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What is Princess Connect?

Princess connect is a casual autobattler game played mostly for the collection aspect. The fun of the game is collecting your favorite girls, raising them, reading their stories and enjoying the events. At the end game or after you're settled in, it will be pretty common to complete all your daily stuff in less than 20 minutes so if you are looking for engaging gameplay or tons of content then this might be too boring for you because it's a game aimed at casual audiences that just want a cute girl collector.


How do I start on EN?

The English version published by CrunchyRoll launches on March 2021 but it is currently on soft launch and avaliable to play right now



See the section below on "How to reroll" for a step by step guide on how to install the game and reroll on it.

How do I reroll?

Follow this nice step by step guide made by Reddit user ChaosXYZ that also doubles as a step by step guide on how to get the game working on PC


Who do I reroll for?

Updated: December 17 - 2020

Makoto - Used and wanted by many for the Physical def down she brings to the table. Might not look like the best unit at the start but she will start to shine when you need to defeat bosses like event bosses or clan battle bosses.

Nozomi - Keep in mind you can farm her and get her to 5-stars with dungeon coins that are very easy to get. She's still here because you need a tank and she happens to be a pretty great tank that has small heals and a taunt on her union burst.

Honorable mentions that are also good but not as good:

Maho - She's a healer and healers are pretty scarce in launch princess connect. Her heal is tied to one of her skills so you have to wait for her skill rotation to land on the healing skill that will target the unit with the lowest HP at the time so might not be too reliable but she is still a very nice unit to get. Also farmable from dungeon coins.

Shizuru - Also a healer with the same as above except she is a frontline healer instead of a backline healer. No, she's not a tank because she stands behind almost everyone in the game.

Miyako - Also called "Pudding" by the players. She is a 2-star so you shouldn't reroll for her but she's really good as a tank and tanks are so scarce she gets a mention. Melts like pudding against magical damage but is very durable against physical damage.

Who should I save for?

Jun - Tanks are really important early on and Jun is the best tank the game will have for a long while. She provides defense down and a small heal on a skill which makes her really good when combined with Makoto. You really can't go wrong with her and will use her for a long time

Kyouka - Single target mage. Stays as the core of most magical teams for a pretty long while and all her skills are straightforward deal damage skills.

Ilya - AOE magical damage dealer. You need to build your entire team around her but she's really good so doing so is worth it. Stays relevant for a really long time in both PVP and PVE. Damages herself and the damage can bring her to 0 HP which can make her annoying to use but she's so good that it's still worth it.

Summer Kyaru - The most important limited of year one. If you had to save for only one unit then save for her because she will not come back for a year. The core of all magic teams for her magical defense shred and also provides a single target damage Union burst. Often used with Kyouka.

Halloween Shinobu - If you care about PVP then consider rolling for her. She's meta and really good for most arena comps for some months then gets downgraded to niche or rarely used after her time on the spotlight is over.

Christina - The first Princess Fest unit EN will get. Semi-limited on a banner that comes back often but really a must have that stays relevant and continues to be relevant in current JP. Deals damage, provides defense down and her burst is a guaranteed critical even if blinded because it can't miss.

Christmas Chika - Used in a variety of comps and still continues to be used in JP, she is a very nice unit to have but I am of the opinion that you can survive without her if you don't want to roll for her. Limited and comes back a year later.

New years Yui - Amazing, almost godlike healer in a game that lacks good healers. Trivializes most content with her heals and barriers until the game starts adding Six-star healers that replace her but you won't regret rolling for her. Limited and comes back a year later.

Valentines Shizuru - Not a must have because the unit after her is much better and you don't want to miss out on her but she is a really nice unit to have for her healing field and TP boosting field.

Muimi - The one year anniversary unit and second Princess Fest unit, she is probably the reason you didn't roll for Valentines Shizuru. Must have for physical teams, trivializes a lot of content, extremely powerful. Honestly, just get her because you want to get all the Princess Fest units with how good they all are.

How do I start on JP?



Or install the PC version here



Go here and make a DMM account.

Go to the PC version site linked above

Then, once on the DMM Priconne site, press the big pink button, And then choose the orange option.

This will download DMM player. Once DMM Player is installed, login with your DMM account.

Then go back to the browser page with the big pink button and press it again.

This time, choose the blue option. This will download Priconne on the DMM Player.

Once Priconne is installed, you just have to start it from the launcher to play.

Remember you can use Salted emails by adding a "+" at the end of your email followed by numbers or whatever salt you want to use.

How do I reroll?

On rooted Android phone:

Delete sharedprefs folder found on /data/data/(Priconne folder)

On Non-rooted android or iphones, just clear data.

For the PC DMM client:

Open regedit and go to the folder H_Key_Current_User\Software\Cygames\PrincessConnectRediveSearch for and delete the following two strings:M3F1YSNkOnF0_h4073495316MHx5cg==_h786395497

This will delete the account stored on the computer without deleting the game itself.

Who do I reroll for?

Updated: December 17 - 2020

The reccomended thing to reroll for is two or more Princess Fest units. Princess fest units are semi-limited units that can only be obtained from the Princess Fest banner. Newbies have their own personal Princess Fest that lasts 72 hours starting when you start the tutorial.

Princess Pecorine - Tank and DPS all rolled into one. Really useful for new players because she will cover all your tank related needs while also dealing really good damage.

Princess Kokkoro - Healer with almost every buff in the game. If you want or need a healer/support unit then make sure to get her.

Princess Yui - Not very useful for PVE contents unless fighting a multi-target boss but she will hand you arena victories on a silver platter. 

Christina - Deals damage and debuffs defense. Her Unique Equipment makes her an amazing character and one of the best damage dealers in the entire game.

Muimi - Deal damage character that is really good at what she does and is also one of the best damage dealers. Great at single target and multi target damage but also needs her Unique Equipment to really shine.

Neneka - Must have character for magic teams. Provides great magic damage while also providing a field that buffs your team.

Labyrista - Extremely good buffer that will help your team shred bosses like paper with her multiple buffs and the physical defense down she brings. Latest Princess Fest unit as of now.

I would personally suggest aiming for something like Princess Pecorine to cover your Tank related needs, Princess Kokkoro to cover your healing/buffing needs and then possibly someone like Labyrista. Characters like Neneka become must haves for the end game but you can't use them to their fullest at the early game because you most likely don't have the required tools for a magic team but she still brings a lot to the table even when alone. Characters like Princess Pecorine become your best friend and an absolute life saver but might see diminished use in the end game when you don't really need tanks anymore or have more tank options while characters like Princess Kokkoro or Labyrista stay great from early game all the way to end game.

What other Limited characters are worth it?

Summer Saren - #1 on the list of characters you want and should be aiming for. Makes everything easier and better. If you can get her then jump at the opportunity. 100% worth going the full 300 for her.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my reroll good? I got X and I want to know if this is good enough

Please consult the "Who to reroll for" sections for the version of the game you are playing. If you're in EN then the game just launched and while rerolling does give you an edge, it's not that important because the game is still in the launch stage where you can beat everything with anything as long as you're patient and build your team properly. If you're on the JP version then you REALLY want to reroll for any 2 to 3 of the units listed in that section and anything else is a no. If you really must have customized advice or really want to ask someone then direct yourself to the communities for the game listed on the useful links section.

Will the EN version get wiped? Can I start now or will the servers be split later?

Everything from the soft launch will carry over to official launch. Only Crunchyroll and Cygames can know if the servers will be split later because they haven't said anything through official channels so you can either start playing now or wait for the proper official release later to see if a split happens after all or if it stays as one server.

When will EN get x event or y banner?

It is assumed that EN will follow the Japanese schedule but nobody knows if Crunchyroll has special plans for the server. The only thing you can do is use the Japanese event/gacha release schedule as a point of reference and guess from there. Outside of that, Crunchyroll will announce through official channels when a new event or gacha is starting so disregard anyone that pretends to know when a certain update will happen and only believe information that comes from a official source.

I'm stuck at this stage, any suggestions?

Level your characters, Increase your rank and refine your equipment. Your characters level is capped to account level so the extra power from these three things should help you clear the story stage you're having problems with. Make sure you are using proper teams for the stage too and use the in-game feature to check what teams other people used to clear the stage you're having issues with.

And if you're on the JP version of the game then make heavy use of the character support system and borrow max leveled damage dealing characters to breeze through story effortlessly. Try to send friend requests to max level people with damage dealers set up and if you can't find any or don't know any then try the communities listed in "Useful links" and add people from there.

Is there any penalty for ranking up my characters? Should I always do so?

At the early stages of the game, yes. You should always be ranking up your character for the big power boosts that come with it. Keep in mind that a full refined rank with all 6 items starred up is stronger than the next rank with no items because the refinement is removed when the items are absorbed by your character. You should get the power you lost back with some items and be even stronger when you refine said items.

At the later stages of the game (Mostly relevant for the Japanese version), you want to be careful when ranking up characters and what rank you are keeping them at if you are interesting in optimization or min-maxing so please consult guides and wikis that go in-depth for this subject and tell you what rank to keep that character at with an explanation. You should find some for this if you check the links section of the website.

Should I be buying the mana deal or using my crystals outside the gacha?

If you're a Free to play user then no. Only use jewels on the gacha. You can do 3 refreshes a day if you're willing to spend a bit or just want to progress faster until you hit level cap but otherwise you should save your jewels for the gacha. And if you're a paid player putting money in the game then I can't really tell you what to do because it's your money.

This changes a bit if you are playing the Japanese version of the game though. If you're on the JP server then it's always reccomended to be doing your daily 3 refreshes, your daily missions and make sure to collect your daily 200 stamina before reset or your progress will be painfully slow. Use your judgment and resource management skills to determine if you can afford to do up to 6 refreshes a day on a 2x campaign and if you really need it at the moment with x3 drop campaigns being the best time to splurge a bit and go nuts with refreshing because these campaigns don't come often but again, please use your own judgement and resource management skills while knowing your limits and how much you're willing to spend on refreshes to accelerate your progress.

As an additional thing, keep in mind the paid daily jewels pack will accelerate your progress on both servers because this pack should come with a x2 multiplier for dungeon drops that stacks with other things and campaigns which means you will be getting more resources per day and more coins a day so you can max out your dungeon coin characters faster.

How should I build my first team? Who should I be focusing on?

A basic team is generally made with one tank character to hold the team together and take most of the incoming damage plus four damage dealers, preferably of the same type (Physical or Magic). If you feel like you're dying or taking too much damage then you can swap a damage dealer for a healer too. The tank is the most important part of your early game teams because all your teams will fall apart and die quickly without a proper tank to protect the rest of your party. You can go on without a tank to maximize damage later on when your characters are stronger and you know what you're doing but early on you will absolutely want at least one tank character on your team.

You can create more advanced teams with more thought put into it by reading your characters abilities in-game or in a wiki in the case of playing the Japanese version and not knowing Japanese. It all depends on who you have, what stage you want to do and what mechanics the stage wants you to use but if you just want to start out then a barebones team of Tank + Damage dealers + Optional healer should clear content for you until you decide you want to put more thought into your teams.

As for who to focus on at the start, decide what 5 characters will be part of your main team and keep these 5 characters always up to date with the best equipment you can farm and leveled up because they will be your main team to clear content instead of trying to spread out your resources to every character you own. As your team and account progresses, you will naturally change the members of your team by replacing some with stronger or better characters and eventually you will have a lot of developed characters without spreading your resources too thin and running out of resources to work on your main team.

What should I be focusing on when starting out? Where should I be spending my stamina?

(Note: Written with the JP server as point of view and reference)

You want to push main story as far as you can because main story progress opens new stages to farm new items which means stronger characters. If there is an event going on and you are satisfied with your main story progress or strong enough to farm it then it might be wise to spend all your stamina on the event instead of story but use your own judgement to determine if you want to keep pushing main story to get stronger or take a detour to farm the event to increase your account level and get goodies from event boxes. Keep in mind events tend to have a 1.5x exp obtained multiplier so you might see increased returns spending your stamina on the event compared to story, especially if the event has a good farmable character or you simply want to farm event boxes.

Other things you want to do is your dungeons. The highest dungeon you can do will ALWAYS net more rewards even if you can't kill the boss so a run of the Very Hard dungeon doing only the character nodes will net better rewards than doing a full clear of hard killing the boss. Also keep in mind that each dungeon boss you defeat will give you the first-time clear reward of a guildhouse furniture item that gives stamina every x hours so make sure to place them in your guildhouse after defeating a dungeon boss. The stamina dispenser you start out with can be leveled but these reward items can't be leveled.

Arena is also a good thing to do for the daily missions and daily jewels you can recieve from it but try not to focus too much on arena at the start. The answer to most of your "How do I beat this team?" questions for PVP will always be to level up and get stronger so focus on getting stronger instead of getting too sidetracked with PVP and forgetting to keep improving and strengthening your characters/account every day. Both arenas is separated by groups and you will be put on a group of people that also unlocked arena around the same time as you plus a great amount of bots as filler. You will get some reward jewels every time you climb arena and achieve a new all-time rank going all the way to #1 plus daily jewels depending on your rank when the PVP 'reset' happens. 

Sometimes an arena reset might also happen, these resets happen around once a year. All the groups will be shuffled, the top positions will be replaced with bots again and the jewel rewards for climbing the ranks will get reset too but the amount of jewels you will recieve will be lower compared to your first time going up the ranks.

How should I farm events? Is it worth it doing this boss if it takes me x amount of tries?

To farm events, just do your daily hard nodes and your daily Very Hard boss clear. If you have leftover stamina you want to use after your hards are cleared then dump it on the last mission of normal mode for boss tickets that you can spend on hard and very hard. Boss tickets should go on your daily Very hard and dumping the rest on Hard. The 'Special' mode gives around a thousand medals for boxes and also takes boss tickets for each attempt so keep some boss tickets for this mode if the event has a 'Special' difficulty.

The math for the very hard boss usually comes to being worth it to do daily if you can get it down in around 3~4 tries. Might be worth using more tries if you want the first time clear though. As for the 'Special' difficulty stage with three waves, this mode with great rewards is designed with endgame players in mind so it might be really hard or too hard for newbie players to complete. If you can clear the mode in less than 5 tries then you will obtain an achievement/title but other than that, it's up to you if you feel like you can complete it for your own personal satisfaction or the title. And if you can complete a non-rerun 'Special' stage in less than 5 tries then you most likely don't need a FAQ or a guide telling you what to do.

How should I spend my Goddess Stones/Divine Amulets?

The most optimal way to spend them if you are F2P is to only use them on Princess Fest characters and Limited characters. If you are on the JP server then you want to use them on the characters you rolled for while keeping in mind most support characters like Princess Kokkoro prefer to stay at 3-stars while Tanks like Princess Pecorine want to be at 5-stars as soon as possible. And if you maxed them out already then you will have to consult wikis or communities because these stones are a limited resource for F2P players that you shouldn't be wasting on the first unit that crosses your mind.

On the EN server that doesn't have limiteds, it's best to save or only use them on units you will use for a long time like Makoto or Jun. Depending on your point of view, it might be worthwhile to spend a few on your 2-star Miyako to bring her to 3-stars if she is your main tank too. And if you're unsure, consult communities or wikis and be really sure before using your stones instead of simply using them on a whim because you felt like it.

On an additional note, it's pointless to worry about what star rank a character should be on the JP server at the moment. If you own a 5-star character then you can choose to temporarily bring them down to 3-stars or 4-stars without losing anything then bring them back up to 5-stars at will with no additional cost.


This page will be written with the EN version of the game in mind but might expand to include the JP version later



These characters are your tanks and every team you make should have at least one of them. Later in the endgame you can sometimes go without one but it requires knowing what you are doing and why you're doing it so stick one of these in your teams every time you make a team.

Nozomi: Has a small area heal on one of her skills with the other one being an aoe stun and her union burst is a taunt that redirects attacks to her while active. She is one of the best tanks at the moment and is easily obtainable via dungeon coin farming.

Pecorine: One of your starter characters. You can clear all content with her but sadly she is not considered very good when compared to the others so you should replace her when possible. She heals herself with her skill and her union burst is an attack.

Jun: The premier tank that you will want on most of your teams. Jun comes with a defense down skill, a single target heal and her union burst is a shield that absorbs incoming damage. It is very reccomended to reroll for her or try for her.

Kuka: Specializes in recieving magic damage and taunts. Her skils increase her magical defense and her other skill is a taunt that is almost always up which can mean she will die faster than other tanks because she is constantly redirecting attacks to herself. Her union burst heals her and sets up a barrier to absorb magic damage.

Miyako: Nicknamed "Pudding" by the fandom, this character can turn herself into a ghost and heals herself with her skills. She is immune to all damage while in ghost form and is often used as the specialist in recieving and walling off enemies that mostly deal physical damage. Her union burst deals damage to a target in front of her while healing herself and one weakness to look out for is that she is very weak to magical damage.

Rima: This fluffy girl is a terrible PVE tank that you should never use but the thing that makes her a terrible PVE tank also makes her an excellent PVP tank because she will always arrive a few seconds late to the battlefield which causes the enemy team to get closer to you before the battle starts and is used in many different PVP strategies.

Damage dealers

These characters will cover the role of DPS in your team and be the ones killing things for you. Most characters in the game can fall into this category and be separated by magical damage dealers and physical damage dealers. Magic damage and teams are very weak at the stage of the game the English version of Princess Connect is at the moment so you should focus on making at least two good teams focused on dealing physical damage. For some reccomended physical damage dealers, you should check these out.


There is no need to go in depth about their skills or explain what they do, they just simply deal good damage and the concept of dealing damage is simpler and easier to understand by just reading their skills. The only one that deserves a special mention here is Kaori because she places herself in front of Nozomi and really close to your other tanks so you might find it impossible to use her unless you own a tank character that places themselves in front of her like Jun for example. She pulls her weight if you manage to find a slot for her in your teams with impressive damage and constant bursts but is way harder to use than the others.

It is also worth keeping in mind that you don't need these characters and any other damage dealers will work, these are just a few reccomended ones.

Other characters that deserve a special mention would be these two characters here


These two characters here apply the very valuable debuff known as "Defense Down" and Makoto is the star of most PVE team compositions because of this. Mitsuki's defense down is only active while her 'Rose field' is active but greatly lowers the physical damage of everything inside her field which makes her more valuable for PVP than PVE.

Makoto being able to apply and stack this debuff is why most people often suggest to reroll for her together with Jun because you will be sticking both of them in your best team for most PVE related things and bossing.



Yukari recovers the HP and TP of a character with her skills and sets up a magic barrier for your team with her union burst. She is mostly used for the TP recovery and magical barrier when needed because her healing skill is unreliable at the stage of the game where the English version is.

Saren is also used for TP boosting purposes. One of her skills charges the TP bar of the character closest to her position and gets a lot of use in PVP arenas for this purpose.

Kokkoro and Monica buff your team with similar buffs but have their differences. Monica buffs the PATK and MATK of your team and also buffs the action speed of your team similar to a 'Haste' buff in other games that makes her perform their actions and skills faster but she only casts this buff once at the start of a wave. Kokkoro casts her action speed buff and PATK buffing skill several times per battle in comparison and her union burst is a PATK/MATK buff while healing herself. Be careful when using Kokkoro's union burst because if you interrupt her tri-slash skill then she will get stuck in front of your tank.



Yui and Chika are both characters that heal with their union burst. You will most likely be building Yui as your healer of choice because Chika requires her fragments to be bought from the clan wars shop which would be a bad idea considering how valuable these coins are.

Maho comes with a heal on one of her skills and a blind for the other one. Her union burst gives a little TP to your team but you will mostly be using her for the heal and blind.

Shizuru also has a heal on one of her skills with her other skill being a small physical barrier for your characters. Her union burst is a physical damage attack. Don't let her classification as front liner decieve you, she stands behind every single frontliner so you can't use her as a tank and the only damage skill she has is her union burst so she is best used as a support or healer.

Useful links

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J6tLHEww13F18qSyfKceN0bDJrRzIi4sQqxELOTvWe0/preview - Rank & UE reccomendations that also includes a tier list.
https://princess-connect.fandom.com/ - English Wiki for the game
https://appmedia.jp/priconne-redive/ - Japanese wiki for the game
https://gamewith.jp/pricone-re/ - Japanese wiki for the game.
https://rwiki.jp/priconne_redive/ - Japanese wiki for the game
https://priconne.arcticpasserine.com/ - English translations for the game. Hosts character translations, story translations, event translations and many translations. Check out this site if you play the Japanese version.
https://nomae.net/arenadb/ - Arena database for the Japanese version. Has a tendency to time out or die if used around PVP reset.
https://www.pcrdfans.com/en/battle - Another Arena database. Also includes CN and TW servers and some other tools.
https://twitter.com/priconne_redive - Official Twitter account for the Japanese version
https://twitter.com/priconne_en - Official Twitter account for the English version
https://imgur.com/a/18ekR4B - Settings translation for the Japanese version by Vodakhun
https://redive.estertion.win/ -   Assets database including story scripts and image rips
http://pricone.nekonikoban.org/ - Database but for the defunct Princess Connect that came before Re:Dive
https://github.com/superk589/PrincessGuide - Unofficial tool for the Japanese version of the game. iOS only.
https://github.com/MalitsPlus/ShizuruNotes - Same as above. Android only.
https://expugn.github.io/priconne-quest-helper/ - Quest item farming helper.
https://kenofnz.github.io/priconne-en-event-timer/ - PriconneEN Event Schedule/Timer

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