Till then last real backstory like chapter then the story kicks up so far with what I have written. Here we go chapter 2 of Average Joe which will be what I refer to the story as from here on out.

<span class="underline">Chapter 2

<span class="underline">How We Got the Ball Rolling

"bah jawsabala kajgaga la ooga ma nananana lalapalooozagalooga" I said as I saw her " MY GODS! She’s the Aphrodite herself!" being what was meant to come out. But I guess that’s just one of those side effects of seeing a god in their true form or whatever the legends used to say because at this point I don’t even remember my own name. "gabalagalloboo" I exclaimed to Bart, Intending to say "THAT’S YOUR SISTER!!!".

"hahaha, yep now stop drooling, I don’t want to think my new friend is really supposed to be on the smaller bus back there" he said, pointing to the ‘short bus’ at the back of the rows of buses behind us.
Any other time I probably would have given him a good punch to the kidney but at the present moment my attentions were elsewhere aka staring belligerently at Bart’s sister as she walked down to the back of the bus to say hi to her brother and meet his new ‘bus buddies’.

"Hi Bart looks like you're making some nice new friends already" she said to her brother "Would you like to introduce me?"

"Oh yes hey sis umm… well this is Dirk the latest addition to the group I guess we all just met here on the bus you see other than my other new friend Joe and I who is on the football team now as well and is gonna be the big time superstar receiver’s back up so the one opposite of me hahahahaha."

"Wait what hey hahahah alright Sure go ahead talk that smack when u can barely even keep up with me hahahahah" I bantered back at his statement that thankfully brought me out of my speaking rut for the moment.
"Oh well hi." she said sticking out her hand to shake mind as I stupidly rushed into to shake hers as well leading to a very awkward handshake as she finished with " My name is Shelly."

"So you being a receiver and all I assume you’re already becoming pretty good friends with Brad…" she trailed off sadly as if this was extremely disconcerting news.

"Umm…NOOO!!!" I shouted in a disgruntled manner.

"Oh really!..." she said obviously excited by this fact ," I just thought-"

"Oh no no no, they don’t see eye to eye what so ever they have underlying personal issues." Brat said quickly cutting her off.

"Oh I see like what?" she asked and thankfully Bart decided to ignore that one and get out of the seat we were sharing and moved into the one with Dirk so Shelly and I could share a seat.

As we sat there next to each other we began to talk. Our neighborhood was quite far from the school so we had nearly 30 minutes to talk to one another as the bus ride was under way. We somehow managed to get to the topic of how athletic she was and I started asking her why she didn’t do any school sports then and she shocked me.

"Well I’m kinda training for the Olympics for women’s soccer and I as of this moment am only 2 spots away from making the cut."

"Wow." I said astonished just staring at her

"Nice reaction there stud muffin."

"Oh sorry" I said shyly as I averted my eyes.

"Hahaha its fine hot stuff." she said jokingly.

We continued to talk and get to know one another and we began to realize how much we had in common. She loved the classics just like me! When I say classics I mean the ones that pertain to comedies such as Abbott and Costello and also the king of satire THE JEW MEL FREAKING BROOKS! There are not many who still respect such artistry with the bounds he was under with such constrained budgets and talent.

"So when are you going to jump up the last two spots?" I asked going back to our previous line of conversation.
Well right now someone would have to get hit by a bus but the coach says that if I work on my pk’s and my overall jumping and running height and speed that I could make the cut no problem because I have endless ball skills is what she told me I’m just currently lacking in the physical department because I don’t enjoy running alone to condition" she rambled but not in the overly confident or snobby way more like the disappointed unsure if she could ever make those steps way.

"Maybe you should run with Joe he’s really good he whoops me by miles" Bart exclaimed jumping in.

"well I wouldn’t say I’m all that gre…" I tried to play it down before being cut off by Shelly

"wait really he’s better than you I had finally just reached your level of running so maybe if I can reach where Joe is then I could make the team!" she exclaimed excitedly.

"Whoa hold your horses I’m almost positive Joe wasn’t running his fastest and didn’t want to be first by too much so I wouldn’t make such a large goal sis." Bart said lowering her excitement.

"What do you mean? Just exactly how fast is he?" she questioned.

"Well I’d say it took me 47 minutes to run to tommy lees but Bart was a few tracks ahead of me and after words he said h had to stop and figure out where he was going twice" Bart tattled on me.

"Hey I said not to tell anybody I got lost man!" I exclaimed honestly this whole little detail may have skipped my mind earlier so I didn’t really want to relate it.

Then I saw Shelly doing or at least attempting for all I knew the math on the mile time I had been running. Then she whipped around and slapped her brother yell "Hey I knew you'd been holding back on me during our runs you little ass wipe!"

I just had to start laughing watching big Bart there get beaten up and cringe in fear at his little big sister moments like that are priceless.

Just then the bus slams us back into reality with its crappy bus brakes. We realize it’s our stop and she has to go in the opposite direction and I had invited over the guys on the bus, my new friends, to my house to chill. Just then Bart runs off with Dirk and says last one out has to walk his sister home while giving me a wink he grabs Dirk and runs off. I am alone with Shelly and get up and allow her to step out into the aisle and leave in front of me. Of course it was the courtesy in the 50s’ but maybe not so much anymore and I face palmed myself when she walked past in front giggling when she couldn't see me. As we got off she stumbled and I caught her and it was just like one of those cheesy romantic chick flick movies and I even stared deep in her eyes and grew a husky voice and exuding lots of manliness grunted " you okay there my little ballerina twirling and falling over yourself." I winked to make her feel the humor in the statement and not make it too awkward. Of course regardless I felt like a total stud at that point for like a second before I realized I'm still a weird little nerd at heart.

As I lifted her back up and set her on her feet she grabbed my hand and held my hand the whole way to her house as I just tried to keep up conversation and not let my jaw hang down and drool too much as to avoid creeping her out. She was great though since she would call me out on it jokingly and give me reassuring winks that it was okay because she kinda liked me too apparently. After a few minutes of talking about anything and everything about ourselves we reached her house. I let go of her hand and watched as she walked up the steps as she fished out her keys. She unlocked the door opened it a tad and looked back. Even though I was looking right at her I wasn't paying much attention to her head movement indicating to come in and follow her in.

"Are you coming in with me or not?" She whispered flirtatiously.

"Oh um is it alright with urn parents and stuff?"

"Well they aren't here and won't be for a couple hours but I’m sure they won't mind"

"Well sure I’ll just text my parents and tell them I’m at a friend’s house and will be home in a couple hours."

"Alright sounds good stud"

"Ha-ha alright" I said as I put away my phone after sending the text to my mother and father.

I’m just happy that at the end of the text I said I loved them both because I would have been even more torn up with the events that were to come if I hadn't told them that...

Now I know this chapter is a lot shorter but it just so happens that I’ve written his one around ten times and kept losing it b not saving and just leaving it open like a klutz so in retrospect this is one of my many versions I didn’t like compared to the others but still you all need something to read so hell why not?!?!
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