Where is Dana today?" asked Dmitri, as Katya entered the room and took her seat in front of him.

"That is not your concern." she replied, "You are to answer my questions this morning." He did not let his face betray his satisfaction and was also quietly pleased at her choice of outfit; her dress was much more feminine – and much more revealing - than the usual charcoal-grey skirt and jacket. "Today, I would like to learn what happened to "Magda". I think you know who I mean?" Katya lifted an immaculate eyebrow.

"We ate her." Dmitri replied, "I took the heart raw, as always, and Andrei had her cunt and breasts the same way. We had promised her that, and…"

"Enough!" Katya screamed at him, leaping to her feet. The door was thrown open and two brawny warders rushed in. Collecting herself instantly, Katya spoke without turning around. "You must never enter this room while I am working, whatever you hear" she said calmly. "Now, leave us at once". Chastened, the men complied.

Dmitri looked Katya squarely in the eyes and continued as though nothing had happened, "…and she had earned it. Are you ready to learn how?" She nodded absently and crossed her legs. "By the time we collected Rosa, her true name had been registered with the King in Yellow for over a month. She had given us a lot of useful information about your investigation and together we had laid a lot of false trails". He sat back in his chair and revelled in Katya’s discomfort at this.

"She had appeared on the fetish scene – like a bombshell – a year previously, just as my friends and I were discretely disengaging. But I think I always knew that she would ultimately be mine".

Dmitri answered the door of his studio to Magda and one of her slaves. She looked ravishing as always in a black cocktail dress and pearls. Next to her, the submissive seemed almost dowdy in a plain, white cotton frock although she was a pretty little gamine and would have looked quite chic in any other company. Dmitri kissed Magda’s hand in the old manner.

"Alexandra has everything prepared" he said, ushering her to a seat. "You must forgive my curiosity, but why is it so important to torture her this evening? You were fortunate to find us in town tonight".

"A little while ago I decided to sacrifice her," she said, simply, accepting a light for her cigarette "and she found the Yellow Sign this afternoon, just before I called you. She will be collected at three o’clock from outside the cinema opposite here; the opportunity to have her tormented during her last hours was too perfect to pass up". She let a curl of smoke drift from between her lips.

"Fascinating!" exclaimed Dmitri, turning to the slave, who stood passively beside Magda’s chair looking down at the floor. "I have heard of this, of course, but I never encountered a genuine victim before. She will simply disappear, from what I understand, and never be seen again?" He looked curiously at the slave’s elfin features until she lifted her eyes to his, shyly. "She must be terrified".

"She is trembling, but not with fear" smiled Magda "she wants it". The girl looked down again and wrung her hands, shifting from one foot to the other. "Why don’t you sit?" asked Magda archly, and patted the cushion next to her. All eyes were on the slave as she stepped meekly forward and moved to sit down. "Lift your skirt" Magda commanded and she obeyed at once, raising the soft cotton to her chest before sitting open-legged. The crotch of her lace knickers was soaking wet and clammed to the contours of her cunt. She looked into their faces, then, without shame. "They will come to kill you in only three hours" Magda said, pleasantly "and my friends have kindly agreed to torture you until then" she nodded with mocking courtesy to Dmitri, who smiled and bowed his shaggy head in return. The slave’s mouth fell open and she twisted the hem of her dress between her fingers, panting.

"She is quite bold" observed Dmitri, toying with an ivory-handled knout from a *****ion of scourges laid out on a silver tray beside his armchair. "Is this truly the effect of her sentence of death"? Alexandra came from the kitchen with carafes of brandy and water, stark naked save for black leather boots and collar, and poured drinks for him and his guest.

"She fell on the floor and begged me to have her when the sign came" Magda told them "but I decided that we should come here first". She traced one finger down the girl’s arm from elbow to wrist and gently lifted her hand, "Indulge yourself." she said, sweetly "I wish it". Her slave needed no more than a word of permission. She reached down to her sopping cunt and began to massage the erect clitoris through drenched white lace. Her thighs parted wider and she jerked her pelvis up from the seat, moaning her pleasure full into Dmitri’s face. Alexandra leant over her from behind and put her mouth to the girl’s ear.

"Your screams must be stifled." she told her "Open your mouth". The girl accepted a ball-gag and Alexandra fastened it tight. She had both hands at her cunt then, pushing past the wet fabric to drive her fingers inside and did not even pause when Alexandra’s knife sliced through the waistband of her panties so that they fell away. She slid forward to the edge of the seat and Dmitri, grinning at Magda, trailed the knotted strands of the knout to and fro over the soft skin of her inner thighs. Then Alexandra took her wrists and pulled her hands away from her cunt, back to her shoulders. The slave moaned quietly and looked imploringly at Dmitri. Magda’s eyes were shining and she licked her lips.

"Please continue" she said to Dmitri in a low voice. Her breathing was forced and her hands clenched into fists in her lap. He swung the whip with sudden force into the slave’s crotch and her thighs snapped closed, the whole body writhing in Alexandra’s strong grip. With no prompting she settled back immediately and opened her legs to take the next blow. When he slashed cruelly at her thighs, left and right, she threw her head back and groaned around the gag but managed to keep her legs open and her crotch exposed. The knout bit her cunt again. She lifted her hips high, inviting the punishment. Dmitri threw his shoulders back and took a deep breath. He turned to Magda, who was looking on with hungry eyes.

"There is a *****ion of whips, if you wish to join me – for once" he said, nodding towards the tray. Then he brought the knout down again and again and the slave’s body jerked and thrashed under the punishment until her labia were glowing red. She twisted at the hips to press her knees together. "We shall have to tie her down." Dmitri remarked, even as the slave spread her thighs apart again "She cannot keep still". He looked vaguely about the room for cuffs and chains.

"I will help" said Magda, her voice shaking. To Dmitri’s surprise, she and Alexandra together seized the willing slave's wrists and ankles to spread her whole body open to the coming lashes. Her cunt was already an angry red, but the lips were spread open and wet. Dmitri laid into her thighs and belly with faster and faster strokes. Welts stood out across her pale white flesh and she tossed her head from side to side in wild abandon, tears coursing down her cheeks. In time, her desperate writhing changed tempo to a slow, sensuous undulating and her limbs lay still in her captors’ firm grip. Her groans of agony became soft moans, and then Dmitri laid down the whip. He bent over the spread-eagled slave and pushed her dress up to her breastbone. Her nipples were stiff and he pinched and twisted them viciously so that she gasped behind her gag.

"You were close to a climax under my whip" he remarked casually, and the slave nodded. Then he nipped her labia hard and she struggled to withstand the pain. Gently, he unfastened the ball-gag and turned to address Alexandra, "I will take your place while you close her cunt". Alexandra smiled conspiratorially and went to the oak cabinet at the end of the room. She returned with a saddler’s needle, already threaded with a length of woven yellow silk, and knelt between the slave’s parted thighs. Seeing what was to come, the girl gripped the edge of her seat with both hands while Dmitri and Magda pinned her knees down at her sides. She trembled when Alexandra pinched at her moist lips to position the needle then clenched her teeth and grunted low in her throat as the blunt tip punctured her flesh and was pulled through. Alexandra carried on relentlessly and methodically sewing the slave’s bruised cunt closed, drawing the silk cord through each stitch and knotting it tight. The girl’s lip quivered and she sobbed quietly but looked on intently through her tears. Dmitri was watching Magda closely. She was in a state of rapture, her face glowing, and he thought he had never seen her look so beautiful. Finally, Alexandra’s voice broke the spell.

"There will be only pain for you now – until the end" she said and dipped her head, baring her white teeth, to bite through the thread. The slave closed her eyes and sighed. This time, Magda sighed too.

Alexandra went to the other side of the studio and busied herself amongst the herbs and knives of the galley kitchen. Dmitri changed his hold on the slave’s leg, lifting it up and to the side. He gestured for Magda to do the same and together they spread her cheeks open. Reaching down, Dmitri forced two dry fingers into the girl’s arse and she bit her lip to muffle the low cry this treatment drew from her. He drove his fingers in and out, bunching first three and then four together. A soft, rhythmic wail filled the air and the slave’s knuckles were white where she clutched convulsively at the cushions. Magda leant in close to see the brutal fingers plundering her slave’s arse, eyes agleam in a transport of delight. When Alexandra returned Dmitri removed his fingers and held them to the girl’s mouth to be licked and sucked clean. He let her take a long time and she closed her eyes, moaning with pleasure. At last he made way for Alexandra, who held up a huge, peeled ginger root and smiled sweetly. The slave nodded her understanding and clawed at her cheeks to open herself even wider. She moaned as the burning plug was driven home and then went rigid, staring at the ceiling in shock. Her breasts rose and fell as she panted hoarsely, absorbing the pain.

Dmitri stood up and pulled off his loose linen trousers, letting his long smoking jacket fall open. Three pairs of eyes followed him intently as he pulled the slave down to kneel at his feet. She took his cock into her mouth to suck at it vigorously, bobbing her head up and down and gently stroking his balls. After a time, Dmitri ran his fingers through the slave’s short hair and took hold of her head to guide her, then turned around, pressing her head to his arse. Again, she licked with an urgent passion and ran her fingers softly but rapidly up and down his jutting cock. Magda ran her tongue slowly over her parted lips and a look passed between them. With languid and deliberate movements, she slid from the couch and knelt down before Dmitri as though under a spell. Taking his shaft in one elegantly manicured hand she lapped exquisitely at the head and up and down the shaft before sucking the head hungrily, deep into her mouth. Dmitri let out a great bark of satisfaction and buried his fingers in Magda’s thick hair, gazing down at her triumphantly. His breathing became ragged and he pulled both women away from him and made them crawl around to exchange places. The slave turned her weeping eyes up to him while pumping her fist over the head of his cock and Magda spread his buttocks to force the tip of her tongue inside him, sucking and licking. Soon his face contorted and his shoulders began to quiver. He seized Magda’s hair and dragged her to kneel before him, next to her slave.

"Onto your mistress’s face!" he groaned. The slave frigged harder and Magda leant in eagerly as he spent copiously over her cheeks and into her mouth. He shuddered and grunted and then slumped back onto the couch, momentarily exhausted. The women embraced and kissed deeply, their eager tongues sharing his spunk, then Magda pushed her slave down to lie trembling on the floor and sat back on her heels, gazing up at Dmitri. He took a sip of brandy and gathered himself.

"Alexandra, put some clothes on" he ordered "and take the slave to be collected – it will soon be time. I will decide how to punish Magda for taking such a liberty".

"Kill me" said Magda in a strangely calm voice. "I know that my slave has already been collected and has served her executioner". Dmitri and Alexandra looked at each other knowingly. "You will find that a woman named Rosa submitted to the King in Yellow tonight – Rosa is my real name, and I am a special investigator." She clasped her hands together in supplication as she spoke. "Rosa volunteered to work undercover and search for a link between the underground club scene and the sudden peak in missing person cases. But she has kept all of her notes hidden from her superiors, I swear, and when they go through her effects after her fatal accident, there will be nothing to connect Rosa with Magda. Have me." her voice faltered under Dmitri’s piercing stare, "I beg you to have me. I am not the woman that I was – I am your meat, I swear it"!

And she confessed everything while Dmitri sprawled on the couch in naked splendour, Alexandra standing dutifully beside him and the nameless slave squirming on the floor at his feet, suckling at his toes. At three o’clock Alexandra led the slave through to the bathtub, sighing and moaning, and slashed her throat open from ear to ear. Dmitri stayed with Magda and whispered thrilling threats to her.

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