MalO Greentext for Halloween
By Anonymous

Story inspired by MalO drawing by Meandraco

you’re sitting at the end of the dock at the lake at night near your house
you can hear the ambience of crickets, waves hitting the lake shore and loon calls
there was need to bring a flashlight as the moon was full this night
your enjoying time on the lake and looking at the night sky when a bell sound disturbs your peace
it's from your phone
you check what it is and see that an unknown number has sent you an image
it’s a picture of you on the end of the dock at this moment right now
this caught you so off-guard that you lose your grip on your phone and accidentally drop it into the lake
for a moment during the splash it sounded like your phone made a distorted screeching sound
regaining the focus of your attention you look behind you to see if anyone is there
for a while now you’ve been receiving phone calls from unknown numbers with no one answering, and cryptic text messages
slowly the messages became more threatening and you began receiving pictures of places you’ve were familiar with
you had a stalker and now they finally found you
you scan the treeline along the lake but you can’t see or hear anyone
your certain that just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they can’t see you
you get up and make a run for it to your house
as you’re inside you notice that the lights aren’t working but your alarm panel still is
you were in the dark long enough for your eyes to adjust so your able to not bump into things, mostly
after making sure that every window and door was locked you set up the alarm
”ERROR!” it said
”All Entrances Must Be Closed!” the panel read
your bedroom window, that’s the one you always forget
you run up the stairs and make a dash to your room
nearly bashing the door open you see your wide open window and rush towards it
but as you’re about to shut it you notice a trail of something wet coming from the window
your stalker is already in your house
following the trail of wet spots on the floor with your eyes
the trail leads your eyes back to your bedroom door
there you see the intruder standing outside your door frame

a deer in headlights would be an understatement for the amount of shock you feel right now
a bi-pedal creature was slowly moving into your room
first you notice a claw reaching out and resting on the wall of your room
then it finally invites itself inside your room
with the moonlight beaming into your room you’re more able to make out it appearance
the only thing that comes somewhat close to its appearance was a wendigo, werewolf hybrid
it’s claws were sharp
it’s face had been skinned, showing only a skull for a face
the skull itself looked canine
black fur covered most of its body with some parts only consisting skin or furless regions
it’s skin was also dark in color
water was dripping all over its body almost as if it had taken a shower without drying
did it come from the lake? you thought to yourself
and finally… breasts?
it was a she
but thoughts of “her” had not mattered long as she had let out a growl followed by a shriek
both of which sounded like a corrupted audio recording
suddenly she lunges towards you
by instinct you dive onto your bed, she misses you by a foot
as she turns towards you, ready to pounce again
frantically trying to find a means to defend yourself you throw pillows at her
she slashes at them like they’re butter
she jumps on you, pinning you in place
she leans in forward, her panting emitting from her clenched jaw of pointy canine teeth
she opens her jaw and lets out that distorted screech again
sitting on top of your waist, she arches her back, with a claw raised behind her head, like a pitcher winding up a fastball
making eye contact with her, it’s clear her intent is to kill
it’s over you thought yourself
you're going to have a horrific death
this moment so close to death felt like hours
in this time you can’t help but notice her wet body glistening underneath the moonlight
how strangely erotic her body is despite being so exotic
specifically her breasts, they were not too small and also perky
her areolas were darker and noticeable compared to her skin
her nipples stiff and pointed, no doubt after being exposed to the chill night after coming from whatever water source she came from
death being inevitable you thought you might as well indulge on your desires
without control you instinctively reach towards her tits with both your hands
both were almost cold to the touch
as soon as your hands made contact with her, she froze
then you started fondling them in circular motion
she broke from her frozen state then growled, aggressively knocking your arms away from her boobs before you could warm them up
still growling she quickly raises her claw again ready to end your short debauchery
you try your foreplay again this time using your thumbs and index fingers to tightly pinch her nipples
whatever reaction you were trying to get with this time, might have worked
suddenly her arms slowly drop to their side like strings
her snout of her skull face pointed to the ceiling emitting with what you can guess is a moan
it looks like you pressed her off switch and you’re glad that you found it in time
suddenly she starts grinding her hips on top of your groin
then her claws come back to life, holding the back of your hands, keeping them in place on top of her breasts
finally her head recoils forward, her face is now fixated to yours
the gaze of her eyes meets with yours and her grinding motion stops
staring into her eyes, you now notice the intent to kill is gone, now replaced with what you could guess was a lustful expression
you gulp for what’s to come next

you don’t know what happened next but now you are naked, having sex with your monster stalker in the missionary position
with you being on top of her for a change
inserting your manhood into her cunt at a rapid motion
not slowing down but not speeding up
you lean back still not stopping and see her tits bounce up and down each time you slam into her
a long, dark colored tongue has laid out of her jaw
her body, once cold to the touch has now greatly warmed up
she was moaning, still with that digital tone, almost like she was on the other end of a phonecall
whatever she was you don’t think she did this before with anyone
she was enjoying it maybe a bit too much
as you reached your melting point you began to speed up
she began to moan louder and you panting harder
”I’m getting close.” you tell her with half breathes
suddenly she holds you tight, her claws sink into your back
you wince from the slight discomfort
with both of her arms and legs now criss-crossed around your body, she has locked you in, holding you tightly
afterwards and to your surprise, she gives you a verbal response

Ç̷̡̭͎̹̱̑̄̇̏̅µ̶̡͙̣̬̀̄̄̍͗ͅm̴̡͓͚̯̭͑̓̔͐̾ ̷̡̠̘̻͙̂̆̊̊̚ï̴̬̝͎̱̪̆̔̊̒̿ñ̷̢̮̥̬̹̋͋͆̓̄ ̵̣͓̙̺̮̇̄͛̂̚ṁ̶̯͖̪̘͉́͊̈́̾ể̴̼̰̩͍͚̿̈̚͠!̴̨͕̠͇̘͛̊̿̈̀

you fuck her harder as you cum inside her
each time your cock enters her, you release a load deep inside her
you keep doing this until you eventually slow down and unfortunately stop
you leave your cock inside her, not letting your cum slip out of her
the only sound that could be heard are both of you taking exhausted breaths
both of you slowly regain your breath but you are completely spent
you lie on top of her as you slowly drift to sleep
you feel her hand lightly stroking the back of your head as you close your eyes

you hear birds chirping from outside
as well as a familiar, piano melody
your eyes slowly open
the bedroom is lit up by the morning sun
you rise up from your bed and look to your side
your phone is on the nightstand playing your alarm
as you reach over and turn it off you remember the events of last night
your heart rate spikes as you quickly scan the room for the creature
seeing your window still open, you jump out of bed and shut it
you check the woods outside for anything out of the ordinary
spotting nothing, you slowly walk away from the window and start compiling the events from last night
it’s all hazy but you remember that some monster thing had entered through your window
it was wet and left a puddle trail, but you don’t see stains on the floor or by the window
you check outside your room into the hallway
still nothing
you remember that it entered your room, had you cornered, and it tried to attack you
you jumped onto the bed and threw your pillows at it and ripped them apart
but your pillows are still on the bed, and still in one piece
there was no evidence that there was something in the room with you
you then remember you dropped your phone at the lake
grabbing your phone you inspect it thoroughly
it’s working fine, no water damage from what you can tell
you remembered someone sent you something last night but can’t find anything
was it a nightmare?
you can’t recall anything after you thrown your pillows at the creature
you’re convinced it was just one hell of a nightmare
still blurry with the details, what you recall is that the monster was some kind of werewolf?
it was a full moon last night you remembered
maybe your brain used that inspiration to scare you
you were still in one piece and still wearing your pajamas afterall
still slightly unease, you finally accept that is was all just a dream

3 months later
you are on your computer at home finishing some reports from work
since that nightmare you haven’t had any problems
in fact things have gotten better for you
it’s also been a while since your alleged stalker had bothered you in some way
until you received another cryptic message
your personal phone lights up with a notification
”1 New Message From: MalO”
”MalO?” you thought to yourself
you don’t recall anyone from your contacts named that
you check the message and read it
”I need to ask you something.”
”Who is this?” you reply
”I need to know something from you.”
MalO sends you a photo
from what you can tell it’s a close up picture of a dark skinned stomach with a protuberance
and a sharp-clawed hand underneath, holding it up
you stare at the hand in shock as you pieced it together
there was no mistaking it, what you thought was a nightmare was instead a reality
that hand belonged to the monster that was in your house that night
your heart is racing before as you remember that night
this “MalO” is the name of your stalker and home invader
but at the same time, the word phrase “MalO” was starting to come back you
ever so vaguely, you recall downloading an application for your phone roughly a year ago with a similar if not exact title
but uninstalled it shortly after
before replying to the image you tab out of your messages app and bring up the app store on your phone
you try searching “MalO” but got no results
before trying again with a different spelling of the word you receive another message
it’s displayed on the top of your phone screen and reads
”Yes, I am that MalO.”
can she see your screen you wondered?
you look behind you but no one is there, turning back to your phone
”Wait, so it was actually you who’s been stalking me this whole time?!” you reply with sweat down your face
”Will you take responsibility?” MalO replies
”What are you talking about? I’m asking if you were the one harassing me! Answer me!”
”Will you take responsibility?” MalO replies again
”Take responsibility for what? I don’t know what you’re talking about?!” you reply, heart beating faster
”The video folder on your phone titled ’MalO ver1.0.0’” she replies
you check the videos list on your phone, sure enough there’s one titled just as she said it was
you click on the folder and press play on a video there
”What the fuck….?” you say to yourself
it’s a video of you and the creature from that night having sex with each other
from the audio of the video you hear yourself, ”I’m getting close.”
you then see her locking her arms and legs around your body and reply with what you could guess was “Cum in me!”
feeling like you had broken out of some sort of brainwash, you remember everything from that night
from sitting on the dock by the lake, to the moment of you orgasming in her womb
you set your phone down on the desk in front of you
you’re still in your chair, still taking it all in, taking deep breaths is all you can do to cope with this realization
you were being haunted by some cursed digital program, “she” manifested… and you impregnated her
you’re phone lights up with another message
MalO sent you another photo
it’s a full photo of her at a side angle, looking down at the small mound on her abdomen
despite her only having a skullface, it looked like she’s holding a smile somehow
she has a hand underneath her stomach like the previous photo, and the other covering her breasts
you’re certain that she’s apart of the phone somehow, she must have took the photo herself without the need for someone else to take the photo for her
not to mention the sex tape that was recorded with your own phone you swore was lost to the lake
she replies again “Will you take responsibility?”
you put the phone down, still coming to terms with your actions 3 months ago
you receive another notification, “Will you take responsibility?”
you’re still lost for words as you scramble to talk to yourself out loud ”I….””
you receive another notification, “Will you take responsibility?”
you receive another notification, but the sound it made was louder
staring down at the phone you saw that it was all caps this time
your phone goes crazy as well as your computer
your phone is receiving multiple messages a second
you see the same message being spammed over the the lock screen on your phone
your computer goes haywire, you can hear the fans inside your tower drastically speeding up
just like the phone, your computer screen is opening multiple windows like bad adware
all of which are repeating the same message that were on the phone
all the noise is unbearable
with a snap you yell “ENOUGH!”
the lights in your room go off as well as electronics, almost like a black out had hit your place
your sitting in a dark room, the only thing you hear is you panting and the low pitch sound of your computer shutting off
a moment passes when the screen on your phone comes to life, bringing you your only source for light in a dead silent house
it was another message from MalO
”Will you take responsibility?”
you grab your phone and see 1471 unread messages
you stare at her most recent message preparing give her your response
despite her being an anomaly, she was in-fact baring your child, even if you could not comprehend the scientific explanation behind that
you think back to the most recent photo she sent you
you can’t help but think it was a beautiful photo and how happy she looked
she’s wasn’t some monster, she was a person
a soon to be mother anticipating your next response just as much as you are
even going to back to that night, sure it was scary
but looking back you can’t help but laugh at how exciting it was
especially with how euphoric the night ended, it was so intoxicating that you couldn’t even remember it the morning after
even in the moment then, you wished it would never end, you wished the two of you would be entwined for eternity
and you’re willing to bet that she was thinking the same thing
you wished the two of you would be entwined for eternity despite being different
but now, do you regret doing what you did that night?
holding the phone up, the light illuminating your face
you send MalO your final answer
moments pass without a response from her, you’re holding your breath, hearing the thumping of your heart
you think that she’s waiting for confirmation, you finally reply again, to give her just that
”Yes, I will take responsibility.”
”Good.” MalO texts back
you look up as the sudden blare of lights fill the room again, your computer powers on as well
you’re relieved and proud with your answer and feel hopeful about the future
you look back at her response on your phone
after a moment passes you text her “I love you.”
you take a deep breath waiting for her response
without warning, your chair turns you around
a nude and familiar, dark entity has pinned you to your seat by the shoulders
you’re now looking up where MalO is staring down, meeting her wide open eyes with yours
she’s panting with a nearly closed jaw, her fangs still as sharp as ever
still caught off guard by this sudden jumpscare, you can’t bring yourself say or do anything other than to stare
you dart your eyes towards her stomach, you definitely see the bulge due to her pregnancy
then you stare up to her bare breasts, now slightly bigger, as well as lactating a small bit
she slowly leans forward to meet you at eye level, still panting, her claws still on your shoulders
you keep eye contact with her as she’s doing this, only to break off to look at her gorgeous, motherly tits hang in the air shortly after
she takes a hand off your shoulder and holds your chin slightly upwards
she doesn’t want you to stare at those just yet unfortunately
her mouth closes shut, you feel her snout now drawing breath
you’re tempted to break this moment of silence by using your signature move like last time
but you know now’s not the time
should I say something? you thought to yourself, is she planning on killing me?
does she want verbal confirmation?
before you could speak, she quickly stops you by placing her clawed finger over your mouth
you’re now back to your staring contest, minutes have passed at this point
she wants you to do something, but what?
you’ve been staring at her for a while now… that’s when you remembered
that night, when she looked back at you during your breast play, you got nervous when she looked back you
then she leaned in close up to your face staring into your eyes until you felt comfortable with her presence for you to continue
that’s what she’s doing now, you need to get familiar with her again
you close your eyes and take a deep breath
you open your eyes again and show her that you are comfortable with her by being calm and giving a smile
you lay your hand on top of hers and take them off you, but still holding onto them
you stand up from your chair and she allows it
the two of you now standing, you let go of her hands for you lean in closer to place your head next to hers
the both of you embrace each other with a hug, you swear you’ll find a way to make kissing work
after a soothing minute, still not letting go of each other, the two of you lean back to stare at each other again
”I love you.”

”Ì̶̘͉͚̮̬̋͑̿̋̚ ̶͖̠͙̲̣͆͒͊̉͝l̴̗̙̯̫͈̈̇͗̓̚ð̸͉̭͉̰̟̽͌̑̈́̈́v̵̢̞̭͉͎̔̓̄̍̎ê̵͎͇̲̩͖̔̅̔͐͌ ̷̧̠͖͕͉̓̊̑̉͌¥̸͚̻̗͔̮͌̔͊̋̿ð̴̲̤̻̥̬̽̑͌͛͑µ̵͕̹̬̲͒̃̂̂͑͜.̴̨͙̪̲̱̒̉́̈́͝”


2 months later
you are sitting next to your now finance, MalO, on the pier by the lake
just like that night, there is a full moon, crickets chirping, and loon calls
”That reminds me, why were you trying to attack me a couple months back?” you ask her

”ß̶̙͙̰̠̯̏̂̌̄̊ê̵̙̭͓̫͇̄̇͑̕͝¢̵̢̧̛̘̠̻̃̋̈́͠å̸̦̮̦̫̩̋͑͒͂̋µ̵̹͎̹̳̬̆̿̒̈̓§̸̢͍̺̖̾̌̃͒́͜ę̴̗̭̯̂͊͂̃̈̚ͅ ̵̖͙͎͕̮̆̀͑̚͠¥̸̡̤̜͖̯͊̇͐̍͑ð̵̜͚̮͖̳̍̋̅͌͝µ̴̢͉̞̩̅͒̾̈͌ͅ ̶͖͙͖̦͖́͐̔̃̒Ð̶̛͕̜̘̝̙̊͌̽̔r̴̡̡̘̥̰͒̓͗͝͝ð̵̹͙̱̩͍͂̾̓̈́͒þ̸̡͍͓͙͖̉͌̑͛͘þ̷̻̘̪̙̝͋͒̽̈̔ȩ̸̡̜̞̹̂̑̌͊͝͝Ð̶̡̧̻̯̘̊̑͂͗͝ ̴̡̰͇͖̰͐̅̃̒͝m̶̤̱̝̻̣̔͆̈́̔̒ȩ̷͎͎̫̺̂̉͑̂̑͐ ̶̡̡̱̩̗͐̉̅͘͝ï̸̮̙̟͙͕̍͌͆̓̿ñ̴̢̛̰͉̘̜̓̀͂͝†̶͕̬͓̞͇̊̐͐͂͂ð̶̨̦̣̗͉̋̌́̾̀ ̵̢̧̛̼̗͈̎̄̃̔†̴͙͔͕̤͉̐̋̀̓͒h̴̢̭̗̦̮̏̎̔̏͂ê̴̡̤̘̫͚͋͛̓͂̈́ ̴͔͚̺̻̹͂̾̑́̅l̵͚̭̬̹͈̉̎͗̾͝å̴̤͉̯̥͎͐̐̍̌͘k̸̥̯͍̣̋̐͊̈́̌͜ê̶̱̼̩̲̺̄̅̃͗͘,̷̨̤̣͚͇̈͑̐̂͋ ̶̛̯̱̳̻̺́̆̐̽¥̸͙̥̦̹̀͌͑̽̕ͅð̶͍̦͈̬̖͊̽͗́͘µ̷̠̞͍̫̩͌͂̽͗̂ ̶̧̢̧̛̻̄̈̈̑͜Ð̶̡͍͎̝̪̈̒̓̈́́ï̸͈̝̥̗͔̈́̓̀̅̀¢̷̛̻̻͔͔̝̔͊̏̀ḱ̴̢͍̣̠͎̏̇͐͘.̸̠͕̰̦͖̑̈́͛͒͠ ̴͔̥̼̈́̉̓̒̚͜͜Ð̴̩̝̩̱̭̓̌̾͝͝ð̶͉̭̻̤̺͆̽͌̾̈́ ̵̢̘̬͍͊̎͆͘͝ͅ¥̵̯̲͚̬̙̆̑̓͘͝ð̵̢̠̬͙̬̈́͂͋͆̕µ̵̛͍̪͔̳͖̄̄̋͠ ̵̨̫͚͙̖̈́͐̓̂̓ḩ̸̨̯͔̱͐͒̉͑͂ḁ̵̢̧̱͉̊̿͋̉̚͝v̴̥̱͔͙̒̃̑͛̽͜ȩ̵̛̙͉̝͚̂̊́̑̔ ̵̡̰̝̥̖̑̆̇͋̚å̴̳̭̠̜̝̅͊̅͆̇ñ̶̝̘͓̪̹͐͐́̆̑¥̵̧̨̳͇̙́̄͛́̚ ̸̜͖̣̹͚̈́̐̃̏̚ï̸̥̭͙̲̊̇̈̌͝ͅÐ̴̩̘̘̳͑̇͂̈̚͜ê̷̞͖̠̩̯͒͐̈́̈́͠å̴̧̱̺̥̖̊͊͌̍̓ ̸͙̗̤̟̯̅̊̐́̆h̶̥͈̞̙̲̄̉̇̐͘ð̵͖̜͕̫̬́͊̽͘͝w̵̢̢̜͎̠̃̓͛̾̽ ̷͈̙̼͚̂͆͊͛̈́͜¢̵͓̯̠̯͇̉͐̈̒́ð̸̨̞̗̰̈̌̉̑̏͜l̵̝̗̟͈̤͋̐͒̍̋Ð̴̛͕͚̠̮̻̈̑̍̾ ̶̡͙̰̫͎͛̈́̈͛͑ï̴̩͎̪̳̠͗̋͠͝͝†̴̡̦̱̝̀̏̍͐̌͜ ̴͔̖͈͈̓̽͂̾͂ͅw̴̡̜̤̗̻̓̎̆̑̚å̶͚̘̥̙̣̿̽̾͌͝§̸̧̹̠͈̮́̓̒̕̕?̶̫̘̝̤̋͊̈́͋̚ͅ”

”Oh, sorry about that… I could jump in right now if-”
MalO gasps
expecting to turn into popsicle in a second, instead she reach for your hand and places it on her stomach
you feel a twitch motion emitting from her stomach

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