My parents had just completed renovating the attic into my room. When I turned eight I ask if I could move up there so I could have a room to myself and not have to be bothered with my four year old sister. My best friend Denise also had a younger sister who would bother her so when she found out about my new room she jumped at the chance to stay at my house. As soon as she arrived we ran upstairs to my new room to check it out. We listened to music played a few games and talked about boys. Which lead us to the subject of us getting breast. I was a little jealous because Denise was a little chubby and made her have breast sooner than me. I would often stare at her chest and wonder what her breast looked like. We decided to look on the internet to see if there was way to make our breast grow faster. While looking we came across some amazing photos of breast large and small breast. Denise made a statement that made my panties damp. I’m not sure if I was more excited or surprised to hear that she wanted to suck on the small nipples of the girl in the picture. I looked up from the picture and smiled then my mom called us to dinner.
Once dinner was finished mom said we could stay up as long as we wanted as long as we didn’t make too much noise and put on our PJs in case we fell asleep. Denise went into the bathroom first and left the door open. I watched her take off her training bra and couldn’t believe how much I wanted to touch her breast just to see if they were as soft as they looked. I must have been staring for too long because Denise ask if I liked what I saw. I blushed and turned away quickly she walked over to me and said touch them. I couldn’t believe what she said but I reached out and squeezed them they felt so soft I didn’t want to stop. I heard a little moan easy from Denise mouth as I squeezed her nipples. I leaned forward and kissed them tenderly and then began sucking on her nipples they grew instantly in my mouth. When I stopped sucking Denise said lets finish changing our clothes. She went back into the bathroom and came back out quickly and said don’t you have something that you want to show me? I looked up and said I don’t really have that much to show but I lifted up my top any way. Her eyes were glued to my small bumps and they felt hot. Denise instantly jumped up and began sucking them like a starved child. It was painful at first but also felt really good. We heard a knock on the door I pulled my top down really quickly and said come in. It was mom checking to see if we had on our PJs and checking to see if we needed anything before going to bed. We said no and she was gone in a flash. Denise said well what do you want to do now?
We watched some videos on the internet and talked about how good it felt when we sucked on each other chest. The more we talked and looked at pics the more Denise was moving her legs around on the bed. When her foot first touched my leg I shivered and I felt a tingle in the nipple that she just bit on. She kept rubbing on my leg and getting closer to my now dripping wet hot spot. She ask if she could see my chest again and I said sure as long as I can see hers. We moved the laptop to the desk and we took our tops off and stretched out on the bed facing each other. Denise grabbed my nipple and pinched it as she stuck her tongue in my mouth I was so turned on I kissed her back and wrapped my legs around her pulling her closer to me. I felt like I wanted to pull her inside of me to help put out this burning sensation I was now feeling in my pussy. The things she was doing to me were driving me crazy she knew it to I could see it in her eyes when she switched to the other nipple. She began to push her legs into my soaking wet pussy in a grinding motion while sucking and biting harder on my nipples I thought that I would scream out pain and pleasure it she didn’t stop. Finally she ask me if she wanted me to stop and I said please no don’t stop. I won’t as long as you promise to do the same thing to me whenever I want. I assured her that I would just please keeping doing what you are doing. She immediately went back to grinding my pussy with her leg with a great force and sucking on my nipples like she was trying to suck them off. I felt something rising in my pussy and a deep moan in my throat and then finally a gush in my pussy it was so amazing that I thought I was going to pass out. Denise slowed the grinding and let me come back down to earth. I kept still while coming down from this amazing feeling and tried to catch my breath.
Denise sat up and looked at me and said how do you feel? I loved that and can’t wait to do it again. Where did you learn how to do that? I watched my older sister Rene and her friend do it when I was hiding in her closet one night. I guess she knew I was there because about a week later when she was babysitting me while my parents were gone her friend came over and they both did it to me.

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