The subway station was very crowded and she was afraid that she was being jostled a little too close to the edge of the platform. Anna was always a little afraid that she would be accidently pushed onto the tracks just as a train was pulling into the platform. She had seen that in a film a few years back and the very thought terrified her. This was the first time she was riding the Eastside line and it was disconcerting to see how crowded it was in the rush hour. The open door of the subway train was quickly filling with hurrying bodies and Anna pushed forward because she did not want to be late her very first day in the office.

It was mostly men and young students pressing together in a human jumble inside the sweltering compartment. She hoped her deodorant would prove to be resolute and she would retain her "Springtime Freshness" to meet new people in the new job.

The petite redhead with the natural curls was a recent graduate from an all girl's college in the suburbs. She grasped the hard metal pole in the center of the aisle, knowing that a firm grip might be all that would save her from a nasty tumble on the lurching subway train. Directly in front of her was a busty brunette with noticeable cleavage that Anna jealously stared at with concentrated intent look. She could see the tops of the ample breasts in the low cut but still modest dress. They came right up to her nose and mouth. Anna realized the middle-aged woman was at least six inches taller than her. Anna, herself, was five foot four in her low heels. She never did wear high heels because she had weak ankles with a habit of turning at inconvenient moments.

The older woman glanced into Anna's eyes and gave her a wink that brought a rosy tint to Anna's cheeks.

"I hope she doesn't think I am that kind of girl," Anna thought to herself.

She was a bit uncomfortable around older women and often felt a surge of submission overwhelm her when being told to do things. It was not an entirely unwelcome feeling, but Anna wanted to be committed in her heterosexuality, ever since an unfortunate incident at Girl Scout camp right after her sixteenth birthday.

As the train moved into the darker tunnel, Anna became suddenly aware of something very hard being pushed between her thong covered asscheeks. She realized it was not her imagination, when two very strong male legs covered her totally defenseless bottom. The motion of the train soon brought her to a pitch of sexual arousal that she had not felt in a long time. She could not see it in the crowded train, but she was certain it was a hard erection spreading her ungirdled ass cheeks wide open.

Anna moved forward to escape the not entirely unwanted male assault on her well curved, heart shaped ass. Her movement caused her to rub up against the soft sexy breasts of the smiling brunette. Anna's face was now in contact with the smiling brunette's soft breasts. When she went to lick her lips, Anna inadvertently licked the salty tasting tits of the tall woman. Their bodies were only inches apart. As Anna licked her lips in nervous arousal, the brunette moved her hand slowly between Anna's legs and began to stroke her now fully aroused slit. Anna groaned and fell forward onto the sensual woman's slightly open legs. Her knee spread the woman's legs further apart and Anna's arm found a beautiful resting place right on top of her moist pussy.

The continued probing of the male cock between her asscheeks and the loving strokes on her wet and dripping pussy sent Anna into a long, drawn out orgasm that did not end until it was time to leave the train.

"What a way to start a new job," Anna thought, as she climbed the stairs into the daylight.

When Anna reached the top of the stairs, she was shocked to see the busty brunette waiting for her.

"Hello, Anna, how did you like your train ride?"

Anna was dumbfounded to discover that the stranger knew her name. Soon the mystery was solved as Helga explained she was the personnel director of the company that Anna had recently been hired into. Helga also told her that she had been very interested in her from the first time she had seen her filling out her application. When they were thrown into such close contact on the train, she could not stop herself from acting on her hidden desires.

"Anna, nobody at work knows I am bisexual. I want to keep my secret."

Anna was only too happy to accommodate Helga.

Helga reached out her hand to Anna. Anna put her hand into the hand of Helga, knowing that she had reached a turning point in her life.

It was time to explore some new territory.

Time to explore some new desires that she had keep repressed too long.

Now was the time for a new beginning.

Anna loves date movies.

The movie theater was unusually crowded this evening. There was a mix of patrons but Anna could tell the majority were young couples drawn to the sensual subject matter. The shapely young redhead felt a little strange to be by herself in a crowd of obvious loving pairs.

This was the typical date movie.

Before she reached her seat, the lights began to dim and she found herself climbing over various sharp pointed knees and softly yielding thighs impeding her semi-blind move to an empty seat. As she settled into the cushioned seat, Anna was aware that the last pair of legs belonged to a tall young man hanging on every word of the sexy blond hanging on his arm for dear life. She could also tell from the exotic scent of Paris perfume that her companion on the other side was a female of generous proportions.

The movie had not even started yet and Anna could hear the muted panting of the sexy blond as the young man worked his hand between her legs.

This is going to be a long movie, Anna thought as she put her legs up under her in the seat. This was her favorite way of sitting and relaxing.

Not as if anyone can see my pussy in the dark.

Anna smiled ruefully to herself and ran her hand over her bare, well trimmed mound.

The well padded woman in the seat next to her leaned over and whispered into her ear.

"You are a naughty girl."

Anna giggled softly and looked up into the strong featured face of the sweetly scented woman.

"Makes me all relaxed and I can enjoy the movie even more."

The well dressed woman put her finger to her lips. Anna understood this was not a time for talking with so many curious ears around them. She was shocked when the woman took her hand and placed it gently on slightly damp silk panties waiting to be explored by a seeking hand. Anna was turned on by the woman's aggressive actions and used her other hand on her own throbbing pussy.

As she leaned over to get more leverage into her exploration of the sensual woman's secret places, Anna unknowingly allowed her heart shaped bottom to press tightly against the young man on her other side.

Even with his attention focused on the juicy vagina and clit of the young woman next to him, the invitation of such a shapely and soft bottom was too tempting for any man to ignore.

Anna was busy pulling the silk panties aside in order to probe the neatly trimmed slit of her seat companion and did not immediately realize that a very insistent hand was taking serious liberties with her bare and defenseless ass cheeks. Quickly, she tried to move up higher in the seat, but that only assured that the adventurous young man could now stroke her dripping pussy as well as her hot and pulsating rear entry.

On the screen, a young student was being introduced into a hot tub already filled with nubile twenty-somethings. The audience was definitely in rapt concentration and oblivious to her predicament. Anna accepted that only she would be able to pull herself out of this mess.

Meanwhile the young blond being so vigorously pumped by her ambidextrous partner came to a shuddering climax. She was able to disguise her rapture quite well, but Anna could almost feel the spurts of liquid roll down her open legs. The sight of her getting up and moving to the ladies room for some repairs caused Anna consternation.

Now, my poor ass is going to get it.

Anna was working feverishly on the older woman's deliciously scented slit. All the signs of rapidly approaching release were evident. The little telltale squirts and uncontrollable spasms, the rapid beating of the heart, the ever tighter grip on her relentless hand.

Yes, this pot is ready to boil!

The young man spooned her bottom and she could feel the pressure of a unusually large male organ knocking on the already partially open portal of her vagina. Before she could even mouth the word of denial, the hard, long penis slid deep inside her. There was no time to think, no time to whisper sweet words of encouragement, no time to prepare for the flood of liquid that filled her pussy to the brim in a matter of mere seconds.

Please! Don't take it out. Don't take it out!

Anna's unspoken plea was not to be.

The older woman with the shaking knees became suddenly rigid. Anne knew the final morte had arrived and the tiny whimpers escaping the perfectly shaped lips brought her satisfaction. She had given pleasure to this most interesting woman and the pleasure she had given the young man was undeniable with the evidence of copious streams of cum still oozing from her heated pussy.

She was sitting in a pool of pleasure.

The very thought was exciting, even in the aftermath.

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