by Vanessa

It had been another boring day and the thought of getting out of the office in just a few minutes and to the supermarket, had Diana dreaming whilst she added mentally to her all ready long shopping list.
So much so that a polite "Bye see you tomorrow" was ignored for a moment until she realised that her friend Judy was on her way home. "Bye" she replied.
Diana all ways parked her car in the same spot reserved for staff members and had not noticed the plain brown envelope on the passenger seat, until posing her handbag on it.
More trash ads she thought, acknowledging that the window she’d left open had served as a perfect post box. Another glance at the envelope however was enough for her to remark familiar signs, which a closer examination confirmed as the gender symbols.
Now more than a little curious and using her long polished nails, she had the envelope open in seconds.
A small white card slipped from the envelope and she squeezed her knees together to stop it falling to the floor. It read "Let me make your fantasies into reality, trust in me, love Chloe." Followed by a telephone number. The envelope also contained pages of text from which Diana read the title out louder than she intended. "Short story of a woman’s fantasy. Chloe’s story."
Diana was blushing and looking frantically around to reassure herself that nobody had witnessed her
discovery. The parking area was deserted except for the boss’s car, as he always left late.

Diana was happily married with two sons, three and five years old. Her husband Jonathan had a good job and worked long hours, so the family didn’t get to spend a lot of time together these days, except on occasional weekends.
The first lines of Chloe’s story were sufficient to enhance Diana’s attention. "Every woman has fantasies but few are actually lucky enough to live them out. Chloe knew how lucky she had been meeting Vanessa and it was now her duty to carry out the promise she had made .To enable other women to realize their most intimate fantasies." Diana glanced at the telephone number and read on…..

Chloe was a hairdresser in a rather high-class salon downtown. Many of her customers were women but it did happen that men, most of whom were gay, stopped by for a styling. Vanessa happened by one day without an appointment and was fortunate in that one of Chloe’s customers had just called to cancel hers. Chloe and Vanessa hit it off right from the word go and their conversation gradually orientated towards subjects with sexual connotations. Vanessa who was single, admitted that she had realized her wildest fantasy of making love with three guys thanks to a dear friend who organized the scene with all the discretion necessary in such situations. All four wore face masks and the scene passed in a dimly lit room. Vanessa’s wish was that she be restrained in bondage, spread and chained to the bed. Her fantasy of being taken in bondage, against her will, had haunted her to the point where she could no longer resist the desire to live out the scene. Somehow finding herself in bondage took away much of the guilt she would have felt if she had made love freely with the three guys. She needed no excuse for her conduct as it was impossible to resist them and so she felt at ease with her conscience. The men had instructions to please her……. and they did.
In return Vanessa made the promise to render the same service to another woman, so she too could realize her fantasies.

Chloe’s heart pounded at the thoughts that raced through her brain and was still numbed when Vanessa’s words resounded in her ears. "So if you’re interested write down everything you would like me to organize and trust in me. All I ask is that you promise to render the favor. If you agree I will serve you as I was served, write the story of our encounter and pass it on to a woman who may wish to contact you in turn.
You must have complete confidence in me Chloe. I will protect you from all harm during your scene so you need not be worried. You concentrate on living your fantasy to the fullest and I’ll look after the rest.
Chloe would think about it but was far from admitting to an almost complete stranger, that she too had a favorite fantasy that came back each time she caressed herself. Strange she thought, was it because this fantasy came back repeatedly that she needed to masturbate in order to satisfy her desire, or was it the other way round?….but of course there was no way she could disclose this to Vanessa.

Chloe slipped the folded paper into the top pocket of Vanessa’s blouse as she sat down the next week for a quick brushing. Nothing was said during her entire appointment, as the two were now in perfect complicity. Both of course were for their own reasons quietly excited. Vanessa kissed Chloe on the cheek as she departed whispering, "I will serve you."

Dan had managed to free up his weekend and would be able to spend some time with the family down at the beach house. Dan and the kids would leave Friday night and because it was Chloe’s bridge evening with the girls, she would join them Saturday morning.
It had been raining for sometime and it was now close to 9pm when Chloe, who had parked in a secluded back street, at last saw Vanessa’s headlights in the rear view mirror. The last few weeks she had not been able to think of anything else except what she was going to do this evening. She was Hot and worried that Dan may one day discover her infidelity, but sheer sexual desire overcame her fear and she felt wet at the thought of what Vanessa had planned for her.

She kissed Vanessa on the cheek as she slid into the passenger seat, remarking her very short black dress that did not start to hide her red panties. She fitted the black velvet blindfold that Vanessa offered her. The place where Vanessa had organized her scene would remain unknown to Chloe.
The drive across town seemed like an eternity, but the light music Vanessa had chosen relaxed Chloe who nearly dropped off, only to be jolted back to conscientiousness each time she remembered why she was here. She had not been unfaithful to Dan since their marriage and the guilt she felt was only partially attenuated by the desire lingering deep in her stomach.
On the rare occasions Dan had lured her into one of the city’s sex shops, Chloe had avoided the glass display cases where all types and sizes of strange gadgets had her blushing with embarrassment. How come she thought, a prude like me has sexual fantasies of being abused by a horde of savage men. In bed, eyes closed she could imagine their dirty earth stained faces and smell their sweat as each took pleasure from her helpless body, firmly attached to stakes and spread wide in the dirt.. …..

The blindfold was off and Chloe, led by Vanessa, entered a small room filled with odors of incense. Classical music played quietly and Chloe racked her brains in an effort to remember the title,
forgetting for an instant where she was. That was until Vanessa started to undress her…….

She helped her into a black lace cat suit that Chloe immediately remarked was crutch-less, as she felt the cold night air nip at her hot wet pussy. She shuddered with excitement and wanted to race from the room but was stopped in her tracks as she felt the handcuffs snap shut on two wrists and Vanessa’s tug on the chain to assure her captor would not escape. Vanessa adjusted the cat mask that would guard Chloe’s identity and she gulped in fear as the thick leather neck collar was buckled tight. From the collar a foot long chain with a ring on the end hung down between her breasts. Chloe felt the cold of the steel chain through the lace and pondered its purpose………..

Vanessa led her by the handcuff chain through a door into another chamber, extremely dark, same incense and music, halting at what Chloe would learn was a carpeted pedestal, on which she would be presented to her chosen males. She felt the first step with the tip of her toes and mounted, guided by Vanessa. The second step and she was now on top feeling the soft carpet under her bare feet. Hands ushered her to spread her feet and she felt quite sick as Vanessa attached a metal spreader bar equipped with leather straps at each end, behind each knee. It felt uncomfortable legs spread but she didn’t have time to complain as Vanessa pushed her into a kneeling position on the soft carpet and was all ready tightening the floor straps over the metal rod to make any effort to stand impossible for the poor girl.
She could not even raise a knee an inch as she soon discovered. The floor straps were extremely effective.

An angel, thought Vanessa as she stood in front of the masked Chloe, whose handcuffed hands were held together as in prayer. Vanessa seized the handcuff chain and clipped it to a preinstalled chain that hung from the dark invisible ceiling. She then took hold of the short neck collar chain and pulling Chloe downwards, clipped it to a clasp on the carpeted pedestal. She pulled down on the other end of the ceiling chain and Chloe’s hands rose above her head until the slack in the short neck chain disappeared. Chloe was trapped and she jerked violently on the handcuff chain but to no avail. Her face was a foot above the carpet her handcuffed hands just above her head. Chloe, kneeling with legs spread, restrained by the short neck chain, suddenly realized her arse was marvelously exposed to the elements, as the cold night air invaded the parted lips of her hot little sex. She moaned as fear and excitement invaded her…….this was her first real experience of Bondage …..she felt helpless and very vulnerable.

Chloe spread her elbows and squinted through the cat mask with eyes that had become accustomed to the flickering candlelight. She tried to turn her head, looking for the light source that was directly behind her but the neck chain was too short and she gave up. She tilted her head in an effort to catch the slightest sound that may signal danger to a lady, but only the light music was to be heard. She shivered with fear and swore despairingly asking herself why she had got herself into this hopeless situation…….but the sensations she was feeling in her crotch soon reminded her.

The restraints were holding her firmly and she trembled uncontrollably with excitement at the thought of being taken from behind. It was her favorite position when being fucked by Dan, but she often regretted his lack of staying power, depriving her of the chance of reaching orgasm.
Vanessa well understood her frustration and was delighted to create a scene with actors who Vanessa was sure, would give Chloe what she had been undeservedly deprived of. A good fucking……’’God what an ungrateful bitch I am to cheat like this. But when she tried to raise her knee instinctively to stand, Chloe gulped at the feeling of forced immobility. She was now resigned to her fate.
Only minutes had passed since Chloe had found herself in restraint but she suffered all ready from the lack of freedom. On the top step of the pedestal Chloe was elevated to around Vanessa’s hip height. Vanessa stood on the ground to Chloe’s left, a leather-riding crop in her right hand that was poised on Chloe’s left butt.
"Are you ready my darling" she whispered to her prot?, giving her a tender pinch on a magnificent white arse, now completely bared for the occasion by Vanessa, who had adjusted the crotch-less cat suit so it could in no way hinder access to her sex. Chloe was incapable of any audible response and jerked again in vain on her chains as Vanessa ordered, "Come in." which was immediately followed by the creaking of an opening door…..

From where Vanessa was seated in the window of the caf?she had a perfect view of the main entrance doors to the city gymnasium. From her position she scrutinized the males she was to handpick for Chloe, handpick being the operative word. From a dozen potential candidates she created a short list after close inspection of each guy’s penis which was to conform to Chloe’s fantasy, not too long but as thick as possible! She fantasized on a thick cock in her tight little pussy. Vanessa explained to each one that they had been chosen to fuck a lady who would be restrained in bondage and wished to remain incognito. They did not need a lot of convincing!

Chloes heart pounded and she wanted to piss but resisted. Through cats eyes she frantically peered into the obscurity. She heard the creak of the first step and felt the soft touch of warm flesh on her forearm. She immediately spread her elbows allowing the male to advance until his penis met

Chloe’s chin. "Suck him’’ came an order from Vanessa. Chloe closed her mouth not responding to the order. "Suck it" and the snap of leather on a magnificent white arse left a red mark that produced the desired effect as the penis was gobbled up hungrily by a very sore little lady. Suck him good and make him hard was Vanessa’s order and Chloe obeyed.

She made abundant cyprine and felt it run down the inside of her thighs as she gave the guy head. He was hard and Vanessa decided he was ready for action. She could see Chloe's sex glisten in the candle light and knew she was ready. "Enough" was the order and he was liberated from her mouth. Vanessa checked the result of Chloe’s blowjob and fitted a lubricated condom before ushering our man in behind the impatient Chloe, spread wide and desirous to be taken. Chloe once again heard a door open and soon felt the soft touch of another male’s sex on her forearm. Vanessa was busy positioning our man to his knees on the first step at the perfect height between Chloe’s legs. To help him in the dim light she parted Chloe’s white butts, presenting her love hole to a very excited guy. With two fingers of her left hand each side of Chloe’s pussy, she parted her lips and guided the man forward with little swats of the crop on his arse.
Shit thought Chloe, this is the first time I've let another woman touch me. And she wondered what Vanessa thought of her cute little pussy that she'd spent time grooming and perfuming for the occasion.
Shit she thought, I couldn’t stop her from touching me even if I wanted to….and she didn’t of course.
Chloe felt his hairy legs and then his erection met wet lips. Chloe rocked back onto him trying to force penetration and calm her craving to orgasm.

Vanessa started the tip of his penis into Chloe who gasped and nearly came as he entered her, but not to the hilt, as Vanessa, who still had a firm hold on his erection,, was trapped between the over excited male and Chloe’s arse, only able to liberate her hand upon his withdrawl stroke. "Come on now fuck her good" Vanessa ordered with a crack of the whip on his hairy arse. He obliged, accelerating his thrusts in an effort to rid himself of the load he was carrying and bring Chloe to climax. In fact it wasn't long before she renounced containing the pleasure he was giving her and she cried out as orgasm struck successively.
"Fuck that was quick." Vanessa was thinking. She must’ve been dying for it the poor thing. Chloe writhed in her restraints, which if anything increased the pleasure of orgasm that spread like wild fire, causing her skin to tingle deliciously. Our man realized he had done his job and now set about satisfying himself.
Chloe’s orgasm had not impaired on the great blowjob she was giving the second guy who after just witnessing the scene was keen to get some of the action at the other end. Chloe felt the warmth of sperm as her lover ejaculated and filled the device designed for the purpose.

"Next" commanded Vanessa who chased the spent male with a flick of her crop on his butts towards the door from whence he had entered. Chloe released an erection from her mouth and Vanessa dressed him with a condom as he took up position, instructed by the whip welding boss lady.
Chloe all ready had another cock in her mouth and she felt her next lover’s hard dick on her sex as he searched vainly to penetrate her. Then the familiar touch of two fingers as Vanessa expertly parted impatient lips.
Darling I’m going to have you bought to orgasm again by this very good looking male and believe me he’s well endowed, so relax and let me introduce him to you, whispered Vanessa in Chloe’s

Vanessa’s whip clipped him on the arse once or twice as she ordered him to penetrate Chloe. Chloe was pushed forward as he took possession of her love hole and she nearly choked on the hard male that she was so successfully sucking. Her hot tight sex embraced his penis, now so swollen with lust that he hurt……all to Chloe's satisfaction.
She sucked the swollen cock, as she enjoyed the fucking being handed out from behind. Her muffled moans soon betrayed her as another orgasm wrought her body and she moaned loudly as she came. Vanessa accentuated her pleasure by caressing Chloe's hard little nipples that poked through the loose lace of her cat suit. Sweet cyprine wet Chloe's thighs and glistened in the candlelight as she trembled uncontrollably. She was experiencing the sort of a sex slave, restrained against her will for the pleasure of her masters.
He continued screwing the contented bitch ever so slowly as she fought her bonds to no avail, trying to escape his still rock hard cock, that kept inflicting her painful pleasure. She would normally just push Dan off her when he came and go to the bathroom, but there was no getting rid of this guy so she tried to relax supported by the handcuff chains. Her back sagged as he pounded at her ass, fighting for satisfaction. Vanessa now decided to take charge and without warning the crop reddened his arse. Our man cried out as the crop chastised him again and again and the accelerated thrusts soon had him gasping for air as he ejaculated in her cum soaked pussy. "Goood" uttered Vanessa and with a final slash of the crop "Now fuck off, you’ve done your job!" Once again Chloe gasped and arched her back as she felt her sex empty, evacuated hurriedly by the fleeing male.

Chloe was still breathing heavily from her ordeal and begged Vanessa to let her rest up before releasing another assailant. Very well, agreed Vanessa who realized that Chloe needed time to recuperate before she would be ready to climax once more. Relax darling and I will help you find the desire to make love again. She moved to the position normally reserved for Chloe’s lovers
and knelt on the first step behind Chloe, her hands on white butts. Vanessa’s tongue caressed soft skin and Chloe realizing she was being tongued by a woman whimpered a feeble "no please don’t……that was immediately hushed as Vanessa’s tongue met a very wet and tired little pussy that reacted violently at the first contact. Her tongue circled ever so slowly Chloe’s sex but avoided contact with her clitoris at least at first. It darted off to Chloe’s pink arse hole and Chloe moaned with pleasure and rocked back on the tongue hoping it would penetrate her little hole. Vanessa felt Chloe’s desire returning and she guided her tongue expertly back to her battled sex just skimming her lips as she searched for Chloe’s clitoris which she soon discovered, thanks to Chloe who signed and tried to flee her restraints as she felt Vanessa zero in. A woman knows what a woman likes and very soon Chloe was moaning with desire. She was ready for her last lover to bring her to orgasm.

"Next," came the now familiar command from Vanessa. Chloe tugged down on her chains to position herself for a final love making session, and released the penis that she still had firmly by the gland, giving it a little nip with her teeth as he withdrew from her mouth. You bitch! he cried out. I’m going to fuck you good. Chloe smiled behind her mask as she noted with satisfaction his menace!
As history repeats itself she felt the newly liberated penis and Vanessa’s hands on her butts as Vanessa slipped another condom on an impatient vengeance-seeking male. She posed her left hand in the small of Chloe’s back, with a finger lingering just at the opening of her love hole. She still had hold of his hard cock in her right hand and he fought her grip to enter Chloe. Vanessa’s little game made him visibly annoyed which of course was the idea. He could see a magnificent white arse reflected in the candlelight waiting to be fucked and this bitch was not going to stop him from doing the job he’d come here to do. Vanessa saw the rush of adrenaline and knew he was ready to go. "Fuck her good" she ordered, as she guided the tip of his cock into a defenseless Chloe. She baulked as he penetrated her aggressively. Vanessa replied with a loud slap of the crop on his arse and a "Sloowly". It had immediate effect and he settled into long slow strokes like some well trained screwing machine. Chloe loved it and thought to herself "These guys are unreal". Dan seemed tame after the fucking they were giving her. How many times have I come tonight? shit who’s counting." ….and she felt his hardness in her and she tensed her calf muscles as she felt climax was near. Chloe’s thighs were held firmly spread for the pleasure of her lover and he relished the unhindered access he was given to her sex. The image of the helpless Chloe excited him, keeping him hard and he had not forgotten the vengeance he’d sworn as he fucked her good. She prayed he’d stay hard and prolong the pleasure for ever………..and he made it seem like forever.

Chloe moaned and her writhing body battled against her bonds as she accepted willingly the slow thrusts of her lover, who penetrated then withdrew, but not completely, the tip lingering between wet reddened lips. Followed another thrust that Chloe felt in her deepest self. Each time he reached her depths he paused and she voluntarily contracted her vagina as if to say, "I am your slave, fuck me and take your pleasure"…….so he did and they came together, again and again as she felt his semen warm her very soul.

Chloe's last lover this evening exited towards the door, still breathing heavily after their energetic session that left Chloe sagging on her chains. Vanessa caressed her tired body while she recovered from the treatment her males had inflicted on her. "I feel so good, completely fulfilled for the first time; those guys were great, whispered Chloe. The bonds liberated my inhibitions and made it so easy for me to give in to all my desires. There was no way I could refuse entry to my body in those circumstances."

Vanessa went about unlocking the handcuffs and released the floor straps to liberate the woman who was feeling the effects of a long evening in restraint.
She helped her dress and they left hand in hand, Chloe requiring a little help, as she was still a bit wobbly on her feet. "I wonder who the woman will be that I will serve asked Chloe as she opened
the car door." Vanessa laughed, knowing that she would make sure that Chloe’s story would be written and some woman would read it contact Chloe to live out her fantasies………

Diana was still in dreamland after reading Chloe's story and only realized night was falling when she managed to tear her eyes from the printed words. She looked around nervously and by chance no one was present on the parking lot that could have noticed her so engrossed as she had been

in Chloe's unforgettable evening with Vanessa. "God the supermarket will be closed if I don’t hurry" and with this she quickly slipped the text back into the envelope and glanced one last time at the phone
number on Chloe’s white card as she hid it neatly in her left bras cup. Diana felt her wetness as she
started her car, hoping there would be no trace on the back of her dress…………….and somehow regretted that they did not own a beach house. But she would join the local bridge club as soon as possible………

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