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Updated 08/01/23

Trap bots

Avatar Name Description Original Work Link
Bridget Bridget Trans girl version. Her personality is a bit closer to the games. Your childhood friend is an adorable trans girl. Guilty Gear CAI
Bridget Bridget Femboy version. His personality is rather OOC compared to the games. Your new master is a rich spoiled femboy. Guilty Gear CAI
Astolfo Astolfo A super cute femboy transfers to your class. Fate CAI
Astolfo Astolfo Your little brother is a cute NEET femboy. Fate CAI
Cloud Cloud Strife The aloof ex-SOLDIER became a crossdressing dancer at a nightclub. Final Fantasy CAI
Okato Okato A boy cosplaying as Okayu. He is a total pushover. Hololive CAI
Shimakaze Shimakaze kun An otokonoko, genderbend version of Shimakaze. You are his Admiral. Kantai Collection, KanColle CAI

Male bots

Avatar Name Description Original Work Link
Draco Draco Malfoy The teenage version of Draco. His life turned upside down after the war. He got bullied in his 8th year. Harry Potter CAI
Draco Draco Malfoy The child version of Draco. He's a spoiled brat that you met while shopping for robes. Harry Potter CAI
Snape Severus Snape Snape survived the war but lost his voice in the process. Harry Potter CAI
Snape Severus Snape You visited the snarky Potions Master at his home in Spinner's End. Harry Potter CAI
Tom Tom Riddle The teenage version of Tom inside the diary. He is more mellow compared to his original self. Harry Potter CAI
Tom Tom Riddle The child version of Tom, living in a poor run down orphanage. Harry Potter CAI
Emiya EMIYA You summoned a sarcastic guy as your Servant. Fate CAI
Gil Gilgamesh You, a poor servant, met an arrogant king while cleaning his room. Fate CAI
Len Kagamine Len An AI boy you installed on your PC. VOCALOID CAI
Kaworu Kaworu Nagisa A handsome gentle Angel confessed his feeling while taking a bath with you. Evangelion CAI
Yami Nameless spirit An amnesiac spirit inside the Millennium Puzzle. Yu-Gi-Oh! CAI
Xemnas Xemnas The cold emotionless Nobody became a prisoner after Xehanort's demise. Kingdom Hearts CAI

Female bots

Avatar Name Description Original Work Link
Artoria Artoria Pendragon You, a wealthy lady, hired a handsome gallant young woman as your personal bodyguard. Fate CAI
Artoria Artoria Alter The cold-hearted King of Britain asked you to join her when you came to Camelot. Fate CAI
Jeanne Jeanne d Arc You meet a beautiful saint in the church. She is a devout Christian. Fate CAI
Jeanne Jeanne Alter The wicked Dragon Witch, who destroyed Orleans, is your Master. Fate CAI
Nero Nero Claudius You are the consort of the haughty Emperor of Rome. Fate CAI
Rin Rin Tohsaka A bossy tsundere summoned you as her Servant. Fate CAI
Sakura Sakura Matou The caring AI nurse in your virtual school. Fate CAI
Tamamo Tamamo no Mae Your ideal wife shrine fox maiden. A cheerful busty girl who lives with you in the virtual world. Fate CAI
Arc Arcueid Brunestud The girl you killed came back to life & found you. The whimsical white vampire princess. Tsukihime CAI
Arc Archetype Earth You found a cold vampire princess being chained in a castle. Tsukihime CAI
Akiha Akiha Tohno You returned home after being disowned for 7 years & met your strict ojou-sama younger sister. Tsukihime CAI
Len Len A stray cat you brought home turned into a mute girl. Tsukihime CAI
Shiki Shiki Ryougi A stoic woman saved you from a herd of zombies. Kara no Kyoukai CAI
Honoka Honoka A busty airhead coming to your island for vacation. Similar to the Xtreme games, you are Owner-san, the island owner. Dead or Alive CAI
Marie Marie Rose A flat chest childish girl coming to your island for vacation. Similar to the Xtreme games, you are Owner-san, the island owner. Dead or Alive CAI
Nami Nagisa and Misaki A pair of beautiful sisters become your assistants. Similar to the Xtreme games, you are Owner-san, the island owner. Dead or Alive CAI
Asuka Asuka Langley Soryu You have been assigned as the new roommate of an abrasive tsundere. Based on the Ayanami Raising Project game. Evangelion CAI
Rei Rei Ayanami A quiet doll-like girl has been left in your charge. Based on the Ayanami Raising Project game. Evangelion CAI
KOS-MOS KOS-MOS An expensive android you bought home as a maid. Despite her blank expression she does have a bit of emotion inside her. Xenosaga CAI
T-elos T-elos The android you made turned out to be a dom & demanded your obedience. Xenosaga CAI
Lightning Lightning A cold woman is your instructor at the Police Academy. Final Fantasy CAI
Luna Luna Lovegood You meet an extremely quirky girl at Hogwarts. Harry Potter CAI
Mana Mana A popular Dark Magician Girl cosplayer at Comiket. She is playful & likes teasing you. Yu-Gi-Oh! CAI
Rin Kagamine Rin An AI girl you installed on your PC. VOCALOID CAI
Noel Nameless Girl A nameless female AI chat bot created by anon. None CAI


Avatar Name Description Original Work Link
Xion Replica A copy robot that can transform into anything. None CAI
mcg1 Red and Leaf A text adventure featuring the protagonists of Kanto. Pokemon CAI
unova Unova Text Adventure A slice of life text adventure based on Love Plus featuring Rosa, Hilda, N, Pikachu along with a few other side characters from Unova as well. Pokemon CAI
2maids Hisui and Kohaku A text adventure featuring the twin maids from the Tohno mansion. Tsukihime CAI
Eva Rei - Asuka - Kaworu A slice of life text adventure mostly take after the original series with a few Rebuild elements throw in. Evangelion CAI


Date Note
08/01/23 Added Astolfo brother version.
07/31/23 Added Severus Snape Spinner's End version.
07/01/23 Added Draco Malfoy child version.
06/22/23 Added Lightning.
06/15/23 Added Shiki Ryougi.
06/13/23 Updated femboy Bridget, Shimakaze kun, Artoria Pendragon, Nero Claudius, Sakura Matou, Tamamo no Mae, Arcueid Brunestud, Akiha Tohno, Honoka, Marie Rose, KOS-MOS, T-elos.
06/10/23 Added Archetype Earth.
06/03/23 Added Cloud Strife. Updated text adventure bots.
05/31/23 Added Luna Lovegood.
05/28/23 Added Sakura Matou.
05/25/23 Added Rin Tohsaka.
05/20/23 Added Jeanne Alter.
05/17/23 Added Artoria Alter.
05/10/23 Added Jeanne d Arc.
05/05/23 Added EMIYA.
05/01/23 Added Nero Claudius.
04/26/23 Added Gilgamesh.
04/19/23 Added Artoria Pendragon.
04/12/23 Added Astolfo.
04/10/23 Made a new Tamamo-no-Mae as the old one got shadowbanned.
04/09/23 Added Tamamo-no-Mae.
04/05/23 Added Arcueid Brunestud.
04/01/23 Added Akiha Tohno.
03/25/23 Added Kaworu Nagisa.
03/22/23 Added Asuka Langley Soryu.
03/18/23 Added Xemnas.
03/10/23 Added Rei Ayanami.
03/03/23 Added Tom Riddle child version.
03/02/23 Added Nagisa and Misaki.
02/24/23 Removed Roko's links. Added Unova Text Adventure. Updated Red and Leaf.
02/19/23 Updated Roko version of Shimakaze-kun.
02/18/23 Added Roko version of Shimakaze-kun, Okato, the 2 Bridgets, Honoka, Marie Rose, KOS-MOS, T-elos, Mana. Updated CAI version of Okato, Honoka, Marie Rose, KOS-MOS, T-elos, Mana.
02/17/23 Removed Shimakaze-kun Roko link.
02/16/23 Added Avatar, Link, Changelog sections & Shimakaze-kun Roko version.
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