Soon the door to the inn swung open, a young man and a heavily armored guard escaping the cold with a slam of the door behind them.

The man running the inn looked the two over, curious as why there would be a guard at this time of night. "So you need a room from the rains tonight then?" the gruff man asked, the young man meeting him at the counter "that would be marvelous sir."

As the young man panted, he fished out his pockets for some silver and copper, the inn keeper pleased with the amount, led the two over to their room.

"The room's good until the sun rises to meet the top of the sky tomorrow, I expect you out by then. Good night" the keeper shut the door, the two finally left alone with their thoughts, as the rain continued to pound the building.

The young man sat down on the bed, letting his things down beside it "I knew it was gonna rain like this at some point, it always happens on these routes."

The man in armor took off his helmet, his ears perking up as his snout was freed from the confines of the helmet. "Its nothing I can't take, the guard put us through hell and back to make aptly sure we would be ready for anything."

He set down his helm, starting to dissasemble the rest of his armor, his fur sitting soaked as he finally got the rest of it off. He began stripping of his clothes when the nervous voice of the envoy chirped in "would you be okay doing that in front of me?" the wolf continued to peel away as he said "we had to able to strip before the general if need be, so trust me, I won't mind."

The wolf got the last of his clothing off, tossing it by the window to dry. He sat on the floor, just taking in a sigh as the melodic rain continued to batter the rooftops. "So would you mind if I did the same as well?" The wolf looked up, shrugging his shoulders "makes no difference to me, go ahead."

The young man walked past the wolf over by the old window, taking off his layers, the wolf looked over for something to catch his eye. The man's hips were round and plump, yet the rest of him very petite, you'd swear he was a woman upon first glance.

The wolf felt something rise within him, if only slightly. The young man turned back once finished peeling off his layers, returning to sitting atop the bed.

He sat there, bare and open, yet it felt peaceful in a sense, like neither he or the wolf had anything to hide between them. He lay down, looking up at the ceiling "so what other things have you been put through by the guard?"

The wolf sat with his back to the wall, looking up to get lost in thought "well, asides from the standard things like the clashing of swords and shields, we've been pushed into the deep depths of lakes, stood out to get hit by the rain, marched across entire fields in one go, and even seduced to try and extract information."

The young man sat puzzled "seduced? What kind of trial is that?" He asked with a chuckle "Being seduced is a huge thing a guard must learn to fight, as many a kingdom has fallen with simple information being let loose by a guardsman who had too big a set of trousers."

"So what happened, how exactly were you put to this trial then?" The wolf looked over the man,

seeing his intrigue "Essentially we were told some very basic things and were ordered that we would be soon tested if we could withhold this information, many of the guard thought we would be put through torture, thus why many let their lips loose when the maidens came around. They thought that they were simple handmaidens, but instead most of them were high serving generals that came in the next day to review the men."

"God I must imagine their faces were priceless" the wolf let out a hearty laugh "they were baffling! They just looked so dumbfounded as their cute little handmaidens laid into them with a generals bite" the wolf wiped away a tear.

"So what about you? How did you fare?" The man saw the wolf's chest puff up a bit "I can proudly say that despite their attempts, they got no information out of me, and even let me in before the next day, to my amusement."

The wolf sighed, looking up at the ceiling, remembering their faces "so was there anyone who got close?" "No I'm afraid, although they fooled the other guard, it was pretty easy to see through their veil."

The man looked downwards, letting out a sigh, the wolf took note and looked over "what lays upon your heart?" The young man looked over at him, melancholy painted over his face.

"I've always heard about people on these grand adventures, running off and riding dragons, or finding some great ancient treasure." He took a long pause recalling something long forgotten "I wanted to be like them, off on these great escapades and doing these big deeds, or at least something different with my life."

"Its why I took this job, I thought that maybe the bread maker's son could finally go off and just do something.." he looked deep in the ceiling "-but I still can't escape it, I'll never be the one riding off to the sunset, or defending these great forts, or even crafting weapons. I'm just some gratified postman"

"Why not join the guard?" The wolf shot to him "I don't have the physique for it, my arms sit like sticks upon a dead tree, ready to be so easily snapped." "It could be improved upon, I'm sure you could work on improving your strength."

He looks up "-but never to a level the guard would ever be happy with, I can't work hard enough to ever have the arms that you have." He gestures towards the wolf, the wolf finding no way to make a rebuttal.

"Well, what do you want?" The wolf gave him another look "it might be easier to find if we work from what you want" the young man sits, pondering, trying to look deep at what he wants. "I-I.." he looks at the wolf, clearly struggling to speak, "its may sound stupid, but I want someone to hold me."

The wolf sits in silence, waiting for him to continue, so he goes on "I want someone to clutch me dearly, to just sit with me when the times get rough and things are falling apart. I want someone whom I just lay in their embrace and know what it means to feel loved, what it means to have someone care about you on a level that no other person could."

The man sighs, "this is just stupid" the wolf heartily interjects "no, I think you're onto something." The young man looks to him in surprise "I think it's a good thing to want, to be able to love someone like that, its.. something I wouldn't mind either."

They sit in silence, the rain filling in the gap between their quiet breaths. "Well.. thank you, it means a lot to me knowing that my dream isn't something so baffling."

He grabs the covers and throws it over himself, starting to get comfortable in the sheets when he notices the wolf begins lying down on the floor.

"You're not intending on sleeping on the hard rock are you?" The wolf looks up, confused "I thought you'd mind me being in the bed?" "No! Of course not, I don't want you getting cold on the floor!"

The wolf stands up, getting to his bedside and joining under the covers "thank you, sleep well" the wolf laid facing away from the young man, but he could still feel his immense warmth, he slept quickly soon after.

The rays of sunlight soon streamed through the lone window, the young man feeling it enter his eyes and blinded him as he awoke.

He felt.. right, when he first started to open his eyes, he wasn't sure what it was, but something felt.. right.

He began to wriggle around and that's when he began to notice. The large arms adorned in fur were wrapped around him, his backside was tucked against the wolf, and he felt something odd on his back.

Yet despite this, he didn't feel embarresed, he felt.. right. So he closed his eyes yet again and curled up closer against the wolf. More time passed as he just sat against his large form, his warm fur holding him dearly, nearly dream-like.

The wolf began to open his eyes, almost instantly noticing his position, he began to ponder what to do when a hand stroked his cheek. "Morning.." "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do this-" the man's hand rolled over the canines ear.

"Its fine, I really like it." The wolf tried to allow for his heart to slow down, but he felt his member was out of its sheath, being teased by the man's soft skin.

The man noticed the wolf's anxiety, and so he wanted to quell it. So turned his head, meeting the maw of the wolf and giving him a light kiss. The wolf's heart soared, this feeling was lost to him so long ago, this hungry lust that begged to be released.

The wolf embraced the kiss, stroking his cheek as they sat in each other's comfort. They parted the kiss, panting with a smile "now do what you want, I wanna keep my man happy." The young man replied.

The wolf took that comment in spades.

He whipped off the sheets covering them, arising to spin the other onto his back, he then lay between his legs, lunging into another kiss. His tongue domineered his, the young man's tongue and everything else bowing to this wolf's deep hunger. The cock rubbed against his legs as the wolf kissed him, oozing precum onto his fragile body.

The wolf's violent energy encouraged the man, his hand grasping the member and stroking the creamy appendage. The wolf broke the kiss, licking the man's shoulder to taste everything he could; the man laughed as he did, loving his enthusiasm.

"Heavens you been pent up, haven't you?" He pet the fur of the wolf's scruff, the wolf pumping into the man's hand as more slick juices escaped him. "Could you bring it closer? I want to give you a taste" the wolf sprung up, sitting upon the man's chest.

The member and knot lay hard as steel, pulsing and shivering with bright life. The man took it into his hands and eagerly kissed the tip, merely just giving it a try to see the wolf's reaction.

The wolf jumped and wriggled at every touch and pull, the heat of the lips nearly sending him flying. The wolf growled, prying open the man's mouth and ramming it in, and although sudden, the man began to thoroughly enjoy the cock using his windpipe like a toy.

The wolf panted and moaned, nearly howling every now and then. Meanwhile the man sat, hot liquid soaring down his throat, he could taste the knot as it rammed in and out of him. Soon the wolf took the cock out, letting the man take a second to breathe.

The wolf began to lick again, lapping at his face as the man couldn't help but laugh at the attention, soon grasping his maw and taking another kiss. They both let out moans and pants as they embraced one another in a weaving lust that filled both of them.

The man broke the kiss this time, putting a finger to the wolf's maw. "Now I want you to stand over at the wall" the wolf almost protested "-shhhh, trust me."

So the guard did as he was told, standing with his back against a wall, cock furiously twitching begging for release. The man stood up, saying his hips like a dancer as he walked towards the wolf. If I wasn't before, the wolf's heart was certainly on fire, as this petite man walked towards him with a lust he'd never seen.

He put a hand on the wolf's stomach, lowering down to take his cock down his throat, very slowly bobbing up and down it. The wolf looked down, nearly fainting seeing such a beautiful creature with his cock down it's mouth. He didn't move or make any attempt, as the hand on his body meant that he had to wait, and he knew the payoff would be spectacular.

The man rose, meeting the wolf once again in kiss, parting it he turned his back on the wolf, swaying his hips as he walked towards the bed.

The wolf's eyes dug into him and widened when he saw his prize, the man laid his stomach on the bed with his tail end pointed directly at him. The wolf waited, waiting for the precise moment to tear into this beautiful man.


With that simple command the wolf lept towards him, hungrily grabbing his hips and plunging deep inside him with no hesitation, though the man initially felt a sharp dagger of pain roll into him, it soon faded once the rhythm kicked in.

The wolf now was happily pounding into his rear, his hands furiously grabbing onto him, his head over his shoulder as he growled and moaned in furious lust. His cock was lathering the rear of this man, already shooting small spurts into him to help prepare for the final draw. "Good, make me your little maiden, fill me up" the man moaned, the wolf taking a last few breaths, before finally sealing the deal.

His knot popped inside, as his cream exploded out of him with a howl from the both of them. The wolf picked up the man, laying himself on the bed with the man between his legs, curled in his lap. "I haven't... I-I haven't done that before in.. such a long time." The wolf panted, the man kissing his maw "That's wonderful, and get ready to do it more, I have a feeling this is a start of our beautiful adventure."

The wolf sat there, looking at the ceiling taking in the compliment "your right, I'll be sure to give you your best adventure yet" he kissed the man as the human gave another laugh.

They both nearly jumped as the heard from through the door "I could've given you a discount of you told me you were a couple" the inn keeper heartily laughed.

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