Goonware & Gooner Resources

A list of programs, sites, plugins and games for porn addicts

Type Name Link Description
Goonware StrokeControl "Virtual Dom" program, micromanages your porn habits
Goonware Edgeware "Elsavirus"-Style goonware, with a ton of customization to make your PC do things, like plastering your screen with porn.
Tool Edgeware Pack Editor Editor for making Edgeware packages.
Site Puri.fy AI driven censoring for porn (hentai in particular).
Site Scrolller Turns Subreddits into endless porn scrollers.
Site Loverslab Sex mods for videogames.
Plugin PNG Extra Embedder "PEE" secretly embedds pictures, videos and messages in 4chan posts.
Game FapRoulette Gamified fap instructions.
Game FapInstructor Cockhero type of game with instructions.
Game EroFights Turn-based open-source game to have sex or other stuff with people. Can be used for wankbattles.
Dev Buttplug Let's you control most of your toys from one API or routing controller vibration to your sex toy.
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