Aunty wasted no time in telling her friend of her adventures ‘en route’ which ended in Heidi taking Aunty to her bedroom presumably to see for herself. I thought this was strange because from what Aunty had told me on the way up, it was all going to be ‘public knowledge’ between the three of us anyway before long.

I had no idea of the geography of the property apart from what had been obvious when we’d arrived, that it was a very large, modern ground floor flat overlooking an extensively landscaped garden backing onto the Heath (I was told later that the block had been built by Heidi’s late husband as an investment and that they had occupied the ground floor which ran the length of the block, although the flats on the two floors above had only half the area, and that the garden was exclusively theirs) but I could hear giggling and female voices generally coming from somewhere close by and so I was not surprised when they returned together some twenty minutes later, Aunty dressed as before but Heidi had changed out of slacks and was wearing a trim pencil skirted suit in dark charcoal grey, barely black nylons and high heeled shoes. As unusually for a German lady, for she was indeed originally from Hamburg, she had dark hair, she looked very attractive for a woman, as my aunt, in her sixties. Indeed although she was shorter than aunty at around 5’8", she had the same sort of figure. She leant over me showing a fair amount of cleavage and giving me the distinct impression that she was wearing very little under the suit jacket, saying that she and aunty were both ready for me. She lead the way out into the corridor and I followed.

The three of us walked down a flight of stairs into the basement, a floor I had not suspected to be present until then and into a large comfortable room furnished as a sitting room but with an office at one end. We walked through the office into another smaller room which had the appearance of a school classroom with half a dozen or so school desks with sloping hinged tops as I remembered from my own schooldays, a teacher’s desk at the front on a raised platform, a large cupboard and a blackboard or rather ‘green’ board built in to the wall behind ‘teacher’s’ desk. This basement was not fully underground in that there was an external stepped access down to it, built against a retaining wall, so that the area enjoyed natural daylight albeit at ceiling level. The windows were, I later found out, triple glazed to cut out noise; this was north London! Later on I realised that sound proofing was a good idea. Sound travels both ways.

Heidi walked over to the cupboard and opened the double doors. Apart from some files and paperwork the cupboard was empty. Empty apart from a large collection of canes, tawses, straps., belts, slippers and floggers hanging neatly on the backs of the doors, that is.

Both ladies seated themselves at adjacent desks on the front row and Heidi immediately began pulling auntie’s hair. I entered into this role play and ordered her to stop and settle down and get on with her work.

‘No’ she said, ‘I won’t’.

‘If you don’t, Heidi’ I replied, ‘I shall be forced to punish you’

‘I don’t care’ she said.

‘Very well, young lady, come out here’ I said as sternly as I could.

She got up from her desk and stood in front of me.

‘I’ve had enough of your appalling behaviour in my classroom, so I’m going to teach you a lesson you won’t forget in a hurry’.
So saying, I went over to the cupboard and opened the doors. I stood, pondering for a moment, looking over the vast selection, finally selecting a very long, thick, senior school cane with a crook handle. I sliced it through the air, noting with satisfaction how whippy it was and the sound it made when I did this. I returned to my original position in front of her.

‘Bend over’, I commanded, ‘and touch your toes’.

‘What? In this skirt?

‘If you can’t present a suitable target for me to aim at, you’ll have to take your skirt off’

She tried to obey my command but could only touch her knees and even then her skirt was stretched taut over her ample bottom. I could certainly see the line of her knickers through the material.

I stood behind her and tapped the centre of her bottom a couple of times with the cane and then raised it and brought it down squarely across both buttocks with a loud crack. There was no reaction from Heidi and so I gave her another stroke of equal force about two inches below the first and a third two inches below that. After the third stroke, she dipped at the knees and came back into position slowly and made a tentative move to rub herself but I checked her telling her I’d tell her when she could do that, in fact I also told her that the skirt was affording too much protection and that she must take it off for the rest of her beating.

I looked back at aunty and saw that her eyes were shining with excitement and that her hand was between her thighs. I can’t say that I blamed her because, my cock was stiff in my pants, but I had to maintain an air of discipline and so told her that her behaviour was unacceptable and that she would be dealt with next.

Heidi reached round and unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it, picked it up and draped it over the teacher’s desk. Under the skirt she was wearing barely black sheer nylons supported by a black silk suspender belt and a black silk and lace thong. Across the width of her bottom were three angry red weals. She had also removed her suit jacket and I saw that my earlier surmise had been correct. The only clothing under it was a black silk bra. On closer inspection, I saw that this was also a ‘Wonderbra’. Aunty had obviously passed on my preferences well.

‘Bend over Heidi’ I said ‘and let’s see if touching your toes is any easier; and lets have those legs further apart.’

She obeyed and I was treated to the sight of her upturned bottom and a glimpse of a very hairy pussy and nearby areas under the inadequate cover of the thong. I couldn’t resist putting out my hand and caressing her bottom cheeks and between them and between her thighs as well. She was very wet and said something which sounded like ‘Mein Gott’ although I don’t speak German. I was also able to confirm that her hair colouring which up to that time, I had only seen on her head was completely natural. It was a very dark chestnut.

I stepped back and tapped her bottom with the cane again. I heard a movement behind me again and turned to see aunty had slumped in her seat with her skirt up and her hand in her knickers again.

Well, now I had the full bottom to aim at I gave her the next three strokes at a measured pace which she seemed to be taking too calmly and so the final two were given just at the overhang of the buttocks and firmly across the back of the thighs between bottom and stocking tops. After the sixth, she started to stand up but I ordered her back into position and told her to open her legs much wider and then pulled her thong out of her bottom cleft and down to her knees. In this position I could see her fanny gaping wetly wide open and glistening with moisture as I gave her another four strokes across her bare bottom over a period of about forty seconds, taking time to fondle her backside and cunt after each one.

I told her to go and stand in the corner with her hands on her head and then ordered aunty to the front and told her bend over one of the front desks. I walked over to the cupboard and picked up a leather soled slipper. I had been slippered many times at school, usually with a well worn gym shoe, and I knew how painful it was to receive a slippering across tightly stretched trousers; I had never had one on my bare bottom but aunty was about to experience this in the immediate future.

I went back to the desks, flipped her skirt over her back and pulled her knickers down to her knees and gave ten hard swats without pause. After the fourth she started to hop about and by the seventh was weaving her bottom from side to side. At the final one her bottom and upper thighs had taken on a very pretty dark cherry shade which almost but not quite, masked the activities of the afternoon and I could feel the heat radiating from her flesh which looked swollen. However, any concerns I had were lost when I saw that she was soaking wet between her thighs, had obviously enjoyed being spanked and furthermore had certainly experienced something similar before. As I inspected her she opened her legs wider and thrust her bottom out towards me. It took all my self control to prevent me from entering her there and then but I turned towards Heidi and told both of them that I’d had a long day and I needed an early night.

I had no idea where I was sleeping so the ladies walked me upstairs and down the corridor stopping at the first door where I was shown into Heidi’s room. It was obvious from her luggage that aunty was going to spending the night with Heidi in her enormous queen sized bed. I was shown the room next door, which also had a queen sized bed and also like the ‘master’ (in this case more properly ‘mistress’) bedroom, an en-suite shower room. As this was an ‘unplanned’ stop over, I had no luggage and had to beg a spare toothbrush from Heidi. The ladies wished me ‘Goodnight’ and left me to sort myself out.

I ran a shower and afterwards made myself comfortable, lying in the centre of the enormous bed reading a magazine I found on one of the bedside tables and was just starting to feel drowsy when the door opened and both of them came into the room. They were both wearing absolutely nothing. Without a word they came over to the bed and climbed in, one on each side of me.

Heidi spoke first, ‘ You didn’t really think we were going to leave you alone until tomorrow did you?’

Aunty said, ‘Heidi needs some attention dear; you got her so excited downstairs you have to finish off what you started and I’ll probably need some attention from you as well’.

‘When you say ‘downstairs’ do you mean in the basement or......... something else’ I said with a smile.

‘Both’, said Heidi reaching out and taking hold of my cock which immediately started to stir.

I could see that I wasn’t going to get as much sleep as I’d hoped.

Heidi continued to lazily play with me until I was fully erect and then sliding down the bed, took the entire length of 7 inches into her mouth, running her tongue over the head and the shaft while aunty played with my balls, taking them into her mouth and sucking them. I reached out and took Heidi’s generously sized breasts with their stiff brown nipples in my hands and started to play with them, squeezing the nipples and rolling them between thumb and forefinger and then reaching down squeezed her pussy lips with my fingers before running my fingers between her labia which opened stickily at my touch, revealing the hard glistening bud of her clitoris, which I gently squeezed making her shudder and moan softly. Her buttocks clenched and her bottom arched off the bed as her fanny juice seeped onto my hand. My cock was gripped as in a vice and I had to tell her to let go before she cut the circulation completely.

I got myself into position between her thighs which she opened to a degree which I wouldn’t have thought possible and slipped inside her. There was little or no resistance but I had the impression that although she had been taken many times before it had not been for a considerable time at least not with a flesh and blood cock. It occurred to me that she had lost count of the number of dildo penetrations she had had.

After a few minutes I asked her to get on top of me so that I could spank her arse as she rode me. There was a mirror at the foot of the bed in which I could see her reddened bottom bouncing on top of me and watch myself spanking her and the effects it was having on her swollen buttocks. Glancing down I saw aunty masturbating furiously and moved one hand to fondle her boobs but Heidi moved it to her own tits and so I left it there. She moved her own hand down to my shaft and gripped it hard but aunty moved Heidi’s hand aside and gripped me herself.

Some ten minutes later after we had all three climaxed and the mattress was very damp, they got up and went to their bedroom leaving me to fall asleep almost immediately.
On their way out Heidi had said that I needed my rest because she was going to arrange something which I would enjoy tomorrow. ‘Oh My God’ I thought, ‘What on earth is she talking about?’

Continued ..................................

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