My wife and I had been in New York for a few months. We were adjusting to our new jobs and (sort of) to our new lives, but friends hadn't quite made it into the equation yet. So we were quite excited when one of our friends finally cajoled us into going out and meeting with a few of his friends. He was of the flamboyantly gay variety, so we met up at a packed gay bar in Chelsea.

The first few people to join us were various acquaintances we knew, but as I came back with our second round of drinks, I saw a few new faces standing around with our group. A couple, in fact. Now, as east-coasters who married young, we don't have a lot of "couple" friends - most people we know are in less-serious relationships or not in them at all, so the sight of two young, married couples was a welcome site. He was Mark and she, Sarah. He was a trader (who in NY isn't?) with a solid midwestern build and square chin, very farmboy except for the tailored shirt and mock-ironic plastic-rimmed glasses. She was "in fashion" (two for two on cliches!) and looked the part - severely angled stiletto heels and skin-tight red jeans coming up to meet with a loosely draped striped top, all covered with hipster-gaudy necklaces and bracelets. A nose stud rounded out the look. We took to chatting with them immediately and found that, aside from being married, we did have a lot in common. They were less new to the city, but also outsiders, and they had struggled to find other people in their situation. Given how packed it was, we ended up spending most of the night dancing with them (losing our host sometime around 1). At the end of it all, we found ourselves grabbing a late night drunk slice and planning our next outing. We decided that this went well enough, and that we would host Mark and Sarah the following weekend for a more low-key night of wine and whatnot.

Suffice it to say, Dee and I were quite excited when Friday evening rolled around and we started to set things out for our little "party". Cheese and tapenade in the kitchen, a couple bottles of pino grigio and bordeaux blanc on the dining table, and we were set. At about 8:30 we finally heard someone ring our apartment, and we buzzed them up.

With wine instead of well drinks, the conversation flowed even better this time around. Before we knew it we were finishing bottle number four, all of us a bit tipsy. Sarah, clearly the drunkest of us, got up from the couch to use our bathroom, and I volunteered myself to go to the kitchen and grab another bottle. As I was pulling the chilled bottle from the fridge, I felt hand slap my ass and squeeze. I laughed and turned to give Dee a kiss, only to find Sarah standing behind me. I wasn't quite sure what to say to her, but she cut me off with a laugh and told me to hurry back with the wine.

I sat back down and poured four new glasses at the coffee table. Sarah was playing with a deck of cards we kept on a shelf under the table, until finally Mark snatched them away.

"How about a game?" he asked.

I was in no mood to gamble money, but I was wondering what he'd propose. "And what kind of game is that?"

"Texas hold 'em. Simple enough and always fun."

That's fine," I responded "but no money. I'm too drunk to worry about that."

We decided instead to play with quarters from the change jar. Mark set to shuffling the deck and teaching Dee the rules (she had never played), while I engaged in an aside with Sarah about our jobs. She hated hers about as much as I disliked mine, and that mutual dislike seemed to animate her even more. She waved her arms wildly with every statement, but odder still, she kept brushing my chest with her hand and grabbing my thigh. After about the third time, she just left it sitting there, squeezing to make her point. I glanced over to see if Dee had noticed, but she was still receiving her lessons in the game. I noticed, though, that Mark had moved himself quite close and kept brushing her arm as he taught the various hands. It made it even harder to figure out what Sarah was doing.

A few minutes later, Mark finally dealt the cards and we got to playing. We made it through two hands (one of which I actually one) before Sarah raised her hands in frustration and declared the game "boring."

"And what would you do to make it more interesting?" I quipped.

"Strip," she responded, matter-of-factly.

We all looked at each other to see who would raise an objection, but much to my surprise, no one did - not even me.

"Well, then," I asked "how do we decided who strips?" After all, there were 3 losers to every hand.

Sarah paused, then put an empty wine bottle on the table. "The winner of the hand," she slurred "spins the bottle. Whoever it lands on, strips."

It seemed fun enough. I looked to my left and saw Dee smiling with what could only be described as anticipation. The first hand was laid down, and Mark was declared the winner. He laid the bottle on its side and spun it. Four rotations later, it landed on Dee. It was oddly erotic to watch her take off her shirt in front of out two new friends. She slipped it over her head, then sat back, clearly pushing her chest out for all to see. Her double-D breasts were retained by a simple black bra. I could see both Mark and Sarah staring, and even I was looking at them with new eyes.

Another hand was dealt, and Mark again came up the winner. He spun, and again it came up on Dee. We all paused for a second, making sure she would be okay with it, but then Mark reached around behind and unclasped her bra. It fell forward and her breasts came tumbling out for all to see. It was the frist time I had known my wife to have bared herself to anyone but me. It left me oddly aroused, which made the hand stroking my upper thigh feel even better. I looked down and realized that, again, it was Sarah. Her left hand was rubbing the inside of my right thigh, and her fingers were occasionally opening and rubbing against my crotch. If I was getting hard before, I was throbbing now.

A few more rounds were played, leaving all of us essentially naked. The bottle landed on Sarah again, and all of us paused - she would be the first of us to be completely nude. After a brief moment, she stood up and worked her way out of her tangerine thong, wiggling her hips and ass the whole way. She stood there, too, letting us all admire her. She was olive-skinned, incredibly fit and long-legged. Her breasts were smaller than Dee's, but they were incredibly firm and perky (as double-D's rarely are). Both her nipples stood erect, slightly obscured by the wavy black hair that draped down to her breasts. Dee stood up as well and declared herself done with underwear, slipping them from her hips. She was several inches shorter than Sarah, and paler, with broader hips as well as the bigger breasts, but she was still strikingly beautiful.

Sensing this was our turn, Mark and I both stood up and removed our last pieces of clothing. We all stood in a circle around the coffee table, looking at one another. Mark's cock was a little bigger and a little thicker than mine, a fact that was not lost on Dee, judging by how she stared. Sarah noticed the look and my apparent discomfort and jumped in.

"He needs it that big because he doesn't do anything else," she said with a giggle. Mark nudged her, half hurt, half playfully. "It's true though!" she continued "I haven't had anyone go down on me since I met Mark."

Dee gave her a look of shock. Oral sex was our thing, and we did it often. Sometimes I felt like I was compensating for having a little less size or endurance than the best sex she could have, but I also just loved the taste and the feeling of making her cum that hard.

"Not in five years?" Dee asked. "How do you survive? You wouldn't believe how good John is at licking me. And not just regular old oral sex - he loves to lick my ass!"

"Well, then," Sarah responded. "I'll just have to see to believe."

With that, things took a turn. I hadn't fully considered how far this night would go, only that it was probably leading somewhere new and weird. This was much weirder than I had expected. Sarah grabbed me by the hand and pulled me forward as she sat down on the couch. She spread her legs, and I moved myself to my knees, on the floor. I looked back at Dee; she seemed pale, but the look of excitement and anticipation was clearly on her face. Mark put a hand on her shoulder and turned her slightly away from the action, then pushed her down to her knees. I couldn't believe I was seeing my wife kneeling before someone else's cock, but then again, she was looking at her husband between the thighs of another woman. Dee barely paused after hitting the ground before she reached up and grabbed Mark's cock at the base, then started stroking. She looked up at him, and he gave her a slight nod, then she proceeded to lick along his shaft and up to the head. She sucked briefly on the tip - a feeling I knew too well - then took him in. I could see she was struggling with the new size, and she could only get it about half way down her throat, but she started going faster, and I could hear the sucking noises getting louder and sloppier. It was only when she glanced at me that she stopped and pulled him out of her mouth.

"Well don't just stare," she said. "Give her what you promised."

I grabbed a sip of wine and turned my attention fully to Sarah's open legs as the sucking sounds resumed behind me. Sarah was well groomed - just a tiny strip of hair above and a smooth ass - which made me even harder. I slid my hands along her thighs and finally grabbed her firmly just below the hips. She was already wet, and some of that must have been anticipation because, as I lowered my head to her, she thrust her hips out to meet me. I met her forcefully and thrust my tongue into her hole. She moaned approvingly, then grabbed my hair with her right hand. I ran my tongue the length of her slit, then zeroed in on her clit. Her hips bucked again with approval as I started in earnest, licking forcefully and quickly over it. I went like this for another minute or two when, much to my surprise, I could feel her body tense up - she came. Now with Dee, it was almost guaranteed that it would take 20 minutes or more to get her to climax, so this was a bit of a shock. Sarah's juices were running furiously down my chin, so I decided to press my luck and flip her over. She moved quickly - I guess she was awaiting this - and stuck her firm ass out for me to appreciate. Her tightly puckered hole was waxed, as I had suspected, and I dove right in. I licked furiously around it before moving to the hole itself. She tensed at first, then pushed hard into my face and let out a moan. I placed my right thumb on her clit and rubbed hard, and she pushed back even harder. A few more minutes and she jammed even harder; I pressed my tongue into her hole. Her body tensed up again, and she let out a loud shriek, then collapsed on the couch.

I turned to see what Dee and Mark's reaction was, only to realize they had vacated the living room minutes ago. Instead, I could hear Dee's moaning coming from the bedroom. I hadn't considered it would go that far, and I could feel myself tensing in anger. I started walking in that direction, but Sarah reached out and grabbed my hand.

"Where do you think you're going?" she asked.

I didn't have a good answer. My wife was fucking another man in our bed, but this suddenly didn't seem so bad. Sarah pulled herself over and took my cock in her hand. "There's one thing I bet I can do with this that I can't do with Mark's."

With that, she gave it a couple of sucks, then pressed herself hard against me - and my entire cock disappeared down her throat. It was certainly a first for me, but she just pulled back out nonchalantly and said "now, about getting even."

I sat down on the couch, my cock glistening from her saliva. Sarah positioned herself over me and slid me into her still dripping pussy. With a thrust I found myself deep inside of her, this strange woman pressed close against me, hair in my face, arms and legs wrapped around me. It was like some parallel universe. She turned and kissed me deeply, then started to bounce up and down. The moans from the other room continued, though they were starting to reach a fever pitch. I figured I would pop off early, as is often the case with the new and exciting, but instead I kept going. Sarah bounced faster, and I moved my hips to meet her. We met hard, and I could feel the sweat starting to bead down her back. Sarah's moans picked up and drowned out whatever other noise was coming from the bedroom. I grabbed her ass and squeezed, stretching open her hole. Finally, though, I decided to go harder; I threw her backwards onto the coffee table, put her ankles on my shoulders and thrust as hard as I could. I could feel her playing with her clit, and after a few thrusts, she tensed one more time and let out a loud moan. I wasn't far behind, and I too moaned as I shot a large load into her. As I pulled out, I watched a long stream of cum drip from her onto our coffee table.

We both turned to see Dee and Mark, out of the bedroom and slowly collecting their clothes. We all made minimal eye contact, a little more aware of what we had done now that the alcohol and horniness had worn off. Mark and Sarah got dressed the best they could, thanked us and headed for the door. Dee and I retired to the bedroom; it still reeked of sex and I wasn't sure if we should change the sheets before getting into bed.

Dee seemed just as off and slightly angry about the whole thing. "You still have her juices on your face," she sneered.

"Well he's still dripping out of you," I shot back.

We looked at each other again, anger and hurt boiling over. She could see her juices drying on my face and cock. I could see streaks of his semen running down her inner thigh. And then my cock jumped. It all made sense - he had wanted her, she had wanted me - we were all wanted tonight. Dee and I took one more look at each other, then rushed to meet on the bed. Dee licked Sarah's juices from my cock, then I plunged deep inside of her, Mark's semen rushing out as I went in. We fucked hard, secure in the knowledge that we both had, indeed, married someone objectively desirable. As we went to sleep, we just hoped that Mark and Sarah had come to the same conclusion...

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