Because I think men like the idea of a sexy stewardess getting naked, my outfit of choice is my actual flight attendant uniform. I feel sexy wearing it on the airplane attracting men’s extended glances with an extra blouse buttons undone, but so much more so when I'm stripping from it for a complete stranger. And in a practical sense, I already have it with me on my layovers so I don't have to think of something else to pack.

I usually act out my fantasy at my layover hotel. I say 'usually' because, in Amsterdam, my favorite layover city because of its liberal attitudes on sex, I have a helpful friend that has made special arrangements for me outside my hotel, the most daring being working a 'picture window' in the De Wallen section of the Red Light District on Saturday nights which works well for me because I can only hold the trip on weekends anyway.

This particular shop owner is more than willing to host me because he says the regular girls are not very motivated to work an hour long shift on public display but which, for me, is the most exhilarating exhibitionist act I can think of plus he says he gets more walk-ins when I'm in the window, the kind of compliment the exhibitionist in me thrives on.

I enter the small room with the big picture window wearing lingerie and a Mardi Gras Style feathery mask that hides just enough of my face to allow me to anonymously act out my fantasy of stripping and masturbating for strangers which, in this case, are mostly male British tourists over for the weekend.

It's an hour of bliss for me as men stop and watch me from the other side of the glass as I dance in a sexy Latina style with my hands holding my hair above my head and strip to nude leaving only my heels. The shop owner tells me that visitors compliment him on his particular *****ion of Saturday night girls plus I smile a lot which makes me somewhat unique compared to other mostly bored sex shop girls. He says my tan lines stand out and highlight my dark landing strip which looks good in the glow of the red lighting - tan lines being something you rarely see on the picture window girls.

He also says visiting men are disappointed when he tells them I only work the window - meaning I’m not actually a working girl although, I have to say, he has tried hard to convince me.

"You're already here on a layover and I'm offering you a great way to spend it."

" Men would pay a lot to be with you."

Then he quotes a tempting amount of money for not a lot of work. The part that both scares and excites me is that just the suggestion of playing a prostitute for a night activates that part of my fantasy mind that all to easily crosses the line but so far I haven't. I do admit that when I'm masturbating in the picture window I fantasize about what it would be like having sex with multiple strangers on my one night in Amsterdam.

So after dancing and posing nude for the tourist passerby, I keep their attention by leaning back in a chair that I pull up to the window and watch men lustfully gaze between my legs as I part them. I love the reaction I get when I continue by hooking my legs over the armrests of the chair showing my pussy to them for the first time. It's all smiles for me.

It's funny seeing men shaking their heads yes or giving thumbs up signs when I pinch my labia between fingers and teasingly pull them straight out but keep them together. But after a teasing moment I try not to disappoint them.

Eventually, I'm ready to complete my exhibitionist hour by fingering to orgasm either in the chair or in a chaise lounge that occupies a wall in the tiny room although on my last layover, I finished myself off while standing up close to the window while looking in to the eyes of the men watching me as I climaxed which was extremely erotic for me, almost intimate, and something I think they also enjoyed. The hard part about that was keeping my eyes open and preventing my knees from buckling during the intense orgasm.

But standing, sitting or reclining, I climax easily thinking of men desiring me or those that will later get off to thinking of me masturbating.

So, really, in any city but Amsterdam, it's most likely that I will meet a man or maybe even a group of men sitting at the bar or a table, say, in the hotel lobby bar. When the conversation allows, I reveal my fantasy of having men watch me strip nude from my uniform but I don't say anything about masturbating. I want it to be an erotic and welcome surprise.

In the arranged hotel room, I ask my guest or guests to leave a corner of the bed available for me after I strip which is where I hope to both surprise and impress. Plus when I just mention that I'll need the bed, it further peaks their interest.

So after my flight attendant strip tease to nude, I do what men have told me they like which is dance naked for them, wearing just my black heels but I also like the sexy look of thigh high stockings.

I love to dance nude for men. I do it in a sexy Latina style holding my hair loosely on top of my head. Dancing is a way that I express my sexuality and it's the perfect segue for the intimate interaction I will have with my body afterwards.

So I lie back on the bed corner, my breathing quickened from the dancing, and rest my arms above my head and close my eyes to let my fantasy mind catch up and soak in the fact that I am living a fantasy in real time. Then I nonchalantly place my legs on either side of the bed corner to give a more detailed view of what has so far been only my tan lined landing strip. The transition reveals my clit peaking out, my labia wings starting to flare and the opening of my vagina.

While I'm relaxing with my legs parted, I might enjoy an erotic conversation while my nude body is being studied, the exhibitionist in me getting off to baring all for total strangers. If I sense they want to see more, I indulge them and straighten and raise my off my legs off the bed and let gravity spread them apart like a good stripper. Then I use my fingers to unhood my rather prominent clit, which men often comment on, and pinch and pull my labia apart. This is a nastier side of me that I think surprises men but that I also think they either secretly or openly desire. But the best part for me as an exhibitionist is what follows.

Depending on how I think my audience wants me to masturbate, I'll go from keeping my legs provocatively raised and spread maybe placing them in the hands of a two men willing to hold them for me to sensually pleasuring myself while lying in the middle of the bed resting my head on someone's lap, maybe asking him to pinch my nipples while I masturbate which, if I had four hands, I'd be doing myself because of the wonderful chills it sends to my clit not to mention the OMG orgasm I have. One time on a Belize layover, two men pulled on and stretched my labia while I masturbated. What a wonderful orgasm it gave me. This personal interaction makes the experience with total strangers paradoxically intimate and I think men like being a little involved.

I like to use just the extended middle finger of my right hand to masturbate while forming a 'V' with my left hand using it to unhood my clit and keep my labia spread in order to give my guests an unobstructed view of my pussy as it builds towards climax.

I occasionally stop masturbating to show my increasingly excited clit and contracting pussy by pulling my labia out, and sometimes, just for fun, opening and closing them like butterfly wings. The pauses also give my pussy a longer build up which rewards me with an even more intense and pleasurable orgasm, one that I immensely enjoy sharing.

To make my masturbation show more complete, I tuck my arms in close to my breasts which presses them together and makes them jiggle in rhythm to my fingering. I want my guest to remember me well after I have returned, satisfied, to my room.

Speaking of orgasms, when I was a young teen and first started having exhibitionist feelings, I would masturbate to the fantasy of being seen naked by my older brother's best friend but never acted on it.

Eventually, though, the urge was overwhelmingly strong and I'll never forget my first time. It was in Guadalupe River State Park in Texas where I took off my bikini top in a thin wooded area near the river and in sight of three Mexican fishermen. I pretended I didn't see them but made little side glances and they seemed very interested so I daringly took off my bottoms. I walked around with a beach towel pretending to look for a spot to tan. I was so nervous and excited at the same time that I started shaking. I only hoped it wasn't obvious. I masturbated many times afterwards thinking of that new and exhilarating experience.

Now I don't know if it was logic or lust that suggested to my fantasy mind, "Why wait to masturbate afterwards when you can do it in real time?" So when I tried it for the first time, that is, masturbated for a boy that wanted to watch me, my orgasm was unbelievable and I was hooked for life. And if you're like me, you know that the orgasm you have while acting out an exhibitionist fantasy is incomparable to any other.

So keep an eye out for me when you 'Fly The Friendly Skies'. Who knows what a suggestive wink will get you - a strip and masturbation show from a real flight attendant?

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