owl logo LoRAs are fucking cool and can be used to replicate styles or prompt characters with little to no artwork on Danbooru. This rentry is basically a compilation of LoRAs I've made. OWL stands for "Obscure Waifu LoRA" because I'm very original and creative when it comes to names, but honestly I might as well include styles here in the future. Have fun.

Note: All of the characters have been moved over to Mega

How to Install / Use

Simply drag and drop the .safetensors file to "stable-diffusion-webui/models/Lora" then click the 🎴 icon in webUI. Go to LoRA, refresh, click the LoRA you downloaded and just start prompting. If you type the name of a character but the result barely resembles it (e.g: "1girl, haruhi fujioka" gives you a girl with long hair and purple eyes), just describe the character in more detail. Usually the keyword for the character is just their name as listed here.

Choose your Fighter


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