" then put on that shit eating grin of his.
"What about Kelly and Freaky upstairs?" I asked.
"Fuck them, or rather… They probably already are."
"What if they come down?"
"They’ll get the shock of their life."
"Kelly already thinks you’re gay."
"What about Anthony?" I ask, but he simply pulls me back into a kiss, and I feel his hands come around to my front as he begins to unzip his pants. Giggling, I began to lower myself, but he quickly put his arm around my back, holding me to him as he did it. After a moment, I felt as if I was being lifted, and I heard his pants shrug out from under him.
Leaning back, I felt the urge to try sliding down again, this time he let me and I knelt on the ground in front of the couch, his erect dick in front of me. Mesmerized, I took a moment to examine what I was working with. It was eleven inches, and the head was pointed right at my face.

"Do you think we should have left them down there alone?" Kelly asked Anthony.
"I’m sure they’re going to be fine…" He said, going back to kissing her neck.
"I don’t know, that’s MY Seth down there…" Kelly said, looking over at Anthony.
"I’m sure he’ll be fine, Pat down there couldn’t hurt a fly."
"Seth isn’t a fly."
Moving back away from her Anthony said, "Do you think we should check on them? I mean really? What’s the worst they could do?"
"Isn’t Pat gay?"
"What?!" Anthony said, his mouth opening wide.
"Isn’t he?" Kelly asked, then she realized what her mistake was.
"Is Seth gay?" Anthony asked looking her right in the eye.
"I’m not sure." She replied.
"Kelly…" He said, grinning at her wickedly, "Tell the t ruth, cause if you left a faggot down there with Pat, he won’t be living by the time we go back downstairs."
"What? Why?" Kelly asked, her voice raising.
"Pat and his family are the most homophobic people I know." Anthony said, a sly grin spreading across his face.
"Shit." Kelly said, her eyes closing.
"So he is…" Then Anthony thought for a moment "I wonder if Pat’s gay then…"
Then before Kelly could register what he was doing, Anthony ran downstairs.

Lying under Pat, I was more comfortable than I had ever been. The feeling of his strong arms around me, his weight on top of me, ‘So I can’t run away.’ I protested at the time, but don’t really mind it. Reaching around, I began to trace the lines of his abs, he groaned in his sleep and I had to giggle, he was proving to be a very heavy sleeper.
"Hey, sexy, wake up, I gotta pee." I said.
"Don’t you dare pee on me." He said. So he was awake. Lazy bum.
"Then get up." I said sticking my tongue out at him.
Reluctantly he rolled off of the couch and onto the floor. Just seconds after he did, the door flew open and in walked Anthony with Kelly following behind him.
"Having fun you two?" Anthony asked, his hands in his pocket.
"He threatened to pee on me." Pat answered.
"How come the little punk gets the couch and you’re sleeping on the floor?" Anthony asked.
"Because the ‘little punk’ threatened to pee on me." Pat responded to his question.
"And I still gotta pee…" I said, quickly springing up, and running out the back door to the bathroom.
"Damnit." I said out loud to myself looking into the mirror. What did I just get myself into? I don’t know anything about this guy. Just that he’s cute, and he’s a football player. He just transferred to this school, from a school I don’t even know. I didn’t really have to pee, I just needed an excuse to get out of that room. I only said it to get pat to respond.
After a minute or so, someone knocked on the door. "Hey, you okay in there?" I heard Kelly’s voice say.
"Yea, I’m fine."
"Can I come in?" She asked.
"Sure." She came in, and stood behind me. Resting her chin on my head. "What are they up to out there?"
"Well…" Kelly said, looking up into the mirror I saw the expression on her face.
"Well, after Anthony and I went upstairs, he kinda guessed about you and well… He’s probably asking Pat if he’s gay right now.
"Kill me now."
"I don’t think Anthony’s like that. Not to mention, Pat’s important to the football team, and if they loose him, they’ll loose the game."
"I’m not."
"But if you were with Pat, you would count."
"I don’t think Pat is into me like that, I think he just wanted something to fuck."
"I doubt that he would do anything with another guy… Unless he WAS Gay, Anthony said his family is highly homophobic. But he also said Pat was homophobic as well."
"He probably said that to see if I was gay or not."
Again another knock at the door. "May we come in?" both Pat and Anthony’s voices said in unison.
"We’ll be out in a sec." Kelly said.
"But we want to go in there!" Anthony said.
"Get your own bathroom! I yelled out.
"Why can’t we use yours?" Pat answered.
"After all, we are 2 hopeful couples aren’t we?" Anthony said, then a thunk was heard. "Please let us in?"
At that, Kelly and I simply walked out, and sat on the couch next to each other. Me sitting in the corner, and Kelly practically sitting on my lap so that no one else could sit next to me. But that failed epically because Pat went to sit ON my lap, and Anthony pulled Kelly onto his own lap.
I hate to admit it, even though I didn’t know how I felt about this Pat character, I did enjoy being with him for the time being. He reminded me of someone, but I couldn’t remember who.
"How about we switch? Put the larger person on the bottom." Pat said smirking at me.
"Then get up." I said keeping my face straight, not letting myself smile.
Looking slightly hurt, he got up allowing me to get out from under him, and he sat back down, pulling me onto his lap.
"So Pat. Why Seth?" Anthony asked. When Pat didn’t respond, he looked at me. "So Seth, why Pat?"
"So Anthony, what makes you think I’ll let you go out with my Kelly?" I asked him.
"What makes you think you could stop me?" Anthony said, wrapping his arms around her waist.
"If Pat and I were together, I’m sure he’d help me out." I said, and his smirk disappeared because Pat said,
"Damn straight I would."
Kelly smiled and laughed, "Now, what makes you think I’ll let you date my Seth, mister Patrick?"
Giving my waist a tight squeeze he said, "What makes you think you can stop me?"
"Have you ever seen what happens when you try to take a ginger’s brother away from her?"
"I think I’d be able to handle you easily." She said with a smirk.
"Miss Kelly," I said, "Since when do you like jocks?" I said grinning at her.
"Since I learned that they could be gentlemen."
"I thought you liked them rough?"
"Apparently we switched perspectives on that." She said and everyone began laughing except for Anthony who didn’t get the joke.
Taking my hand into his, Pat said, "Hey Anthony, how would you feel about volunteering for a haunted house this Halloween?"
"What’s in it for me?" he asked, looking genuinely confused, and Kelly and I stood up in sync with each other, looking at Pat.
"Well, Kelly and Seth both volunteer at it, Kelly does makeup, and Seth plays the organ." Pat said.
"I’m in!" Anthony answered quickly.
"How did you know that?" I said to Pat.
"I just transferred schools here. I didn’t move here." Pat said grinning at me.
"What?" Kelly said this time.
"You don’t remember me Sethy?" Pat said, a childish grin spreading across his face, and in that instant, I remembered.
Patrick, I knew why his name was familiar, we all called him Patty, I went to school with him before I transferred to our current school in sixth grade. Patty was always the quiet person, sitting by himself, watching everyone else. Or rather Kelly and I. We assumed that he had a crush on her, and didn’t think much of it. He looked so different, which is probably why I didn’t recognize him at first, and I thought there was a reason that he seemed so familiar to me, I used to envy Patty, how he could always entertain himself on his own. I even remember his sly grin now.
"Paty." I said, my eyes open as if I had seen a ghost.
"PATTY?!" Kelly said her eyes opening wide like she had was going to scream at the top of her lungs.
"Patty?" Anthony asked.
"Good to see you Seta." Pat said, calling me by my old nickname before I was Rudi, when no one could say Seth, so they simply used an A at the end of my name.
"Wow." I said, looking Pat over, then sitting back down in his lap, Kelly doing the same.
"So… Now what?" Anthony asked, rubbing Kelly’s shoulder.
"Well what do we want to do? Clearly this has turned into a sleepover." Kelly said looking at the clock which now read midnight.
"Well, we could go back to what we were doing before?" I said, looking Pat in the eyes.
"I kinda want to watch a movie now that I can cuddle with you openly."
"Let’s watch a Horror!" Anthony said, his ears wiggling which made us all laugh.
"NO!" Kelly and I said in unison, which was enough for them. Leaving Kelly and I on the couch, the two boys got up, and began looking for a movie to watch.
"The Woman in Black!" Anthony shoulted.
"Shut up or you’ll wake my parents up!" Kelly said.
"Sorry." Pat said.
"I don’t like this movie!!" I said, mainly because I damn near shit myself last time watching it.
"That’s what we’re here for." Anthony said as he put the movie in, and we re’arranged our seats, Kelly and Anthony taking the love seat, and Pat and I on the couch. Pat stretched out, and pulled me against him. Anthony sat in the chair and Kelly sat on his lap sideways.
Whispering into my ear, Pat said "Just turn around if you get scared, I’ll protect you." Then he began to kiss the side of my neck and put his head ontop of mine to watch the movie.
"Lights please." Kelly said, and the computer turned off the lights.
"Is STEIN still running with VICKI?" I asked her, and Anthony shushed me.

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