When i was fourteen
years old they both had to go for a business tour. However, i couldn't attend them
because of my classes.So they asked my cousin ,Regie, to stay with me.

Regie was three years older than me, but he looked much more like adults.He had dark
brown eyes and blonde hair.Though he was older than me he often shared many
things with me .I know about almost all of his girlfriends .But i didn't know about one
of his secretive side which i discovered in these days.

When he came we talked a lot .We gossiped about his friends and many other things.
He tried to talk about something but he stopped due to some sort of hesitation. After
conversing we went to have our supper.As i was cleaning up he went to watch
television.When i reterned back to the living room i found him lying on the sofa and
watching a pornographic channel.However, the film that he was watching was not
like the usual films rather it was a homosexual film , based on gays.

On the movie a teenager was bending over another teenager and,strikingly, he was
sucking the cock of the boy.The cock was quite large and he was sucking it as if he
has found an alluring lollipop.He smoothered and licked the head of the dick with his
tongue and the other boy moaned.I felt a strange excitement within me,and a bit
embarassed too.I could feel the erection and enlargement of my dick inside my

"What the fuck are u watching?",i asked being embarassed.

"Oh you! Just watch it.It's a great movie about gays", he answered eagerly.

"What great? What is great about gays ? They are just sucking each others' cocks."

"It's very exciting to watch such movies and to practice such acts too.Wanna check
it out?i can help you."

"What the hell are you saying?"

"Yes, really i can help u if u want.I can see that this movie is having some effect on
you; something is bulging out of your shorts"

I felt really embarassed.Yet i remained silent.I wondered what could i say .Even i felt
a bit curious and inquisitive too.i wondered how would i feel if someone just suck my
cock and if i could fuck a him.Regie drew near me and put a hand on my shoulder.
He touched me so many times but this time i felt like an thunfer bolt travelling within
me.He asked me if i am ready,and i nodded to say yes.

In a second his hand reached beyond my waist to my penis.We moved to the sofa.
He grabbed and caressed my penis.Now i felt like something amusing is really going
to happen.I myself now pulled off my pyjamas and also my shirt.He kissed my entire
nude body and then moved upwards to my lips.We kissed each other with so intense
feeling as i have never done before.We continued to kiss each other for some time
more when he himself put off his clothes.I was amazed to see his penis.It was so
firm thick and long that i really felt touching it.I bend over him and sucked his penis
just the way i watched in the movie.I moved my head up and down with his penis in my
mouth and Regie moaned making a sound that sounded like he was liking this.I also
liked to do this strange act that i had never done before.

In the meantime Regie was performing a kind of hand job with my dick.Then he
stopped me andhe bent over the sofa spreading his arse cheeks wide open.I didn't
understand what he was doing.He inserted his middle finger in his asshole with some
lubricant on his finger.Then he asked me to my dick in his asshole.Earnestly, i
moved forward and tried to move my penis through that hole.The first time i moved it
inside him,he screamed and told me to do it a bit slowly.However, when i pushed
him for sometimes and got used to the pace, i couldn't hold myself.I just kept on
pushing my dick back and forth through his hole.At one time,i speeded up to the
maximum speed when my seven inches erected penis ejected a stream milky white
fluid in his body.My cock then started to shorten gradually.

Then he asked me to bend over like him.He then smoothened my asshole with the
lubricant on his finger.This never happened with me before.As his finger moved through
my and lubricated me i felt like series of electric shocks passing through me.Then he
removed his finger and tried with his cock.He started slowly and then speeded himself
up.He carried the pace so nicely as if he were adept in doing these.These back and
forth movements led thunderbolts pass along my veins.At first, i felt some pain but
later the pain converted such excitement and ecstasy that it cannot be expressed
linguistically.I never that getting fucked could be so amazing.At the peak of his motion,
he broughtout his dick and ejaculated all his warm milky-white sperm on me.

Later, i came to know that Regie was actually a bisexual and had slept with some boys
previously.They taught him how to do these things harmlessly.However, he did never
spoke of these relationships with me before,but that night we talked a lot about
homosexuality which till then looked like a world of fantasy where everyone tries to figure
out their own satisfaction.We also fucked each other many times thereafter and had a
very beautiful relationship.

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