Dan agreed that wearing those frilly pieces was sexier than just nothing; she also had the dreamy, freshly fucked virgin look on her face as she sat daintily at the kitchen table eating heartily. Dan enjoyed it all including the fact that she could not take her eyes off him; she followed his every move with her doe eyes. She obviously wanted nothing more than to spend the remainder of the day in his arms making love to his cock.
That was an enticing thought but he had other plans for her considerable talents. He told her that she had to get dressed to go out, her disappointment was visible on her face, then he told her that they had some more things to pick up and her smile returned, she liked to go shopping with him. Taking her into her closet he showed her what she was to ware; he picked out a cut off t-shirt that not only exposed her midriff but also the bottom third of her breasts, then a pair of hot pink Daisy Duke shorts and some six inch platform shoes. With her hair down she looked slutty enough to be a hooker on the street; exactly the look Dan was going for.
Just before they left the house Dan pinned Rachel against the wall and started kissing her while his hands mauled her tits and rubbed her crotch. She responded immediately, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and thrusting her hips, he in turn grabbed her ass, picked her up and ground his cock into her pussy. Between kisses he told her that she was the hottest piece of ass in southern California and how he was going to keep her hot all day; he then set her back on her feet and opened the door. They took the car this time allowing Dan to play with her pussy and pinch her nipples while he drove. She kept scratching her nails across his crotch.
Arriving at their destination he parked a few rows away from the front door of the Mega store, the Sex Mega store. Only in California could there be such a large store dedicated to all things sexy. There was everything for sale there, magazines, videos, toys, clothing, and novelties galore; there was a xxx theater, porn video booths, and even live porn shows in a special theater in back. Rachel’s eyes got very big when Dan told her to get out of the car because that was where they were going shopping. He followed her thru the parking lot as she strutted like a ten dollar whore in her platform shoes; his eyes glued to her hot pink butt.
Entering the store they found that all eyes were on Rachel, the men smiled and the sales clerks glared as she and Dan wandered thru the aisles. She marveled at the outfits on the racks and giggled as Dan showed her a selection of dildos and vibrators ranging from the small vibrating eggs to the larger than life black dongs. As they went thru the video section he asked her if she had any special preferences that she wanted to watch; she was getting into the mood now so she picked up one here or there and studied the pictures on the packages. Some like bondage and BDSM she dropped right away others like girl on girl or orgy she studied longer and smiled as she replaced the package on the shelf.
They had to pass through the lingerie section again to look at the body lubes and she could not resist holding a couple of the more outlandish ones up to show Dan how she would look; giggling as he mugged at her they moved on. The variety of magazines seemed to stimulate her curiosity as she picked up many of them and thumbed thru them stopping now and again to digest their contents; she even folded out the centerfold of the latest Playboy and ogled the nude, airbrushed model. She spent a long time with a Transsexual publication unfazed by the pictures of the models with a dick and tits being screwed in the ass. Dan made sure he was always close and brushed up against Rachel at every opportunity; they had quite a following buy the time they finished cruising the store.
Stopping at a counter Dan changed some bills into singles and guided Rachel back to the video booths choosing carefully the one they entered. The lights in the booths were dim but it was not dark, especially when the video screen was on; he fed some bills into the slot and selected a video at random. As soon as the show started Rachel was all over him. Dan grabbed her tits and squeezed them as he lifted their weight and kissed the nipples; Rachel moaned louder than the girl on the screen and grabbed his crotch searching for his hard dick. Dan spun her around and held her against him as he sat down on the one chair in the booth.
He nipped at her neck as she ground her ass onto his hard cock; whispering in her ear he asked her if she wanted some of that, to which she nodded her head in the affirmative and wiggled her ass. He then told her to put her hand through the hole in the wall and curl her finger in a "come here" manner. She hadn’t noticed it before but there certainly were holes in both the left and right sidewalls big enough for her to easily slide her hand through. Without understanding its meaning she was more than willing to do that simple move to get fucked by Dan’s hard cock.
Putting her right hand through the hole she had just started to curl her finger when something soft and warm touched her hand; jerking her hand back she was startled further when a semi hard cock appeared thru the hole. Dan whispered that she should grab it and give it a few strokes as he unsnapped her shorts and caressed her crotch. Hesitantly she reached out to take hold of the cock that jumped as her hand touched it. Dan kept up his encouragement pinching her nipples and urging her to "go for it". Her slender fingers slid back and forth on the member as it grew and hardened; she found her rhythm as Dan slipped her shorts off her round butt and caressed her sweet cheeks. She was surprised again when the hard cock spit out a long stream of jism that landed on the floor right in front of her; the cock withdrew but Dan directed her attention to the left wall where a short but rock hard cock waited for her attention.
Rachel settled to her knees, grabbed the short cock and began to stroke it vigorously. She pulled at it and twisted her hand causing the owner to groan loudly; a pair of huge balls appeared in the hole under the cock and Rachel gently rolled them in one hand as she stroked the cock. The balls pulled up tightly against the shaft just before a goodly amount of creamy cum issued onto her hand. Rachel turned toward Dan and smiled a wicked smile she licked the creamy substance from her hand; Dan ran two fingers into her sopping cunt as a reward.
Another cock was waiting for her to her right and she took charge of it as soon as her fingers were clean. Dan got her to stand, spread her legs and bend over at the waist before he stuffed three fingers into her cunt, this placed her face next to the head of the cock and she just naturally had to lick it as she stroked. Dan pinched her clit and one nipple then whispered in her ear that if she sucked the cock he would let her have his dick in her pussy; she hesitated only a few seconds before she engulfed the hard meat.
Standing, Dan slipped his cock in her hole and waited. As soon as she began bobbing her head he began a slow steady in and out motion; Rachel moaned around the cock. It wasn’t two minutes later that she received her first mouthful of hot cum; wiping her lips with the back of her hand she immediately looked to the other side of her booth for another cock as Dan stopped stroking. There it was, a nice black cock was bobbing in the hole; she opened her mouth and had it half way down her throat before she grabbed it with one hand, using the other to brace herself on the floor. Dan again began his pumping as she applied suction to the large head. He caught a flicker of motion at the other hole and was surprised to see a white eyeball centered there.
There was a voyeur watching and there was a lot to see; Rachel was virtually nude, sucking a black cock, her big tits were swinging freely from her chest and she was getting fucked from the rear by a white cock. The black cock spit out its contents but she had trouble keeping it all in her mouth so a small silver river ran down from the corner of her mouth to her chin forming a glistening drop that she scooped up and delivered to her lips as soon as the cock disappeared behind the wall. The voyeur’s cock was waiting at his hole but as soon as Rachel’s lips touched it he fired a load that splattered her face and shoulder. She laughed as she twisted around to show Dan the result; he used a finger to wipe the goo from her cheek and fed it to her as she licked her lips.
Rachel turned back to her task to discover two cocks waiting for her attention, both full hard and bobbing in their glory holes. She grabbed both and began stroking them simultaneously; licking first one, then the other, kissing the first then the second. Dan picked up his pace grabbing her hips to stabilize himself as he fucked her hard. He was close and with one final stab he unloaded in her cunt as the two pricks in her hands pumped their loads out into Rachel’s waiting mouth. She moved quickly from one side to the other trying to catch as much spunk as she could; amazingly very little hit the floor. Dan withdrew and sat down, his energy spent; Rachel sank to the floor on her hands and knees. Thankfully no more cocks appeared at the holes and Dan was finally able to pick her up and hold her on his lap; his cum oozing from her pussy onto his slacks.
Dan helped Rachel dress between sloppy kisses; she tasted yummy and he enjoyed using his tongue to swab out her sweet mouth. They emerged from the booth and made their way to the front door feeling every eye in the house following them and as Dan opened the door several men applauded softly. He put one arm at her waist as they made their way to his car; she was bouncing along full of energy beside him.
In the car she began to jabber about it all telling Dan how turned on she was and how different each of the cocks felt in her mouth. The drive home was interesting as Dan watched her come down from her sexual high; by the time they arrived home she was calm and walked up his driveway like a runway model. They dumped their clothes in the laundry before he directed her to his shower where he scrubbed her clean before he sat her down on the little bench in the shower, knelt before her and ate her pussy until she had a screaming orgasm. While drying off he told her to hurry and dress up because they were going to visit her mom. Rachel’s eyes lit up and she jumped into his arms giving him a big hug and kiss before she dashed off to her room to get ready.
On their way over they stopped at one of the large markets and loaded a cart with the staples Rachel knew her mom loved. They also picked up some food from the Deli, primarily Chinese, for their own dinner. Arriving at her mom’s place Rachel grabbed two sacks of groceries and bound up the stairs to where her mom was waiting. Dan followed with his arms full and found mother and daughter hugging and crying; setting down his load he returned to the car for the last couple of bags, locked the car and returned to the happy reunion just as mom began the interrogation of her daughter.
Was Dan treating her alright? Had he hurt her? Where had she been the last couple of days?
To all her mother’s questions Rachel happily responded that things were going very well. Dan had taken her shopping for clothes and school supplies right after she registered for classes. They had an apartment near school where she had her own room and he always treated her right. She omitted all of the details she thought her mom didn’t need to know. She then started digging into the bags to show her mom all of the goodies she brought; as mum started putting things away she glared at Dan and almost smiled.
After dinner the conversation lagged and Dan felt the need to leave but there was one more thing to attend to, he slid his chair back and shifted his eyes from Rachel to her mom then down to his crotch. The older lady started to get up when Dan stopped her and motioned for Rachel to come closer; Rachel dropped her eyes and moved to stand by Dan. He just unzipped his pants and drew out his half hard cock waving it at the girl; Rachel dropped to her knees beside Dan and took his dick in her dainty hand as she used her eyes to implore him to not make her go any further. He just smiled and put his hand on the back of her head forcing her ever closer to his meat until she surrendered; half of his cock slipped past her lips in one motion. She closed her eyes and began to bob her head slowly while her tongue worked around the shaft; groaning in pleasure Dan let his hips slide toward the edge of the chair as he began his narrative to her mother.
He told her that Rachel had turned out to be quite a good cock sucker though not quite as good as her mother yet. He then used one hand to raise Rachel’s skirt exposing her sweet ass and plunged first one finger past the strap of her thong into her cunt then another before he began to viscously jab at her hole; Rachel and her mother gowned at the same time as Rachel came on Dan’s fingers. Continuing, he said that she loves the way he pleasures her cunt and he planned to do a lot of pleasuring in the foreseeable future. With that he put both hands at the back of Rachel’s head and shot his sperm down her throat.
Departing the old apartment was hard, Dan almost had to drag Rachel out of her mother’s arms; it seemed that he was the only one who wanted them to leave. Her mother shot daggers at Dan with her eyes as he took possession of Rachel and they disappeared down the dingy hallway. Rachel was quiet in the car for most of the trip back to her new home; then Dan let her disappear into her room to sleep alone, it had been a long, event filled day and he needed to catch up on his sleep. Tomorrow he would need all his strength…
Dan was awakened when a warm, soft body slipped into his bed and snuggled against his back, it was early morning, and the room was illuminated by the soft gray light of the pre dawn. Dan went back to sleep with a smile on his lips. Much later that morning Dan woke up again and gently rolled over to face his sleeping Rachel; she slept on her side more or less in the fetal position except she had one arm extended to support her head. Her hair was a golden tangle about her face and she smelled lightly of soap and perfume. He didn’t want to wake her but he just couldn’t resist toying with her hair and caressing her soft skin; she finally began to stir after he kissed her nose and eyebrows. Once she was awake she started to explain but he silenced her with a soft kiss on her lips; she closed her eyes as the kiss deepened and their tongues tangled.
Quietly they began exploring one another as if afraid to break the silence, he touched her arm, and she slipped her hand around his waist. He snuggled in to kiss her neck and she rubbed his butt. Becoming a little more aggressive she moved her leg over his hip hooking her ankle behind his leg and pulled him a little closer; discovering in the process that his cock was hard and now the tip was touching her inner thigh just below her cunt. Dan continued to nip at her nose and lips while his hand found her breast which he caressed with his lightest touch. She grabbed his butt and half pulled, half rolled their bodies together further trapping his cock between her legs. Dan managed to get both arms around her and rolled onto his back with her in a bear hug on his chest, she giggled and wiggled her soft womanly parts all over his hairy old body and he laughed.
The silence broken they proceeded to roll around and play with abandon; they ended up in a sixty nine with Dan on top. She sucked and nibbled at the head of his cock while his head was buried between her legs, his tongue deep in her cunt; once he got her to cum he shifted his position so that he could begin rolling his hips to fuck her face as he continued to pleasure her clit. At last she tried to push him off which got his attention and he moved up and away from her; once released she scooted around him, flipped him over, sat firmly down on his dick and flopped her chest on his chest.
They both groaned and took a minute to enjoy being so deeply coupled; after the interlude she began rocking and rolling on his body moving in all directions as she flew toward another climax. Dan just thrust his pelvis up and held it there as his hands gripped her ass to keep her centered on his dick; she exploded like a water bomb, gushing all over his cock as she clinched her inner muscles and screamed.
She was done but Dan had more to give; he rolled them over and began pounding her into the mattress until he screamed and gushed again. They lay together sopping wet and out of breath for a long time before Dan moved toward the shower pulling Rachel along. The shower reinvigorated them and they coupled again with Dan holding on to her hips as she bent over under the spray to receive his hard cock. Finally out and dry they made their way to the kitchen for breakfast.
She fixed breakfast while he explained his plan for the rest of the day. There were chores that had to be done like washing clothes and bedding, the dishes needed to be loaded into the dish washer and the place generally cleaned up; therefore they would not be going out today at all. Rachel sat on Dan’s lap as they enjoyed their breakfast; he even slipped his cock into her pussy and let her wiggle on him again. Dan made the work fun even if it took longer to strip the bed and load the laundry with one hand in her cunt or her hand stroking his cock. All the real work was done by noon and Rachel was trying to talk Dan into a short "nap" before lunch when the doorbell rang.
Dan didn’t seem too surprised and he answered the door without a stitch of clothes on; Rachel sort of hid herself at the doorway to the kitchen. He looked through the peephole in the door and smiled as he threw open the door to greet their guest; she was a little shocked to see Dan welcoming her with his hard dick showing but she recovered quickly taking his "short arm" and giving it a quick stroke before he envelope her in a big bear hug.
"Is that permanent, or are you just glad to see me" she quipped.
Dan told her it was "temporarily permanent" now that Rachel was in the house; turning around he motioned Rachel forward to make the introductions. Shyly Rachel moved forward her hands covering her breasts and crotch; introducing Becky to her he took a swipe at her hands telling her she had nothing to hide from his "long time friend". Becky held out her hand and the two ladies shook hands; taking the initiative she explaining that she and Dan had had many adventures together and when he told her about his latest dream she had managed to convince him that he needed her to be in on it. Dan nodded his head in agreement and throwing his arm around her shoulders he hugged her and told Rachel that Becky was the best friend ever.
All that being said Becky looked around and said that she felt a little over dressed and proceeded to remove all her clothes. She was a blond with shoulder length hair and blue eyes; she was forty something though Dan thought of her as thirty something. Her body was soft and curvy, her breasts no longer had their youthful tone but they were full, and her pussy was shaved. Her legs were toned but only of average length. Her hands and feet were petite; she also had a lovely British accent. Rachel thought she was about her mother’s age and wondered what role she would play in her new life.
Dan got the women to sit while he fixed some drinks; he made rum and diet coke for Becky but had to ask what Rachel wanted, she answered that rum and diet coke would be fine. He made himself a straight rum and coke and sat down on the couch between his two favorite ladies. Taking a long sip of his drink before he sat it down on the coffee table he leaned back on the couch and put a hand on the leg of each lady letting his fingers roam a little. Rachel was still a little shy so she sat nervously holding her drink while Dan’s fingers approached her crotch; Becky had no such reservations and she turned toward Dan a little and threw one arm around his neck and played with his ears as his hand dipped between her legs. Dan whispered in Rachel’s ear inquiring if she wanted to watch while he fucked Becky; Becky pinched Dan’s ear and blushed as she called him incorrigible. Dan turned to Becky and made the same offer to her; she accepted with a groan as his fingers split her vulva and slid across her clit.
Dan’s full attention now turned to Rachel as he pulled her face toward his and he kissed her; continuing his kiss his hand dropped to her breast where her pinched the nipple and pulled her body toward his as he rose up a little and began to push her back along the couch while his hand now sought out her pussy. He entered her cunt and finally pushed her "on" button and she managed to push him back far enough to swing one leg over his head and down along the back of the couch placing him right between her splayed legs. She grabbed his face with both hands and kissed his lips hard, her eyes open and looking at Becky as if to say "stay away, he’s mine".
Dan got to his knees and allowed Rachel to pull his cock down into her cunt where she squeezed him hard; they both began to move their hips in a frenzy and Dan bent down to suck her tits as they moved in shock waves. At first Becky was frozen in amazement at the vision before her but their moans released her from bondage finally allowing her to move. There wasn’t much room for her to join in so she just moved around and sat on the arm of the couch just above Rachel’s head, spread her legs and strummed her clit where Dan could see her. She had always enjoyed having his cock in her pussy and now she found that she enjoyed watching him do someone else almost as much; he always seemed to be able to find that just right angle that brought her maximum pleasure MMMMMMMMMM… Just then Rachel moaned with her first orgasm; yup, Dan had brought her a lot of pleasure just like that too.
Now that Rachel had cum Dan changed positions a little and motioned for Becky to move down to make Rachel give her some pleasure; Becky moved to straddle Rachel’s head and brought her cunt over the girl’s lips. Dan was still pumping her cunt so her mouth was open in ecstasy as Becky touched Rachel’s chin; moaning as a tongue began to move within her. Dan kissed Becky’s neck and tweaked her nipples; this was going to be a fun afternoon.
Dan pulled out of Rachel’s sopping hole letting Becky dive her head between Rachel’s legs; after a short session of wiggling around the two girls settled down and lapped away at the others pussy. Rachel was the first to break her grip on the cunt in front of her face and groan as she experienced another orgasm; returning to her task with renewed vigor, and after plunging two fingers into Becky’s pussy she got her to cry out too. Becky got up and allowed Rachel to rise before she started kissing her again; the two girls went at each other for a while until their passion subsided. Offering them their drinks again Dan raised his glass and offered a toast to "life, love and passion" to which both girls heartily agreed and downed the last of their watery drinks.
Moving back to Dan’s bedroom and his freshly made, king sized bed Becky pushed Rachel down onto the bed exclaiming that this was a much better place to play and jumped on the younger girl to reestablish their sixty nine. Dan wasted no time in joining in; placing himself behind Becky on his knees he entered her cunt in one swift motion banging his balls on Rachel’s nose. As he pumped away with abandon Rachel continued to lick Becky’s clit and the bottom of Dan’s shaft as it drew moisture from deep within Becky’s hole. Becky came first setting off Dan who withdrew and shot his load into Rachel’s mouth. That brought an end to round one of fucking and they all snuggled down to relax and recuperate.
After a bit Rachel asked why Dan had pulled out just before he shot his wad; Dan and Becky looked at one another and smiled then Dan explained that it was one of their oldest traditions and it came about because when they first started going out Becky couldn’t use any birth control except condoms and Dan hated condoms so much that she had let him fuck her bareback if he promised to never cum in her pussy. He still kept his promise no matter what. Besides, didn’t she enjoy slurping his sauce? Rachel blushed a little and nodded in affirmation.
Becky, who had been caressing Dan’s cock, asked Rachel if she was ready for another lesson in love; Rachel glanced at Dan for his approval, saw him smile, and answered yes, of course. Becky scooted around closer to Rachel and slipped her legs toward her until their cunts met with their legs scissoring one another. They started softly rubbing their pussies together; Dan watching with great interest as the two women really started to get into it, he had never understood how bumping pussies turned the ladies on but there it was right in front of him and they were really getting turned on. He laid back and stroked his cock as he enjoyed watching two sexy ladies pleasure themselves.
Becky and Rachel took their time and just enjoyed their mutual pleasure, finally ending up on their knees kissing and holding each other just having some fun until Rachel saw the size of Dan’s cock that had now risen from the dead. Becky read her mind and the two girls jumped on Dan and began caressing his body and kissing him all over; everyone was laughing.
Becky ended up holding Dan’s cock while Rachel sucked Dan’s tongue into her mouth. Still acting as one the girls rearranged themselves on Dan; Becky sat on his cock while Rachel sat on his face. Dan couldn’t have been happier; the girls couldn’t have been happier as they leaned towards each other and fondled the others tits as they kissed. They made the big bed creak and groan as everyone pleasured everyone. Becky’s orgasm triggered Rachel’s but Dan had to wait until the girls rolled off him to pump out his load; rising to his knees he pumped his cock as the two girls lined up their mouths to catch their treat. He didn’t disappoint them and Rachel caught the first squirt leaving Becky free to latch onto the head of his dick and suck out the remainder.

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