"You’re walking like you got a broom or a cock up your ass." One work colleague mentioned.
How close to the truth he was.
I just laughed it off.
Friday I had more physio, and didn’t do anything strenuous til Sunday afternoon.
Sunday I went to the pub as a normal guy and hooked up with an old flame.
While we had good sex, it wasn’t click for me anymore; I did cum but it was more for here.
She knew something had changed in me, when I left her place; I knew then that there was no turning back for me.
The following Thursday I went back to the gay bar and chatted with a fellow cross dresser.
His / her name was Anthony / Tonia, as that’s the forms she lives as.
I then named myself Rebecca or Peter, my two forms.
We drank and got plastered and enjoyed our own company.
I was comfortable about my sexuality now, but not out to public in Peter form.
We ended up at her place and we got naked and 69 on her sofa.
I admired her 7"inch shaved cock and her smooth laser enhanced skin, she was taller than me but as fit as me.
We licked each other’s cock and balls, and fingered each other’s sissy holes while sucking one another’s cocks.
With cum filled mouths, kissed and hugs; our cocks touching as we kissed.
Tonia started playing with my cock as we kissed and I then returned the favour.
Maybe it was the alcohol, but enjoyed myself and Tonia seemed to too.
Tonia then looked me in the eye.
"Do you want to stay the night?" She asked, and I nodded.
"Are you tired?" She asked and I just nodded no.
She kissed me.
"Would you like to fuck me?" She said in a sexy female’s voice.
"Sure, but I like to be fucked too." I said, and she smiled.
I was given a condom.
Tonia helped put it on my growing cock, then lubed my cock up and then turned and faced the sofa.
I was about to fuck her doggy style, but she keep her legs straight and spread apart.
Fumbling for her sissy ass entrance, she reached back and helped me.
I inched inside her until my balls touched her’s.
It was warm and tight inside, and my 7"inch cock slowly started fucking her tight ass.
Placing my hands on Tonia’s hips I began grinding, while her stiff cock bounced around bellow my balls.
I fucked her for about 5-6 minutes; when Tonia said she was close to cumming.
"Oh fuck, I’m close." Tonia said.
So I pulled out of her ass, as she slumped down on the sofa and quickly stroked her cock.
I knelt down in front of her and hoping to catch some of her cum in my mouth, as she furiously stroked her cock.
I caught some in my mouth but she didn’t cum much, but she surely did enjoy herself by cumming.
As I licked my lips, I was a bit miffed; her some had none of the saltiness I was used too.
Feeling ripped off, I licked cum from her thighs and her cock head.
I milked what little cum was on her cock, while she removed the condom from my softening cock.
Tonia was happy, and tried and tried getting me hard again by stroking my cock but I remained semi hard.
We kissed passionately, and we went to bed. * Next day we went back to the gay bar together.
We had a few drinks and were separated as we both paired up with guys.
I lost her, but I was taken out back to the car park and into the playground; between the pub and some school.
There was another guy there, lying on a blanket with a bag.
Luckily it was dark as he was naked and stroking himself.
The guy, who picked me up, stripped off and began sucking his mate off; before long they were 69ing each other.
The guy who picked me up, motions me to join them.
They stop and we are introduced, I was Rebecca, my new friend was Joe and his friend was Simon.
I slowly walk towards them.
Joe grabs me by a leg and feels up and under my skirt.
He rubs my slowly growing cock through my knickers.
Simon has his hands under my skirt and inside my knickers and between my ass cheeks, while Joe is squeezing my balls and rubbing my cock through my knickers.
I am now between the two, and getting groped.
They must have been 23-25 in age, at a guess.
I was now looking at both their erections, lustfully.
I feel Simon feeling for my sissy hole, with a finger under my skirt and inside my knickers.
Then he motions me to an area on the blanket, and to sit down.
I sit down, with my legs together.
Simon sits down right next to me, and caresses my thighs; I then lay on my side and allow him access to my butt under my skirt.
Joe sits down on the other side and reaches under my top and under my fake boob bra; and teases my real nipples.
Joe and I kiss and kiss passionately and now have two hands teasing and pinching my nipples.
A situation like this would this 6 months ago this would have repulsed me.
I close my eyes and continue kissing Joe; I drift away in dreamland; while my cock is so hard now inside my knickers from all the attention.
I now am fixated on Joe’s cock and am playing with it, stroking it while kissing him; and rubbing the precum from its tip.
I can’t bare this anymore and start kissing it and licking his balls, for a minute and hear him moaning.
I nibble on his shaft then lick it, he wriggles around and I slide my mouth over it and swallow it.
Lying on my stomach now, with my chest off the ground I suck Joe’s cock.
Tasting salty but wonderful, all I hear is moans from him.
While Simon pulls down my knickers and tears my stockings, I spread my legs apart so he has access to my naked sissy hole.
Almost immediately he enters my hole with a finger then two.
He starts fucking my ass deep and hard with two fingers, making me moan out; with cock in my mouth.
Simon positions himself between my legs and continues finger fucking my sissy hole.
"This is so hot." Joe says, as I suck him off and he watches Simon messing with my asshole.
Simon rubs some of my KY lube into my ass and rests a hand on my shoulder while he fingers it inside.
The KY lands near my forearm, just briefly before I feel his cock squirming between my ass cheeks.
I tense up before relaxing, as he inches inside my sissy hole.
With little effort he breaches my sissy hole, and then places both hands on my shoulders; before he forces his cock all the way inside my asshole.
I stopped sucking Joe’s cock while I was being invaded by Simon’s cock.
It was in my mouth but I wasn’t sucking it.
Once Simon starts fucking my ass, I continue to suck Joe’s cock.
I want cock in my ass so bad I push up with each thrust.
I get on my knees and let him fuck me doggy style, as I can push with his thrust easier.
He places a hand on each hip now and starts fucking me hard.
"Man your ass is so awesome." Simon comments.
All I want is cock in my ass.
Simon’s cock briefly slips out and I quickly reach back trying to put it back.
Now Simon gets a rhythm going of fast and hard fucking.
"You’re well lubed up bitch, as my cock slides in with resistance." Simon comments.
I smile, gobbling on cock.
"I will fucking make you crawl home bitch, because I will fuck you so hard you won’t be able walk home." He commented.
‘Whatever." I thought to myself and focused on the cock in my mouth.
Saliva oozes from my mouth from sucking Joe’s cock.
I can feel precum leaking from own cock as; I suck and get fucked hard in the ass.
I just relax and enjoy have my holes filled.
Ten minutes pass, when Simon seems to lose control.
"I’m cumming." Simon shouts out.
Joe now takes control of my head and face fucks me, I grab his hips to help me brace and balance.
I no longer control my sucking.
His cock twitches in my mouth and he pulls my head into his groin, as cum is released into my throat; I try swallow as much as I can.
He pulls his shrinking cock from my mouth and leaves a trail of cum from mouth, as he does.
Simon sees his friend leave me, and pushes harder.
"I will cum on your back soon." Simon announces.
"No. In my ass, in my ass." I plead.
That’s what he did, soon after; grunting and forcing deep and falling on top of me.
He forces me down with his weight; I feel cum leaking from my ass and down my balls as his cock softens inside my ass.
Simon rolls out.
"Oh man, I want another shot at your ass. Just give me a few minutes and we’ll fuck again." Simon says.
"Move, it’s my turn." Joe tells, Simon.
Joe’s cock was hard as a rock and ready again.
He lifted me to my knees and slid straight in and off he went, fucking me hard as if there was no tomorrow.
Simon rubbed KY on his cock, trying to make it harden quicker and lube it.
Joe didn’t bother with KY; he used Simon’s cum inside my ass.
Joe was fucking me hard, while Simon teased my mouth with his cock; which was hardening.
I just shut my eyes and enjoyed Joe’s ass fucking, long hard fast thrusts.
There must have loads of cum in it, as Joe’s wasn’t hurting me.
I was now sucking Simon’s cock as Joe pounded me.
About ten minutes past.
I spread my legs wider and back into him, as he fucked my sissy hole.
He moaned and grunted, and then twitched as he shot a load of cum deep in my ass.
While still sucking Simon, Joe pulled out and cum dribbled out of my sissy hole and down my balls.
Simon then took over, while Joe rested.
I was down on my elbows as I was spent, but continued to fuck me; over and over and taking turns of blowing inside me.
This continued until the cops drove by at 3am, I crawled behind some bushes, while Joe and Simon run off.
Behind the bushes I dressed as best I could, my face was a mess but it was dark.
I went and gingerly got in my car and drove home at 4.30am, and then I ran a long bubble bath.
So happy it was Sunday not Monday.

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