....it is with some hesitation that I am posting this story. It took much soul searching to decide to allow complete strangers to have a peek into my life. But this is who I am and what I was.....If you are offended by gay sexand youthfull explorations please dont read it. If you do read it please leave your comments and thoughts for me.Certain facts have been altered to comply with legal requirements.

Gay Beginnings

Many of you have read my other stories about some of the exceptional boys who were a part of my life. But now I think it is time for me to recount how I was introduced to gay sex in the first place. I grew up in a small town in rural Maharashtra, and was about 19 years old at the time. I was a tall and well built boy for my age and though I looked quite mature I was actually an innocent who knew little or nothing about sex or sexuality and had never been exposed to any form of gay sex or homosexual pleasure till then. My practical experience and knowledge was limited to two encounters with an older neighbour, a girl of about 22. Once she had kissed me on the mouth and put her hands on the front of my pants near my cock, bringing about an immediate erection followed by an even quicker ejaculation, which wet the front of my pants and sent me running home with a red face, feeling shocked and ashamed. The second time her hands succeeded in reaching into my shorts and actually touching my bare cock and that had the same effect as the earlier occasion. From those experiences I learned that my cock could get hard and could ejaculate. In theory I knew about copulation. I knew that sexual intercourse was how babies were produced. But I knew nothing about masturbation, knew nothing about the terms homosexual or even heterosexual or what these terms implied, and knew nothing about the mechanics of sex or of sexuality. There was always a vague feeling of shame associated with anything remotely sexual, but there was also a sense of something inviting and exciting about it as well

School and sports, cycle rides, fishing in the river or swimming, the occasional movie, these were the simple pleasures that drove most youngsters in those days. Thinking back, I would say that most of my friends and acquaintances were much in the same boat. Though we went to a co-educational school there was never any question of girlfriend or boyfriend. Sex was never thought about let alone talked about. Sex was something for married people, for those in college or working, not something school kids had time to think or worry about.

That year, just before the Dewali holidays and during the quarterly examinations, our neighbours had to go out of station to attend to some important function. Their son, Bunty was about 18 years old and could not miss his exams. This put his parents in a quandary, till my mother offered to look after him for the time they would be away. He was to come and stay in our house for the period. I knew him in only a casual way as he studied in a different school from me. We had played some games together a few times. He had joined our group sometimes when we went swimming, or for a movie. But we were not really friends.
Bunty was also tall for his age though slightly shorter than I was, fairish and slender, with unusual light coloured eyes, a long slim nose and thin lips. There was no sign of any hair on his face, not even down, where his moustache and beard would eventually grow. His hair, which his parents allowed him to keep slightly longish, was always falling across his face, and he would flip it back with a toss of his head. We lived in a big old fashioned house with plenty of spare rooms, but it had been decided that Bunty would share my room as he was not used to sleeping alone in a separate room.

His parents were to leave on a Sunday night so on Sunday afternoon my mom got a spare bed set up in my room and asked me to make place at my study table for him to put his books. He came to our house at about 6 pm and his parents left for the station to catch their train shortly after that.
After settling him in and showing him where he could keep his books and clothes etc, we joined my other friends for a quick game of football. After the game we came home and had a wash before sitting down for dinner. Bunty seemed to be a bit nervous, was very quiet and did not eat much. As usual after eating I helped to clear the dishes from the table and helped my mom to wash and dry them. Bunty was amazed at this and said that in his home it was only his mom who did that sort of work.

After we went to my room I explained to him that though he was a guest in our home we would expect him to help with some of the chores and to keep the house tidy and clean. I took a book and started to read, Bunty also picked up a comic but did not seem to be able to settle down and was fidgeting about, shifting from bed to chair and back to bed again. I asked him if anything was wrong and he told me he had never been away from his parents before and was missing them. Soon it was time to sleep. When I turned off the lights in the room Bunty was surprised that I had no nightlight. He said that in his home there was always a light burning. I asked him to try to sleep without one for that night and that I would fix a light the next day.

Next morning when I woke him up his eyes seemed to be a bit red and it appeared that he had been crying in the night. I told him not to worry and not to feel sad that his parents were not there. We soon left for our individual schools. When I returned home that evening I found Bunty had reached before me. My mom told me that he had come home early and that he had already had his evening snack. What was surprising was that he had helped to wash up the plates without being asked. He seemed to be feeling better and not missing his parents as much. After dinner he told my mom to relax as now there were two people to do the dishes and without any fuss helped me to complete the task. As I had promised him I had already fixed a nightlight in the room. I had positioned it in such a way that his bed was illuminated and mine was in shadow, as I was unused to having a light in the room. He was happier and soon settled down to sleep. At one point during the night I was woken by some sound and looking around saw Bunty was making some sort of movements. I had no idea what those movements indicated and though that he was crying again. In the morning I noticed a small damp spot on his sheets, about the level of his hips, and wondered if he had begun to wet the bed during the night.

On the third night we shared the room, and soon after I had turned off the lights I heard what I thought were a few stifled sobs coming from Bunty. I asked him if he was all right or if there was something wrong. Getting up from his bed he came and sat on the edge of my bed and very shyly and hesitantly asked if he could sleep next to me as he was feeling frightened by the size of the room, being in an unfamiliar place, and missing his parents, was unable to sleep. My bed was big enough to accommodate two people with ease, so moving over I made room for him. Having someone share my bed was totally unfamiliar to me but at that age nothing could keep me awake long and soon I was soundly asleep.

Much later in the night I was woken by an unfamiliar sensation. Bunty was lying pressed up to me, his leg thrown across my thighs, and his hand was wandering across my stomach and the waist band of my shorts. Very soon it moved lower and then grasped my cock through the material of my pants and started a pressing and releasing action.
Needless to say I started to get aroused by this and then realised I could feel his cock stiff and hard pressing against my thigh, pulsing in synchronisation with his hand movements on my shaft. Looking at him I understood that he was awake but pretending to be asleep. Removing his hand from my cock I asked him what he was doing. With a motion to me to keep silent he slipped from the bed, crossed the room and bolted the door. Though I had slept in my own room for many years I had never done more than shut the door when sleeping. As he returned to my bed I noticed his shorts were tented in a peculiar way. I was slow to realise that he had an erection. Coming back to the side of my bed, he slipped off his shorts, revealing his cock standing at right angles to his body, and again lay down beside me and hitched his body close to mine. He slipped one hand into my shorts and held my cock in his warm fingers.

I was taken aback by his actions and jumping up from the bed asked him what he was playing at. I also realised that those few seconds of contact with his hand and the sight of his cock had produced unfamiliar sensations and reactions in my own body and that my cock was now tenting my pants just as his had a few minutes before. He was surprised by my actions and lay there stark naked looking up at me with astonishment written across his face. Asking him to put his shorts back on I demanded an explanation. His revelations that night astounded and amazed me a great deal. At first he asked me why I was reacting in this manner. Had I never touched another boy, or had another boy touch me? Had I never masturbated? When I told him I had never had any such experience it was his turn to be incredulous. He then proceeded to enlighten me in regard to the whole process of erections, ejaculations and various forms of masturbation. He also told me some of the things two boys could do together to achieve these objectives.

For some reason, perhaps because I was "ripe" for this knowledge or because he was younger than I was, yet knew so much more, and thus piqued my curiosity, or perhaps just because of the situation and the opportunity it presented I found myself greatly interested by what I was being told without feeling the usual shame and guilty reaction I had felt on the earlier occasions when I had been touched by the girl. As we spoke about all these matters I found myself getting more aroused. Bunty was quick to notice my body’s reaction and suggested I could experience for myself the feelings he had told me about. A bit reluctantly I agreed and he again removed his shorts revealing to my wide eyed look a slim smooth body with no trace of hair anywhere, his cock now hanging limp and flaccid was partially hiding his balls. He was not circumcised and had a foreskin covering the front part of his cock where I was circumcised and had an exposed glans. Again he lay besides me and with very slow movements dropped his leg over my thighs, and resumed his earlier hand movements on my belly.
Though I lay as rigid as stone, I could feel the reaction in my own body begin. As his hand moved lower and on to my penis I could feel his flaccid cock begin to harden against my leg. Soon his hands had made me hard, and my prick was tenting the front of my shorts. Bunty then requested permission to remove my clothes so I could experience the sensations better. With some hesitation I let him do it and for the first time since I had been a child, I was naked in another’s presence.

My cock was now fully engorged and as stiff and hard as it could possibly get. Making me lie on my side facing him he held my cock and began to move his clasped hand along its length, and indicated to me that I should do the same to him.
The outcome of this action soon made itself evident. Leaking a few drops of pre cum my cock suddenly discharged itself with such great force that I could actually hear the cum splash against Bunty’s body. He was surprised and I think this brought on his own ejaculation. Many strange and varied feelings were coursing through my body and mind. The foremost was that of pleasure. As we lay there with each other’s limp cocks in our hands, our semen pooled on the sheets between us, I realised that I had no feelings of shame or guilt at what was being done to me or what I was doing to Bunty. After a short while I could feel my cock stirring to life again and Bunty’s soon followed.

This time he made me lie on my back with my cock pointing to the ceiling and grasping it firmly in his hand proceeded to masturbate me till I shot my second load high in the air and it splashed back down on both our bodies. When I had done him a similar service we both pulled on our shorts and were soon sound asleep. It was a bit strange to wake up in the morning and find Bunty lying snuggled up to me. Stranger was the feelings in my own body. I was now more conscious of what hung between my legs and what sensations and pleasure it could produce Of course what I did not know then was that I had only been exposed to a very small part of the iceberg that was sexual pleasure and yet had much to learn. And that those further lessons were going to be taught to me in course the next few days and nights.
The meaning of the wet spot I had seen on Bunty’s bed the previous morning was now clear. As were the reasons for the movements I had seen. He had been indulging in what I later learned was called "self abuse" though how anybody could think of it as abuse I have never fathomed to this day. The huge, satisfied and contented smile with which Bunty greeted me on waking up made me somewhat self conscious. He asked me how I had enjoyed his lessons and practical demonstrations of the night. I could not deny having enjoyed the entirely new experiences. He then told me to anticipate the many other lessons and other wonders he would show me when we returned from our schools that evening. And he did exactly that.


Continued in Part 2:

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