He was sexually creative and loved to use toys such as dildos, etc., food and other household items during sex and I loved all of it. We started a routine where, when I knew he was coming over, I would blindfold myself and place myself in handcuffs that he had attached to my bed. We also had a hook hanging from the ceiling that sometimes he would have me hang the cuffs over and I would be standing blindfolded and completely naked with my hands over my head waiting for him to come make love to me. One day he called and said he wanted me to use the ceiling hook and that he had a surprise for me. Well, I was instantly wet thinking about what he was going to do to me because I always loved it no matter what it was.

I heard the front door open and then I could tell Antonio was in the room with me. He was already naked because I could feel his cock rubbing against my stomach when he reached over and kissed me and said he loved me. He ran his hands along my face and then my breasts stopping to kiss and nuzzle them, nipping at my hardened nipples and then lapping at my belly button. I felt him get on his knees and he placed one of my legs over his shoulders so he could have better access to my sweet pussy. He started flicking his tongue against my clit and then slowly inserted his tongue into my pussy and started tongue fucking me bringing me to a climax with the promise of many more to come. He then stood up and began kissing me on the back of the neck, which drives me crazy! He then leaned into me and asked me if I trusted and loved him? Would I do anything for him and was I ready for my surprise? I answered back in a husky voice filled with sexual tension, YES, YES, YES and YES!

He told me to stay still and that he would be back with my surprise. I heard muffled footsteps and then Antonio was standing in front of me, I could feel his breath on my face. He pressed himself against me, holding me to him. He began assaulting my mouth with his tongue moving his hands all over me. And then I felt another stiff cock pressing into my back! Stop, stop. I'm trying to push his body away with mine. What the hell is going on? Who is that behind me Antonio? Get him away from me! I only love you. I only want to be with you. I'm crying now. How could he want to share me with someone else. But both bodies remain pressed against me, petting and kissing on me, trying to calm me down. Antonio is kissing my tears away as they are falling, begging me to stop crying so he can explain. Saying he loves me and this can be a good thing if I let it happen. I start hiccup crying and finally calm down enough to listen to what Antonio has to say. He tells me that the man behind me is his brother Ricardo who has listened to Antonio talk about me so much that he too has fallen in love with me and feels that if he doesn't make love to me that very day, that he will surely die! I tell him that there isn't a chance that I will let another man touch me, except for him, brother or not! Antonio then tells me that If I turn Ricardo away that he would leave with him, never to return to me. I was devastated. I can't imagine life without Antonio. I guess he sees me hesitating, unsure how to answer. Just one kiss! Let Ricardo switch places with me, I will hold you from behind but let him taste your sweet, full lips one time before you make your decision. I say okay and I felt them switch places.

I felt Ricardo touch my hair and lightly outline my whole face with his fingertips. He then began placing butterfly kisses on my forehead and cheeks, my nose, chin. He then placed a hand behind my neck and began by gently caressing my lips with his. Ever so slowly increasing the pressure, causing my lips to open as he slowly slid in the tip of his tongue, tasting the inside of my lips and then touching his tongue against mine. Our tongues slowly started dancing against each other as if they had a mind of their own. MMMMM he certainly tasted good. Just as I was wondering how well he could eat pussy with that tongue, it was as if he could read my mind and got down on his knees like Antonio had not ten minutes before and went right on to tongue fuck me. Oh yes, I thought, I could live with Ricardo fucking me! As I was arching into him, Antonio was leaning into me. Kissing on my neck, fondling my breasts, kneading my ass and reaching over to play with my clit. I finally heard what Antonio was saying. So, baby, do you want to get more comfortable on the bed and let me and Ricardo make love to you? As if I could think of anything else! Yes, but you are going to have to carry me. So they lower my arms, undo the cuffs and carry me to the bed. I had never been with two guys before, I was wondering how this was going to work. After a few minutes of being touched , caressed and fondled, I stopped thinking and just started feeling.

Antonio wanted to watch me be fucked by his brother, so he laid beside me, verbally arousing me. Telling me to suck and lick Ricardo's cock and balls. Take him all of the way into my mouth. Then he said he wanted to see his brother take my breasts into his mouth and suckle them. Told him to reach up and suck my tongue and to suck on my lips. I was becoming very sexually aroused. Antonio shoved his cock into my mouth, fucking my throat while Ricardo was eating my pussy. When both of them couldn't stand it anymore, Antonio laid beside me again and guided Ricardo's cock to the opening of my vagina. He said he wanted to feel it sliding into me. Ricardo slammed it all the way into me and layed there for a minute so he could get control of himself and just enjoy the sweetness of finally having my pussy wrapped around his cock. Then he slowly started thrusting in and out of me while Antonio was stimulating my clit. I told them how hot I was and how good it felt but said that it didn't feel right, not having Antonio in me. He gently rolled me and Ricardo to our sides and began rimming my ass. Slowly, slowly, so that it would open enough to accept his manhood into it. I love anal sex with him so I could hardly wait for him to enter me. He was taking his time so as to build up my anticipation. He said he wanted to hear me tell him what I wanted. Please, baby, put it in my ass, fuck me, make love to me, become one with me. And then he was in. I can't put into words, what it is like to have two cocks making love to you at the same time. Talk about over stimulation! I was so hot. We were kissing and touching each other all over. Ricardo took off my blindfold, telling me that he wanted to look me in the eyes when we came together. Antonio, rolled us again so that I was on top of Ricardo while Antonio was still deep in my ass. Now Ricardo was buried all the way into my hot little cunt and I loved the thrill of riding him and then Antonio started ramming in and out of me from behind until I felt all of us begin to shudder and looking into Ricardo's eyes, I came like I never came before! Yes, Ricardo will live after all. And is there really anything wrong with keeping it in the family?!

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