I am relishing being completely naked apart from a pair of stiletto heels and some expensive perfume with my legs wide open. My girlfriend Bec is visiting on a return visit from Sydney following my recent visit to Sydney and she is watching with rapt attention, as I enjoy my man Roger licking and teasing my bald cunt lips as I tease my erect nipples.

While I was in Sydney recently I emailed Roger every day with details of what I was doing, (see SARAH DOES SYDNEY). Roger says I am a very sexy lady with a voracious sexual appetite, which I must admit I made full use of when I visited Bec and her partner in Sydney.

I am of French descent, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from my man, bi-sexual, though I didn’t need a great deal of prompting.

Bec and Roger are also naked and we are just out of the spa after a flirtatious dinner during which I told both of them, ‘I am to please and be pleased’.

"I will pass on that tonight while I recover from my jet leg, but I would love to watch you two," Bec smiled.

"Did you know Sarah licked me like that when she was in Sydney. She was very good. Can I have the same again while I am here? My man also licked Sarah like that while I watched. I think she likes an audience. I know I do," Bec tells us as she avidly watches me be pleasured by my man.

"Yes, you can have the same again while you are here," I tease. "I have been looking forward to it very much, so has Roger.

"I love an audience. Would you like to watch me suck his cock? He has a rock hard erection, our two naked bodies have turned him on. Look at the size of his eight-inch cock. I need at least two orgasms first though, at least two. You know I am multi-orgasmic."

As Roger motions for me to lift my body up so he can put two hands under my ‘glorious, firm and rounded arse’, in his words, at the same time I place my right foot on his shoulder.

"Want some help to get there?" Bec asks as she stands behind me and teases my erect nipples with her fingertips as she tongue kisses me.

I can feel myself reacting immediately and I am breathing very heavily, as I tense and whisper to both of them, "Keep teasing me, tease with your tongue, tease me, tease me."

As Roger digs his fingernails into my arse cheeks to heighten my pleasure (there is a fine line between pleasure and pain), I am groaning as I pull his head into my cunt with two hands. "That is so good, four hands and a talented tongue pleasuring me. Orgasm one."

I can sense Roger is determined to keep pleasuring me as Bec positions herself so she can lick my nipples as Roger increases the tempo of his tongue on my cunt lips.

"Love having my nipples licked, especially at the same time as my cunt lips, love it, a man and a woman pleasuring me at the same time, double pleasure, love it," I almost scream hardly aware of what I am saying.

I love having another woman watching me suck a man’s cock and demonstrating my sexual prowess. The feeling of power and control over a man while blowing him and teasing him as he nears orgasm is an aphrodisiac to me.

"I did this to your man in Sydney a few months ago," I tell Bec as I lick Roger’s absolutely throbbing erection and scratch his balls. I am still sitting in the same chair and he is standing and obviously enjoying flaunting his erection for Bec.

"He loves another woman watching me suck his cock," I tell Bec as I take Roger’s cock between my lips. "And so do I, a huge extra turn on for me.

"He says my technique is his benchmark.

"Sometimes we have threesomes with another much younger man and I enjoy watching the other man blow him before the other man has me, oral sex only though.

"And without exception Roger gets another erection and masturbates while he watches. Not sure who has the stronger sex drive, him or me," I tell Bec as I tease Roger by taking his cock out of my mouth and then taking almost the full length back in.

"You are a very exciting woman Sarah, you are turning me on watching you sucking your man’s cock."

I can sense my man is very close to cumming as he tenses, "Masturbate for both of us, show us how good you are, I love watching you masturbate, love it," I tell him as he flaunts his erection for Bec as he looks at her naked body for extra stimulation.

In less than a minute Roger is almost screaming, "Watch me cum, watch me cum," as he shoots a huge load.

"Wow, can’t wait," is all Bec says as she bids goodnight.

During Saturday lunch the next day Bec tells us she well over her jet lag and asks if the three of us can play together for the rest of the afternoon, "This time I am to please and be pleased, let me entertain you both. You really raised my libido performing while I watched last night. Any special preferences?"

"Roger has only watched a woman pleasure me a few times, and you were very good in Sydney Bec, I want that."

"My absolute pleasure Sarah, shall we start with a spa for three?" Bec smiles as we undress each other and kiss like teenagers.

"Now you Roger," Bec says as she helps Roger undress and they kiss like teenagers while I watch in a very aroused state.

My bi-curious side has really kicked in today and the thought of my man Roger watching Bec lick my bald cunt lips until I orgasm, more than once I hope, is very exciting for me. And I wonder what Bec might do for Roger?

"I want to fuck you with my tongue like I did in Sydney and you did for me," Bec tells me as we tongue kiss.

"And I want to fuck you with my tongue while your man watches," Bec whispers to me as she teasingly licks my erect nipples.

I love having my cunt lips pleasured while standing up and thrusting my body forward. This time is sexual magic with Roger standing behind me and holding me as he teases my erect nipples. I can feel his erection against my arse cheeks as Bec kneels in front of me as she licks and teases my cunt lips while he kisses my neck.

I am very aroused and close to my first orgasm as Roger kneels behind me and commences licking and kissing my arse cheeks, something I love. It is especially good while Bec is pleasuring my cunt lips. The way another woman licks my cunt lips is always different to a man’s technique I muse, though I really do enjoy either very much, especially with another person watching, and even better participating.

In our bedroom mirrors I can see both of them pleasuring me, one my arse and the other my cunt lips, which is huge turn on for me.

I feel sure both of them can feel by body tensing as I hold back my first orgasm to heighten my sexual pleasure.

I am suddenly aware I have not spoken a word since Bec commenced licking me, even though they have both been whispering to me. As Roger digs his nails into my arse cheeks and Bec flicks my clit with her tongue I start groaning with pleasure and have a huge orgasm. A tongue and lips on my arse and my cunt lips simultaneously really is magic as they both keep pleasuring me in sync.

After relaxing with my first orgasm I lose count of how many others follow in quick succession as Bec pleasures me like only a woman can.

I can feel Roger’s rock hard erection against my arse as he arches and pushes my torso forward toward Bec’s lips to heighten my pleasure. Bec knows I love a vibrator in me while I am being licked and she is prepared, as she slides a very thick one into me, slowly increases the speed and licks my clit at the same time. And then I squirt in a torrent.

"What shall we do next?" Bec smiles teasingly without waiting for answer as she takes Roger’s roaring erection in her hand and leads us both to the bedroom.

"You can fuck me tomorrow while Sarah watches. Today I want to blow you while Sarah watches. And I want Sarah to join in," Bec tells us she licks his cock while Roger is lying on the bed.

"Now kiss him while I suck his cock and watch and enjoy," Bec tells me in a whisper.

Tongue kissing your man while another woman is expertly blowing his cock is something I had done before and every time I enjoy it even more. The vibe and sexual excitement is something magical for me as another woman is determined to blow my man while at the same time she is determined to demonstrate her sexual expertise for both of us.

Watching another woman’s technique as my man soaks up her sexual ministrations is very exciting for me and I find I am teasing my cunt lips with my fingers as I watch her thriving on his very engorged cock.

"Is she good baby, tell me I need to know? How far away are you? What else would you like me to do?"

"Sit on my face so I can lick your cunt lips."

"Like this baby, is this what you wanted?" I ask as position myself so I can watch Bec working on his erection.

I love his hands holding my arse as he slides my very wet cunt lips along his tongue.

I can feel his excitement building – and mine – as Bec lets his cock slip out of her mouth and licks both sides of it and then blows on it.

"Love sucking your rock hard cock, especially with Sarah sitting on your face while she watches me. Sarah said you could fuck me tomorrow while she watches. Are you ready for that? I am."

Without another word Bec sucks and licks the tip of his cock as she runs her thumb and middle finger along the full length of his erection.

I can tell by the increasing intensity of Roger’s lips on my cunt lips coupled with the pressure of his hands on my arse cheeks as he digs his nails in to heighten my pleasure that he is close to orgasm.

I am also close to orgasm as I sub-consciously tease the tips my erect nipples while I watch Bec pleasuring my man’s magnificent erect cock with her tongue and lips.

"Your turn on is my turn on baby. Is she good? I love watching your magnificent cock in another woman’s mouth. Can I watch you fuck her tomorrow, I really do want to watch," I tease knowing that my commentary will bring him off and me as well.

Right on cue Roger tenses and shudders as Bec sucks and strokes his cock very hard and Roger groans as he orgasms. My orgasm follows immediately as Roger’s tongue pleasures my cunt lips.

As he orgasms Bec asks rhetorically, "Was that good?"

"Absolutely awesome," we both answer as one.

Later in bed that night I tell Roger, "I am going to watch you fuck Bec tomorrow. I owe you that because as you know her partner fucked me while I was in Sydney recently. So make it good for me, anything you would like me to do?"

"Surprise me baby," he smiles as he kisses me goodnight.

At around three the next afternoon the three of us are naked, though Bec and I are wearing heels and Bec is watching me lick and tease Roger’s cock.

"Before my man fucked you in Sydney I teased his cock while you watched so he had rock hard erection for you. Do the same for me please Sarah?"

He is responding and is rock hard as Bec kisses him at the same time. The sexual tension is palpable and I am looking forward to watching my man fuck one of my girlfriends.

Bec takes the initiative and leans over a massage table, legs apart, making it obvious how she expects Roger to fuck her. Ever the arse man, Roger licks and kisses her very good firm arse, one side then the other.

He has a bottle of oil close by, fills his hands with it, then anoints her arse with it, while he fondles her arse cheeks which Bec is obviously enjoying.

I am very aroused as he slowly eases his erection into Bec as she gasps, "Make it good for me baby, it seems weeks since I had a cock in me, especially one as good as yours. And baby you are hung and thick.

"Come around here and kiss me Sarah while your man is fucking me.

"So good Sarah, so fucking good," Bec tells me as we tongue kiss and I watch my man slowly slide the full length of his eight-inch cock into her.

"I watched you fuck my man when you visited us in Sydney, now it is your turn to watch your man fuck me.

"Big turn on for me, especially while you are kissing me. Your man is very good.

"Now lay down on the massage table so I can lick your cunt while he is fucking me."

The experience and sensation of having another woman licking my cunt lips while my man is fucking her from behind is very exciting for me, especially with her licking me in sync with the thrusts of his cock as his body slaps into her arse cheeks.

After what must be twenty minutes Roger is breathing very heavily and I can sense he is nearing orgasm as he increases the tempo of his fucking. I am very pleased for him and feel a sense of relief that he is paying me back for fucking Bec’s partner while she watched.

I am multi orgasmic and and I have lost count of the orgasms I have had while my man is fucking Bec as she licks my cunt – love it.

"Your cunt is so wet for me Sarah, so wet, this is sexual magic, licking you while your man is fucking me.

"When can I watch him fucking you?"

"Tomorrow after you pleasure me with your tongue again, you are very good," I murmur.

"Now baby, now, cum with me, cum with me," Bec is almost screaming.

"Six more strokes, give it to me. One, two, three, four, five, so good, so fucking good," Bec grunts as they orgasm together.

"One more for me Sarah, one more, your man is a really good fuck," Bec is imploring in a whisper as she licks and teases my cunt lips, then I am going to watch your man fuck you tomorrow.

Instead of just one I had a series of strong orgasms while wondering what Bec might do while watching Roger fuck me tomorrow. I love another woman watching my man fucking me and Bec is out of the box, so I am really looking forward to it.

Around two the next afternoon as the three of us were naked in the spa together Bec asked if we had something special in mind for her. "Are you going to have a vanilla fuck or something far more erotic. I am really looking forward to watching you two fuck for me."

"I love being licked and teased as foreplay before a fuck, especially in a threesome. What can you do to tease me?"

"I could suck Roger’s cock to a rock hard erection while he licks your gorgeous arse, then your cunt lips, would that tease you," Bec smiled.

"Yes please," I answered as Bec and Roger positioned themselves.

"Before my man fucked you in Sydney while I watched, I sucked his cock to make sure he was rock hard and ready to fuck you.

"Is that a tease and turn on for you before I watch you fucking? The look on your face says it is.

"Now come and lay face down on the massage table. We are both going to rub oil all over you, close you eyes and see if you can work out whose hands are doing what.

I can feel one lot of oily fingers teasing my thighs all the way up to my cunt lips and another oiling my arse cheeks and my libido is sky high.

"You really do have a gorgeous arse Sarah," Bec tells me in a whisper.

"Now turn over on your back, but keep your eyes closed."

The feel of one lot of oily fingers teasing my very erect nipples while another lot of oily fingers is very teasingly sliding up down the insides of my thighs, then my wet cunt lips before touching my clit is sexual magic and close to ultimate sexual foreplay for me.

I can feel someone’s fingers in a V-shape teasing the sides of my cunt, then harder as the fingers on my nipples tease ever so softly.

"Are you ready to fuck while I watch Sarah," Bec whispers.

"Give me an orgasm before you do, cum for me, I have my other hand on Roger’s very engorged cock, he is very ready to fuck you while I watch.

"Do you like what my fingers are doing to your cunt lips. I love teasing and pleasing you. You are very tense and breathing very heavily. Cum for me, then I can watch Roger fucking you.

"Would you like that? What would you like me to do while I am watching?"

"Masturbate with a vibrator and talk to us while we are fucking," I reply as I orgasm.

"I have some special items for this very moment I bought from Sydney with me to to heighten the sexual pleasure for both of you," Bec tells us as I watch her fit a rubber and chrome cock ring on Roger’s throbbing erection and fasten the clasp under his balls.

"Just as well I purchased the largest size, does it feel good baby?" she smiles as Roger teases his nipples while enjoying her ministrations.

"Now wear this French tickler in combination with the cock ring for me, this should be a very memorable experience and fuck for all of us, especially Sarah," Bec whispers with obvious relish as she rolls it on to Roger’s erection.

As I watch Bec fit these two items to my man’s roaring erection I realise this could be very memorable experience and fuck to paraphrase Bec. I can’t remember the last time I had a fuck when a man used a tickler, but I can remember the high levels of enjoyment and pleasure it provided me.

And the thought of Bec watching us fuck with Roger wearing her special toys is a big turn on, even more so as I watch her fitting an identical tickler to a thick vibrator.

I am sitting on the massage table with my legs off the ground and wide open as Roger eases his tickler shrouded erection into my very wet cunt. At the same time I can see Bec easing her tickler covered vibrator into her cunt lips.

We both maintain eye contact and gasp loudly at the same time as the sensation and pleasure of the tickler on our cunt lips registers.

"That tickler is magic in me baby, fucking heaven," I whisper to Roger as I watch Bec orgasm loudly on her tickler covered vibrator.

Bec puts her vibrator down and comes over and tongue kisses me, something I love while a man is fucking me.

"What else would you like me to do for your pleasure?" she whispers.

Without waiting for an answer she licks my very erect nipples in turn, with the fingers of one hand in a v-shape on my cunt lips, at the same time her fingers are teasing the sides of Roger’s erection as he slides in and out of me.

"Is that good Sarah? Cum for me baby, cum for me, cum for me," Bec is imploring as she tongue kisses me while I fight to hold back what will be the huge orgasm I can feel building up.

Then Bec stands behind Roger while he is thrusting into me and grabs his arse cheeks.

"Come on, fuck her hard, give it to her just for me. Harder baby, fuck her really hard."

Bec’s commentary coupled with Roger’s thrusting sends me over the edge at the same time as he orgasms.

"That really was something," I tell both of them in the afterglow.

Later in bed that night I tell Roger, "After this I want you to organise another man for me in a few weeks time. We are overdue for a second man. Much younger and very well hung and if he is bisexual he can blow you while I watch – and you can watch me.

"Promise me?"

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