Earlier that day, she had been asked to stay late to help Dr Hartley take stock of all the medical supplies in his clinic.

'It's going to be a long job,' said Dr Hartley. 'I need to make a list of everything we own and quantities so we know what to order. As you will be working here permanently, I hoped I could show you what to do so you can take responsibility for it.'

'Ok, I guess it's my job to do it. Maybe I can devise a more efficient way of doing this?' Holly suggested.

'I'm certain you can work your magic here. Fetch the stepladder and we'll start counting stock in the medical supplies cupboard.'

Holly was a 23 year old Nurse, recently employed by Dr Tom Hartley to help manage his private clinic. Holly Bennett was highly professional and highly skilled, committed to her career and profession. Dr Hartley was pleased to welcome her to the unit, her skills would be invaluable. She loved her new job and was determined to impress; she had little time for much else. Relationships were not high on her agenda, she cared about succeeding in her career. She'd had her heart broken many times and had decided enough was enough. A slight crush on Dr Hartley wasn't enough to distract her from her work, she was too devoted to act upon it.

Holly and the stepladder clanked down the corridor towards the medical supplies cupboard, where Tom Hartley was waiting with his paperwork. He helped her in with the ladder and they peered around the room which housed all their equipment on shelves along the walls, some in boxes on the floor. They set to work sifting through the boxes, Holly calling out names and quantities, Tom noting all in his papers.

'There's some oxygen tubing here, four boxes, some guedal airways, size 3...twelve here.'

'What's in this box?' Tom said, tapping another box with his foot. Holly pushed her long brown hair back from her face and bent over to pull the box from under the shelf.

'Yankeurs,' she replied, rummaging through. 'I think it's a full box. Fifty, give or take a couple.'

They worked their way along the row of boxes on this wall, slowly working their way up the shelves. Holly eventually needing to use the stepladder to reach the higher shelves. Finally, they reached the top shelf. Holly stood a few feet off the ground, her waist above Tom's shoulders.

'Foley catheters, 3 packs,' she called down to him. She reached a further back to an old-looking box, when she felt her bare thigh being gently stroked. 'Ohh!' she gasped, startled. She looked down at Tom, who was stood beneath her, caressing her slender thigh. As his hand travelled inwards and higher, Holly tried to shake him off. This was totally unprofessional!

'Please, sto...' she began, before another surprise made her jolt. Tom began to rub her pussy through her panties, with no intention of stopping. Holly gripped onto the ladder tightly and looked around for an escape route. As Tom continued, he felt her becoming wet and she flushed with embarrassment. He gently pushed her panties to one side and began tracing his fingers around her wet pussy, teasing her clit whilst stroking her thigh with his other leg. Holly quivered. She bit her lip to stop a small moan escaping. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to pretend it wasn't happening to her. Tom pushed a finger into her cunt and Holly jerked in surprise, almost losing her footing on the ladder.

'Tom, please don't. I don't want to do this,' she pleaded. He ignored her and pushed a second finger into her as she squirmed to get away from him. His other hand travelled behind her, resting on her buttock which he began to massage. He began to fuck her cunt hard with his fingers. What Tom was doing felt amazing, but she refused to allow herself to admit it. She pressed her body against the cold metal of the ladder as a small orgasm rippled through her body.

Tom pressed his thumb against her clit and once again she shot up the ladder, moaning in pleasure - a mixture of excitement and embarrassment. Tom's fingers carried on fucking her, his thumb flicking her clit and driving pulses of pleasure through her body. He then placed his hands on her waist and pulled her closer to him. He buried his face in her bald little pussy, plunging his tongue deep into her. Holly relaxed and ceased to struggle as the new sensation drove her wild. She gently rocked her hips back and forth as he continued to explore her with his tongue. He came to fixate on her clit, licking side to side, up and down, sucking and nibbling, whilst pushing his fingers in and out pf her dripping went cunt. Holly couldn't contain herself any longer. She shuddered and moaned her way through her most explosive oragasm ever.
'Oh my god,' she panted after Tom had stepped away. She lowered herself down to the ground with shaking legs. 'Wow...'

'I couldn't resist, you looked so hot up there. I haven't been able to get you out of my head since you started here. That amazing body, perfect tits, tiny ass...' Tom smiled. He pulled her close and kissed her and she felt his stiff cock pushing against her. She unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it open, running her hands over his smooth, toned chest. He unzipped her dress and pushed it to the ground, revealing her lingerie to him. He skillfully removed her bra and began to rub her tits, then tweaked her pert nipples. Holly undid his trousers and pushed them down, his six inches springing out. She leant back against the ladder, perched just on the edge of a step, pushed her panties off, and spread her legs wide, eager for his dick to penetrate her. Tom obediently entered her and he pushed deep into her. He withdrew and pushed deeper into her, again, and again, and again. Holly raised her arms above her head and held on tightly to the step above. She wrapped her legs around him a thrust him into her harder. She moaned as Tom fucked her as hard as he could, his body slamming into her clit sending new sensations throbbing towards her next orgasm. Tom sensed she was close, he pulled away and turned Holly around. She bent over and held on to the ladder. Tom fucked her from behind, his cock pounding furiously into her and his fingers rubbing over her clit and his other hand gripping her ass tightly to pull her onto him. Holly was coming before she knew it, she gasped and moaned, her pussy squeezing tightly around Tom's shaft, Tom groaning also.

Holly knelt down at Tom's feet and stroked his cock. Gently, she kissed the head and gave small, teasing licks. She took the tip of his dick into his mouth and sucked, then traced her tongue around its head. She licked up and down his shaft, returning to the head every time. She then began to take him into her mouth slowly, wrapping her moist lips around him. She went lower onto his cock as far as she could, her hand taking care of the rest, and then came back up. She carried on sucking his cock, picking up pace until Tom pulled out and she wanked him off as he squirted his cum into her mouth.

'Fuck,' panted Tom. 'I never imagined it would end up this good...I did well choosing you!'

'Yes, you did,' Holly smiled.

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