He was jovial in the car as we drove and told me I did not look so young with my jeans on and he would have to invite me for another barbeque so that I could wear a pretty dress. It was a smashing afternoon and when it was time to leave my friend said she would ride back with me but her dad told her she was to look after the horse so we said our goodbyes and left. I suppose I should have read what might happen but was a little surprised when he pulled in a lay-by behind some hedges and asked if I had enjoyed myself, not really waiting for an answer as he went to my zip and drew it down. Now non of my uncles had been near me for a week so I did not even protest when he pulled both them and my panties down in one go as I eagerly half opened my legs for him wanting him to play with my slit. He did not disappoint me and was soon running a finger along it and then opened me up to have a look at my little hole before slipping his finger in and pushed it in and out as I wriggled and giggled with pleasure.

He was still talking to me very softly and told me that this is what a man would do with his penis so that his semen would shoot into my hole and I giggled again as he used this new word. He hesitated a few seconds and then asked if I had seen a man when he was excited and as I blushed deeply told him I had once seen my brother very hard and did not think I would be able to have one inside me for a long while yet. He was laughing now and told me to relax and he would let me feel what it would be like, opening me wide and then gently easing two fingers into me for an inch or so. I gasped and flinched as I felt some discomfort but he kept telling me to lay back and relax and as he kept the movement up I started to enjoy the feeling of being stretched so much. He asked me if it was still hurting and as I gasped and wriggled managed to tell him it was lovely and so he pushed them in even further but this time held them still for a while before taking them out. He let me get my clothes back to normal and asked if I would like him to do it the next time I was with him on my own and I eagerly nodded.

Suddenly there was no letup to my shall we say "education", my brother was out of the equation but both uncle Bert and Ron were very active and my slit and hole was used a lot to keep their lust satisfied. I never complained but when they were around and I was on my own I was very rarely anything but naked with my legs open and fingers working on me. I started to yearn for the gentle touch of my friends dad, he was always enthusiastic and was telling me things that only adults were supposed to know and it was usually an exiting hour when I was alone with him. There was an upheaval though one evening when, as usual, after my bath I was sitting naked on uncle Bert’s lap in my bedroom, he was fingering my hole when suddenly my mother arrived home and before we had time to do much about it she was in the room shouting and screaming at uncle. I was frightened and when she asked me how often he had me naked in my room I just blustered and said it was the first time and as uncle was unceremoniously sent packing I saw a look of relief on his face and was glad I had not been honest. My aunt and Ron were told what had happened and he kept well into the background as it was decided to keep it to their selves and as long as we did not have anything more to do with uncle Bert we would forget all about it.

Uncle Peter and his wife must have been told about the "mishap" as they were round more now and this meant that Ron was really let off the hook and was able to take a back seat to let things cool off. I suppose with hindsight it did make me more susceptible to my friends dad, as the horse riding jaunts were seen as a way of my getting over the family mess and were still welcomed by my mother. I was only with him every two weeks or so but it got more exciting every time, he was still very careful but was getting more of his two fingers inside me and he had told me all about the little button at the top of my slit, promising that when I was older and a man played with it I would get lovely feelings inside me and would wonder at the way my body would react with a penis inside it. I was giggling all the time now and wanted to grow up quickly so that I could find out if what he was saying was true but he often laughed and told me to take my time as being a young girl was wonderful. Two or three months went quickly by and one day my brother told me that uncle Burt was hoping that I would visit him now things were quieter but I did not go in case my mum found out, uncle Peter though was always asking me what had happened and although I blushed at his questions did not tell him anything, mainly I think because my aunt was always there, scared again in case they told anyone else.

I didn’t know it at the start of the day but my life was going to take a new twist and I was never going to be the same person again. I had enjoyed the horse riding and was all of a tingle when I left to go home, my friends dad going to a totally new place as he took me home. He went down a track between some trees and told me we were going for a walk for a change and he spent a lot of time looking round until he found a spot in some bushes where the long grass was well flattened. For the first time he took all my clothes off before pleasing me with his finger, and he kept kissing my slit every so often, making me laugh as it tickled so much. He asked me if I liked it and when I was enthusiastic lay me down and put his tongue into my hole, making it wet and as he pushed two fingers into me they went in a lot easier than usual and it was nicer when he wagged them about. I couldn’t keep still and as we both laughed he slowly undid his trousers and for the first time I was shown an adult penis as it sprang out already stiff and so much bigger than my brothers. He looked surprised as I reached out to it and immediately worked the skin back so that I could see the end of it, big and purple, making him gasp as I used my hand to do what I had been shown by uncle and practised on my brother. He pulled his trousers down and it was his turn to lay back and gasp as I slowly continued, now able to get a better look at him, lots of thick hair going from his belly, round his penis and covering the large sack where his two balls were.

The purple skin on the end of his thick flesh was shining it was so stretched and dark veins covered what was to me a very long sausage and I wondered how it could get into a hole of a woman. He broke my train of thought and gasping begged me to rest, laying me down once more so that as he knelt his penis was in easy reach and I eagerly grabbed it again, knowing this time I was not going to be denied. It took no more than a minute before he was panting and softly moaning and I knew I was handling him very well when his penis started to twitch and has body shuddered. Suddenly thick cream spurted out of the tiny hole in the fat end and spurt upon spurt splashed on me and even I shuddered with excitement at what I had made happen as his groan let me know he was satisfied. He coated his fingers in the thick sticky deposit on my chest and pushed two fingers inside me and as I tensed told me not to worry as the semen could not make a baby in me as I was far to young so I relaxed and enjoyed what he was doing.

He asked me how I knew what to do to his penis and although a bit embarrassed I could not help but tell him what had happened with my brother and he smiled as he took his fingers out and put more of his semen on them before returning them to my hole pushing and waggling them all round my entrance. He asked me to hold his penis again and I eagerly obeyed but, unlike my brother he did not start to swell so I worked it gently to see what happened. He was pleasing me and I him but it took ages for his sausage to swell a little so I worked his skin fully back with every stroke and went quicker until at last it was standing out once more. I wondered if he would squirt again but had no time to think to much as he drew away from me, laughing as the disappointed look on my face was obvious and reaching for me he parted my legs wide and pulled me to him as he knelt between them. His swollen end was at my crack and in one movement he spread me and lodged it just inside my exposed hole and I gasped as my flesh parted and as I was slimy with his cream took it in. I had no time to think about this wonderful thing that was happening to me as he worked his own flesh and it pulsed and pumped semen into me, he sighing long and low as I felt the cream filling me up and there was so much it seeped past his sausage and dribbled out.

He must have still been spurting as he lunged forward and pushed more into me and there was a sharp pain that made me squeal and ask him to stop and coming to his senses he pulled out of me. There was cream and blood on his penis and I started to cry with fright wondering what he had done, he had a worried look on his face and calmed me down by saying I had been broken in and it was natural and it would not hurt for long. I was still in distress as he cleaned me with a hanky but the pain did start to go and I nervously laughed at last when he said the next time it happened it would feel a lot nicer. We both managed a laugh when I asked if he was going to do it again smiled when he said he wanted to and by the time I was dressed and in the car realised that I definitely wanted a penis in me again. I was worried and asked him to take me to my aunts instead of home, not wanting my mum to see me until I had really got over this first time. I was crying just after getting there and both aunty and Peter were concerned but I had already been told what to say and told them that the blood and pain had come when I was jumping over logs on the horse. My aunt took me to the bathroom and washed me and put cream on me to sooth the pain and I nearly burst out laughing with her concern, thankful though that she was satisfied with what I had said and did not think it worthwhile mentioning it to my mother when they took me home.

As dramatic as it had been I was soon yearning for a repeat but things happened and it was going to be very different from then on. My dad was very poorly and had to go into hospital, mum still having to work and with wanting to spend time with him decided that my brother would go to uncle Burt’s and I to uncle Peter’s to be looked after by aunty until dad was back home. It did heal the rift in the family somewhat and as long as my brother was there I was to be allowed to visit him now and again, uncle Peter saying he would also go with me. I was devastated when my riding had to stop and a hurried phone call to my friend meant that I would not be going there for a while either. I was depressed for a while and it was put down to my concern for dad, I knowing the real reason for it though, wondering when I would get to have some interest from a man again. It came at an unlikely time and from a new source, as one evening when mother and aunty were visiting dad uncle Peter asked if I had recovered from my horse riding accident, baffled at first I quickly remembered my story and must have blushed as I said I was fine now and everything had cleared up. He gave me a quizzical look and let it go for half an hour or so before he sat me down and told me he suspected that it was something different that had made me bleed from there.
I gave myself away by going deep crimson and he just came out and said he suspected it was a mans cock that had caused it, saying that it was another name for a penis and as I started to weep he softened and told me my secret was safe with him. He let me off the hook by not asking who it was and wondered why he had never before mentioned anything to do with sex or growing up until now. I was still sobbing now and then as he wanted to know if it had hurt and how much cock had been up me and I do not know why but I looked and noticed a bulge in his trousers and instinct made me reach and rub it as I said it was a man who had got excited just like he was and one thing led to another and he had pushed some of it in. He asked if I had liked it but I told him it had been painful and had not done it again as I did not want to bleed and be hurt again, he smiled broadly and told me that the next time it should not hurt and I would like it very much. I gave him a coy look and a girlish grin as I boldly said I hoped so and he did no more than lift my skirt up and pull my pants down, licking his lips as he looked at my slit. He was already panting and dropped his trousers and a hard penis the size of my brother but with a lot of hair round it danced before me and he hoarsely asked me to wank it, a new word but I knew what he meant and slowly did it to him as he finished undressing me and then himself.

He wasted no time and as soon as I sat on the settee went to me with his mouth, making sure I was nice and wet then opened me and pushed all he had deep into my body. I gasped but was not hurting as my flesh gave way to the intrusion and as he pushed all of his sausage in and out started to like it more and more, disappointed when he tensed and gasped and I felt him spurting into me. He was moaning with pleasure when he came out and his semen dribbled out of me and as I too gasped I just said I wanted some more but he was all shrivelled and even though I wanked him with some speed he did not swell again and we hurriedly dressed in case anyone came in. He put me to bed and there was a dribble of his cream coming out of me and so he used his fingers in me for ages but would not let me touch him and eventually left me. I did not kid myself, knowing from that moment, that as young as I was I wanted this to happen often and I would want it to last a lot longer, giggling to myself knowing how easy it would be to get men to do it to me.

The best laid plans of mice etc…., my dad was due to come home and while I was glad he was ok knew it would severely curtail my new urges as my brother and I were moved back at our house. There was to be a family get-together on the Sunday and my brother and I were packed off outdoors while my mum and an aunt busied themselves getting things ready for the tea party ready and we were soon making our way towards the park. More soon……….

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