The thing she was seizing in her hand functioned once it was plugged in to an electric socket. It was built in the likeness of a chainsaw; the difference between it and a chainsaw was that were there was meant to be a hew was fitted in a long, giant cock. Exactly like a man's.

"Where did you get it?" I asked her curiously. My knees were starting to tremble. She was going to teach me how they used this thing when masturbating. I feared it would do me harm. "Is it not dangerous? I am afraid of experimenting with hazardous things, you know."

"Don't be a coward for no good reason, Mia. Fuck saws don't hurt their users. Drilldos do."

Huh? What was that she had added? Drilldos? Were we experimenting with those as well? "What is a drilldo, Kati? Another sex tool?"

She laughed hysterically. "Honestly, Mia, you are starting to prove that you are a good-for-nothing coward; the word 'drilldo' in not a horror term. Why are you even shaking?"

I hadn't noticed I was shaking. Damn it! I was one such coward. Sex was not meant to pain, much less masturbation! I became so shame-struck I didn't know where to hide myself. "Kati, forgive me please. I agree with you: I am a coward. A chicken what's more. I am sorry, hunny."

I swallowed hard.

She connected the fuck saw into the plug and switched it ON. The artificial penis began vibrating with a humming sound. It made noises similar to those of a barber's machine. "Lie down on the table, will you, and stretch your legs wide?" I did what I had been instructed to without hesitation. Using her hands, she held my clit and massaged it for a while. I felt like I had flown straight into heaven.

The penis was laid into my pussy. I was struck with shock at first—and fear too. It drilled inside me pleasurably. I spun my eyes from bliss unimaginable. I cried out, stationing my hands behind me. Kati pushed it in harder and the penis dug its way deeper than I could possibly tell.

Without warning, she flipped ON another button that had fresh cum spit into my cunt through the urethra of the penis. I bit my lips with my teeth and groaned in silence. The cum tasted like sugar inside me. I went into quick spasms of an orgasm. Then the pleasure melted away. "Are you satisfied now?" Kati asked teasingly.

"Sort of," I responded back. She drew the giant penis out of me and swift cum oozed out. I laid myself on the table and panted non-stop. She took a fingerful of the cum streaming down my butts and then placed it into her mouth.

"This is sweet. Just like sugar," was her remark.

"Whose cum is it?" I questioned.

"Jack's. I collected it in some machine stored inside my refrigerator. I make use of it when I feel like it."

Really? That was interesting.

I thought we were over for now. I was wrong. We were not! Kati pulled out the drilldo underneath a small table and walked towards me carrying it. My heartbeat picked up. I could not breathe normally. I didn’t even know what to do. That thing hurt. At least that’s what she told me. How was I going to stand it? "Is that a drilldo, Kati? How exactly does it work?"

She laughed frantically. "Stop cowering, you imbecile. You are becoming a chicken again, Mia. I don’t like that one small bit—sweet pie."

I hated the word ‘chicken.’ I was not one, and I would never be one. With fear still racing inside me, I braced myself and acted bolder. "I am not afraid of anything, Kati. Go ahead and put that thing into my cunt."

"Into your cunt?" She burst into laughter another time. "I am not going to place it inside your cunt. I want to put it into your ass….or anus."

What? I could feel my own ass aching from excessive drilling and buzzing. "Promise me it is not going to hurt me, Kati. Only then will I let you stick that thing into my asshole."

"Chicken, you are afraid of getting hurt, aren’t you? Well, you shouldn’t, baby. It is not going to pain that much. I give my word. I am going to stop fucking you with the drilldo once you have screamed and bled too much."

What? She laughed again.

"I am merely joking, sweet pie. Bend over now and give me your sweet ass."

It was hard to do. I did it anyway. I bowed myself down, lifting my ass into the air and pointing it in her direction. The drilldo didn’t need electrical supply. It worked with batteries. The instant she ticked ON a certain button, it buzzed to life and began vibrating. Damn! The fear of getting hurt was still present somewhere within me. I could not help it but shudder.

"Easy, baby, chill down," Kati calmed me with these smooth words. She slipped her fingers into my ass and beat inside harder. I screamed. Not from pain. It was from shock mingled with pleasure. "There you go, sweetie—ready to be fucked hard. I will fuck you tonight until you need not be fucked anymore. Shout, ‘I am a bad bitch!’ Now!"

"I am a bad bitch!"

"Good girl. Close your eyes because this is probably going to hurt……..and delight you at the same time."

My eyes slowly closed.

She counted. "One, two, and three, and go—"

The drilldo dug into my ass, quickly. I sought to yell for help. Under no circumstances was I going to do that. I held on to the table as firmly as I could. DRILL……DRILL…….my head spun from pleasure; my eyes opened on their own and wheeled upside down; my body convulsed like I was having fits. Five minutes afterwards, the piercing drill ceased and Kati asked me:

"How was it?"

I replied, "These were the best orgasms I have ever had—and enjoyed, babe."

"Would you like us to try it another time?"

"Not tonight. What about tomorrow?"

"If you wish so."

Fuck saws and drilldos. They were fantastic. From that day on, they were my obsession. I kept them in my dark cellar—where no one else except me habitually sneaked in. One day, I asked Kati, "How long have been using these things?"

She laughed merrily. Her face crinkled. "My mom used to have them. If dad was not around to satisfy her needs, she would sneak into the guest room and moan and squeal in silence there. It became my habit to lean against the door and overhear what was going on inside. She masturbated with the aid of these machines. That is when I decided to them out. Girl, they were mind-blowing."

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