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The following is a copy pasted message sent by someone on discord.

Burner account obviously. Pretty sure that some of these leaks are out there but not all of them. At least I haven't seen them. I imagine that with these just about all the current held leaks will be out in the open. Had these since like Feb-March sometime. As far as I'm aware, all of these come from the same person who was getting the pastebin leak info from devs. Gonna be a lot of text but it's mostly typing what the images say since the quality is so bad. PS if any of this was posted since the Razer Cortex leak yesterday, it's a coincidence and I didn't see it. You might need to download the images. I couldn't read them on imgur clearly without doing that, or maybe im just bad.

Bungie has internal codenames for their expansions. Nova is Witch Queen. Stardust was Beyond Light. Nebula is Light Fall.

I'm going to write out what the Age of Darkness screenshot and Upsell say since it's ultra blurry:

Upsell: NEW WEAPON ARCHETYPES & WEAPON CRAFTING. Delve into Savathun's surreal Throne World to uncover the mystery of how she and her Hive obtained the Light from the Traveler. Learn the secrets to crafting class defining weapons to fight your way through her web of lies.

Age of Darkness (white calendar looking screenshot): Darkness returns to Sol, revealing itself to be a powerful tool that Guardians can wield. Humanity's views are shaken by new discoveries about the Light, Traveler, Darkness, and the Entity behind the Pyramids -- The Witness. Destiny's ultimate enemy revealed. It brings about a second Collapse, with the threat of something much worse. Guardians are left with new ??? (cant read/remember these 2 words, I think it's like questions or something along that thought), and one last desperate hope.

Beyond Light/Stardust Category says "Refuel Aspiration in Destiny 2" "Go beyond the Light and wield the Darkness" above the pic. "Division" below the pic.

Witch Queen/Nova Category says "TBD" "Survive the Truth" above the pic. "Truth" below the pic.

Nebula/Light Fall Category Says “Give players the punch in the mouth they’ve been asking for” "Collapse/unity" below the pic. "The Enemy Returns" above the pic

I won't go into detail on all the boxes for Beyond Light/Stardust but it does say Epic Games Store though for end of year/last quarter.
The Witch Queen/Nova boxes say:
1st column (1st season) Weapon Crafting, Special ??? and Matchmaking, more MTX category Weapon crafting again Ultimate Ornaments.
2nd Column (2nd season) Collectibles Trading/?? x2.
3rd column (3rd season) LFG Tower. MTX Storefront 3.0 (I think) Gifting /Social MTX.
4th column (4th season) Empty.

Light Fall/Nebula boxes say:

1st column (1st season) Player Capital Ships (communities) New Light 3.0 Comp 2.0 and 5/6? Damage type. Additional MTX category (Capitol Ship Customization). Messaging 2.0 (I think). ??? (cant read last box)

2nd column (2nd season) Empty

3rd column (3rd season) Additional MTX

4th column (4th season) Empty

Kinda hard to see but there is a halo (from HALO) in the pic with Luke Smith.

luke smith kek

If anyone knows what 'bubbles' are (from the Value Sheet images) please do tell. I don't think they are simply player spaces since the number of them don't match what we had for Beyond Light.

Side note: Also Witch Queen was gonna have duel wielded class weapons - hunter double crossbows, titan sword/shield, warlock spear I think, I don’t remember that much. but I think it’s been changed to weapon crafting not class weapons. The class weapons were gonna have unique ability-like perks. I saw the customization screen for it at one point and it looked like a subclass ability screen kinda.

Also some things I was only told verbally that I remember: Calus is supposedly dead, died before the events of the game. And Saturn's moon Rhea was gonna be the main destination in Witch Queen, was gonna be the biggest player space they've ever made. Seems like that has changed. I hope the Mars 3.0 stuff isn't true.
I know it looks sketch, the images are screenshots of a discord screen share
reddit and discord making me do this the hard way

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