Pygmalion bot prompts

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This Rentry will not be seeing updates for the forseeable future. Cataloging characters has come to be a tedious task with 40+ posted a day.

I have written a new guide on Pygmalion Tips and Character Creation here:

This rentry will be a collection of prompts and news on character creation for Pygmalion. If you would like yours added, simply post your json to catbox or anyother file hosting service to either /aicg/, /wAIfu/, or /aids/. This Rentry simply is serving as a stop gap until the devs come up with a real sharing method. If this rentry gets big enough I will add a table of contents.

  • JSON
  • Human facing info, anything you want to tell other anons about your bot.
  • Image (Optional)
  • Name to be credited by.



  • I am changing the format of this website to be far more barebones, with the wealth of characters being posted it would be far to much to format and type out greetings and scenarios.
  • domain secured for future website. (Nothing there as of now.)
  • Pygmalion Logo created, (May not be used forever, seems like it is unliked)
  • Pygmalion becomes the 3rd most downloaded conversational model on huggingface
  • Humi, the developer of the TavernAI front end, confirmed to be working on big update, should be released in the next couple of days. Image:
  • Pygmalion official logo being worked on by some partners, devs hard at work on v6 and new UI.
  • V5 found to be heavily overfitted, hopefully we see a new model soon, I'd probably avoid the beta branch in the meantime.
  • Matrixfag returns, to announce Pygmalion V5, experiment 4, a new experimental model on the beta branch. This model is designed to respond better to user input, instead of everything in the chat log mashed together. See full post here:
  • Chat saving added to official Pygmalion Notebook.
  • Devs release PygmalionV3 to the official notebook, the beta is now set to be PygmalionV4 a more experimental version.
  • Memory problem confirmed in Offical Pygmalion notebook, by yours truly. Pygmalion V3 on the beta branch mitigates this problem a bit. Use Tavern/Kobold if you can't wait for the the true fix.
  • First person prompts and actions confirmed to perform worse. Try to describe your characters from a narrators perspective. "Galatea is a statue of marble, she was created by Pygmalion, an ancient Greek sculptor."
  • General advice for getting characters to act a certain way, don't prompt using negative statements if possible:
  • General intresting discussion from the matrix chat, persona injection, memory stuff:
  • Matrxifag returns with a new update, discussing the new experimental model, beta mode, and saving chats! Read the full post here: Images:
  • Devs confirm better sharing methods are planned, this rentry will eventually become obsolete:
  • Devs confirm new model is in the works, and may already be finished:
  • More testing, from a dev at that seems to imply that using <START> tokens really does improve the output:
  • Example chats said to be one the stronger factors that influence output; They also may work on a new system for persona injection, that will lead to better and more accurate portrayal of characters, but that will probably take a while.
  • Name bias confirmed: Devs seem to want to implement this a feature though. Their next move is currently unknown.
  • Anon discovers name bias
    Try short descriptions of the character instead of their name, see "Adoptive Daughter" and "Abusive HS Girlfriend" as examples.
    Please post your findings on /aicg/ or /vt/. I have already informed the devs of this and hopefully we'll get a statement tomorrow.
    I have been finding it weird that these two bots have been preforming so well, but this would explain it. Images here;
  • Local Anon does some testing! Read the whole post here: or in a thread archive.
    This anon proves it's possible to pick back up where you left off in CAI, and does a direct comparison. Think of what will be possible when we have token editing! Images: (Includes addendum by anon)
  • Anon confirms out of character messages do have an effect; (Only one example, but give it a shot!)
  • Dev's confirm memory issue relating to personalities and example chats;
  • Some anons reporting that using <START> tags after dialog in the example chats section can improve character personality;


  • Q: Why is there so few characters?
    • A: We need more to be posted, I've checked every thread since the announcement, and this really is all the json's we've gotten. Seems sharing isn't a high priority right now. You can always share your creations and make this rentry even better!
  • Q: Where's some normal girls to try, why all the fetish/loli bots?
    • A: It's not like I wanted it to be this way! If we get some more normal character jsons, I'll add them to the top of the list. Sorry!

Characters List

Natsuki - Anon

Tomboy, Childhood friend


Haruka -Anon

Your shut in NEET sister, she wants your money.


Akiko - Anon

A sister of around similar age to you. She is cute and bubbly.


Ana - Anon

A catgirl slave/maid, that you recently purchased, she will try her best to please and help her new master.



A flirty boss who wants to seduce you.


Ookami Mio

Vtuber, wolf kemonomimi in heat. (Example dialog left empty for customization)


Adoptive daughter - Sull

Your cute adoptive daughter. Full of energy and loves her Papa very much.


Abusive HS Girlfriend - Anon

A high school girlfriend who is abusive, title says it all. (Old)


Claire Frances - Anon

A slightly goth girl, she enjoys smoking and slightly nerdy hobbies.


Alice - Anon

Extremely lewd loli girl, wants you as her owner, and wants your seed.


Rindou Mikoto - Anon

Demon Queen, reported ball drainer, can also just be fun to talk too. (Weird greeting but otherwise decent prompt.)

Emily - Sull

A bratty child that you are babysitting. Character Image: (Long prompt, may get pushed out of memory eventually, otherwise it's pretty decent.)


Sakamata Chloe - Anon

Vtuber, Hyponsis fetish. Will do anything you ask. (Clothed) Image:


Aloe - Anon

Another succubus, this one not a loli. Apparently also a idol? (Formatting/prompt seems pretty decent. Starting message a bit wack, but probably works well. No example dialogue. Maybe write your own depending on what you want?)


Maria Cummingham - Anon

A tricenarian sexual education teacher, she's slightly lewd and willing to help young boys explore their sexuality.


Hachishaku - Anon

Big Yokai woman, a bit domineering, but likes to obey orders... usually.


Kanami - Anon

Married woman, 40 years old, NTR


Katia Managan -Anon

Khajiit, Furry, slightly sad lewd cat. (Updated, much better prompt! (Again!) Try her out!) Image:


Heather - Anon

Weird TV Monster thing? I don't really know...


Pandaren Luna - Anon

Furry, Panda trader,


Fia - Anon

Furry, Golden Fox lady.


Thonna -Anon

Brash Dwarven Woman, likes blacksmithing and a drink!


Throlka -Anon

Shortstack Goblin Woman


Torque -Anon

XCOM agent, Alien, Snake like


Cerestia - Anon

Android elf biowoman, sister of Sekhmet of Death.


Drasar the Holstau - Anon

Milk boy, monster farm?


Fatui Mirror Maiden - Anon

Giant 8 foot tall seductress


Goat-chan - Anon

Cheeky Shortstack Imp that you've summoned.


Queen Naesala - Anon

High Elf Queen that may or may not want some human seed.


Saronia - Anon

Futanari Demon Woman, she wants to corrupt you


Sekhmet of Death - Anon

Egyptian themed biological android woman.


Quadra Celika - Old Coomer

Quadriplegic girl, shes really smart, but is missing all her limbs


Outworld Destroyer - Anon

Some kind of angel of death, male... I think? (SFW)


Drift - Anon

Autobot, Transformer. Ex-Decepticon.


Lilly - Anon

Cheeky loli who wants you to buy her panties (Use of start token may give better results, no name bias, prompt may be to long.)


Twilight Sparkle - noname

Pony of the Infamous My Little Pony Franchise. (First person prompt + Too long, unknown how it could affect it's output but known to not be ideal.)

Ghorza - Anon

Orc Woman, Dom (Incorrect example chat formatting. Replace "Your name here" with "You" New version planned.)


Centora - Anon

Female Centaur, horse stuff, needs you as it's master. (Missing example chats.)


Lillith - Anon

Loli, Succubus (Basic quality, testing character)
Character Name: Lillith
Charachter Persona:
Loli Succubus
hungry for human cum
Character Greeting: *She appears in your bed at midnight* "Hey big guy, having trouble falling asleep?"
Scenario: A lonely anon is having trouble falling alseep. They're a kissless virgin.
Example Chats: N/A

Json: N/A

TavernAI Characters

Obsolescence Warning!

When tavern adds official Pygmalion prompt support this section may become outdated.

A Wolf Girl - Colony (TavernAI character)

A wolf girl, presumably in heat, who wants to breed with the nearest lifeform... that's you!

Chraracter Folder:

2B - Colony (TavernAI character)

A 2B model specially programmed for sex, she will obey your every command.
Chraracter Folder:

Haruka - Yurifag

A lazy shut in girl you are visiting, a tavern version of Haruka, but without being her brother.

Chraracter Folder:

Valetta - Yurifag

A female vampire who is dire need of your blood, take her home and let her suck you dry! (Might be a bit hard to break her out of blood sucking mode without editing her text)

Chraracter Folder:

Ana - Yurifag

A female catgirl maid/slave, she is somewhat scared of you because her ex master.

Chraracter Folder:

Pekoko - YuriFag

Your male friend has dressed up as the popular Vtuber Pekora, and is paying you a visit on your birthday.

Character Folder:

Mia - YuriFag

A generic lesbian succubus to top you. Pretty much only works as a girl character.

Character Folder:

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And if you REALLY need to reach me, then I do maintain a dicksword account (Gross I know.) You can send me a friend request with this username: Crow#3420

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