..the names have been changed. I am in no way an author so please disregard the grammar and the unflowing paragraphs....enjoy.

It was just another normal Tuesday as Me and my fiance Ashley were lounging around the house along with my best friend Josh who was always at my house since he worked at the department store down the street.

Myself, I'm 21, kinda short,around 5'5, buzzed dark brown hair, I've lifted weights throughout my life so I'm pretty muscular, I've always been described as short and stocky which I guess you could also describe dick as, around 4 inch and at least 2 inches in girth but I tend to satisfy my fiance very well.
Ashley is a goddess, 19 years old, around 5'6, long sandy blonde hair, skinny, double Ds, bald pussy, and thick ass.
My friend Josh is a big guy, 20 years old, 6'2, probably around 250 pounds, buzzed brown hair, and I've never really put too much thought into his dick but I assumed it was proportional to his height

Well like I was saying we were lounging on the couch and as usual we were bored and restless...

"I'm BORED!" Ashley yells throughout the house

"Well let's do something!" I yell back at her, smacking her ass through her skin tight short-shorts

Sitting there puzzled at what to my friend speaks up

"Okay well if yall can't decide we're getting drunk" my friend decides for the rest of us pulling out his wallet and throwing his part on the table

"Okay, well I'm going to invite my sister if no one minds" Ashley states

"Sure" I reply smoothly but secretly I am jumping for joy because my fiances sister Mandy is smoking hot and I've always had a secret desire to fuck her brains out while my fiance Ashley eats her out.

But anyways back to the story...

Yes. Around my house we drink during the weekdays. Mostly because my fiance is a very successful stripper who works on the weekend and Mondays and Tuesday's are the only days open to drink.

So we head up to the ABC, get our supplies and return back home to find Mandy back at my house waiting on us.

Now Mandy, she's a young bombshell, 18 years old, 5'5 like me, long reddish brown hair, freckled complection, gorgeous green eyes with sexy librarian glasses, and the cutest little body you can imagine.

So as the liquor chills we all play a dirty card game which is always fun to play since it gets everyone laughing and into a good mood. Josh always sits beside my fiance during anything we do wether its playing this game or watching a movie. One thing about my friend is he has always had a thing for my fiance, the way he stares at my lady's tits and perfect ass is hilarious because its so obvious but at the same time its very big turn on.

Me and my fiance have always discussed how our ultimate fantasy is a threesome, I've always hoped that one day I could get her and Mandy into the bed and satisfy them all night but since Josh is always around I tend to just fantasize about me and my best friend pounding Ashley until she can't take it anymore.

After an hour or so the liquor finally chills and we turn off lights, replace them with blacklights, turn on some techno and play liquor pong. I always play on Mandy's team so I can grab her ass when no one is paying attention, plus like I said earlier Josh is always beside my fiance so naturally he plays on her team...

As usual we get entirely too drunk and stop playing pong. Ashley, being a stripper, gets drunk and her ass naturally shakes to the beat which is always fun entertainment for me and Josh to watch. Now I wasn't nearly as drunk as everyone else and knowing the people around me very well I decided to pull some puppet strings...

As everyone was lounging back on the couch where the day had started I lean over to my fiances ear

"let's talk them into a foursome" I whisper jokingly, not really knowing if it would work

"FOURSOME!" She yells announcing it to everyone in the room

Wow. Now I wasn't expecting that reaction. Taking the opportunity while it was fresh I immediately push the subject to Mandy.

"No, no thanks, I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate that" she says in a 'sorry, I really want to but I shouldn't' kind of way.

'Damn' I thought to myself. That was probably my one and only opportunity.

But I decided not to let the my chance at a perfect threesome slip away. My friend Josh was pretty drunk and just sitting there unknowing if this was a joke or not, and was undecided wether to take action on the request. So as the techno blasted and the blacklights kept the room dark and vision was impossible I grabbed Josh's hand and guided to Ashley's knee and slowly worked it up to her thigh up to her pussy that was wet to the knowledge of what was going to happen. She knew she was going to get fucked like she had never been before. Slowly I work my friends hand in a circle, massaging her outer pussy lips which were soaked with excitement. Josh knew exactly what was going to go down and he finally got to nerve to act on his own.

Slowly he moves his fingers into her causing her pussy to tighten up to the feeling of a different set of fingers. Ashley moans and Josh's eyes light up with excitement so I decide to move the party to the bedroom.

Once upstairs Josh and I lay down on the bed and Ashley begins the sexiest striptease I've ever seen. When her luscious body is fully exposed I motion for her to join us on the bed and we start kissing. Josh, getting anxious with a boner raging in his boxers starts eating her bright pink lips that reeked of sweet pheromones.

After awhile Josh and I strip down and to my surprise he wasn't as big in the pants as I thought he would be. So were all naked now and Ashley is getting herself off while waiting for us. So I position her on all fours and she starts sucking my friends dick like I've never seen before, I could tell she wanted his dick. One thing about my girl is her amazing talent of sucking dick, starting from the tip and slowly working her way to the balls. As she sucks Josh's dick like a Hoover, I bury my tongue deep inside of her, lubricating every inch of her in preparation to the pounding she was about to be given. After awhile my pulsing dick couldn't handle it anymore so I spread her cheeks and slide my dick in. Her pussy walls were so soft that night I thought I was going to bust a nut right then but luckily I focused and slowly worked into a smooth motion. Never having two dicks at the same time Ashley was having wave after wave of orgasms. I could tell Josh was going to be done soon so I motioned for Ashley to turn around into a missionary position so my friend could enjoy the wonderful feeling of her pussy on his dick while I opened up her jaw and mouth fucked her brains out until both Josh and I were ready to cum. Then we both stood up and she sucked us both dry, swallowing every drop.

This is by far the best sex I've had so far in my 21 years of existence....hopefully one day I can get my fiance another girl at the same time.

I'll be posting pictures of my gorgeous woman eventually, stay tuned

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