I knew if I pulled out of her now it would either kill her or drive her over the edge and the thought stayed on my mind, and I made it up quickly. I pulled my dick out of her and watched as she collapsed down onto the bed.
"Why the HELL did you do that? I was about to cum!"
"You know you liked it, babe"
"No, I hate it when you do that, now shove your dick back in me and fuck me till I cum."
"Let's do something different then" I said to her
"Like what?" she asked, with an air of interest in her voice
I pulled her up and told her to lean against the wall and close her eyes.
"Why, what are you going to do to me?..." she asked shyly
"Oh, you’ll find out shortly, now spread your legs and lean against the wall with your hands"
She did so and I moved my hand in between her legs, rubbing her pussy lips slowly
"Come onnnnnnnnn stop teasing me!" she cried
I kept rubbing her without penetrating her vagina, and moved my hand up to rub her clit lightly.
"God, stop-I want you to fuck me, not tease me to an orgasm!" she said through short breaths
I moved my hand back to her lips and slowly stroked her pussy again, and moved my hand back to her ass
"No don’t!" she said "that’s not g-OHHHHHHHH" she said as I pushed my finger against her hole
I rubbed her ass a bit before moving back to her pussy, and she whimpered a bit
"I was enjoying that…" she said
"I thought you didn’t like anal play, hun"
She looked back at me with a sad look on her face "I didn’t think I did…"
I stopped playing with her pussy and I leaned next to her ear
"Let’s go…take a nice warm shower" I said quietly
She turned around to face me and leaned against the wall
"Why? She asked as she reached out and grasped my dick, jerking it up and down slowly, trying to get back at me
"Just come on" I said as I pulled her to our bathroom and I flicked the bath water on before we were in it.
"Not gonna turn the exhaust fan on?" she asked me as our bathroom began to steam up.
"Not this time, now get in the shower!" I said to her
She stepped in slowly, and kept her eye on me as I got in behind her, the steam rising up all around up. I turned the shower head on and looked back at her.
"Lean up against the wall" I ordered her as I turned the shower head to pulse
"Oh, you gonna clean my dirty pussy?" she asked me
I smiled at her and aimed the shower head at her pussy
"Oh god, yes. That feels gooooood" she cooed
I moved the shower head closer to her and started rubbing her clit with my other hand. Her head rolled back and she moaned aloud
As she enjoyed the water pulsing and my finger rubbing her clit, I dropped the shower head and moved my dick close to her pussy. She looked down and smiled
"Oh, is that going inside me now? Inside my nice, clean pussy?"
"No, turn around. You’re not clean enough yet." I ordered her
She looked at me curiously but slowly turned around. I stepped back and grabbed her hips, pulling at them. She got the message and widened her stance, taking a few steps back so she was almost in a doggie style position. I turned the shower head around and aimed it at her ass, and her head shot up
"Oh god! That feels good!" she moaned
I kept the water on her ass and moved my hand in to rub her pussy. As I reached it, she moved her hips.
"No, your hand inst what I want in me, I want your dick in there." She said snidely
I sighed and dropped the shower head to the floor and walked up behind her.
"What are you gonna do to me?" she asked
"You’ll see" I said to her
I pushed my dick against her pussy, slowly making my way into her warmness, listening to her moan aloud and pushed as far in as I could, watching as her pussy engulfed it.
"Mmmm" she moaned as I began pushing in and out of her.
I started moving faster in and out of her, and watched as she began thrusting back and forth, meeting mine.
"Oh, is that the fastest you can fuck me?" she moaned loudly at me
I began thrusting in and out quicker and quicker, and as I quickened my pace, hers slowed at the amount of pleasure she began to receive, as I was smashing into both her clit and g-spot at once
"OH GOD, DON’T STOP FUCKING ME!" she screamed as I felt her tighten up, bracing for orgasm. I pushed deep again and felt her begin her orgasm, slowing my pace, but taking deep, penetrating thrusts into her. After a few moments she began to decline and slowly began making small thrusts on my cock, trying to get me off.
"Babe, this hurts a bit, I’m sensitive…"she said
I pulled out of her and she turned around to face me, and lowered herself so her mouth was resting on my head before slowly rubbing her tongue across it. It was my turn to moan, and I did. At that she took half my dick in her mouth and began moving up and down on it, sucking and licking, and used her hand to jack me off, trying to get a quick orgasm from me.
"Oh yes, don’t stop this hun. It feels so good" I moaned
She smiled and sped up a bit, as I felt my orgasm slowly building up, and she knew it too. As I felt like I was about to reach an orgasm she began deepthroating my dick and it drove me over the edge as I began cumming down her throat.
"OH GOOOOOOD" I moaned aloud as I felt her drink down all my cum
"Did you like that, baby?" she asked as she pulled my dick from her mouth, still jerking on it slightly.
She didn’t deep throat me often, but when she did it felt amazing, and I loved it.
"Yes, thank you baby" I said with a smile as she kept jerking on my dick.
"Well let’s finish this shower, I feel tired" she said as she let go of my cock.

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