I could feel the sun beating down on my freckled face as I floated a top the cool water. The ocean was a refreshing way to relax after such a warm day. I rolled over onto my stomach, gasping as the frigid water attacked the nerves of my abdomen. I slowly swam back to shore, my legs propelling me with lazy kicks. Reaching the sandy beach I stood up out of the water and shaded my eyes to scan the shoreline. Upon returning from my swim quite a crowd had hauled themselves down to the waters edge. Some were in the ocean enjoying an afternoon’s swim like myself, while others were laying spread eagle atop their towels soaking up some of the remaining sun. A few young kids were splashing in the shallow waters and I laughed as I saw one of them throw a handful of stinky seaweed into the face of another. It was nice being around so many people; often I became lonely living on my own. I stayed with my feet in the water for a second longer before I started making my way up to where I had left my clothes. That’s when I saw him.

His back was leaning against a large piece of driftwood, only a few paces away from where my clothes were left. He had shoulder length black, wet hair and a beautifully sculpted chest. His legs were stretched out in front of him showing off his evenly tanned skin, his eyes cast downwards at a small book in his lap. My mouth went dry just looking at him. I gave my hair a quick shake and then sauntered over to my stuff, passing as close to him as possible. As I passed in front of him I kicked a bit of sand onto his exposed feet hoping that he would glance up. He did.

Our eyes met and I refused to look away. His irises were a deep green and they incinerated mine without mercy. He was the first to look away, but only so that he was able to see the rest of my body. I felt him undressing me with his eyes and I loved it. Between him and the sun, I was starting to sweat and between my legs was on fire. This was the first time I had laid eyes on this man, but my pussy ached for him like a long lost lover. I wanted this man; needed him. But not here, not now. There were too many people watching. So, I resumed walking still feeling his eyes as they burned holes into my back. I bent over to pick up my stuff making sure he got a good look at my ass before standing back up again. Then, with a plan in mind, I turned to face him.

"Ten o’clock. Right here. " I told him, looking him straight in the eye. He have a quick, discreet nod and with that I turned on my heel and started the short walk home.

    • * The sun had just made its final appearance and now the moon had risen to take its place among the stars. I stood by the window listening to the clock as the seconds ticked closer and closer to ten. At last, it was 9:50. I left my house and made my way towards the beach.

    Even with the sun gone it’s warmth lingered on. I found the sweatshirt I had on was making me too hot so I removed it and draped it over my shoulders. My cheap flip flops flipped against my heels as I walked, filling the deserted streets with an echoing clacking noise. Getting nearer and nearer to the beach, I became increasingly nervous and my pussy became increasingly wet. The image of him this afternoon laying in the sun, the intense gaze we shared…it hasn’t left my mind all evening. I reached the beach and picked my way through the beached logs to the spot where we had met earlier on. I didn’t see any sign of him. I removed the blanket I had brought along out of my bag and spread it across the sand. Having made sure it was big enough for two people, I was growing increasingly more disappointed at his tardiness. I threw my bag and sweatshirt behind the driftwood and sat down on the blanket, my eyes staring out over the calm waters. I wondered what time it was. Maybe he was just being fashionably late. Or maybe, I thought with dread, he had thought my forwardness pathetic and was sitting at home laughing at my stupidity. Perhaps he was married, or had a girlfriend. But then why had he come to the beach alone? Why hadn’t I thought of any of this before? It was too late now and I resolved to give him ten more minutes to show up.

It only took about five.

I heard him before I saw him, his footsteps crunching through the sand and his heavy breathing easily detected in the dark silence.

"Hi" He said. I didn’t turn to face him.
"Hi" I said back. I wasn’t going to make the first move. If he wanted me, he was going to have to come get me. I felt him sit down beside me, felt his eyes on my face willing me to turn my head. He gently grabbed my chin and turned my face towards him.

His facial features were indiscernible in this darkness but I could feel the burn of his eyes. He moved closer to me and his breath caressed my skin. Before I knew it, his lips were pressed hard against mine. He was kissing me. I kissed him back, opening my lips to welcome his tongue. One of his hands was still on my face while the other found it’s way up my shirt and was resting on my firm stomach. I wove both of my hands through his lengthy hair and pulled him even closer to me. He pushed me down until my head was resting against the blanket and his body was crushing me underneath him. He broke off the kiss and removed his shirt, the moon reflecting off of his chiseled muscles. For a few moments, all I could do was stare, but then his lips were bruising mine again and my hands were exploring his chest. His fingers had unclasped my bra and I pushed him off of me so that I could shed some unwanted clothes.

"Oh fuck…" He sighed at the sight of my naked torso. He wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled my close to him again. This time however, his mouth never found its way to mine. I cried out as I felt a sharp pain on my breasts. I looked down to see him moving his mouth across my chest, gently biting my nipples. My body was tense with anticipation and I had started to pant with excitement. He kissed his way down my abdomen and slipped his thumb through the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles. I kicked them off and they joined my shirt and bra on the sand. His fingers spread my lower lips and then his mouth ravished my cunt. I moaned and squirmed but his hands held my legs open as he fucked me with his tongue. I felt two of his fingers enter my slit and his mouth moved slightly upwards and started sucking furiously on my clit. I cried out with pleasure and pushed his head down harder on my pussy. A third finger had joined the first two and then a fourth, his mouth never letting up. He was bringing me closer and closer to climaxing. I groaned and swore, my cunt was dripping wet and aching with desire. Then he stopped.

"Don’t stop babe, I need you…" I moaned. He grinned mischievously and pulled down his jeans. His cock sprang free of its confinements, its head poking out the top of his boxers. He pulled those down too and his dick stood straight up in front of him. It was big. He wrapped his hand around it and started stroking himself while gazing at my exposed body. I spread my legs as wide as I could and reached my hand down, slipping a finger into my soaking twat. I didn’t drop my gaze from his and I heard him moan softly, his hand hadn’t stopped moving up and down his thick shaft. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him close to me, the tip just brushing my love hole. My hands were pressed down into the sand around me and my chest was heaving up and down with suspense. He pushed forward and the head of his dick penetrated my pussy.

"Yes!" I exclaimed. His eyes were closed with enjoyment and he thrust his hips even farther forward. More of his cock slid into my cunt and I lifted my legs to accommodate his size. He pulled out until just the tip was resting inside of me, and then with a mighty shove, buried himself in my pussy. I gasped and moaned while he pulled back out, pushed back in…his balls were slapping against my ass and he grabbed my hips to drag me tight. My fingers were rubbing frantically at my clit as he rammed me over and over again. He leaned down and took one of my breasts in his mouth and started sucking hard. I arched my back and pressed my body into his. My pleasure was reaching new heights and as I ground my hips to meet his I could feel my body moving closer and closer to orgasm. He lifted my hips off the ground and shoved himself ever more deep inside of me, bringing my legs up to rest on his shoulders. The tempo of his onslaught increased and after a one mighty plunge I lost it. My climax ravaged my body and I convulsed in spasms of passion, yelling and groaning and humping his cock which was still completely immersed inside of me.

"Babe, I’m gonna blow…" He moaned into my ear.
"Don’t pull out!" I told him. "Cum inside me…"

He closed his eyes and started bulldozing my cunt. He would pull all the way out before shoving himself back in, all the way to the hilt. I rotated my hips in circles trying to push him over the edge. It only took a few seconds before I felt him exploding inside me. He gave one final thrust and then collapsed on top of me, his cock still spurting cum inside my pussy. He pushed himself up on his elbows and then dipped his head down to give me a long, passionate kiss, running his hands up and down the length of my body at the same time.

"I have to go" He whispered, the smallest of frowns wrinkling his gorgeous face.

He stood up and reached for his clothes. I did the same and started covering up my weary body. I could feel our juices dripping out of my cunt and soaking my thin panties. It had gotten slightly chilly so I pulled the sweatshirt on overtop of my skimpy t-shirt. He was still standing in front of me with an expectant look on his face.

"Ten o’clock. Right here" He told me looking into my eyes without pause, daring me to say no. I gave a quick nod.

"I’ll be waiting" I replied shyly. A small smile flashed across his face and he leaned in to kiss me one more time before turning to walk away.

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