this club which caters for swingers. They have pretty strict health rules too; you can't get in without a medical certificate that's less than one month old. I thought that our GP would be willing to do the tests and write the certificate. I'll show you the club's web site."

"So, why didn't you tell me about this club when I raised the issue of STDs?"

"I'm sorry. I was just obsessed by the memories of those first times. I wasn't thinking very logically. Come and look at that web site with me."

Our GP, Louisa, looked puzzled when we asked her to check us both for STDs and sign certificates that we were clean, so we eventually had to tell her about the club that we were planning to visit. When she understood what we wanted and why, she asked us what types of sex we each indulged in.

"I take a cock in my cunt, my arse or my mouth. I often have men spray my face and tits with their cum. My tits aren't big enough for tit fucking, so I don't do that."

"You don't ever eat pussy then?"

"Oh! Yes. I'm sorry. I pride myself on my ability to make a girl cum by eating her pussy."

"And what about you, Fred? How do you fuck?"

"I like to fuck a woman in any hole that she offers me: cunt, arse, mouth, tits, hand. Cunt and arse are my favourites. I'm also a pretty good pussy eater, as Sally will confirm."

Then she had us both strip naked. She examined us very carefully, especially our genitals, our arse holes, and our mouths. She even stuck a device with a light and a lens on the end into our mouths to look down our throats, into our arses to check in there and into my cunt to check for symptoms inside my cunt. Of course she sterilised her device between each examination. Finally she assured us that there was no problem visible, but she took blood samples anyway.

"Come back in three days. I'll have the blood tests back by then. If they are clear I'll sign your certificates. If not we'll discuss treatment."

"Well, Sally, Fred, here are your certificates. I hope that you will enjoy this new club that you are going to."

"Thank you Louisa. If it is what we hope we'll be back once per month for fresh certificates."

"Um … I hope that you don't mind my asking you something?"

"Sure. Ask away."

"Well. My girlfriend and I live together. When I told her about your unusual request and why you made it, she got all excited."

"Does she want to join this club too?"

"No. We're both Lesbians, not bisexual. We don't think that we would be very comfortable in a club filled with randy, straight men and women. No, she was hoping that I could invite you, Sally, home for an evening of fun with the two of us."

"Oh! That could be fun. But, oh no, I promised myself that from now on, as far as possible, I'd include Fred in my adventures."

"Don't be silly, Sally.", my husband interjected, "It sounds like exactly the type of new adventure that you need. You know that you want to do it. You can share the experience with me by telling me all about it, after the event."

"You're sure, Fred?"


I smiled at Louisa.

"So, Sally, Are you free for dinner tomorrow night? It would be wonderful if you could stay the night. Does that suit you?"

"Oh! I'm excited already! Fred, are you sure that you don't mind if I stay out all night tomorrow night. I guess I'll have to go straight to work from Louisa's place, so you wont see me for 24 hours."

"Hm! I'm not sure that I can wait that long to hear all the details. How about having lunch with me the day after tomorrow?"

"Sure. That works for me."

Louisa opened her door to me, dressed in a silk dressing gown. I was in my work clothes – a conservative skirt and blouse, bare legs, high heels. I was carrying a bag with a change of clothes for work tomorrow. Louisa led me into her house, took my bag and put it aside and introduced me to an attractive younger woman, also dressed in a silk dressing gown.

"Sally, this is my partner, Vanessa. Vanessa, Sally."

"Welcome, Sally. The little that Louisa has told me about you has me very excited to meet you. Would you like to change your clothes before we have dinner? I've put a gown for you, like Louisa's and mine, on the bed in our bedroom."

Thank you. You both look very sexy. Do you think I could have a quick shower? Oh, and so that I don't make a faux pas, would you please tell me what you two are wearing under your gowns?"

"Why, nothing of course. We wanted to be ready for ..."

"We wanted to be ready for sex with you, Sally", Louisa rescued her partner.

"Well, that's good, because I'm not wearing a bra or panties."

"Not even panties?", Vanessa asked.

"No. When my husband changed the rules of our marriage I decided that I would never wear any underwear again. It gives me a thrill to think that a potential new sex partner would find only my bare pussy if he or she slipped his or her hand up under my skirt."

I returned to the living room, showered and dressed only in my gown, and Vanessa thrust a glass of cold chardonnay into my hand. Over dinner Vanessa quizzed me about the club, and about how my husband felt about my spending the night with them, I told her that I only knew about the club what I had learnt from the web, because we had not been yet. I explained how our marriage had been so changed by my husband's new rules, and my stretching of them to include multiple partners, that we now had a totally open marriage, and we now had a circle of friends with whom we had frequent fuck fests.

"So, if you can have sex with all your friends, why do you want to join this club?"

"Because, I still remember the excitement that I felt the first time that I was fucked by two men simultaneously, or the first day that I fucked my boss in his office or the first time that I spent the night fucking my boss and his wife. I see and fuck all those people often, but the thrill of the first time is what I crave."

"So, does tonight count as the sort of first that you crave?", Vanessa wanted to know.

"Absolutely. The idea that my GP, who has always seemed so correct, her girlfriend, who I didn't know existed until yesterday and who I've only just met, and I are going to be giving each other orgasms tonight, has me so excited that my pussy juices are leaking onto your beautiful gown."

"And you'll be telling your husband all about it."

"Yes. Believe it or not we love each other very much. If I didn't tell him everything I would be cheating on him."

"Oh! Fred! Last night was wonderful! If I ever ended up in a weird place with no men, I could get by with just lesbian sex. Those two women really know how to get a woman off."

"So? Are you planning to give up cocks?"

"Of course not. You know how much I like the feel of one, two, or especially three cocks in my various holes."

"So. I want details."

It was lunch time, the day after my first night with Louisa and Vanessa. Fred and I were seated in a quiet corner of a pleasant restaurant, where we were unlikely to be overheard. The waitress had just delivered our drinks and gone away to the kitchen with our food orders.

"We were all naked on their enormous bed. Vanessa told me to lie on my back, then she spread my legs apart and dived into my cunt. Boy did she know how to eat pussy! You're good but she was better. As well as Vanessa licking, sucking and poking her tongue into me, Louisa was sucking on one nipple and playing with the other. Within minutes I had my first second and third orgasms. When finally Vanessa took pity on me, and stopped, I was exhausted."

"Oh! You poor thing!"

"No Fred, it was beautiful. I just wanted to lie their in bliss. But then Louisa started to eat Vanessa's pussy and I wanted to help by sucking and playing with Vanessa's nipples like Louisa did to me. Apparently Louisa was every bit as good as Vanessa, judging by how quickly Vanessa started to cum and how many times she came before Louisa let up. After that we all cuddled together and fell asleep."

"So that was it?"

"Not at all. Sometime in the night, I was woken by movements of the bed. There was enough light that I could see Vanessa's head between Louisa's legs. I sat up and said 'I'd like to get Louisa off. I want to practise what I've learnt from you tonight.' So Vanessa made space for me between Louisa's legs and I started sucking, licking, and teasing Louisa the way that Vanessa had done to me. I was quickly rewarded by Louisa thrusting her cunt up against my mouth as her first orgasm hit her. I kept going until she pushed me away, telling me simply 'That's enough thank you, Sally.'"

"Wow! That sounds like a pretty good night."

"It was not over yet. Very early in the morning I woke up to find a cunt pressed against my face, and a tongue in my cunt. I didn't know or care who was on top of me, just that it was one of my two new lovers. It was hard to concentrate on eating her pussy because mine was being eaten so expertly. However I didn't do too badly, because I was rewarded by a gush fluid on my face as whoever squirted as she came. I was a bit slow to realise what was happening and move my mouth to catch her juice so I only caught the a little, but it's a really special taste."

"Hey! What does it taste like?"

"I really cannot describe it. You'll have to find a straight woman who's a squirter, and taste it for yourself."

"How am I going to find such a woman?"

"Maybe when we go to that club, that started all this we can make some enquiries."

"Yes. I guess. So who was on top of you?"

"It turned out that it was Vanessa. After that we all showered together, then dressed for work. They fed me breakfast and I got to work on time."

"Any plans to do it again?"

"Definitely. We've agreed to do it again on the same day next week. They agreed with me that it's exciting to share with more people. I'm going to see if I can talk Wendy or Alicia into joining us, but I didn't tell Vanessa or Louisa that."

To be continued in "New Rules 9"

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