Redman Chapter 3

I sat there stunned and thought about everything between me and Amanda. She didn't do relationships with guys. I mean she liked having sex but other than that it was a brush off. She had always been there for me since we became roommates and after that first time when we made love it became something we did. She had always been a kind of aggressive lover, but never rough with me.

Something pushed her over the edge and it had to be jealousy over Peter. That fact she had just sexually attacked me like a crazed woman, was really rough with me and was now breaking down and crying had my head spinning. Her telling me she loved me, yes that was a shock.

She was laying on her bed, curled up crying in our shared dorm room and she looked like she was really hurting emotionally. I was hurting physically having never been used like that before. Part of me was mad as hell and wanted to destroy her for this.

I quelled my anger and breathed deeply calming myself. I'm not the type to loose my temper. My friends all view me as the calmest person they have ever met. I stood up and went and looked out the window at the trees and sky. I calmed down and turned and went back and sat on the bed.

Amanda had buried her head in her pillow.

I decided that we either talk this out now or I have to move. I already knew no one would ever hear about this from me. I was not going to destroy her. I did enjoy most of it, it was when she turned and scared the hell out of me that I was upset. I was seeing remorse, regret, she was in hell. I had never seen her like this.

I gently reached out and caressed her hair and she slowly stopped sobbing. She finally turned her head and looked up at me. She said "I don't... you must hate me."

I inclined my head and said "That's a really strong word. Just tell me why, what happened?"

Amanda slowly and haltingly told me that she always thought, from the moment we met, that I was one of the sweetest people she had ever known. She was so happy we became friends and when we became lovers she was in heaven. She went on to explain that at some point she fell in love with me. She didn't say anything but knew how she was feeling. She said that I seemed oblivious to it but did so many kind and loving things and she just felt more and more. When she heard about my "Hot older guy" she got scared. She knew I never bailed on the girls, for any reason, and that I had told Christine I knew him and trusted him. She said she just knew deep inside that it must mean something. She said she waited up until 3am and when I didn't come home she cried. When I told her about my time with him she said she felt happy for me but it also made her really jealous. She wanted to be the person I had that evening with. She said more about how sorry she was and how she was jealous but now all she felt was humiliation and shame for acting so fucked up as she put it.

I told her that she needs to know that I have no idea what is going to happen with Peter, Mr. Redman, but that it was serious. I told her that she knew I could not have a romantic relationship with a girl, we had talked about that. I said at least I know now why you asked me that a few times, but you always agreed with me. We talked for a long time, trying to sort things out. After about three hours we knew we would be alright. I had forgiven her and had to look at the whole, not just one incident. I knew inside though that our friendship had changed. I was sad. I was kind of upset because I didn't see the signals. I thought laughingly only boys are supposed to be that dumb.

I got fully dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. I kept checking my cell phone but Peter had not called or texted me. He said he would only be a couple of hours. It was now three in the afternoon. I admit that my mind started to wander to why he had not called. I tried to distract myself with books, the net, a dumb movie, and nothing was working.

Amanda had gone out for a workout and a run to clear her head. I decided it was petty torment time and created a crime scene using her stuffed animals, yellow tape, and some string. I was happy with the result. By 6pm I had made a multiple murder scene. The motive was that her Panda had, with a few other animals, eaten the Unicorns Lucky Charms. The clues left by the Unicorn indictaed his rage. It was pretty good. The ketchup made a nice touch. Horatio from C.S.I. Miami would have been proud. I realized I was acting pretty neurotic. Made me wonder what the hell was in that bowl of Lucky Charms I had... the inspiration for my petty torment.

I laid down to sleep and just as I was nodding of my cell phone rang. The conversation went like this:


Peter: "Oh my God Sachiko I am so sorry."

Me: "Is this the part where I tell you I'm buying you a watch?" chuckling.

Peter: "No, they just would not let me leave. I had to go to the Botanical Gardens with my Aunt and Uncle and I didn't have my cell phone with me and your number was on it and the paper at home."

Me: "I think that's the equivalent of my dog ate my homework in the dating world Mr. Redman, oh Science Teacher." I was giggling.

Peter: He was laughing "Oh shit. Yeah, yeah I am going to have to agree."

Me: "Are you home now?"

Peter: "No, I'm just driving onto the Campus"

Me: "This isn't your cell number. Wait, your what?"

Peter: Laughing still "I said I'm just driving onto the Campus. Barb is with me, I made her come here first and give me her cell to use. You have my cell memorized?"

Me: Busted "Yeah you got me, I'm a savant with phone numbers. How did you get my cell if you have not been home?"

Peter: "Barb's an Alumnist and has friend's in good places."

Me: Sitting up fast "How long before you get here?"

Peter: "I'm parking right now, outside, visitor parking."

Me: "Oh my god" I jumped up and looked out the window. Yup there he was and barb was getting out with him. "I will be right down, but should I change? I'm in jeans."

Peter: "Take those off right now! I'll be up in a minute. Giggidy."

Me: "Did you just go Quagmire on me?"

Peter: He was laughing "Oh Yeah." He did that really well " Seriously though jeans are great, just come on down."

Lets see, waited for hours for a guy I was falling for hard. Do I make him wait? Hell no, I don't do petty games. I picked up his gym bag to return it and dug out my clothes from the previous night to toss them on my bed. Guess who had his cell phone... me. Oh, I suck.

I hurried downstairs and said "I'm really sorry, I didn't realize I grabbed it. You have the same blackberry as me and I didn't realize." He busted a gut laughing. He looked at Barb and said "I am so off the hook."

Barb thought this was hilarious as well. We all got into the car and headed over to Barb's place.

She went inside to change quickly.

Peter looked over at me and leaned over and I kissed him. Yeah, it got hot fast and it was just as wonderful as the first time. He leaned back and was smiling and said "How was your day?" I must have looked kind of odd for a second.

He said he honestly didn't know of a way to get to reach me sooner and said he was sorry. He should have realized his phone was not with him. I stared at him and said "Let me get this straight. You apologizing because you didn't have your cell phone with you and didn't notice right away. Why didn't you have it? Because your girlfriend who you were supposed to call took it with her because she didn't realize she had two phones instead of one. I think your being a little hard on yourself over there handsome."

He leaned in and said "You think I'm handsome?" I kissed him and leaned back and said "I think your hot and handsome simply is not a powerful enough word."

He leaned in and started kissing my neck. Oh god he was getting me hot and my hand went to the back of his head. He said "And I'm your boyfriend? You said that too." as he slowly pulled back.

I wish I spoke with eloquence, what I stammered out was a very high school "Um, if... if.. your okay with that." I was freaking blushing at that point. Good bye sophisticated woman seeking higher education.

He smiled at me and he said "When you blush it makes you even more beautiful and I honestly didn't think that was possible." He leaned in and kissed me again and I just felt so right. I leaned my head on his shoulder and turned my face into his neck. God that man smelled so damn good. He was caressing my hair and said "I love your hair, it's so deep. It's not black, its like it has hues of black and dark blue. It's so soft." I kissed his neck lightly.

He held me there and said "Girlfriend. Hello I would like to introduce you to my girlfriend, Sachiko." He made a "Hmmmmmm" sound and said "Yeah, you know what, I could definitely get used to that" and he leaned in and kissed me again. He pulled back and said "I would be so happy saying that." We kept kissing and all I can say is he should write or book or do an instructional video because he was reaching my soul with them.

As we were so engrossed in each other we didn't hear Barbara coming back and she opened the back door and said "Wow, get or room and treat her like a lady you creep."

We pulled apart and he said "Barbara you are so impossible." She just laughed and we sat there for a moment trying to decide where to go to eat. Peter asked Barbara what she would like to eat. She replied with one word "Japanese." The way she said it was loaded with innuendo.

I am not stupid, I turned in my seat and said "You like Japanese food?" She said "I love it. I could eat it everyday" and she winked.

Peter was staring at her. He started laughing and I started to laugh. Part of me wondered if she was just playing or was she serious.

Peter started the car and we were driving and simply decided on something that didn't require a crazy drive. Barbara leaned forward in he seat and said "You know I was kidding about what I said before right?" I laughed and winked and said "Oh, you were kidding. I really was thinking he was a creep for not taking me to a room." She smiled warmly and sat back. I could tell it was weird for her to see him acting like this.

We went to Milestones and had dinner. It was really good and we chatted. She didn't flirt like that again. When I went to wash my hands she stayed at the table. I know Peter and her had been talking about something because they leaned away from each other as I was approaching. It had been an intense discussion, I could tell. Barbara got up a few minutes later to freshen up.

Peter leaned over and said "I'm sorry about that." I said what and he reviewed the chat in the car. I smiled and said "I'm not offended, she was just being playful. She didn't mean anything by it." I was looking in his eyes and saw something there. I said "What is it?" He took my hand and said "It's not important and I just want to make sure your okay." I smiled and we kissed lightly.

She was much more reserved the rest of the evening. We ended up hanging at Milestones and then went to a pub that was playing live music and had dancing and it was a blast. Needless to say drinking became involved.

I was having the time of my life. I was out with Peter and his closest long time friend. He knew other people at the pub and as the group grew so did the good times. A few of the women I chatted with praised him and said I was really lucky. One told me she had dated him and it had ended well, and all she could say was that I was not making a mistake and that for the right woman he would be pure gold. I thought wow, no one has anything bad to say about him. This was all good in my book.

Everything was going so well.

I went to the freshen up. The Ladies Room was quite large and had at least 8 sinks. I was washing my hands when Barbara came in. She smiled at me and stood beside me. Now I was not drunk, but I was also feeling no pain. I finished washing my hands and took a towel and was drying them. She moved behind me and was standing there. She told me she loved my hair and lifted some of it gently with her hands sliding it over her hands. I said "Thank you."

She leaned in and complimented my perfume. Okay the bells went off in my head and I looked up quickly. She leaned back and smiled and said "Can we go talk?" I stared at her for a moment and said "Sure, but lets get fresh drinks and sit for a few minutes."

We arrived back into the patio. This pub had a huge patio. I loved it. Barbara lead the way and we ended up at the side sitting on the built in benches by the wall. We got fresh beers and I just said "Cheers" and we clinked glasses.

Barbara looked at me and took my hand. I looked at her holding my hand and up at her eyes. She was very intently staring at me.

She said "I hate to admit this, but I think you might be okay for him. Actually you might be really really okay for him. I love that man. He has been my best friend, confidante, and the wall I could lean on for so many years. He is handsome, kind, and will treat you like a Queen." I could see love in her eyes as she spoke of him and started to feel a little funny.

She continued "I can see it. If I love him so much, admire him, and trust him more than any other person on this planet... why would I let him get away?"

I nodded and said "It kinda sounds like you should be with him, not me. Did you ever tell him this? Let him know how you feel?"

Barbara smiled and said "Of course he knows how I feel, and I know he loves me. But we also know that any real long term intimate loving relationship is out of the question."

I just shook my head and bit and said "Why? You both seem so perfect together."

Barbara laughed and said "Maybe it has a lot to do with the fact I'm a lesbian."

I know I looked shocked. I said "Hold it, you told me you were married and your husband left you for another man." She burst open laughing and said "That's the total truth! I was so confused about myself and so conflicted I married a guy who was the closest ideal man for me. A really sweet guy who didn't want sex often at all. Lucky for me he figured out that he was gay and left before I had to admit anything to my parents. We were both trying to cover up who we were inside."

I said "Are you happier now?"

Barbara smiled broadly and said "I really am, and you know something, my Parents are doing the we know but don't talk about it. It's a catholic thing." I laughed and told her I'm catholic.

She drew back and said "Oh my God! He is so screwed!" I laughed and slapped her arm lightly.

She said "Seriously Sachiko, he has had it kinda rough. If he is not what you want or whatever be honest with him and with yourself. Don't hurt him. Oh, this is the part where I tell you if you hurt my best friend I will kick your ass, and probably kill your pets, your prom date. You know." She was smiling.

I gave her a hug and she held me tight and said "Wow you do roll with things huh." I leaned back and said "What do you mean?" She smiled and said "You didn't say a word about the eating Japanese remark in the car, even after hearing I'm a lesbian." I laughed and said "You were kidding and I am not afraid of you!" I was laughing. She leaned in and said "Your gonna be alright Sachiko." and we walked back to the group.

Peter came over and put his arm around my shoulder and kissed my cheek and said he had some people he wanted me to meet. I quickly learned he is a seriously popular person who seems to know everybody.

We had a great night.

We took the subway back to Peter's place. He carried me into the condo and we were laughing and falling all over each other.

He carried me into the bedroom and literally tossed me on the bed and said "Undress Wench!!!"

I laughed and "Who the hell are you? Captain Jack Sparrow?" and threw a pillow at him he laughed and said "Okay... I see how it is" and he stripped fast. I was kneeling on the bed looking at him.

Oh my God! I would watch him do this anytime. I looked down his body as it was revealed. Seeing that big hard white cock standing out from him made me wet instantly. Those beautiful shaved balls, oh my I thought. I pulled off my jeans while I watched him and my top. I was still in my panties and bra.

He moved slowly toward the bed holding his hands out to the side as he came toward it, he was hunting me. I swivelled around a bit and decided to just... well "Attack".

I jumped on him from a crouch and he caught me and actually held me up in the air, reversed me and dropped me back on the bed laughing. I had rolled onto my hands and knees and was trying to get to the far side.

Peter grabbed me by the ankle, with his other hand he spanked my right ass cheek. I yelped and he started to laugh as he used both hands to pull me back to him. I was laughing and when he let go of my feet and grabbed my panties. I yelled "Oh no!!! not that oh please God don't let him get my panties off!" I was laughing like hell and he got them off no problem. He then went after my bra.

I have to give him major points. I was thrashing around and giggling and he managed, with one hand, to undue it while... drum roll please... tickling me with the other hand! (Insert golf claps please!)

If you get the impression this was going to be fun... then you are right!

He had me naked, thrashing and rolling and laughing hysterically. I was not even looking at him and when I rolled over to try and get away he was wearing my panties on his head. I did not think it was possible to laugh harder. I was wrong.

Peter grabbed my ankles, spread my legs and dove between them and bit my upper thigh. When he started licking my pussy I stopped laughing. OMG he was so amazing. He lightly licked his way around along the outside of my lips, teasing me. He slipped his tongue between them and I was headed for heaven. When he started teasing my clit, licking, kissing, and nibbling on it I went ballistic. His hands came up and cupped my breasts and he started pinching my nipples. When he moved down and was about to tongue fuck me he told me to play with my clit. I slipped my hand down to my pussy and started making small circles on it. I was loving this and he went to town on me.

When I came I thought I was going to fly up off the bed. He brought his hands down and started playing with me some more. He bent my legs up and started tonguing my ass while he used two fingers to fuck my pussy. When he started using his thumb on my clit I lost it again. I came so hard I was seeing stars.

Peter lowered my legs and kissed his way up my body. He laid on top of me kissing me and rolled us over so I was on top. I kissed him fiercely, our tongues dancing against each other. I love how he kisses. I started kissing my way down his body. I stopped to lick and suck on his nipples. He really liked that.

I bit and nibbled and licked my way down across his stomach and reached his gorgeous cock. I love it. It is a gorgeous eight inches of hot, throbbing satisfaction. I kissed the end of his cock and looked him in the eyes. I love looking at his eyes when I start sucking him.

I licked the bottom and sides of his shaft and twirled my tongue around the crown. I kept licking him and licked down to balls. I sucked them into my mouth while I stroked his cock with my left hand. My right hand I moved down to tease around his ass. I have never wanted to use my mouth on any man as badly as him. I love his taste and can't resist his cock. I licked all over his nuts, making them wet with my tongue. I moved down and moved my right hand to his nuts. My mouth, well it got busy on his ass. I just love eating his ass. I can't help it. I could see his reaction and the way he was starting to shake I knew it was getting to him. It makes me feel kind of dirty and nasty, but I don't mind that with him. I like being nasty for him.

I tongue fucked his ass making it nice and wet. I kissed and licked my way back up to his nuts while sliding to fingers of my right hand into his ass. He was shaking and moaning and the look in his eyes... I owned him at that moment. The want and hunger, the amazement on his face. Oh God nothing has ever looked that good.

I used my left hand and slapped my face with his cock. He was groaning in need. He suddenly grabbed my hair and said "Oh fuck, stop screwing around and suck my cock you kinky bitch!" I smiled sweetly at him and said "You want me to put that big white cock in my pretty little mouth?"

His head flew up and he locked eyes with me and said "Please, fuck, your killing me."

I slid up and lined his cock up. I love sucking cock and it shows when I do it. I winked at him as I licked the head. I spit on it and spread it around with my tongue. I came back up and locked eyes with him. I suddenly slammed my mouth down on him, forcing that gorgeous hard cock all the way into my mouth. His hands flew to my head and I kept pounding up and down, fucking my face with his gorgeous cock. Meanwhile, my fingers in his ass started getting busy. I was massaging his prostate and I swear I thought he was going to levitate off the bed. His orgasm hit hard and fast I hardly had warning.

He screamed "OH FUCK SACHIKO!!" as his whole body went rigid and he shot stream after stream of hot sweet cum down my hungry little throat. I cannot describe the satisfaction of knowing I did this for him. That I caused this two curling and seizure inducing orgasm for him. He started to convulse as he gradually came down from it. He was panting and his body was trembling His eyes were closed and I could see the sheen of sweat on his skin. He laid there for a few minutes. I slowly and carefully moved up beside him and cuddled against him. I kissed his eyelids, his cheeks, his lips and his forehead.

He turned his head toward me and opened his eyes. He was staring at me and said "Will you marry me?" I started laughing and said "Sure, lets go to Vegas. My parents will love that." Believe me I was oozing sarcasm. He started to laugh and said "Okay". I was smiling and caressing his face. "When do you want to fly down?" I just laughed at him and he said "Yeah okay, I guess you correctly assumed I was not in my right mind." I kissed him and said "I'm not crazy you know... just crazy about you."

He smiled and said "You know something?" I smiled and raised my eyebrows questioningly.

He flipped over and pinned me under him "I am so not done with you yet." I made an "Eeek!" and he spread my legs as he got between them.

He kissed me as he moved his cock into my wet pussy. He didn't waste time and started pounding my pussy deeply. I love it when he does that... any girl would. I Was moving under him. I felt so small looking up into the eyes of a man I had fallen for over six years ago. Now, in the last twenty four hours I realized that little crush... it was gone. It was replaced by something that was a lot more powerful, something I had never felt but with him was the most natural thing in the world. He had always enjoyed my respect and admiration and my trust. Now he had my heart and I could not deny it. When I realized all of this this all became so much more powerful for me. It's like the sex when high definition.

I screamed out my first of many orgasms. He never let up. He was a machine.

Peter rolled me on my side and lifted my right leg upwards as he moved over my left. When he started fucking me I thought he was going to come out of my throat. He was so fucking deep. I could feel every vein on his thick cock and he stopped thrusting and ground around and he was grinding my cervix. I could feel every hot inch of his cock and could not stopped the orgasm. I was coming so hard I was screaming "Oh fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" over and over. I had a powerful orgasm, my whole body shaking out of control and I must have faded out from the sensations.

The next thing I knew he was turning me onto my stomach and started licking my ass. I pushed it up into his face, trying to get his tongue deeper into my tight little hole.

He pulled me up to my knees and shoved his cock into my pussy. I was loving this. When he slid his thumb into my ass I went crazy. He was wrecking me with this. I never felt this full in my life. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of my pussy. When I felt the head touch my ass I turned and looked at him over my shoulder.

We made eye contact. I knew what he was asking. I wanted this as much as he did. I said "Please honey." He smiled and slowly moved forward, pushing that big powerful cock deep into my tight little ass. I thought he was going to split me wide open, but just whenever I felt it was too much he seemed to know and eased off. After a couple of minutes I felt his stomach against my ass. His big white cock was buried deeply in my little ass. I could not believe it.

When he started moving at first I didn't know what to feel... the pain and pleasure were blending together and when he pushed me down, so my chest and shoulders were flat on the bed I felt amazing. But nothing like when I felt one of his hands slide around my waist and he started massaging my clit. Everything collided. The feeling of his hard cock fucking me so well in my ass. His fingers teasing my clit. The hand on my breast. He laid forward and started biting the back of my neck. He was thrusting harder and harder. He was making me so hot I just snapped. My body went crazy. I was cumming and crying out and I felt him hit his orgasm and knew he was filling my ass with his hot cum.

Peter collapsed onto my back, barely catching himself before crushing me. He rolled off to the side. I could not move. I was laying flat on my stomach and . My legs spread apart. My arms were above my head and I just could not move. I was covered in sweat and felt fully satisfied. He had fucked me to collapse.

I slowly lifted my head and turned toward him. Peter was laying on his side looking at me. He reached over and gently moved the hair off my face and tucked it behind my ear. I was so happy. We kissed and cuddled up. I fell asleep with him and everything seemed perfect.

When I woke up the sun was shining in the window. Peter was actually snoring. I started to chuckle and slowly moved off the bed. I took a shower and when I came out he was still sound asleep. I had to laugh he looked so cute sprawled out over the whole bed.

I grabbed a my t-shirt and thong and out them on. I went out to the kitchen and grabbed some juice. I walked back to the bedroom and set some water and a glass of juice next to him on the bedside. I crawled back into bed beside him and relaxed. I woke when Peter started to stir. He hugged me to him and after some kissing.

Peter got up and headed off to the shower. I was laying on the bed when he came out. He scooped me up and carried me into the kitchen and sat me on the counter. With a sweet kiss he then went to the fridge and started making breakfast. We were chatting and heard keys in the door.

I started to laugh and said "Was Barbara coming for breakfast?" Peter laughed and suddenly got really serious. His eyes got wide and he said "Sunday." He looked at the clock and said "Its noon" He looked kinda panicked. I said "What?" as I heard a ladies voice call out "Peter Honey, we're hear."

My jaw dropped. I looked at him and said "Is that..." He finished the thought. "It's my Mom and Dad."

I shook my head and said "Does everyone have keys for this place?" We both started to laugh.

This should be interesting.

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