List of bots from MrNobody99:

Not sure if I'll be putting any here but for now, simply hosting on chub: Chub shit

Bot Request Form If you have an idea that's interesting, let me know and I'll see if it's something I'm down to make.


Orbo JB - adapted my furbo JB to Orbo. Seems like this really needs a CoT to make the filthy shit fly. You can toggle it off at the bottom of the jb, but extreme kink will be met with hard refusals if you do.

On the random jb switches - only use one at a time. The 'random story elements' is a softer switch, only sometimes incorporating a new element. This can be left on for a while without breaking the roleplay, although one of the elements is adding a new character, and RNG can sometimes make it happen a few times in a row. The other random options will force a random event to happen of some sort, so they're more meant to be one and done.

My current furbo JB - there are some options to toggle for random stuff and it's best to only toggle these on for one round, then turn back off. I left a CoT section at the bottom for people who wanna play with it. This is designed to be a balanced JB for anything, not leaning in one direction or another too hard or far. For some reason ST refuses to save 1106 as the default, so you have to set that manually.

My current claude JB - I honestly haven't tested this a lot, but it works well for the testing I've done. Optional NSFW section and a small anti NSFW section.

Minimalistic claude JB for anti-sex/slowburn - I came up with this to make sonnet and opus less horny. I haven't put a ton of time into it, but it does a decent job of lowering horniness without killing the ability for NSFW.

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