Be careful driving home."

I breathe a sigh of relief as the last party guests stroll down the sidewalk. I close the door, then turn off the porch light as I hear their car start, then drive away. We've had a wonderful time celebrating your 40th birthday tonight, but it can be a tiring time when you have a great big bunch of people over. I swear, you must know half the people in Springdale and they all wanted to come celebrate this milestone birthday with you. But at last we're finally alone....even the kids are spending the night at friends' houses.
I come over to where you are sitting on the couch and grin down at you, "What do you think, Gayle? Should we leave this mess until in the morning??" I know the answer will be yes...that's why we both took the day off tomorrow...well, that and the likelihood that we would both have hangovers too.....
"Yes, dear, we'll leave this until morning....Besides, there's still one more thing you have to do tonight..."
My mind races, wondering what I have forgotten to do. You smile up at me, then laugh at the look of confusion on my face. "Wade, you still haven't given me my birthday spanking....."
I laugh, "Oh ho, someone is feeling frisky tonight. Okay, one birthday spanking coming up...." I sit down on the couch, then pull you over my knees. As you giggle and wiggle, I aim a swat at your rounded butt... "One" I announce as you gasp.
"Hey, not so hard!!" you protest.
"Okay, honey, I don't want to damage the precious goods."
"Two", I announce again as I deliver another swat to your up-turned butt. You giggle again..."You don't have to take it that easy.....I want to at least know you swatted me..." I shake my head at you, then swat you again..."Three"
You laugh again..."That one was just perfect." Then I settle into an easy rhythm as I give you swats four to fifteen. You've still been wiggling around, and your dress has slid up over your bottom, baring your black lace panties to my delighted eye. I stop and rub my hand over your butt, giving it a few gentle squeezes as I caress it lovingly...
"Hey, you're supposed to be swatting it, not playing with it", your voice interrupting my reverie.
"Okay, smart ass, for that you're getting the rest on your panties instead of your dress". I reach up and pull the zipper down on your dress, then pull it up over your head. As your bare breasts come into view, I can't resist giving both of your nipples a little tweak. "Hey, cut that out!! It's supposed to be a spanking...", but I can hear you giggling under your dress before I pull it off completely.
I admire your panty-clad ass for another moment, then deliver the next swat, "Sixteen". You moan, "A bit hard again, honey," so I lighten the blows as I continue... "Seventeen...Eighteen...Nineteen..." You're not giggling now, just wiggling around and moaning as I continue to spank you..."Twenty-eight...Twenty-nine...Thirty..."
My hand is starting to tingle, so I lift it from your butt and shake my hand while wiggling my fingers, knowing your butt must be starting to sting too. You moan out, "Don't stop now" so I give your butt a quick rub, then grasping the waistband of your panties, I pull them halfway down your legs.
All you can do is gasp in surprise as my next swat "Thirty-one" lands on your bare butt, a slow flush of pink spreading across where my hand landed. Your butt jiggles most enticingly as I continue, "Thirty-two...Thirty-three...", making sure to try and land my hand on a different spot so you don't end up bruised. As I count out the last two swats, "Thirty-nine...Forty", you are lying still, your butt quivering. Then you gasp again as I swat you one more time, "And one to grow on..." Your butt is glowing a bright pink as I rub my stinging hand gently over it.
You are lying so quietly on my lap, your body shaking, that I ask with some worry in my voice, "Are you okay, baby?" you're quiet for a moment, then answer in a shaky voice, "Yes, babe, my butt is really stinging but it feels good too."
"Oh, baby, I better get some lotion on this right away or you may chap up." I lift you from my lap, then lay you face-down on the couch so your pink butt is up in the cool air. "I'll be right back, okay?" I lean over and give you two soft kisses right in the middle of each pink cheek. You mumble something into the couch that I can't quite catch....."Don't worry?"
I go down the hall into the bathroom, but I don't see the lotion. I holler in to you to ask where it is, but you don't answer. So I come back to ask you again, then stop short in the doorway and watch you, amazed at what I am seeing. I thought maybe you were a little turned on by the spanking, but I didn't expect to see this... you lying there with your eyes tightly closed as you hump up and down on your hand underneath you. I watch you quietly for a minute, watching the play of emotions across your face as you hump harder and faster. I'm not sure what I should do, so I finally slip silently back down the hall to our bedroom, and there's the lotion on your nightstand. I scoop it up, then holler out "I found it" as I come back to you.
I'm almost disappointed to see you lying still on the couch, one arm under your head and your other hand trailing on the floor, watching me with a smile as I come back in. To my surprise, you slide off the couch to the floor, then move to the end of it. You bend at the waist, lying across the arm with your elbows on the cushions, your legs spread slightly apart as you present your by now reddened butt to me. "You'll probably find it easier to do with me like this," as you give me your biggest most radiant smile.
I can't turn down such an attractive offer, so I move quickly between your legs. I twist the cap off the bottle, then pour a generous amount across each cheek, before pouring a little pool into the small of your back. You moan again at the coolness of the lotion. I set the bottle on the floor between your feet, then get on my knees to get closer to my "work". Leaning forward, I glide both hands from the bottom of your cheeks upwards in a long smooth motion. You sigh, then rock forward to lay your head on your arms. This simple motion makes your cheeks slide apart a little, and I smile as I smell the scent of your arousal. Yes, you are definitely turned on by this......
My hands reach the top of your butt and I give your butt a little squeeze before drawing my hands back down the outside of your butt. When they reach the bottom, I give your butt another little squeeze, then start back up again. My thumbs are sliding up the inside of your crack and my fingers are sliding over your cheeks....a soft gentle rhythm at first, then a little harder and faster as you start moaning again. Every time my fingers start to drag a little, I slip them through the pool of lotion to make sure they don't drag across the tender skin. You lift yourself back on your elbows again, starting to move a little back and forth, trying to push your butt back against my fingers as I continue to work the lotion into your skin.
The pool of lotion is soon gone, and I reach back down and pick up the bottle again. But this time, I pour a trail down the inside of your crack. I grasp your cheeks in my hands and pull them apart, then start at the top and glide my thumbs up and down, avoiding your darker hole but making sure to push teasingly at your pink tunnel as my thumbs reach it. You moan again and push back against my thumbs as I start another stroke up. You catch me by surprise and for the briefest of moments my thumbs push against your anus before I can pull them back. I'm trying to apologize, "I'm sorry, honey, I know you don't want anything there..." when you interrupt me, "Babe, it's okay....I want you to do my ass tonight." I rock back in surprise, knowing you couldn't have said that.
You continue in a soft voice..."I know it's your secret dream, and I want to fulfill it for you tonight. Just promise me you'll not push me, that if I ask you stop, you will."
"Are you sure, Gayle? I don't want you to feel like you have to do this..."
"Wade, I want to do it. Yes, I'm afraid it may hurt, but I trust you to stop if I tell you to stop."
"Okay, honey.....I'll be very gentle. Remember, I've had a couple of prostate exams and I know how much it hurts when they just jam one finger in, even with I'll take my time so I don't hurt you. But you have to promise me you won't keep going just because you want to do this for me."
"I will, do my ass before i chicken out..."
I scramble to my feet. I'm going to need a few things to do this properly without hurting the woman I love. I'm swallowing at this lump in my throat as I think of what this means to both of us, of how much you love me to let me try this.
I go to the bathroom and get the jar of petroleum jelly, then after a few seconds of thought, I go into our bedroom to get your vibrator from the drawer of your nightstand. I strip off my clothes too, then hurry back where you are waiting for me, a trembling smile on your face. I come to you, then bend down and cup your face in my hands. I kiss your lips tenderly, "You can still change your mind, honey, and it'll be all right. You shake your head fiercely, "No, I WANT this for both of us...."
I move behind you, then kneel between your legs again, take a deep breath to slow my racing heart, and then scoop a dollop of jelly onto the tip of my index finger. I see you trembling slightly as my finger gets closer and closer to the dark opening, and I can't help but feel this amazing amount of love for you rushing through me. I place my fingertip against the pucker and start tracing lightly around it. You tense up for a second, then give a nervous giggle, "That tickles." I give your butt a light squeeze with my other hand and then keep tracing around and around. As I feel you start to relax, I reach down and scoop up more jelly. I trace around your pucker again, then give the lightest of pushes in the center. You gasp and tense up, but I have already pulled away. I lean forward and give you a light kiss on your back. "Just relax, baby, I'm not going to rush this at all." I go back to tracing around and around as I caress your butt with my other hand and cover it with more little kisses.
After I'm sure you're relaxed again, I push slightly against the center another time. You make a funny little noise, but you don't tense up this time. I reach back down for more jelly, then go straight to the center this time. I push my fingertip just barely into you, then swirl it around. You tense again, then relax even before I can pull away. I can hear you breathing hard....I keep dipping into the jelly and then pushing my fingertip in a little deeper each time, coating the inside with a thick layer. Before long, I can push in as far as the first joint. At this point I stop, letting you get used to the feel of it. I feel your ring of muscles grip it tight then loosen as they relax.
When you have stopped your squeezing, I pull my finger out again for more jelly, then slide it in a little faster this time. You moan and grip it for a moment, but release it quickly. Emboldened by this, I start a slow stroking and out, in and out. Before long, you're squeezing my finger on the out stroke and releasing on the in stroke. At this, I start pushing deeper again as you moan even louder. Soon you're pushing your butt back to meet my hand as I push my finger all the way in. I start twisting and bending my finger and you tense up momentarily then visibly relax as you get comfortable with it.
"You doing okay, honey? I'm not hurting you, am I?"
Your answer is moaned out,"Ohhhhhhhh nooooo, baby, it feels different than anything I have ever felt before, but a good kind of different. Just keep going...."
I stroke my finger in and out several more times, and you don't clinch at it at all. Now you're ready for the next step.....I pull my finger slowly out, with an audible pop as it comes out. You giggle, then tell me, "Noooo, I want more."
I give your butt a squeeze again, then tell you it's time to move on. I reach down by my feet and pick up your vibrator. It's long and slender, bigger than one finger but smaller than two...just the right size for the next step. I smear jelly on it, then place a big dollop on your opening without pushing it in. You giggle again, "That feels funny", but your giggle turns to another moan as I place the vibrator against your hole and start pushing into it. I can feel your muscles resist the larger size again, then relax as the vibrator slides deeper and deeper. When it has penetrated about an inch farther than my finger had, I stop again to let you get used to the extra length. When you sigh and your shoulders slump down, I can tell you're ready and I start sliding it in and out. Soon you're pushing back at it, taking more and more of it into you. When you have taken almost all of it, I go to the next step. I reach back with my other hand and give the end a twist, starting it to vibrating. You gasp in surprise, then moan harder as I push it in and out, slowly at first, then faster and faster. "Godddddd, baby, I can't believe how good this feels....don't stop." I give your butt a little smack and tell you I won't. You're pushing back against it hard, a high-pitched noise coming out of your mouth, when suddenly you stiffen, then collapse forward.
I ask you if you're okay, and you tell me with a note of wonder in your voice, "I'm more than okay.....I can't believe it...I just came. I've never felt one like that before, but I know I did." I smile, then start stroking again. But each time, I push it in a little less, until finally I pull it all the way out of your ass. You make a disappointed sound..."Baby, I didn't want you to stop yet."
"I know, honey, but we still have a few more steps to go before you're ready...." You're quiet for a moment, then agree, "Okay, keep going..."
I reach down and scoop up jelly with two fingers, then move to your ass again. You grunt at the first push, since my two fingers are bigger than the vibrator you just enjoyed, but you are already relaxing as I push them all the way in. I start stroking them in and out, letting you get used to the extra size. I give them a twist once in a while, just to let you have a little different sensation. It's not long before you're pushing back against them, trying to pull them in deeper. I hear you moaning softly again, then your voice pleading, "Now baby, I want that hard cock in me NOW!!!"
I know that you're ready at last, and I slowly pull my fingers from your ass. You give a funny little moan as they pop out. "Hurry baby. I want you in me...." But I still have to get my cock ready. I reach down and scoop up a big gob of jelly, then rub it thickly over the head of my cock, then down the shaft. I scoop one more time and wipe it across your hole to give you the extra lubrication you'll need.
"Yesssss, babe, now stick that fat cock in me...."
I'm moving forward with my cock in my hand, when you reach back and grab it yourself. You position the head at your hole, then let go as you push yourself back against it. A moan in frustration as your ass resists my cock's entrance, then you lift yourself up again and make a slight rocking motion and push again from a slightly different angle, and the head slowly pushes in. "Oooooooooh-ahhhhhh" is the only sound you make as you keep rocking back and forth, working my cock ever deeper into your ass with each rock.
You've taken about 2 inches in when you stop and turn your head to look at me. Your face is flushed, covered with sweat and you are panting for breath, but you also have this look on your face that's just indescribable. "Are you okay, honey?" I ask quickly, worried that you have taken this farther than you can handle. But you just shake your head at me, "I'm feeling great, baby, I just needed to catch my breath for a minute." You take a few more deep breaths, then start rocking again.....pulling me in inch by inch.
I find myself in a curious timeless place, my body still moving with yours as we get closer and closer to the final step, and my mind watching from above as I see this woman I love showing her complete love and trust in her man. I feel myself more full of love for you than I have ever imagined possible.....
I'm brought back into myself by your moan as my balls rub against your pussy. "Is that all, baby?" you ask me as you stop moving again. "Yes, honey, I'm in all the way," as I lean forward to kiss your back of your neck. "How are you feeling now?"
"I'm feeling wonderful, baby, it's not at all what I thought it would feel like. I feel all stretched out and stuffed full, but it hasn't hurt at all, not like I was afraid it would. Just give me a few minutes to catch my breath, and then I want you to go ahead and pump my ass."
"Okay, honey, you just let me know when you're ready". I can feel your ass so tight around my cock, and I hope I still don't end up hurting you. As you lie quietly, I start stroking your back gently, and lean forward to give you little kisses on your neck and shoulders. I can hear your soft sighs, and then you slowly start rocking again, just little motions to get me started sliding in and out, just an inch or so every time as you get used to the feel of my cock moving in longer strokes. After a dozen shorter strokes, you start taking longer ones, tantalizingly slow but necessary for you to be completely ready.....When the strokes are finally full length, when I'm just about to pop out of you on every out-stroke, you stop again. You take a deep breath, then another...."Okay, honey, fuck my ass like you've always wanted...."
I grip your hips firmly, then drive my cock all the way into your ass in one long medium-speed stroke. You moan "Ohhhhhhh God baby..." as my balls smack your pussy, then take a shuddering breath as I pull back until I'm almost out. I take another long stroke, and you push your butt back to meet me. All the way in again, and then back out. A third full stroke, you meeting me thrust for thrust, and then I give you a half-dozen fast strokes that only go halfway in. I hear your high-pitched "Oh oh oh oh..." with each short fast stroke and your lower and longer "Ahhhhhh's" on the longer slower ones, and I know you're enjoying this as much as I am. My low-pitched "Uhhh's" and "Ohhh's" are providing a counter-rhythm to your moans and squeals as we share this intimate and previously forbidden delight. I can feel your muscles grabbing and squeezing at me as I thrust in and out, mixing up the speed and length of my strokes.....I can feel myself rising quickly towards cumming, and then like you can read my mind, you cry out, "Come on baby, cum in my ass....fill me up and make me cum too..."
This was all I needed to send me over the top, and I bury my cock in you in one fast hard stroke as my cum shoots out of in short hard spurts....then you're crying out, "That's it, baby, fill me up.....I can feel your hot juices splashing in me.....ohhhhhhhhh godddddddd i'm cumming too...." as your voice breaks off into a wordless wail and your body starts shuddering under mine....and then you pitch forward, out cold.
In a near-panic, I reach forward to touch, then grab and shake your shoulder, "Honey? Are you okay?" You don't answer and I pull out of you quickly, then move up beside you and place my face to yours. I can hear you breathing in quick shallow breaths, and I start rubbing your upper back as I cover your face with little kisses. You give out a little sigh, then your breathing changes to a sleeping rhythm. I breathe a sigh of relief, then head off to the bathroom for a wet washcloth. I wash myself off, then come back to the couch and gently wash you too. After we are both clean, I get the lotion again and rub it gently onto your butt. You sigh and move your hips around as I rub it into your skin, then lie still again. I give you another kiss, then scoop you gently into my arms and carry you in to our bed. I lay you down on your side, then lie down beside you, facing you with my arm over you, so my loving face can be the first thing you see when you open your eyes.
You are smiling like you are having a wonderful dream, and then your eyes slowly open and look into mine. To my surprise and horror, I see tears start running down your cheeks. I hug you tight and whisper, "I'm sorry, honey, I didn't want to hurt you." You shake your head fiercely as you whisper back, "I'm not hurt, I'm just incredibly happy." Our mouths meet in a long tender kiss and we cling to each other in a heartfelt hug. "I just wish I hadn't let my fear keep us from this so long." I kiss you again, "You had no way of knowing, honey...and I love you so much for letting me love you this way."
You burrow your head into my chest, "And I'll have another birthday in another year..." We both laugh and I hug you tight again, and then as we're drifting off to a well-deserved sleep, I hear your last words, "Although I have been known to be naughty from time to time, and naughty girls deserve to be spanked...."

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