After finding a rooming house for a temporary place to stay, Lisa picked up the local paper and sat down at one of the many open air coffee shops, and looked over the help wanted ads. Even though she had saved up enough money to last her several months, she thought it best to get busy finding a job. Having completed secretarial school back home in Shady Creek, she didn't think she would have too much trouble landing something descent. Frisco is a very expensive place to live, so when she moved into a permanent place of her own, she would probably need to find a room mate. The Examiner was loaded with employment possibilities, so she underlined the interesting ones and headed off to see some more of her new hometown! That afternoon she sat down and called several of the numbers she had checked off, and made appointments with two of them for the next day, a law firm at 9:00AM, and an advertising agency at 2:30 in the afternoon. Both of them sounded promising, and she hoped one of them would pan out. She decided to get to bed early, so she would be alert and ready for the next days interviews.

Waiting in the outer lobby of the law firm of Cole, Jones and Epps, Lisa was given an application which she was told to fill out. It was full of the usual job application information and she quickly filled in all the pertinent data. When she was finished she gave the completed form to the receptionist and waited to meet the personnel director. Ten minutes later a woman who introduced herself as Calley Ewing ushered her back to her office. Taking a seat in front of the large desk, Lisa waited quietly as Calley Ewing looked over her application. Finally looking up from her reading, Calley said, "So you come from Kentucky, how did you end up in San Francisco ?" Lisa wasn't expecting to be asked that question, and she hesitated a second, but decided to be truthful, and replied, "Well, to tell you the truth, I'm gay, and I just decided I wanted to live in a place where I would be comfortable." "I see," said Calley, as she eyed Lisa for a moment before continuing, "a lot of the people who work in this office are gay, so that's no problem at all!" "From what I see from your application, you would be perfect for the position now open." "The pay is very competitive, the benefits are great, and there is room for advancement!" "I hope that you will come to work for us here at Cole, Jones, and Epps." "You mean you're offering me the job," asked Lisa? "Can you start tomorrow," replied Calley? Standing up and extending her hand, Lisa said, "You got a deal, tomorrow morning at 9:00 sharp!!!" Calley gave Lisa some more forms to take home and fill out, and some information on the firm that would be useful to her. She then thanked Calley and floated out the door on cloud number nine!

Bright an early the next morning Lisa arrived at her new office. The first two hours were spent in orientation, and since Coles was a big law firm, with forty partners and associates, and there was a lot of information to be digested in a hurry! At eleven thirty Lisa was introduced to her new boss, Tara Lynx, a junior partner who had been with the firm for ten years. Her previous secretary had gotten married and moved to L.A., so the work was really piling up! Tara invited Lisa to lunch so that they could spend a little time going over office procedures, as well as what Tara would personally expect from Lisa. After they were seated, both women spent a few seconds sizing up the other. Lisa could tell right away that Tara was someone that liked to be in control. She was a tall woman, about 5'8" guessed Lisa, and very well dressed with a light gray business suit and light blue silk blouse. Because of her heavy suit, Lisa couldn't tell exactly how Tara was built, but she was slim and carried herself with self assurance. Although she wasn't too good with ages, she guessed her to be in her late thirties or early forties. Tara spoke first, welcoming Lisa into the firm, and hoping she would find it a rewarding experience. After lunch they headed back to the office when Lisa would begin her career at Cole, Jones, and Epps.

Lisa's first job was to photo copy some documents for a client and thankfully one of the things that she had learned in orientation, was the operating of the Xerox machine. Taking the huge stack of papers, Lisa was off to the copying room, one flight down on the eighth floor. The copying room was pretty big, as it accommodated three large main copiers with full collating capabilities, as well as six or seven smaller models for less extensive jobs. Walking over to one of the main units, Lisa inserted her documents and hit the copy button. While she was waiting for her copies, another girl entered the room with a large stack of papers to be copied. After getting her machine set up and going, she came over to Lisa and introduced herself. Here name was Paula Franklin, and she worked up on the ninth floor just around the corner from Lisa. She was a vivacious girl with big brown eyes that seemed to sparkle when he talked! Lisa was immediately taken by her out going friendliness! Both girls exchanged a little info about each other and decided to meet after work for a drink. Their copying done, they scooped up their papers and headed back upstairs, not by the elevator, but by the fire stairs. Paula explained that they were much faster than those old, slow elevators! The rest of the day flew by as Tara threw the work at Lisa, not giving her a moments rest! Mercifully, five o'clock came and Lisa and Paula were off to Paula's favorite hangout.

The Orchid was crowded with people who just had gotten off work, and Paula and Lisa found a semi quiet table, sat down and ordered a couple of white wines. While they were waiting for their drinks, they made small talk about work, families, schools, etc. It was only after about five minutes that Lisa noticed that all the patrons in the bar were female! Looking back at Paula, she could see that her new friend had a understated smile on her face. She was about to say something when Paula said, "They all are, and so am I!" "Does it bother you?" Lisa laughed out loud, shook her head, and replied, "I am too!!!" "I just left Kentucky to be with people just like me!" Now both girls laughed together, and reached out to hold each other's hand. Lisa had a million questions she wanted to ask, but took a sip of her drink and just sat quietly for a few moments, savoring the last minutes discovery! Lisa the offered, "Do your folk know?" "Yeah," Paula answered, "but they act like nothings out of the ordinary, and never talk about it." "What about you," Paula asked? "Mom knows, but not Dad!" "If he did, he would kill me!!!" Not laughing now, both girls nodded and sipped their drinks.

Paula then ventured, "I think I already know the answer, but are you a butch or a fem?" "A fem," Lisa quickly replied! "What about you?" "The same answered Paula." Lisa then went on, "I've never been with a butch before, in fact I've just been with one other woman back at secretarial school, but she was a fem too." Paula then replied, "Right now I'm living with a butch." "Wow," exclaimed Lisa, "do you like it?" "Yeah," replied Paula, "I do." "Petra, that's her name, is the master of our relationship. I pretty much do what ever Pete asks me to." "Does she ever hit you or hurt you," asked Lisa? "Hurt me," laughed Lisa? "Not hurt me, but once in a while she'll spank me if she thinks I've been out of line! It's nice not to have to worry about anything, because she makes all our major decisions." "What about sex," asked Lisa? "Well, I have to take care of her at least once a day, usually orally. I have a very large chest, and she loves big breasts, so she spends a lot of time sucking and playing with them. When she takes care of me, it's usually with her strap on dildo! She loves to take me from behind, and I love it too! One thing she makes me do is always, and I mean always, wear pretty frilly lingerie. I wear sexy bikini panties, and always a low cut lace bra, although sometimes she has me go braless. She really loves to see my boobs bounce!" "I always wear sexy under wear too," said Lisa, "my friend back home loved to have me walk around the apartment in only my bra and panties, so I just got used to wearing see through panties and bras!" "What size bra do you wear," asked Lisa? "A 38D," answered Paula, "what about you?" "34D," replied Lisa. "Well, I guess we both are okay in the tit department," laughed Paula, "say," she continued, "let's go to the john, I've go something I want to show you!"

Inside the rest room, Paula pulled Lisa into a stall and locked the door. Lisa looked around and commented that these were the biggest toilet stalls she had ever seen! "Paula explained that they made them big so that more than one person could use them at the same time. Lisa was about to ask why, when she realized the answer. The women who frequented The Orchid sometimes used the rest room for a quickie! The over sized stalls allowed for a modicum of privacy! Turning to face Paula, Lisa asked, "What did you want to show me?" Looking Lisa directly in the eye, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and opened it up to reveal a beautiful chest in a low cut white lace bra! "Let me see yours," and excited Paula asked! "But I have on a dress," whispered Lisa! "Take it off and let me see you," pleaded Paula!!! "Okay," replied Lisa, "but let's make it quick!" In a few seconds Lisa removed her dress and blouse and was standing in front of Paula in her bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings. Paula's hand were everywhere on Lisa's body! "I thought you said you were a fem," laughed Lisa! "I am, but I just had to see and feel your body," replied Paula! "God you have nice tits," she continued, "let's take off our bras and rub nipples together!" Both women unhooked their bras and let their nipples touch each other's. Moving slightly from side to side, their nipples rubbed back and forth, making them erect! Paula leaned down and gave Lisa a long deep kiss, probing her mouth with her tongue. Lisa returned the kiss, and moaned into her new friends mouth. Pulling away, Lisa said, "My panties are all wet, and my clitoris is on fire!" Paula immediately dropped her hand to Lisas's crotch and slipped her hand inside of her panties. "God you are wet," Paula hissed! Lisa couldn't help herself, and took one of Paula's nipples into her mouth. While she sucked on it, Paula found Lisa's clit with her finger and slowly rubbed the little nub back and forth. Lisa knew that she was going to cum, and that it was going to be a hard one! Paula was an expert masturbater, and Lisa felt so secure sucking on the big breast and getting her clit taken care of. Her legs now shaking, Lisa used the wall to steady her balance, as her orgasm washed from her clit and into her cunt, causing her to collapse onto the toilet in a disheveled heap!!! When she looked up, she was staring into Paula's naked vagina! It was a wild growing brown bush that hid puffy lips and an erect clitoris! "Eat me dear," Paula ordered, as she pulled Lisa's head to her mound. Lisa's tongue snaked out and lapped at the wet vagina while Paula leaked like a sieve, as Lisa hungrily licked up the honey dew! "I feel like such a slut,"moaned Paula, as she thrust her hips forward into Lisa's mouth, "I love showing my body to other women, it makes me so wet," she went on!!! Lisa looked up and asked, "Do you like my breasts?!?" Paula, between pants stammered, I love your big chest and low cut bra!" "Do you like being around doms," asked Lisa? "God yes," whispered Paula,"I love being taken by a big dyke, right in my pretty vagina!" By now Paula was being whipped into a frenzy by the dirty talk and Lisa's persistent mouth. Her vagina contracted, and her orgasm flooded her vagina while Lisa stood up and kissed Paula gently on her mouth, pressing her chest into Paula's. "Look at out nipples," said Lisa, "we have big chests, don't we?" Paula cuddled closer, and answered, "It's so nice being a fem, I just love the female body!"

"Let's help each other get dressed," said Paula, "I want to help you with your bra and panties!" Helping Lisa step into her panties, Paula tugged them up into Lisa's pussy so her lips were visible through the thin material. Next, she slipped the low cut bra under Lisas's remarkable chest, and adjusted her big breasts in the cups, taking extra time to feel them up. Lisa then took her turn, by helping Paula with her undies. When her panties were snugly in place, Lisa asked her about the thick growth of pubic hair that spread way past the edges of her panties. "Pete likes me to keep my vagina hairy, because she loves burying her face in it," answered Paula, "and she likes the way a thick dark bush looks on white skin!" "This is such a pretty bra," commented Lisa, as she helped Paula harness the big bust. "Thanks," replied Paula, "I get my lingerie at a small boutique in the Marina district."

After finishing dressing they returned to find that their table had been taken by another party. Checking her watch, Lisa said, "My goodness, we were in there for thirty minutes!" "Well, Paula said, "I guess it's time to get home, Pete will be wondering where I've been!" Walking to the bus, Lisa's went over the events of the past two days in her mind. "Wow she thought, am I going to love Frisco, my new home town!!!"


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