I never knew how much I wanted this until we were out one night at an alternative bar and I watched women dancing and caressing each other. There were two beautiful women standing beside us and they kissed, a very hot, passionate kiss, while running their hands over each other's breasts and buttocks and I thought I'd orgasm right there watching them. It really had a profound affect on me! I wanted to feel what they were feeling so badly. My clit was throbbing as I stood there. Damn I was so hot, my legs felt weak and I was squeezing my thighs. I had to tell Jack we needed to sit down so I could cross my legs and just squeeze myself.
I watched them for a few minutes until they walked hand in hand to the restroom. I was so curious I decided to follow them into the restroom hoping they’d start a conversation with me. I went into the rest room and the stalls to my surprise only came up part-way which allowed your head to remain above the walls. In the end stall there was one of the women standing and at first I didn’t see the other. Soon I realized that there were really both women in the stall and the one sitting had her face in the standing one's crotch. By now she was leaning against the wall and I swear I've never seen a more passionate look on a woman's face than she had and her moans were getting quite loud as she pulled the woman's face into her pussy. Needless to say I was transfixed and hurried to enter a stall and drop my panties and touch myself while observing the standing woman’s intense pleasure.
Very quickly after, while rolling my clit with my fingers I began Orgasming so intensely I had to stretch my legs out in front of me and was visibly shaking all over as one exciting ripple after another coursed through me. I couldn't take my eyes off of her as we both orgasmed and our gazes met as she was hunching fiercely into her lovers tongue and hand. It was as if we were talking to each other in some unspoken way, her eyes imparting her pleasure to me and I kept spasming and tensing, each pulse getting stronger until I was gasping for my breath. I felt so humiliated but also I craved her touch and wanted so badly to say something to her but my embarrassment was too much. I don't think I had ever been hotter in my life than at this moment in time.
Right then the door opened and in walked what I thought was a black woman; she was striking, thin and well made up and breasts just the right size. I was still clenching and tightening and tried to no avail to mask what I was doing but it was obvious that she knew as she stood there watching me. Her eyes seemed to glaze over as she watched everything that was transpiring, her lips curled into an evil grin as she walked straight to my stall and reached inside and unlocked it and opened the door and stood before me. I started to say something but the thought of me doing to her what the woman in the last stall was doing stopped me. By now my hand was flying on my clit and as she stood there I opened my thighs and began fingering myself as she began lifting her skirt and moving towards me.
I was so excited that I was going to taste her pussy, my tongue was wetting my lips and then she had her dress up around her waist and my god she had a COCK! It appeared to be semi-hard and must have been 7-8 inches long already and getting stiffer and thicker by the second. Needless to say I felt disappointment but I was in awe of this persons cock. Everything seemed to flood my mind and body with eroticism and the next thing I knew I had hands on my head and was opening my mouth widely to accommodate this huge black beast of a cock. There I was glancing up at a beautiful woman's face seeing the same pleasure as on the lady in the far stall only I was avidly sucking her COCK! Placing both my hands on this beautiful dick I still had plenty left to suck on. God I was so turned on! I HAVE NEVER SUCKED A MAN'S DICK LIKE I WAS SUCKING THAT ONE. The sheer size of it had my blood boiling to fuck it, I had fantasy’s about being fucked long and hard by a cock like that and here I had both hands and my mouth stroking this huge horse like cock while that lady's groans were in my ears and I saw that she was watching us also. His dick kept swelling bigger and bigger until I couldn't even close my hands around it and it was difficult for me to even run my tongue around his huge head but my intense arousement had me sucking and twisting my mouth on it like a crazed whore. I couldn’t believe how long it grew as it got so hard and stood out perfectly straight.

That beautiful face was smiling down at me with a look that told me he knew how his dick was affecting me. I felt so slutty, so humiliated at what I was feeling and doing but my mind and body just cried out for more! Every cell of my body wanted this cock's hot cum, all I could think about was making him cum. And then he pulled from my mouth as I reluctantly tried to keep it in me. Leaning back I looked up at him as he ordered me to "stand up and turn around" with a voice so feminine it shocked me. Doing as he said, when I was in that position he said "bend over and hold the flusher" again doing as he said I felt my dress pushed up to my back as he said "spread your thighs" I was trembling with anticipation and fear as he began rubbing his cock head along my slit, feeling the girth of his glans splaying my outer lips and rubbing my clit until I was moving my ass trying to impale his cock in my pussy.

When he finally positioned it at my hole I remember thinking "oh god it's too big" As he forced into me I tried to pull forward it stretched me so badly but he held me back into it with his hands holding my hips. It was sooo big, but I wanted, no needed, I needed it in me and soon I was pushing into his shallow thrusting. I felt as if my pussy were ripping before my body finally relented and allowed him to enter me. "Oh god yes", I moaned as he trobbed within the tight confines of my distended walls. I felt so full with just his cockhead in me, stretched like never before and I loved it, god I loved it! I had never felt a cock that good before. The way it seemed to open me as it worked deeper and deeper into me as he taunted me, telling me what a slut I was for fucking him there in the restroom and how he was going to punish my white pussy for being such a craven whore. His words humiliated me but turned me on and soon I was forcing back into him as he roughly fucked me, oh god I loved it! I began cumming and with each powerful thrust of his dick it just seemed to go on and on. God it hurt me but I couldn't stop, I even wanted more of it and he would stop moving and tell me to fuck his big cock and slap me on the ass and god help me I couldn't help but fuck back into him as hard and fast as I could with tears dripping from my eyes but I couldn't stop, I wanted it! All of it!

By now other women were coming into the rest room and watching him fuck me, and the two women in the stall were both standing feeling each other's pussies as they watched me screaming and fucking his big dick. My mind was screaming for me to stop, to run and hide, but my body controlled me and soon I just closed my eyes and gave in to the fullness I felt and the hammering of my walls and I heard myself saying as If it was someone else" fuck me, fuck me, don't stop, please don't stop, harder! Harder!, I LOVE IT! And then some of the women got on either side of me and began rubbing my breasts and saying things to me like they wished they were eating my clit while he fucked me. Those words, coming from women, had my pussy clenching his big cock even tighter as it stretched me painfully. And then he withdrew all the way to his glans and began fucking me shallowly as I tried to push him back into me deeper, I was completely uninhibited by then and didn't care what anyone thought as long as he kept fucking me and making me cum over and over. 
He teased me, telling me to beg, to beg him to fuck me and I did and I didn't even feel shame doing it but begged him to fuck me hard with his big dick , begged him to make me cum again. The women were all urging him on telling him to put his black cock in me to his balls , to give me what I needed, one of them told him to "Fuck the bitch like the cunt she is" and all I could say was YES, YES, do it, fuck me! And did he ever, he rammed into my pussy in one hard thrusting movement, rammed in till his balls were tight against my clit and I screamed as the pain shot through my body. Instinctively I pulled away from him but the women were holding me, pushing me back into him as he pulled at my hips and ground himself into me.
 It felt like my pussy was ripping as he ground into me, his cock pushing deeper and deeper, each centimeter feeling as if it were a foot. I felt him pressuring my cervix painfully, exerting a pressure that brought tears to my eyes. I cried profusely, tears streaming down my face, begging him to stop, as he taunted me, reminding me I had said I wanted it all. Then suddenly I felt his cock enter me deeper and felt my body squeezing him tightly and knew he had violated my cervix and was fucking his long cock into my uterus. My mind felt melting as his cock entered my womb and began stretching its deepest walls. Slowly as he mashed my clit, grinding in small circles, my pussy relented, stretched, and I began to feel some pleasure and soon I was enjoying the sensations in my body and my mind was again being fucked as thoroughly as my pussy. Feeling him stroking smoothly inside me, his bulbous glans opening me, caressing each centimeter of my walls with each forward thrust, I loved it. I loved the way his body hammered my clit at the deepest of his thrusting. 
When I cum that next time as he hammered his balls against me I thought I would die from the sheer intensity of my orgasm. Feeling my pussy stretched to it's outermost limits, filled beyond belief, his hotness pressuring me outwards from within the entire length of my birth canal, had me overwhelmed with pleasure I'd never known before. My legs grew weak and trembled as my orgasms continued unabated. Then they gave out and my full weight was left hanging on his cock as he punched up into me, hunching fast and hard as my face was laying against the coldness of the flushing mechanism, his hands holding me up by my waist as my legs extended rearwards and my body trembled from my head to my toes. I'd never cum so good, not even when Jack would cum simultaneously with me before then, but this was infinitely more intense, it seemed each nerve ending within me was being caressed, pressured until every cell of my body responded and my mind was overloaded trying to process such pleasure.   
My legs would go limp and then retighten as each thrilling voltage-like ripple coursed through me. I could only hang there, head resting on my arms as he hunched methodically into me as I was enveloped by the feelings in my pussy. So big! Feeling drained, his cock seemed twice as big as he lowered me to kneel on the commode seat and I realized that his glans was throbbing and seemed to swell even more as he began fucking me with long fast strokes. I knew then he was going to cum. The sudden realization that a black man was going to cum in my pussy wit all these people watching filled my body with a sudden surge of heat and I began fucking back into him hard and fast, my hands now pushing against the wall as I met each of his forward thrusts with a rearward one of my own that matched his ferocity. My knees were hurting but I couldn't stop, I needed his cum, needed to feel him erupting in me deeper than any man ever had before. It hurt, he seemed even bigger now as he took longer, faster strokes in me while asking, "you want my cum slut, you want me to cum in your pussy, beg me for it" and I did, god did I beg, I pleaded and moaned and rotated my pussy into his thrusting, trying to massage and tease his glans into shooting me full of his hot cum. 
Just as my efforts were about to reward me with another intense orgasm I felt him push tight into me and his already enormous cockhead seemed to explode inside me, stretching me as I felt a powerful spewing of liquid hot lava searing into my pussy. It was if he had cum straight into my brain, the sensations I felt as his cum flowed into me in hot spurts and the sound of his groaning, my pussy spasming on his throbbing dick, I literally screamed so loud, people were running into the restroom to see what was wrong but I wasn't aware of any of it. It was if my whole being was centered on this enormous hot throbbing that was filling my essence with pure unadulterated pleasure, I hunched, I spasmed, I tensed, I hunched some more, I ground my pussy into his spewing cockhead, pushing him painfully into my depths but it only intensified my cumming. His hard fucking was beating my head into the wall but I couldn't stop, I sobbed, I cried, I begged him not to stop, I clawed back at his body trying to pull him even deeper as my pussy was seemingly tearing from his assault. 
As he sporadically fucked me the sound of his cock squishing inside me as his girth caused a vacumn was disgusting but erotically so. My thighs were running wet with my cum and now his also streamed from me as he continued to rapidly pound into my cumming pussy. I was ecstatically delirious as to my surroundings, my world was his cock, nothing else mattered, not the people, not Jack, nothing but the way he was making me cum. And then his grip tightened and he pushed deeply into me as his body shuddered, fingers clenching the skin of my hips hurtfully. He trembled violently as he pressed deeper than he had ever been. My asscheeks clenched and my pussy quivered, clenching and releasing his girth, pumping the dregs of his cum from him into my receptive pussy. 
I seemed to melt around his throbbing glans, every cell of my body seeming to flow to my pussy to massage and caress his huge spasming dick. My thighs straightened till my feet touched the floor, trembling violently as he sporadically hunched hard into my body and I gasped out "oh god…PLEASE…don’t stop! don’t stop! Cum…cum..in me! YES! OH GOD YES!" I felt his cum running from me, coursing down my thighs as he continued to pump me full until finally, his dick stiffened like steel, his glans flared hugely within me and he fucked me deep and hard for another few minutes of ecstasy! I cried out in painful excitement, loving the way he stretched me so painfully but wonderfully as his cum erupted in hot jets against my walls one final time. His erupting balls filled my whole pussy with a burning heat that engulfed his entire dick and my strained walls seethed from the scalding his ball juice subjected them to. He held his cock inside me, plugging me as if he wanted his black ball juice to impregnate my white womb. 
Then as he slowly began to deflate within my womb he withdrew with a sound of PLOP! He smiled and looked around at the women around us and turned and walked out of the stall and leaning back with his hands on his hips, pelvis outthrust asked "who wants to clean this up?" I actually wanted to but there were three women on their knees before he got it out of his mouth. 
By now I was straddle the toilet with my knees on the floor still pulsing in small orgasmic delights, shivering and quaking as each little ripple convulsed my body. Damn I felt drained, drained but I never felt more alive and womanly in my life. Taming his enormous beast had left me feeling utterly divine and now that he was gone I suddenly felt so empty and gaping. My pussy felt like it was stretched open so far my insides could fall out but I had never felt so satisfied in my life. Sitting there wiping our cum from me and trying to dig it out of my pussy, watching those women suck and lick at his still partially hard cock I realized that I was changed forever. I knew deep inside of me I would have to be with a woman, and I also knew that Jack could never satisfy this new craving I felt for big dick. Sitting there just looking at his cock I wanted it again, I wanted it to fill that empty spot that yearned for it.

Standing I picked up my panties and put them back on and tried to straighten myself somewhat so I could go face Jack, feeling quite guilty for what I'd done as we had always said we wouldn't do anything without the other being there. As I made my way through the women standing around gawking, one of the original two women in the stall stopped me and simply said "Thank You" and reached over and placed her lips on mine and kissed me warmly for a minute that seemed an eternity and then turned and left the restroom. I guess she felt the same bond that I had when our eyes met while in orgasm and she left me with my clit again throbbing as I could still feel the softness of her lips and her taste was still in my mouth. Damn I had not felt so aroused at one time in my whole life. After what I had just done and her kiss still caused a pounding within me that would not go away. I walked from the restroom on weak legs as I headed straight for where I left Jack for what seemed an eternity ago. People along the way were giving me thumbs up and saying things like "Go Girl" causing me to turn a bright red Im sure. My face seemed to burn and I wished I could crawl in a hole as I realized that quite a few of these people had come into the restroom and must have spread the word as to what was going on in there. I couldnt look anyone in the eyes and I could feel cum draining from me, soaking my panties making me feel really disgusted at myself but a part of me felt like I had just been awakened to life and wanted to taste the rest of it. 
I knew I would have to have an at length discussion with Jack about these new cravings I had acquired. Jack was not where I had left him which meant I had to endure more people cheerfully taunting me. It seemed I had celebrity status.

I finally found Jack in a little alcove like space at the darkened rear of the dance floor. He was waving his hand at me from a booth like enclosure. As I approached him I saw kneeling in front of him this woman that had been caressing my breasts in the restroom, who was now energetically sucking at my hubby’s stiff dick while he hunched unceremoniously up into her mouth, grinning broadly at me the whole while. At first I was livid at the thought of him doing this without me present but then I realized that I could say nothing.
I sat down beside him, wondering how I could possibly tell him what I had done and how everyone in there seemed to know about it. What words could I possibly use to explain why I had allowed myself to be used, to be so utterly debased in front of all those people. Had this woman told him about me, did he know it was me she was talking about. As my thoughts twirled around my head Jack reminded me of why I love him so dearly by saying. "Honey I hope you don’t mind that I indulged in this without you but when I went looking for you, it seemed when I found you, that you were so busy that you didn’t see me standing beside you. From the size of the cock that you were fucking so energetically and the things you were saying to him I felt you may be awhile getting back. Watching you so uninhibitedly enjoying yourself and seeing you cumming so much I asked this lady that was enjoying your breasts if she’d like to please your husband and she enthusiastically replied yes! Seems that we both were highly aroused by the manner you were taking his cock."

I love him so! How many men would understand and be happy for their wives to experience such a thorough fucking from a man, especially a black man, with such a huge cock and not feel intimidated by it. I watched as she removed Jack's trousers and then her own panties and straddled him as he sat there. I leaned forward and held his cock as she pressed her leaking pussy down onto his fat glans, her moan telling of the relief she found in the opening of her pussy. She began hunching, rising and falling energetically right there fifteen feet from the dance floor. Seeing her hunching into his body, hearing her sighs and moans, head flailing wildly as she repeatedly cum, her thighs opening widely as she pressed down into his cock and ground into his stiffness, had my pussy yearning, clenching its need. I remembered the taste of the other woman’s lips and was compelled to reach out to her and place my lips on hers, kissing her as she tensed into his dick. My hand found her clit and rolled it as she rose and fell on my husbands dick and soon she was moaning into our kiss, her tongue flailing mine excitedly as my own clit throbbed roughly! 
I felt so overwhelmed by everything that had transpired in that place. Until that night we had been faithful to each other and now here I sat, kissing a woman that was soaking my hubbys cock with her cum and my own pussy feeling gaped and open, clit throbbing once again. Knowing there were people watching us seemed to intensify her orgasms and she had to break off our kiss as her breathing became very fast and shallow, coming in gasps as her asscheeks squeezed and her hips turned her pussy down into his deepest thrusts while she repeatedly shook and trembled. I was hoping shed turn around and I could slip between her thighs and lick her clit as she hunched into him but suddenly the excitement became too much for Jack and he was hunching up into her hard, lifting her body with each hard upward thrust as she cried out causing heads to turn on the dance floor as she screamed and hunched into his cumming dick. Watching her kissing him, her body moving in tune with his was so erotic for me as I remembered the countless times I had felt what she was feeling now, how hot Jacks cock is, how it swells so much as it readies to spew its heaving loads into a quivering pussy. I felt so close to her and him at that moment. And then she lifted herself from him and began murmuring something about Thanks, hope to see you again, have to run, husbands waiting for me, etc, etc and pulling her clothes on she turned and fled like she was late for a sale.

Damn, and I sat there throbbing, so I bent and began sucking at Jacks cock, tasting the headiness of her cum, her lingering scent filling my nostrils, causing something inside me to crave what had been moments before engulfing this hunk of manhood. Rubbing my face on his pubic hair her moisture coating me, her smell seemed to ignite a fire in me that I know will have to be quenched. After we arrived home and cleaned up we went to bed and made love, Jack eating me in his tender teasing way, fucking my ass as I couldnt help but wonder how that mans cock would feel in there. I love Jack and would never leave him but now I do have other needs that in order for me to be happy I will have to sate. Just so you know, Jack helped me to write this. I know what I want to say but he expresses it so much better. I just tell him what I want to express and then read what he writes and tell him what to change that I dont think I would say. 
Hes so wonderful!! Of course he finds out a lot of my thoughts by expressing them for me!! I could never write or say the things he does even though I feel them, Im too shy. I can tell him anything because I know he doesnt judge or condemn me for anything I desire or feel. He says hes too screwed up sexually (By societys norms) to be holding anyone in contempt for any thing they desire or enjoy sexually. He truly believes in the saying "If it turns you on, just do it!" as long as its consensual. He just asked me how a woman could have consensual sex with animals.smile. I told him if their cocks got hard it was consensual.lol. I am writing the rest of this myself as it embarrasses me to say these things to him. Jack understands and even wants me to experience anything I need or want to. Hes such a great person that way. The night he brought our meeting with Darnell, another black man, to fruition, and he watched as I was totally consumed by the feelings Darnells eleven inch, coke can thick cock provided me I knew I could never leave him. How many men would not be intimidated by seeing their woman obviously craving another mans cock, doing things to that man that she hesitated to do even for him and then to say that he was happy that she enjoyed herself so much and ask if next time shed like to experience two or more men that way. 
But now it seems that I find myself craving things that used to disgust me. When I see pictures of big cocked black men I fill with a yearning to find out what it feels like to have his big black hands holding my asscheeks as his long thick cock penetrates me possibly deeper than even my other large cocked friends did. Laying in bed at night I catch myself imagining me tied to a bed and many large cocked black men making me do their will, forcing their cum down my throat, up my ass, ripping into my pussy, fucking me with no regard to my crying and pleading for them to stop, just fucking me until I begin cumming as each of them fills my pussy with his hot semen. I now fantasy about two large cocks fucking my asshole and pussy while I suck another into my throat. And even worse I fantasy about them doing it in public. I think of them forcing their huge cocks into my pussy , pushing my face into a womans wet pussy while ordering me to make her cum, hammering my pussy while pushing my tongue deeply into her, my tears running down over her clit as they stretch me open deeply. It seems that the night in the restroom has affected me very profoundly to say the least. 
Tasting the joy of pain mixed with pleasure, the intense stretching of my pussy tempered by the resulting sensations the girth and length provides and the mental massaging that accompanies the ballooning inside my pussy plus the need to feel the tenderness of a woman seems to be tearing me apart. A womans softness is so inviting, even more so I fantasy when accompanied by the rough ripping pain of a hot cock pounding my walls. The way my mind and body seemed so submissive when under the influence of their large cocks seems to be addicting. Ive started craving to be dominated, to be made to be a slut. I think thats why black cock is such a turn on to me now. The thought of a black man taunting me about loving his "nigger" dick just makes me wet, and when I think of one forcing my head down on his cock and filling my mouth with cum I start playing with my clit. I have never been able to let a man cum in my mouth not even Jack, but many times now I have greedily inhaled a black mans sperm and craved more, especially when another one was hurting my pussy. Youd think this would make Jack upset, but he says if I ate a black mans cum it would turn him on because hed know that I was really hot and enjoying myself immensely. You have to love a man like that! 
I really need to find a woman to make passionate love to and ignite the fires within me so that maybe I can quiet these big dick cravings that Im having now. Jacks been talking to this white guy with thirteen inches of cock that has a 6 ½ inch circumference and Ive been day dreaming about it a lot. But Jack says I have to fuck it in a public place like a restaurant or park, someplace where I can wear a big flowing dress and sit on it and grind down on it until the guy cums in me and then well take him someplace he can fuck it all into me if I can take it. He knows I cant he just wants to see me trying to force it all in me while Im under the influence of it. Seems he was really turned on by me ramming back into that guys cock even while having tears in my eyes and sobbing. Says it must really have been good for me to do that, little does he know, if he knew how I felt right then hed keep me home under lock and key. I used to say size doesnt matter, but when my pussy is stuffed with dick it matters. A man with a big dick doesnt even have to move it to give me more pleasure than most guys can when hes pounding as hard as he can. I realize that this is mostly about my need for big cock but dont think I dont crave a woman just as badly or more. If I had to choose between fucking that guy again or being with a woman Id be kissing her body in a heartbeat. Boy, just talking about all this is making me throb soooo hard. Glad Jacks home, wish you were here also!!!!!! Especially if youre a well hung black guy that wants to unload your balls inside me…….Blush


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