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before you follow
I may sound very dry when chatting. I often talk about my faves. I keyboard smash A LOT. I used tone indicators especially with people I'm not close with. I swear sometimes.

do not interact
If you fit the basic dni criteria. you're -13 or 20+. anti of my ults. toxic and dramatic. invalidates pronouns. fetishizes asians. a proshipper. basically problematic in general.

what I like

kdrama. kpop. jpop. dogs & cats. coffee. rainy days. ghibli films. fashion. coquette. coding. reading. making carrds.

what I hate

school. politics. hot weather. misogyny. racism. gore. narrow-minded ppl. loud noises. my brother/hj

created by elroseria, 2022

Pub: 18 Jun 2022 06:03 UTC
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