It is not sex that gives the pleasure, but the lover.

After our last time together and two sex sessions, Marina decided she wanted to get pregnant with my baby. We had a long discussion about it, I explained to her that I must knot her for the insemenation to be successful. She is due to be fertile this week. My phone rang, " Hello, Beautiful." I said with a smile. " Hello!" came Marina's sweet voice. " Guess what! Today's the day!" " I'm very wet right now," she continued, " right on schedule. I'm as fertile as I get today." " Do you want to meet this afternoon?" I asked. " I can leave work early." My cock starts to harden in my pants. It has been four days since I had last ejaculated and the slightest thought of sex with Marina is arousing. Marina stood up and met me near the door. " John, I really gave this a lot of thought and after weighing all the factors—" I roughly took her into my arms before she can turn away planting my lips on hers. She struggled but I kept kissing her and when she opened her mouth for a breath, my tongue entered and probed, tasting her mouth and tongue. Again and again she tried to break free, but my hands roamed all over her, her back and her ass. I rubbed and squeezed her ass as I continue to explore her mouth.

She's dressed in a flowing blue dress, her hair is down around her shoulders, long and brown and shining. Her breasts are small raised mounds under the dress, she's taken off her bra. Her stomach flat, her hips narrow. She smiles at me. I smile back. My cock is rock hard, aching, and twitching it's been hard all the way over here. She's a special friend rapidly becoming my lover after three dates and five lovemaking sessions. She's been wanting a child for a long time now, but her ex-husband did not want children at all. The not wanting children was the primary reason for her divorce. After our first two lovemaking sessions, she asked; how I felt about having a children with her. I explained to her that all six of ex-wives had children, and that two of my ex-lovers are currently pregnant with my babies, and a third ex- lover who is a newlywed is currently pregnant with my baby, because her husband did not have adequate sperm count to get her pregnant. I explained I understood that she wanted to get pregnant soon since she is 35 years old, and that there is serious complications with a older woman being pregnant.

" Remember, there is not supposed to be any commitment...that was your rule after our first date. We aren't supposed to be in a serious relationship," she said. " This is just for the baby." I take her into my arms again, pressing myself against her warmth, her breasts against my chest. I kiss her lightly, running the tip of my tongue over her lips..." Oh. I'm going to like it. I'm bad. So are you, Marina. So are you." I rub her back, her neck, her shoulders, kissing her mouth, her neck, down her front. She shudders as I tongue a nipple, hard under the thin slippery material of her dress. I trace a finger lazily around one, and it gets harder, my other hand slipping down to cup one ass cheek. Her ass is small, round, and soft. " I know. I know," she whispers, eyes still closed. " I like it already." We kiss some more, we have all the time needed, and I want her to be ready, I want her so wet and hot that we glide together sweet and easy and hard. We kiss for a long time. My cock is hard and leaking a tiny bit, pressing into her belly. I begin to rub it against her. " Feel it?" " Feels nice and big."

I flick off the shoulder straps, and the dress slides down, she bites her lip as it brushes past her fine pink nipples, and it falls to the floor, and she steps out of it. She is lovely, nice breasts and small hips, sweetly soft. I suck one nipple, then the other, lifting each small tit to my mouth, and she shudders. " I like that," she purrs. " Oh. So do I." I kneel before her, and suck her breasts for a long time, moving from nipple to nipple,
listening to her breathe. They're so hard now in my mouth, so perfect. I suck harder and harder, begin to use my teeth, all the time listening for her breathing, stuttering and joyous as I love her. My hand rides up her smooth thigh, she has no panties on, I feel the wetness, heat. My teeth toy gently with a thickened nipple, and she moans and my hand is suddenly slicker, fingering inside her, hot and wet. I'm licking up her legs, craning my neck back, to get the slightest taste of her, her smell pungent and fresh, female in heat, female needing to come. My finger nails drawing tingling lines up the back of her thighs, as I knead her flesh, and force my tongue into her slit.

She turns, her eyes half-lidded, and crawls on to the turned down bed, she is so sexy from behind, I'd like to mount
her like that, ride her hard, but she lies on her back and spreads her legs, so later. I crawl between her legs, her body ripe and open before me, I lick her wetness, till it flows, taste her, so salty sweet, so fragrant, she's shaved her legs, and the skin is smooth and cool. I lick her inner thighs, tracing lines up to her heat, flicking her slit top to bottom, finding her clitoris, the nub of it, suck it into my mouth gently. Her pussy is so sweet, so sexy. Soft glistening folds, downy brown hair. " Oh God." She says, pushing herself into my face. " That is nice. Oh God..." It is so easy to make her come. I do it again, this time noisily lapping her fluids as she trembles and
sighs. " Uh huh. Uh huh." I watch her breasts heave as I lick her, over her stomach. I want to squirt my baby into her. She wants it too. It's OK. Everything is OK. My cock wants to fuck her again and again. It aches for her, to create a baby and orgasms. " I'm ready now," She's pulling on my hair, and I move up her, and her breasts are small mounds and full, she holds them in her hands, her hair so long and silky soft, her mouth so easy to kiss, she feels
the heat of my monster cock. It feels so hot and thick, trapped between her thighs. She feels the topside length of my hot cock, rubbing across the wet lips of her pussy.

Marina's jaw always drops when she sees my monster cock. It is big, it always looks bigger then before. She had never imagined or seen a cock so big. I didn't waist any time, I push my thick calloused fingers inside her pussy. " Oh, God...Please John!" Marina wailed, as she feels me finger fucking her. She reached down and grabbed my wrist to stop me. I reach up and twist her delicate, pink nipple, causing a jolt of pain that would later become a bruise on the perfectly formed flesh. Marina immediately released my hand. I resumed spreading her labia, locating her clitoris among the delicate pink folds. I licked my thumb and begin softly rubbing its smooth, pink hood. " Oh God Please John," Marina pleaded as I sat between her open legs fondling her pussy. I notice her clit slowly grow larger from
my caressing. I excited the timid head of her clitoris into making its debut for me as I expertly coaxed it from its protective cover. Her pink flesh glistening with secretions, inviting me to drink her nectar. " Oh, God," Marina yells as I held her vaginal lips apart with my fingers and assaulted her sensitive, pink folds with my long tongue. Marina sat partially up on her elbows and from over her flat tummy watched with a contorted face. I'm aching for her. Marina's eyes widened my cock looks more like a radiator hose than a penis, veins distending around its skin.

I reopen her labia aiming my cock at her entrance. The large head of my penis pushing at her entrance. " Oh, God! Please go slow." Marina exclaims. The pressure from my attempted invasion builds. Marina fell back from her elbows, clenching the sheets in her fists. Her ex- husband's pecker must have been incredibly small, I thought, slowly applying more force to overcome her pussy's resistance. Marina's labia finally engulfs the head of my penis. " Owe...Owe" Marina cried. Her pussy subversively providing lubrication for its own assault as I gradually advance more of my cock into her. " That's it Marina. You got my monster cock in your pussy now," I taunted as I push it inside her. " You're hurting me. You're so big," Marina gasps. She feels me advance slightly deeper with each thrust. " Sssshhhhhhh," I said, placing an index finger to her lips. " It's okay." Marina whimpers. Her juices coated more of my cock with an affectionate sheen. Her face displaying her pain as furrows in her smooth skin. Marina's pussy contains more cock inside it than before. My cock double the girth of her ex-husband's penis has penetrated several inches into virgin territory with only half my length inside Marina. I mercifully refrained going further. " Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah," Marina exclaimed in concert with squeaks from the bed, her pussy growing use to my cock inside it. I attempt to look directly in her eyes while fucking her, but she keeps averting my stare and moving her head away.

From beneath pools of tears, her eyes met mine as I claim her. She feels my immense, phallus making its journey in and out of her pussy. " Please fuck me!" I quicken my pace. " YYYYYeeeeesssss," Marina hissed through clenched teeth. Her discomfort dissipating her cunt accepted the large, intruder, showering my baby- maker with love juice. " Yes, your really wet now. Your pussy likes my big cock," I goaded shifting position to see its affect. I feel her pussy contracting. " Oh, oooh, oooooooooh - ooooooooh!" Marina exclaims with a grimace, her hands pushing against my chest, her labia clinging to his slick cock. "No, no, no - stop doing this to me," Christy yelled. Reggie fucked Christy until unconsciously her pelvis begins slight coital movements back. It is an enthusiastic response, I hold back from
burying the remaining length of my penis inside her. Marina notices acceleration, realizing I will cum soon.
" Please, cum in me," Marina begs. I enjoy fulfilling a woman's desire like Marina: making them orgasm, cumming inside them. Marina's dainty hands grab my arms digging her finger nails into them. Arching her back and positioning her pelvis drawing my cock deeper inside her. It penetrated deeper inside her, gushing a torrent of white, gooey cum. " Oh God, yes?" Marina whispers. She feels slimy ejaculate from my cock oozing from her overfilled pussy down the crack in her ass. The deed is done. she laid beneath my heavy body, her pussy clenching my hard cock in residual orgasms. I had sown my seeds in her. I remove my hard cock from Marina as she lay in the bed motionlessly staring at the ceiling, her legs still indecently spread apart. She glances at me.

I roll her over onto her stomach, she slowly raises up onto her hands and knees. Suddenly she feels the full weight of me on her back. My arms wraps around her torso and she feels my cock against her thighs trying to find the entrance. She cringes at what is about to happen again, her pussy aching to be filled. She is reveling in this debasement. That is after all, why she is dating me. She wants to be used and debased. She wants to be fucked like a bitch in heat and that is exactly what I'm about to do again. She hunches forward a little closer now she feels my cock pushing against the entrance to her pussy. Her pussy is so wet as she feels my cum running down the inside of her thighs. My cock is sliding in her pussy back and forth against her cunt lips as it pushes pass her lips and enters her pussy. My cock is still huge. As soon as I feel my cock slide into her warm, wet pussy again, I thrust forward in one powerful motion filling her aching cunt again. Once I knew her depth, I begin to jack hammer my cock into her at an unbelievable pace. She is still adjusting to being fucked so hard each time we are together. Then she feels my cock slamming into her cervix.

Marina is overwhelmed every time my big cock is inside her, this is a new experience for her. It feels like my cock is pushing all the way into her stomach. Her pussy is stretched wide around its girth exposing her clit and leaving it bare to rub along the ridge running the length of my hot cock. Everything is wiped clean from her mind as she feels herself once again building to an incredible orgasm. She begins to push back into my thrusts trying to get more of me in her, then she begins to feel the knot swelling at its base. In the back of her mind, she is aware of what the knot meant. She remembers the last time I knotted her. It was painful but she can't resist, however, the persistent feel of my huge cock or my knot is like a metronome as it bounces against her clit. Each thrust harder than the last. She feels like such a dirty whore. My speed and power of my thrusts build as I relentlessly fuck her tortured pussy until she finally feels my knot forcing its way into her pussy. The feeling is incredible. It hurt worse than anything she has ever known, but at the same time she is overwhelmed by its size. Her body convulsing like a large earthquake as she had a massive orgasm. Her pussy clamping down tight around my cock and with my knot beginning to swell then I suddenly begin to spew my cum deep into her pussy. Her orgasm continues for what seems like forever as she feels my hot cum jetting against her cervix. It feels like a gallon. My cock is packed so tight in her pussy, so it allowed none of it to escape.

I slowly begin to stop thrusting until I finally just stood there as I filled her. My new bitch will be pregnant soon. Marina begins to sob uncontrollably realizing her dream of having children will come true. I begin to tug at her as I tried to dismount. The pull of my knot against the inside of her pussy feels like it is going to tear her apart. She begins to feel the swelling of my knot going down. After five minutes I pull out of her with an audible pop and she feels my cum as it gushes out of her and runs down her legs to form a puddle below her. She lays there for a few minutes as her heartbeat slows down, and she tries to get control of her breathing. I whisper in her ear, " Your beautiful. I will have your things moved into the house. The house staff will take care of all your needs. I suggest you resign from your job." Marina replied " I have bills to pay." " Don't worry, give them to my accountant."

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