Do you understand what I mean?"

"I've never met someone... my age, I mean." she started. "Most boys, guys, are just rude. They don't make me feel special or normal." Richard put his arm around her and consoled her, "You are a very special person. A beautiful woman. Don't let those guys make you feel sad or unloved." Clarice looked at him, "Do you really think I'm special?" "Of course dear." he squeezed her shoulder and kissed the side of her head. "You will find someone that makes you feel special. Loved." She put her hand on his leg and squeezed it a little. "When you touch me, it tingles." Richard stopped in his tracks. This wasn't where he thought this was going to go at all and it made his groin swell. She was very special, very beautiful.

"Sweetie, I'm an old man. You're very young and you have your entire life before you. Mine is almost over. Do you know what I mean?" he said in his kindest voice. His ego lifted up into his chest and his heart started to pound. He couldn't hide the fact from himself that he was getting excited. The best he could do was encourage her to find someone her own age. He could always masturbate later. Clarice looked at him. A tear was forming in her eyes. She put her arms around him, "Please. You're the first person that makes me feel this way." Her arms squeezed him tightly. He reached around her and squeezed her back. "Look, Clarice. This is rare. No one will understand if we start to have some kind of relationship."

Richard was struggling to help her understand while keeping his own desires in check. His groin continued to swell and her closeness made it hard for him to remain strong, focused. Clarice was flush and her heart started to pound as well. "Kiss me." she said and pressed her lips against his. His scratchy facial hairs stung her tender lips and cheeks, but she was lost. The touch of his lips, the warmth of his sun baked face melted her. She felt weak in his arms. Her groin suddenly became hot and tingled stronger than before. Richard tried to pull away but Clarice wouldn't let him go. Her mouth opened and her moist hot tongue pressed against his clinched lips and teeth. Richard felt his mind slipping away.

It had been so long and it felt so good. His lips weaken as her tongue pressed in. Their tongues met and danced around. Without thinking Richard began rubbing Clarice's back and sides, working his way around to her breasts. Her nipples were hard and her breasts were firm in a flimsy bra. 'Oh God!' he thought to himself. She began rubbing him as well. Working around until she slid one hand between his legs. That snapped Richard back to reality and he pulled away, "OK! That's enough! We need to stop and think about what we're doing." "What..." she said in a daze, "am I not doing it right?" "No honey, you're doing it beautifully. It's just we shouldn't be doing it at all. I'm too old." he pleaded. 'I'm a dirty old man.' he thought to himself. Richard was trying his best to cover how good it felt. Clarice leaned in again trying to kiss his lips, her hand still gently rubbing his groin.

"Is it supposed to be this hard?" she said with a squeeze, her face close to his, her breath on his face. Clarice was unsure of these new feelings and the feeling of Richard's dick was causing the tingling sensations to amplify. She pressed her lips against his again. Richard couldn't make up his mind. He was lost between his lust and her innocence. Then he kissed her again. Her hand felt so good rubbing his growing hard on. The feeling of her firm breast in his hand. It was becoming difficult to stop now. Clarice kept kissing and rubbing. Richard was unconsciously working his hand towards her waist and then between her legs. She was hot down there and he couldn't stop himself any longer. "Maybe we should go inside. Get a drink of water." he said feebly between kisses.

They both got up and he led her into the house. They got a glass of water and went into the living room to sit down. She clung close to him which forced him to sit with her on the couch. As soon as he got comfortable Clarice was on him. She resumed her position; one hand in his crotch and the other around his shoulders. She leaned her head against his chest while she rubbed his hard cock. Then she slid her hand through his waistband to find his damp boxers. "It's wet and hot." she said. Richard groaned and shifted his hips with her touch, "Yes. It is. So are you I'll bet." She looked up at him and smiled, "So... can we kiss each other there now?" Richard took a deep breath. He hadn't done that in a long time and with someone so young and fresh. He nearly came in her hand thinking about it.

"Are you sure this is what you want? For your first time? You should wait until you find someone special." Richard said unconvincingly. Clarice got up and closed the curtains. Then she stood in front of him and slowly removed her clothes. Her simple white bra and panties were the last to go. She blushed again and took a deep breath as they fell to the floor. Her breasts were everything he had imagined; firm and round with rosy puckered areolas and pointy nipples. When she dropped her panties it revealed her beautiful pussy; fine hair, puffy lips and red with excitement. "Now it's your turn." she said with a smile and an innocent pose. Richard stood up and worked his pants off over his stiff member which poked out from his waist. He pulled off his shirt and stood there naked. He was embarrassed by his wrinkly skin, tanned and lined with age. Clarice just stared at his penis. It was bigger than she imagined and it made her think about her desires. They looked at each other for a few moments before Richard walked over to her and gently picked her up in his arms then carried her to the bedroom.

Remembering what she had said at the start of all this, he laid her on the bed and moved around to the foot of the bed between her legs. As Richard started to move up between her legs she started to giggle. "Isn't this what you wanted?" he asked in response to her little laugh. "Oh. I didn't see my parents do it that way." He wondered what she had seen and what she expected. Richard just smiled, "Let's give this a try." With that he pushed her legs apart and kissed her belly. Again Clarice giggled. Then he blew on her hot pussy lips which made her twitch. He could smell her sweet fragrance. The virginal smell of young pussy juices. Richard stuck out his tongue and gave it a little lick. "Oh God that tingles. It feels so good." she gasped. He stroked his rough tongue against her young tight, smooth pussy lips. Her juices were sweet and the tip of her clitoris started poking out. She moaned and closed her eyes as he worked his tongue between her lips, around her clit and into her tight little canal.

Suddenly Clarice shouted, "What's happening? Oh! Don't stop!" Her body jumped and shook, "It tingles all over... Oh!" She shot into a climax that trembled the bed. Richard slowed and gently let her come done from her first orgasm. Her breath was still choppy and her body had a lite sheen of sweat all over. He crawled up next to her and after wiping his face on the pillow case, kissed her on the lips. Clarice grabbed him in a hug and kissed him hard, her tongue dancing around in his mouth. "That was awesome. Is that what it feels like for you? Can I do it to you now?" She let loose her hug. Richard smiled and thought about how tired he already was "Slow down Clarice. It's not a race." He rolled over on his back and sighed. Clarice propped herself up on her elbow and reached down to his cock which was long but limp. She rubbed it gently and noticed the shimmering pre-cum oozing from the tip. Rocking herself up quickly she licked the inviting head, tasting the juices.

Richard jumped as she touched it with her tongue. "Mmmm." she said. "Does it always taste like that?" Richard was trying to control himself as he looked down to see her smiling and holding his dick in her little hand. "The taste can change with the food you eat. Just like yours." he said sagely. Clarice licked it again and sucked it into her mouth then pulled it out. He groaned and could feel his man meat grow in her hand. Clarice noticed as well, "Did I do that?" "Yes. It feels good when you do that." he responded. She put it in her mouth again and rubbed her tongue around it. "Oh yeah!" Richard said without thinking. Clarice felt encouraged by his response and sucked it deeper into her mouth before pulling it back out, "Mmmm. That feels good in my mouth. No wonder my mom likes doing it to my dad." She put it back in her mouth and slid it in and out a few times. Richard thought, that must be what she was referring to earlier. Now he knew. Or, so he thought.

Clarice was getting more excited as Richard was starting to moan and groaning to her efforts as his organ began to harden. He put a gentle hand on the back of her head and brushed her hair with his fingers. This got Clarice more excited and she also started to moan as she stroked the man meat deeper into her mouth. Her tongue was feverishly scrubbing his sensitive skin and mushroom head as she found a comfortable rhythm. Richard laid his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes. When he had woken up this morning he couldn't have imaged this was going to happen. Now the beautiful young woman he watched grow from a youngster, chasing their dog and riding her bicycle around the block was sucking his cock and enjoying it. Her mouth and tongue were magic as she slid it in and out, over and over. Richard was getting close to cumming and didn't want to surprise her, "Clarice, honey. I'm going to cum and I don't want to gross you out when my juices squirt into your mouth."

Clarice clamped down on his cock and stroked his shaft with her hand like a natural as she sucked hard. Richard felt like she had done this before as her tongue stroking the swollen head pushed him over the edge and he exploded into her mouth. She struggled to keep it down and with a little cough between spurts some of his cum trickled out her nose. Richard couldn't believe it as Clarice worked on draining his snake of every drop of it's juices. His body jumped with each blast and he could hear her sucking and swallowing it down as she pulled the stiff rod as deep into her mouth as possible. "Oh God Clarice, that was great!" Richard slowed and finally finished with Clarice suckling on his man meat until he was completely drained. She pulled off and licked and kissed it saying, "That felt great and it tastes good too." Again Richard couldn't believe what had happened. She laid her head on his belly and stared at his cock as it slowly softened. As drops formed on the tip she would lick them off and occasionally she would suck the length of it into her mouth causing it to jump.

Without looking away from his proud member she asked, "How soon can I do that again?" Richard's eyes shot open, "You mean like now?" Clarice laughed, her head bounced on his belly. Then she took a deep breath, "I really like doing that. It feels so good in my mouth, like a pacifier." She kissed it again and sucked on the head gently. Laying her head down on his belly and just holding it in her mouth she started sucking it like a pacifier. Short little sucks and strokes with her tongue. Richard pulled it out of her mouth with a pop. Clarice sighed, "Just a little more, please?" He pushed it back towards her mouth and she moved down his soft member until her lips were at the base. Again she pressed her tongue against it and began suckling like a baby with a pacifier. Richard laid back again, unable to imagine how this little woman was suddenly so talented in sucking his cock.

It didn't take long before his meat began to gorge again growing slowly longer into her mouth. The head was soft and supple and had no problem slipping into her waiting throat. She seemed to not even notice that it blocked her breathing as she continued to suckle, rocking her head occasionally to take a breath. As it grew longer, harder and deeper she kept sucking. Clarice kept her lips at the base as she pacified herself on his cock. Richard started moving his hips pumping his stiff member in and out. She just laid there suckling. His cock was fully hard now and he kept pumping it into her mouth and throat. She put her hand under his balls and massaged gently. Richard groaned as he continued slowly fucking her throat hoping she was enjoying it as much as she appeared to be. About that moment she pushed herself down until her lips were pressed firmly against his pubic bone. "Oh God!" he said. Clarice started pulling off and licking the head before letting it slide all the way back into her mouth and throat again.

Richard's hips were now pumping with great effort to offer Clarice the full length of his dick. She was joining his rhythm and riding his excitement with each stroke only coming up for air occasionally. The man meat was pushing all the way down her throat until his pubic hairs tickled her nose and lips. She snorted from time to time as she pushed herself onto his excited rod. His body was beginning to tire so he shortened his thrusts but Clarice was so excited that she lifted her head off his belly as she forced herself to fuck his cock with her mouth and throat. She moaned and groaned between strokes as she sucked and slobbered around his stiff dick. The bulbous head obviously massaging the inside of her throat. Her groin was tingling with excitement and she twitched knowing that he would soon give her his offering. "You're going to make me cum again honey." Richard said with a grunt. Clarice pulled back and could taste his pre-cum which excited her even more. She took a deep breath and pumped the full length of his member repeatedly into her throat until Richard said, "Here it comes. Oh!"

Clarice pushed down all the way and rode out his spasms knowing his juices were going straight into her tummy. Her throat swelled with his surges from his cock and she envisioned how her mother and father had felt when she accidentally spied them. Her mother's lips resting against her father's hairy waist. She started to orgasm just from the thought of that big dick spitting it's creamy fluid down her throat. Wave after wave she held her breath with his cock in her pumping spunk out of his balls. Between her orgasm and his she felt weak and loosing consciousness but she wouldn't let up. She was in heaven.

Richard must have passed out because about an hour later he woke to an empty house. His clothes were folded neatly next to him on the bed with a note that read, "Thank you Richard. I'll see you again soon. Once you've recovered." He still couldn't believe what had happened. He tried not to think about the possible repercussions of their actions that day. Dressing and heading out to finish the yard work he kept himself occupied to keep from thinking of her, their spontaneous adventure and what could happen next. He shied away from even looking at the fence between their yards as he finished with the leaves and straightening up the yard.

The next morning there was a knock at the door. Richard opened it to find Clarice dressed in a floral dress holding a plate of chocolate chip cookies. She had her hair pulled back and a gentle smile on her face, "Can I come in?" Richard's mouth was open as he stared at her. The events from yesterday flooded back into his mind. His attempts to quell her desires, the ensuing excitement and now this. Clarice's eyebrows went up and she shook her head, "Richard?" He shook his head and tried to smile, "Yes. Please come in." She walked in and set the cookies down on the coffee table in the living room. Then twist back and forth flaring out the dress, she blushed and cleared her throat. "How are you?" she asked. Richard stuttered as he tried to talk, "Look, honey.. I.. You know.. About yesterday."

Clarice was not flinching, "Did you like it? I loved it." She gave a shy look and blushed, "I want you to know how much I appreciate your kindness. I brought you cookies. Your favorite. I even put walnuts in them like you like." Richard was trying to be composed, "Thank you for the cookies. Yes, they are my favorite. Clarice, sweetie.." She launched herself at him, hugging him and pushing him back. He caught himself and put his arms around her to help keep his balance. Her body was warm and smelled like vanilla and chocolate cookies. Richard could feel his dick growing inside his pants. His face softened and he felt flush. Clarice started to shake just a little and sighed. Then she kissed Richard on the lips.

Richard felt her moist lips, her probing tongue and her breath surging from her nostrils. He gripped her tighter. His mind was reeling, thinking how good it felt and how turned on it got him. He slid a hand to the back of her head and held her as he kissed her back, hard, forcing his tongue into her mouth as far as he could. Clarice melted in his arms, her shaking body vibrating against his. Her groin rubbing his hardening cock through his pants. He groaned into her mouth as he continued to thrust his tongue in and out of her mouth. Clarice's hands slid down to his ass, cupping and squeezing his cheeks, grinding her groin even harder against the hardness there.

She pulled back and Richard released his grip on her head, "Thank you Richard. Please, sit down and let me serve you." Clarice pushed him towards his favorite chair as she caught her breath. She quickly disappeared into the kitchen and returned momentarily with two glasses of milk. Walking over to the coffee table she bent over to pick up the cookies exposing her long legs leading up under her dress. Richard just stared at her legs, her beautiful legs, her dress and her shoes. She wore white low heeled shoes with a spaghetti strap at the ankle. He had lost all reasoning and only had lust on his mind again. Clarice turned around with milk and cookies. Handing him the milk and offering him a cookie from the plate with perfect posture. They sat in the living room enjoying the simple pleasures.

As the milk and cookies disappeared, Richard started to regain his composure. "Clarice, before you interrupt me again. We need to talk." Clarice's face turned a little sad but she put on a strong face and shook her head, yes. Richard took a breath, "What happened yesterday was very special, but it shouldn't have happened." Clarice started to fidget and put her glass down. Clasping her hands in her lap she straightened herself up and smiled. She remembered what had happened, how good it felt and how happy Richard seemed. He continued, "I'm an old man and your a young and beautiful woman." She smiled stronger, prouder. "What I'm trying to say is, you have your whole life ahead of you. You have yet to marry and raise a family. All those things are in my past. Do you understand?"

Clarice took a moment to think, "Richard, I can't change how I feel about you. I thought about it last night. All night. But when I think about you I still tingle. I get warm and weak." She looked at him with that stern Irish face. Richard knew that look. She would get that look when she was a kid and became determined to do something. He loved her for it. She was strong and blind when she got like this. She continued, "It's not wrong. It's different, that's all. I've always admired you and when your wife passed away, I cried for you for days." Richards eyes teared up at the thought. Clarice notice and moved over to his side, "Like you, I'm still sad. I want to help wipe those tears away. Both our tears. Is that so wrong?" She was so young yet so smart. It was hard to reason with her when she got like this.

She looked into his eyes and leaned in to kiss his lips. Richard couldn't deny his feeling and as she moved closer he gave in to her inviting lips. They kissed, together, on equal terms. She probed his mouth with her tongue inviting him to do the same. The room seemed to disappear as they became focused entirely on the moment and their equal desires. Clarice's hand moved between his legs and she found him hot there again. She knew that his feelings were betrayed by it. He groaned and shifted in his chair. He put an arm on her shoulder and gently pulled her closer. She felt his accepting response and her anticipation grew. Clarice stood up, pulling away from him and excusing herself she headed to the bathroom. Richard was beyond excited and had given in to their mutual admiration and desires.

When Clarice returned she was wearing only her bra, panties and shoes. She walked past him and closed the curtains. Then moving to just in front of him she knelt down to pray, "Thank you Oh Lord for the bounty we are about to receive. Amen." Richard stood up to join her but she stopped him from kneeling, "I never told you. When I saw my mom and dad kissing privates... my dad was bringing his offering to my mother as she prayed. Will you give me your offering here? Now?" 'Oh my God!' Richard thought to himself and his cock became stiff and hot in an instant. Clarice leaned forward and rubbed her face against his pants, reached up and unbuckled his belt and pants letting them drop to the floor.

Richard looked down at Clarice as she exposed his hard member and praised it's size and shape. She cooed, touched it gently and licked the shaft, kissed the bulbous head then looked up at him. Clarice watched his face as she gently bent his stiff member down to line it up with her eager mouth. The full round head disappeared into her mouth. Richard's legs shook with anticipation and she smiled around his shaft as her tongue washed the crown. She let the head slide out through her closed lips as she stared into his eyes watching his reactions. Clarice could see in Richard's eyes that he accepted her praise of his glorious appendage. She reached a hand between his legs to cup and massage his balls, pulling him forward and pushing the shining head through her lips into her mouth, where again her tongue search the entire area of sensitive skin.

She pulled on his ball sack pushing the offering deeper. Her tongue now washing and encircling his shaft as well as the tip until it reached the back of her mouth. She held him there watching his face for any signs of dissatisfaction. There were none. Clarice slid his cock in and out working her tongue and lips over his glorious offering. Richard closed his eyes and moaned as he felt the wondrous sensations of this young beautiful woman's efforts. He couldn't have imagined a woman wanting him at his age. Especially someone wanting to suck his cock with such praise and honor. When he opened his eyes he could see Clarice had closed her eyes. She started pushing his head all the way to the back of her mouth with little gags. Then she pulled it all the way out and looked at him.

"Richard? Please help me. I can't get it all the way in with out your help." she said looking up at him. Her eyes were pure and showed a clear desire and honesty. She got so excited and reached orgasm with his cock all the way down her throat yesterday. Now she was tingling all over and wanted to go further. But, in this position she needed his help. When she had seen her mother and father in the act, her father also held her mother's head and drove his offering all the way in. The thought excited Clarice and she wanted Richard to show his love and respect by giving Clarice his full offering. Richard's mouth fell open and he blindly, wantingly reached out to cup her head and run his fingers through her hair. Clarice let go of herself, dropping her hands down between her legs.

She eased forward putting his throbbing mushroom back in her mouth and began sucking. Richard gently at first pulled her further onto his long shaft until it bottomed out in her mouth. He pulled back and slowly pushed in to bottom out again. Clarice grunted and pushed herself against the resistance at the entry to her throat. Richard shook and pulled back out. "Please Richard. I want you to give me your full offering like my father does to my mother. I need it!" she said and again engulfed his slick, shining dick. Richard pulled on her head, pressing against the back of her mouth until the tip popped into her throat. Clarice squealed around it as her body shook. Her hands between her legs, tight against her pussy lips.

Richard pulled out slightly and heard her gasp and breathe heavily. He pulled her head against his shaft and felt it push into her throat again. Clarice wiggled her head, she felt the tingling and flushing getting stronger, her body climbing to a small orgasm. The head of his gorged meat rubbing at the opening of her pretty neck. He pushed further in holding her head as gently as he could, his shaft slowly disappeared between her lips. Clarice's body shook through her little climax as her tongue continued to work around the shaft in her mouth. Her hands rubbing her moist treasure. Richard pulled back again and let her catch her breath as he prepared her throat for the thing that she desired. He pushed in again, into her throat and a little further down his stiff shaft. She was drifting off, lost in her own excitement as she felt his offering push further down her waiting throat. She longed to feel him swell and deposit his offering deep into her. In her foggy mind she could see her father feeding his offering to her mother over and over.

Again he slid out until the tip was in her mouth and she tasted his pre-cum on her tongue, she squealed. Her hands were damp with her own juices as she neared a second orgasm. Richard slid forward into her throat, pulling on her head until her nose touched his pubic hair. Clarice's eyes shot open when she felt the course hair brush against her nose. She looked up with watery eyes to see Richard's aggressive expression as he held her head sliding his offering out for her to get a breath. He looked just like her father had, the aggression, the grunting sounds, it felt right. Richard pulled her head with a strong grip, his hips thrust forward and burying himself deep in her throat. Clarice went weak and shook as her body shot into the second orgasm which caused her to jerk and spasm. Richard pumped in short grinding motions as his cock swelled in her throat and began pumping his juicy offering into her waiting tummy.

They both jerked and shook as Richard's hot cum pumped down into Clarice's waiting mouth, her pussy dripping and twitching. Clarice felt at one with Richard as she saw herself fulfilling her family tradition. It was peaceful, magical. Richard held on to Clarice as he finished dumping his seed, knowing they would find a way to make this crazy relationship work out. But, for now he just wanted to love this young beautiful woman who brought happiness back into his life.

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